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Gordon Brown’s DNA database claims branded ‘ridiculous’

Source: The Register

Chris Williams


Gordon Brown has been accused of deliberately misleading the public by claiming that not retaining genetic profiles of innocent people on the National DNA Database (NDNAD) would have led to 114 murderers getting away.

The charge was made on Friday by the genetics lobby group GeneWatch UK. It analysed a speech the Prime Minister made on June 17 where he argued for the retention of DNA profiles from thousands of charged suspects, including children, in criminal cases that were later found not guilty or never made it to trial.

A Downing Street spokeswoman said: “I think in this case we’ll have to let the Prime Minister’s words speak for themselves. The figures he quoted were publicly available from 2006.” The Home Office had referred The Register’s questions about the speech to Number 10.

The massive expansion of the NDNAD was mandated by the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001. GeneWatch’s Dr Helen Wallace accused Brown of knowingly manipulating statistical estimates to spin them as facts in support of storing innocent people’s genetic information. In a statement she said: “Gordon Brown has stooped to a new low.”

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Gordon Brown has not stooped to a new low. He is rolling about in the socialist filth him and his Traitorous Comrades wallow in, as they worship the Communist One World Government model.

In a Police State the public are guilty until proven innocent (except the government of course.) Laws mandating the collection of innocent people’s DNA (for life no less) are quite simply illegal, so when Tony Blair spoke of having to ‘get rid of the Magna Carta’ we now know why. Freedom or Facsism? The centralisation of personal information with the government is apparently done ‘in the public interest’ but in reality, greatly increases the risk of data loss/ corruption, stealing etc. On top of plans to share private, personal data with external governments, what sort of mess could we be heading into? Who owns your data? You or the STATE? Imagine what a gold mine such a database would be for criminals.

The totalitarian nature of the State would have everyones’ DNA stored on government databases, but the people must be weaned onto it piecemeal, similar to the boiling of the frog. Eventually the elites, if they have it their way, would have the entire human races‘ DNA stored. (What a repository for biogenic weapons research!) As always, reports highlighting the weaknesses and flaws of such systems are ignored by the government, being as they are, contrary to the interests of those in power. That must be part of the ‘harmonisation’ of the EU process and the training from Common Purpose. Ignore it if it is conflict with ‘what is best for them’.


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