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Dictator Sarkozy Tells Ireland That Voting No Is Unacceptable

Saying ‘no’ is not good enough for the pompous prick and his band of merry Marxists. Can’t let the People and their wishes come between Brussels and total Communist Dictatorship  (sorry, harmonised Europe) now, can we?

Source: EU Observer


French President Nicolas Sarkozy has said that Ireland will have to vote once more on the EU treaty, in a move bound to ruffle feathers in Dublin, which has yet to say publicly how it plans to react to last month’s treaty rejection.

According to a report in the Irish Times, Mr Sarkozy told a meeting of deputies from his UMP party in Paris on Tuesday (15 July): “The Irish will have to vote again.”

Reacting to the comments – which were downplayed but not denied by the French government – Irish foreign minister Micheal Martin said that Mr Sarkozy will listen but not “impose a solution” during the planned five-hour talks next week.

He stressed that Ireland would take its own decision on the matter but it was too early to speculate on what this would be, reports state broadcaster RTE.

Now now, own decision? Like the decision the People of Ireland have already made? I think we know what the Fascists in Brussels think of dissenting decisions.

Adding to his discomfort, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso told the Italian parliament on Tuesday:”There has only been one No to the ratification of the treaty, and I do not expect any more.”

Bloomberg reports him as saying that Polish President Lech Kaczynski had told him his country would not block treaty ratification. Mr Barroso also said the Czech Republic would not pose a problem.

Meanwhile, an article in French daily Le Monde on Tuesday suggests that as a sop to Ireland, all member states in the future will continue to have a permanent EU commissioner – instead of the reduced commission planned under the Lisbon Treaty.

This, as well as reassurances that abortion, taxation and neutrality issues will not be affected could be debated as part of an Ireland package at the October summit and adopted by EU leaders in December paving the way for a possible second Irish vote next year.

According to the EU, you have freedom of choice so long as you make the choice the Brussels Politburo tells you to. The only reason all of our so-called leaders have been refusing us a referendum on this despicable Constitution Treaty is because we would say NO. Europe-wide polls show rejection rates of 88%. The people do not want the damned thing. The scum in Brussels care not for what you want, they only care that you do what you are told. Don’t forget, it is the People who have the power, not the corrupto-crats.

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