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BBC fat cats get £700,000 in pay rises/ bonuses

Orwell’s Ministry of Truth padding its own pockets with your cash in praise of a propaganda job well done. Sound familiar?

Source: Daily Mail

BBC chiefs have been criticised for pocketing huge pay rises despite a disastrous year for the corporation’s reputation.

Eleven directors who oversaw phone-in scandals and job cuts shared an extra £708,000 between them – increasing the BBC pay bill by an inflation-busting 16 per cent.

But the average salary for ordinary BBC staff went up by only four per cent and is due to increase by just two per cent this year.

Gerry Morrissey, of broadcasting workers’ union Bectu, condemned the bonuses and said the board should have refused them.

‘I would remind them that 4,000 jobs have been lost since 2005,’ he said.

Mr Morrissey added that ordinary staff were working harder than ever because increased output had put a greater burden on fewer employees.

He said the disclosure of such big bonuses for board members made industrial action more likely if further job cuts were unveiled.

Well I’m sure they are doing fine, between the extortionate License Fee and kick-backs from the EU, along with the profits they receive from selling programmes and documentaries they created using License Fee payers hard earned cash (who then have to pay again to get a copy.) No problem, they need to keep their propaganda machinery well oiled, just like the Socialist Police State. Personally, I have never paid the License Fee, even back in the way when I used to watch television. You should not pay it either, for many reasons, like this, this, this and this.


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