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EU GIVES ITSELF More Powers Over British Taxpayers Money

Source: UKIP

The EU has voted to legalise benefit tourism, and a British MEP is behind it. The Lambert Report on the co-ordination of social security systems across the EU was voted through despite the fact that the EU has (as yet) no jurisdiction over social security.

A new EU bureaucracy will now grow up, co-ordinating social security payments among member states. People who live in one state and work in another will be able to claim benefits anywhere in the EU if they become unemployed or ill. The country in which they choose to reside must reclaim the cost of their benefits from the country where they last worked.

The author of this farce, which could bring about the collapse of our welfare state, was Jean Lambert, a British Green.

“The new legislation encourages mobility in the unemployed,” said UK Independence Party MEP Derek Clark , “but it is not an ‘on yer bike’ policy. Amendment 125 clearly states: ‘The non fulfilment by the unemployed person of all the obligations and/or job seeking activities in the member state in which he/she pursued his/her last activity shall not affect the benefits awarded in the member state of residence.

“In other words, there is no obligation to seek work. Anyone who has worked briefly in the UK , can travel to Greece or Spain, avoid doing any work, claim unemployment or disability benefits there and leave Britain to foot the bill.

“This is a licence to scrounge. You only have to return to your country of residence one day a week to qualify.”

To make matters worse, Mr. Clark added, “under a second Lambert Report, social security is extended to nationals of third countries, including stateless persons or refugees.

“The EU has just voted itself the use and abuse of British taxpayers’ money in a way that could bring our welfare state to the brink of collapse, and Jean Lambert, a British MEP, has made this possible.”

The goal of this is simple. To further facilitate the redistribution of wealth of British people around Europe. Such a system will be a nightmare to keep statistics on, not that the Government has any interest in collecting statistics about immigrants and benefits paid to them. They are importing voters in order to dis-empower the British voting public. And this is before the Mediterranean Union Project comes into power.


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