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UK’s Top Judge Calls For Use Of Islamic Law

Source: Daily Mail

The most senior judge in England yesterday gave his blessing to the use of sharia law to resolve disputes among Muslims.

Lord Chief Justice Lord Phillips said that Islamic legal principles could be employed to deal with family and marital arguments and to regulate finance.

Traitors are in our midst.

He declared: ‘Those entering into a contractual agreement can agree that the agreement shall be governed by a law other than English law.’

In his speech at an East London mosque, Lord Phillips signalled approval of sharia principles as long as punishments – and divorce rulings – complied with the law of the land.

But his remarks, which back the informal sharia courts operated by numerous mosques, provoked a barrage of criticism.

Barrister and human rights specialist John Cooper said: ‘There should be one law by which everyone is held to account.

‘Well-crafted laws in this country, drawn up to protect both parties including the weak and vulnerable party in matrimonial break-ups, could be compromised.’

Resolution, the organisation of family law solicitors, said people should govern their lives in accordance with religious principles ‘provided that those beliefs and traditions do not contradict the fundamental principle of equality on which Britain’s laws are based.’

UK Law is supposed to be the highest law of the land. Any which contradicts it is illegal. These statements from Judges just serves to divide the country and reveals their contempt for British Sovereignty. Either respect the laws of the land or be ejected from the country.

The article seems to focus on the issue of discrimination against women as the main reason for protesting against this. That is not the main issue. The issue is trying to get Sharia Law implemented in a foreign nation. Conquest by stealth.

Islam views its laws and dictates as superior to all others. Muslims view Islamic Law as superior to British Law and Islamic life/ culture as superior to all others. The Quran commands Muslims to live by these Laws. These Laws are incompatible with the Magna Carta, Bill of Rights and Common Laws. It commands Muslims to go out in the world and spread Islam until the entire human civilisation is under the House of Allah. I will present an article on Islam shortly.


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Add the ones who’ve allowed the Jews to use Rabbinic courts for exact same purposes as proposed by Lord Phillips to your list of traitors then.

I’m not trying to pick on the Jews, or to imply that I endorse these religious courts – but let’s all understand that this sort of thing has a long precedence in the UK.

Reply: Agreed, this isn’t new at all. Members of State have been committing Treason against the British for decades.

Comment by jonolan

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