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MPs criticise government over CO2

The story of Man-Made CO2 emission based global warming is ridiculous. It is nothing more than a convenient dialectic to grow the powers of International Law and Global Taxation. I will explain the bullsh*t behind it at the end of this article.

Source: BBC

The government has made “very poor progress” on reaching its own carbon emissions-cutting targets, MPs say.

Ministers want departments and agencies to reduce emissions by 12.5% by 2010/11 compared with 1999/2000 levels – and to be carbon-neutral by 2012.

But the influential environment audit committee said a cut of just 4% had been achieved by 2006/07.

Chairman Tim Yeo said this damaged the government’s “moral authority” on environmental issues.

The committee said it was “extremely disappointed” that only 0.0004% of all electricity consumed by the government was generated on Crown property using renewable energy sources such as wind, solar or biomass power plants.

Ministers were relying “too heavily” on buying offsets to help achieve carbon neutrality, the report – Making Government Operations More Sustainable – said.

Buying carbon offsets means giving extortionate amounts of your money to private corporations, for contributing to a trace gas. That’s it. Just so you know.

There was a “degree of confusion” about how the targets would be met and these “essential issues” should be worked out urgently, the committee added.

Mr Yeo, a Conservative former minister, said: “Until the government shows that it is living up to its commitments it will find it hard to maintain the moral authority to influence the rest of us.”

Moral authority comes down from the government now does it, to ‘influence us?’ I thought it was supposed to come from the People. Symptoms of totalitarianism government in Britain maybe?

But a government spokesman said it was “fully committed to protecting the environment” and limiting the effects of climate change by reducing carbon emissions and waste across its own estate and operations.

“Government is already excelling in some areas, notably the procurement of renewable energy,” he said.

Right, enough of this liberal propaganda. The climate of Earth has been ‘changing’ for billions of years. There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING we can do about it. The global-carbon-tax cover story was initially global warming, but I guess they quietly changed that when evidence came out proving that crap wrong.

Carbon Dioxide is not a poison or a ‘pollutant’. It is a trace gas. Less that 40 parts per 100,000. It has existed on Earth for billions of years. It is responsible (along with water) for photosynthesis. The end product being oxygen and carbohydrates. Not that they teach photosynthesis to your children any more, probably too busy making them feel guilty for breathing and convincing them not to have children of their own (but still worship the State, do what you are told and pay your taxes.)

So, CO2 is plant food. Keeping this in mind, one would expect the biosphere to be expanding, with all that extra food for plants.

Surprise: Earths’ Biosphere is Booming, Satellite Data Suggests CO2 the Cause
Another point about Man-Made CO2. If it is supposed to be the primary factor in global warming why have global temperatures been declining since 1998, and don’t go running to the IPCC for ‘evidence’ as their computer model is wrong. Also, forget about the ‘3,000 strong IPCC Consensus’ on Man-Made Global Warming. Science is not about consensus, it is about fact. If you do want consensus however, how about the 30,000 scientists who reject the politically motivated IPCC Report.

The colder spell does seem to be closely related to the drop in solar output however. Not that a star one million times bigger than the Earth and which puts out enough energy in one second to power the entire human race for 820,000 years would have any effect on the climate.

That would be silly. It would also mean the our rulers could not control and tax us as they wish.

Charging the human race (and stripping our rights in favour of Global Government by unelected, unaccountable elitists) for creating plant food and contributing to the Carbon-cycle however, makes perfect sense.

Yeah, right.

“The threat of environmental crisis will be the ‘international disaster key’ that will unlock the New World Order.” – Mikhail Gorbachev, quoted in “A Special Report: The Wildlands Project Unleashes Its War On Mankind”, by Marilyn Brannan, Associate Editor, Monetary & Economic Review, 1996, p. 5

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[…] This scam is been the cover story for a whole host of regulations and power grabs from our States; higher taxes, using farmland to grow inefficient biofuels, thus pushing up food prices (which was the idea), create whole new taxes, raise the cost of energy etc. All related to the CO2 part of the scam. When you don’t have talking heads calling for a tax on babies or on breathing, you have a global elite pushing for a massive rise in the cost of living, to pauperize the people. They say it’s for the environment, I call bullshit. It’s a power grab. Like I said, C02 isn’t a pollutant any more than water vapour is. […]

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