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UK FISA Copy Comes From EU

As happens all too often these days, Police State rules and regulations from the United States find themselves popping up in Britain immediately afterwards. Some background on FISA.

Source: Daily Mail

A ‘Big Brother’ database recording every single phone call and e-mail made in Britain would threaten the British way of life, the information watchdog has warned.

Information Commissioner Richard Thomas said such a Government-run database would have serious data protection implications.

Amid speculation a massive database is already being planned, he declared it would be a ‘step too far’.

May’s draft legislative programme included provision for a Bill ‘to modify the procedures for acquiring communications data and allow this data to be retained’.

But he insisted there had not been sufficient parliamentary or public debate on proposals to collect more and more personal information on databases for DNA samples and Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras.

The original articles makes no mention of this, but within about two minutes I had found the source of this totalitarian legislation.

Communications Data Bill content;

The main elements of the Bill are:

• Modify the procedures for acquiring communications data and allow this data to be retained;
• Transpose EU Directive 2006/24/EC on the retention of communications data into UK law.

You can view EU Directive 2006/24/EC here.

This is yet another example of Britain being ruled from Brussels (illegally!) Now apart from the fact that the State is crimincally incapable of protecting the private details of the People, this legislation smacks of function creep.

Fighting ‘terrorism’ seems to have given the State arbitrary powers over all freedoms and rights of the People and our Laws, something they have given themselves without the permission of the People I might add. In other words, the State has TAKEN it upon itself to collect as much data on individuals as is possible. What for if not for nefarious reasons towards the British people? Only aspiring Dictatorships seek so much power over their own citizens.

Centralisation of individual information on massive databases, (like that of Britain and the U.S.) can enable an eventual merging of international databases into a Global Database. An identical process to what the rulers and the shadow government is doing with these so-called ‘Unions’. Read ‘The End of Freedom‘ for more info.


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