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British Government Works To Disenfranchise White Males

Source: BBC

FM Watkins

I touched upon this scheme from this liberal Marxo-feminist in another post, It should not be illegal to discriminate against white men. Today on the BBC website is another article about her continued push for this most disgusting proposal.

There is no such thing as positive discrimination. It is all discrimination. This is straight out of Communism, the States’ desire to ‘equalise’ the groups in employment. White men in Britain must be completely undermined in order to be able to complete the State’s takeover of the country (totalitarianism.) Notice how there are no similar campaigns to discriminate against other groups in any case of white men being the minority. By the way, society is not composed of groups, it is composed of individuals. Using groups is the Collectivist method to ‘divide and conquer’.

Harriet Harman has defended plans to make it legal for firms to discriminate in favour of female and ethnic minorities job candidates.

The equalities minister said firms should be able to choose a woman over a man of equal ability if they want to.

‘In favour of female and ethnic minorities’ means anyone but white men, seeing as that is the only demographic not covered by Harriet Harridan’s feminist policy. There are more women of working age in Britain than men. So technically men are the minority, not that it matters. Who does the State see as the threat eh?

The new Equalities Bill will also force employers to disclose salary structures in a bid to close the gender pay gap.

The plans, which will be adopted first across England then Wales and Scotland, will also ban all age discrimination.

We all know about the Gender Pay GapTM LIE. It does however offer a suitable Dialectic for the State to continue to expand its powers into the lives of private businesses, along with providing lots of work for employment lawyers and making it even harder for smaller businesses to exist.

Ms Harman said she wanted a more “open and diverse” economy with companies not just choosing from “a pool of friends of friends”.

Tackled on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme about whether the proposals would lead to discrimination against white men, she said companies would not be forced to use positive discrimination.

A perfect example of the government wanting to socially engineer Britain around what it believes it should be. ‘The State Knows Best’ seems to be the motto of these vapid socialists. In a free society you employ who you like and make your own decisions and the government minds its own business, like it is supposed to. It just goes to show how the State is promoting a Communist ideal by enforcing whatever it wants to be ‘equal’.

But she added: “They might think we don’t want an all male team.

“We’ve got a new post coming up, we’ve got equally qualified men and women going for it, we are going to pick the woman because we want to have a more balanced top team.

“The law at the moment is not clear and we are clarifying and saying if you want to do it, you can, and it makes it much more open.”

Ms Harman will set out the proposals in the Commons later.

Age discrimination in the workplace has been illegal since 2006, but the new legislation will tackle more widespread forms of age-related prejudice.

The Bill aims to close the gender pay gap by forcing firms to “publish their gender pay gap”.

Again, who gets paid what is none of the States’ business.

Female part-time workers still earned 40% less per hour than their full-time male counterparts, Ms Harman told Today.

“Do we think she is 40% less intelligent, less committed, less hard-working, less qualified? It’s not the case. It’s entrenched discrimination. It’s allowed to persist because it’s all swept under the carpet.”

Oh please. If a business ever chose to employ a man over a woman, I’m sure there are very good reasons for doing so, as Sir Alan Sugar explains to us. A business is supposed to employ whomever they think will be best for the job and for the business. The State is essentially saying your business should serve the interests of ‘equality’ and the State and not itself.

The Bill will also seek to stop pensioners being denied NHS treatment because of their age.

Ms Harman said doctors will still be able to refuse treatment if they believe there are sound clinical reason for doing so.

But she added: “Everybody should be treated as individuals and not just discriminated against across the board because of their age.”

I wonder if the men will still be denied treatment?

Age discrimination will also be outlawed in the provision of goods and services, such as holidays and insurance.

It is likely organisations and companies will be given time to review and, if necessary, change their practices before the new law would be enforced.

Other age distinctions, such as free bus passes and holidays for the over-50s or 18-to-30s, will be exempt.

A sickening power grab by the Police State over fundamental freedoms, as always, under the guise of protecting one ‘group’ from another ‘group’. The real enemy of the State are two ‘groups’. White men and the middle class. Why the middle class? Well generally they tend to run the means of production, like farmers and tend to know their rights and have the financial ability to fight for them. Release a few weaponised diseases and pile on the EU regulations and disenfranchise them. The government can centralise production using taxpayer money in response (preferably with corporate partnership, as is the case with Corporate Fascism.) It is plainly obvious what is going on.

“Feminism is just Communism with tits” – FM Watkins

Harriet Harman should be thrown off a cliff.

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If you want to understand just how crazy our government is when it comes to discrimination please see my blog. It is my first try at this.
I am a 48 year old white London born female. I have been told I will be imprisoned if I try and get home from my holiday in Cyprus where I lost my passport over 4 weeks ago. The government will not say when they will replace it or give me docs allowing me home. What to do?

Comment by sweetnsour45

If you really want to understand what is going on in our country start looking at a group that hides behind a charity by the name of Common Purpose.

Comment by sweetnsour45

I edited your post to add your link in sweetnsour45. In regards to Common Purpose, there is a post here.

The British government is so obviously selfish and corrupt I’m surprised there are not nationwide strikes. There will be soon I’m sure though.

Comment by fmwatkins

[…] This is like a nightmare. From the Feminist, Socialist, Nanny State Traitor that brought you British Government Works To Disenfranchise White Males, believing that white males should be targeted for discrimination and Why does Harriet Harman hate […]

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If Alex and Bob both work for the same place and Bob is offered work on scaffolding or oilrigs, he might resign.

Both Alex and Bob are good workers. Top workers. Charlie, the boss wnats to keep them, so Charlie matches the pay that Bob would get on the Scaffold or Oil rig.

Alex would never work on an Oil Rig, or Scaffold: too dangerous.

Why should Charlie give Alex a pay rise because Bob is going to leave?

It’s the Reverse Darwinism at it’s best. Alex can grab the tailcoats of Bob and proceed up the ranks without ever having to threaten to leave the company and work on oil rigs.

No danger, yet get paid the money for it.

This argument works just as well whether Alex and Charlie are men or women. Sometimes you get paid for the job you don’t do. It’s abnout negotiation skills and free markets.

Harmon should campaign to get more women into the Offshore industries and scaffolding and building industries, then maybe the workplace fatalities would be more evenly spread across the genders?

97.3% of workplace deaths in 2007 were men.
(source: UK Health and Safety Executive of UK Government)

So, these are more dangerous jobs. So they deserve more pay.


Comment by andyS

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