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Is Britain becoming a dictatorship?

Source: The Guardian


An 82-year-old former bomber pilot I met in the street the other day said: “Supermen. Ha! If Hitler had come over here we would have given him a proper kick up the jackside.” As Michael White suggests, British people are fond of the myth that they won’t tolerate dictatorships, despite the fact that there were many fascist sympathisers in Britain in the 1930s.

Yes, we do live in a relatively free and secular country – just ask any young Afghani woman studying at a college here for her opinion. But there is also evidence around us that the British government is engaging in repression. And not just in Iraq or Afghanistan, but here in Britain. Perhaps those of us who have lived for a time under dictatorships can spot some of the warning signs:

• Inconvenient elections are avoided in the name of getting on with the job.
• Leaders of the opposition are character-assassinated by the state media.
• Institutions like the legislature begin to lose their independence and traditional role.
• Citizens are increasingly afraid to speak openly on certain issues.
• Citizens are observed and monitored on cameras and the government can tap into their conversations at will.
• Governments can snatch anyone from their homes or off the street and detain them without trial on charges of treason or terrorism.
• Ethnic and religious minorities are persecuted and are made into scapegoats.
• The state increasingly intervenes in family and community life in an attempt to control citizens’ behaviour.
• The focus of discussion moves away from the issues and into a narrative of political rivalries and gossip spreads.
• Governments use bread and circuses to shut people up and distract attention away from their increasing political impotence.
• Public spaces for demonstrations are closed down and restricted.
• Large and ridiculous monuments are built to impress the citizens.
• Individuals have to carry ID with them at all times and the government holds large amounts of information on every citizen.

So this is the thing. If I, as a citizen, and people like me, don’t agree with the way we are being governed, where do we go to withdraw our consent to be governed? I don’t want to simply switch to the Tories or Liberal Democrats, I want a new contract with my state as a citizen, one that respects my civil liberties.

The truth is, Britain is already a proto-dictatorship, moving rapidly to a fully fledged totalitarian police state under the boot of the Communist European Union. To further their globalist agenda, our rulers must destroy the two nations of Earth with the strongest connections to individual freedom and rights, Britain and the United States. The libertarian strength of Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights 1689 have been foundations for constitutions all around the world, limiting the power of the State and guaranteeing the Rights of the People.

These legal frameworks have been (illegally) sign off by our Treasonous Government Puppets under the command of their elitist masters. I have documented this in my short article on UK Government, Treason. What the author of the article does not understand, is that we, as British subjects have a contract with the Monarch, regulated by Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights. The State is our servant. It is high time the People of Britain studied their birthright and re-affirmed their alligance to individual freedom and the restriction of State power.


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