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Why we should sack half our fat-cat MPs – and save £180million a year

An excellent example of the waste of the bloated socialist bureaucracy of the British government.

Source: Daily Mail

David Craig

Every week there seems to be a new story about how creative our MPs are when claiming expenses.

Paying for gardeners, nannies and kitchens; claiming hundreds of thousands to pay off the mortgage on their holiday home; pouring money into the pockets of family and friends – you name it, our greedy MPs will have done it.

Now that they’ve been caught fiddling their expenses in so many ingenious ways, MPs have realised that something has to change if they are to regain the public’s trust.

They are faced with two main options: curb their rapaciousness and claim a justifiable level of expenses, or change the expenses system to give themselves even more money while making it easier to abuse the rules.

When they vote on this next week, it appears as if our MPs will choose the latter course and award themselves even more of our money while reducing the need for them to explain what they have done with it.

But there is a better solution – let’s just do away with half of them. They hoover up resources, waste our money and don’t even work that hard.

There are 646 MPs at Westminster, 129 Members of the Scottish Parliament, 60 Welsh Assembly members, 108 Members of the Legislative Assembly in Northern Ireland and 78 Members of the European Parliament – 1,021 politicians to represent the interests of fewer than 70million people, or one for every 68,000 citizens.

There are also hundreds more politicians in the House of Lords and thousands in local government.

By contrast, in the United States, there are 435 members of Congress – one for every 680,000 citizens.

We don’t need 646 MPs – or even 400 for that matter. There is no reason why we should not at least halve the number of UK-based politicians to reflect the continuing and accelerating transfer of political power to the European Union.

The truth is Westminster MPs don’t make most of our laws any more – perhaps that is why the Commons is often so shamefully empty.

When Labour swept to power in 1997, less than half our legislation was initiated and written by the EU. By 2001 this had reached 55 per cent and, according to an answer given in 2007 in the German parliament (the Government here refuses to provide the same information), 84 per cent of legislation now comes from Europe.

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David Craig’s book Squandered is published by Constable. He is standing as a candidate in the Haltemprice and Howden by-election.

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If our MP’s were as creative with our economic woes as they are with their expenses, I dounbt we would be in such a mess.

Comment by UK Voter

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