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Britain should have ‘zero net immigration’ policy, spews Eugenicist/ Socialist

More cods wallop from yet another taxpayer funded Socialist Malthusian quango. This one specialises in telling us how many children we should be allowed to have (less is more as always.)

Source: Telegraph

Britain should set an example to the world by reversing its steeply-rising population growth and allowing no more people into the country than leave, the Government’s chief “green” adviser has said.

This, from the ‘Commission’ that is pushing for the government to spend another £100 billion of YOUR money throwing up windfarms to ‘hit reduced CO2 emissions’ targets. The whole CO2 dialectic is just another scam designed to suppress freedom, impose more taxes and centralise the means of production.

I suggest this ‘green’ advisor join the growing campaign to leave the EU and cleanse our government of Socialists if he wants to control immigration. Much easier to just advocate for spending more money!

Mr Porritt, who is a patron of the charity, the Optimum Population Trust, warned that globally spending on family planning was “massively” lower than the £8 billion spent on HIV/Aids.

Yet it should be around £12.5 billion to £15 billion if the world was to avoid a population of more than 9 billion or more by 2050.

Ah yes, Aids: The Epidemic that never was. So this socialist ‘greenie’ is suggesting what? Spending of yet more taxpayers money in the hopes of convincing you that you should have even less children than you do now under the false goal (dialectic) of reducing world population. I guess no one told him that due to various factors, British people are not having enough children to keep the population stable as it is (you can thank feminism for that.) This is endemic throughout Europe. Still, this BBC article recognises that ‘immigrants more than make up for it,’ ignoring the damage such policies do to the country.

He goes on to mention;

…that in sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, population trends were increasing “disastrously” because of low spending on family planning.

No, they are increasing because they are third world countries, mostly in poverty. Allowing them to industrialise would reduce their birth rate, as it what happens when a country’s Quality of Life increases. But then they would represent competition to the Western banking cartels wouldn’t they…

He then continues to try and scare everyone using the latest fads;

In fact, if one looked at the amount of carbon it would be possible to emit in 2050, without contributing to dangerous climate change, it was 10 billion tons of carbon, around one ton per person.

This should come as a surprise, considering that the Optimum Population Trust of which he is a patron, recently said this: Having large families ‘is an eco-crime.’ This illuminates the thinking of these people somewhat. Having x-number of children amounts to a Crime Against Mother Earth. The richer you are the more you can have of course. You are higher up the social scale and therefore your families are superior. Again, Carbon Dioxide is not a poison, it is an essential part of our eco-system and is part of the Carbon Cycle. I would like to add that this man believes he can control the climate by stopping people having babies. By reducing C02 levels. Which in totality, comprise about 38 parts per 100,000. But whatever works eh…

Around the world, he said, it was a universal truth that the longer girls remained in education, the fewer children they had. Mr Porritt said that the prevailing assumption of UN economists that population growth would fall as the world got richer was out of sync with the need for the human race to live within environmental limits.

So, although it is a FACT that birth rates fall as nations industrialise and develop, fraudulent claims regarding C02 mean that those FACTS just aren’t good enough. Still, if he admitted that populations will grow and rise in response to their environment (like every other species) then he would be out of a job and the State would need another excuse for more regulations other the People.


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Very interesting post and a good blog

all the best


Comment by JohnDemetriou

A human being cannot live without consuming,at least the minimum,and producing emissions.The Earth now has three times the population it had at the beginning of oil-based agriculture,and when the oil runs out food production is likely to fall to pre-industrial levels again,without oil for agricultural machinery and fertilisers.In addition,greenhouse gases are rising to dangerous levels,global warming is speeding up,and methane,twenty one times worse as a global warming gas than CO2, is bubbling up from the melting permafrost in Siberia.Physics happens, nobody on Earth can stop GW once the gases are released.Humane birth control for all women without coercion, can reduce the world’s population(40% of births are unintended);and avoid terrible suffering and deaths.Its not dangerous leftists threatening us,it’s those so thoroughly propagandised that they close their minds from contemplating solutions to the problem,and prate the usual lunatic hostility of “killing people off”.

Comment by Cecily

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