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Harriet Harman To Try And Slime Into Prime Minister Role

This is like a nightmare. From the Feminist, Socialist, Nanny State Traitor that brought you British Government Works To Disenfranchise White Males, believing that white males should be targeted for discrimination and Why does Harriet Harman hate marriage following her feminist teachings that the nuclear family is evil comes this latest scheme.

Source: Daily Mail

Harriet Harman is campaigning to promote herself as a stand-in Prime Minister should Mr Brown be forced out.

It emerged last night that Labour MPs have been sounded out about her suitability if the PM leaves No10 by the end of the year.

With the Prime Minister’s position looking precarious, manoeuvring to replace him is well under way.

The revelation that his own deputy fancies her chances will annoy Mr Brown, who is desperate to dampen speculation about his future.

The Daily Mail understands that MPs acting on Miss Harman’s behalf have approached backbenchers in recent weeks to test her popularity as a possible leader.

The People of this Nation do not find Harriet Harman popular. Shouldn’t that be what is important?

The public school-educated feminist has been quietly trading on her victory in last year’s contest for the deputy leadership.

A fortnight ago she caused an uproar by championing a Communist Equality Bill that will allow discrimination in favour of women and minority employees and require companies to publish details of the salary gap between male and female workers.

To conveniently disenfranchise the strongest indiginious demographic via outright sexual and racial discrimination. These socialists are so confident in their power that they no longer try to cover up their anti-Britain acts.

Some supporters of the Prime Minister say she could emerge as a choice for what is being described as the ‘anybody but David Miliband camp’.

The Foreign Secretary is favoured by some as the obvious alternative to Mr Brown, and many are urging him to show his hand.

He is just another Marxist. He signed the Lisbon Treaty. He is a Traitor to the Crown and to the British People. He is a fan of European Union democracy. That is, do what you are told and do not ask questions.

Our Government is completely infested with Socialists/ Communists and self serving civil servants. All with their noses in public funds, busy trying to dismantle our Nation in the name of a Socialist Supranational Government Order. The Conservatives are the same. They just wear a different colour tie.


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