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London Councils Must Enforce EU Regulations on British People

Another example of one of the 107,000+ regulations created by the unelected, unaccountable suits in Brussels being pushed on on the British people. The EU Treaties give Brussels superiority over Westminster, giving our government no choice but to enforce the diktat of Brussels on the British people.

Source: Daily Mail

It is the nation’s favourite Chinese dish – adored by millions and a staple feature on the menus of restaurants and takeaways the length and breadth of Britain.

But Peking Duck could now be forced into extinction by an EU ban on the ovens traditionally used to prepare it.

Council inspectors have been busily visiting restaurants that use the ovens and sealing them closed with tape because they do not carry a CE (Conformité Européenne) mark certifying that the equipment meets safety standards on carbon-monoxide emissions laid down by Brussels.

The clampdown comes despite an admission by council officials that there have been no reported health problems linked to the ovens, which are made in China and are also used to cook Cantonese Duck and suckling pig.

The ban has infuriated celebrity chef Ken Hom, who said last night: ‘It’s absurd. What do the Europeans know about making Chinese duck? It’s just as outrageous as people in Hong Kong being told they can’t make fish and chips. I am livid.’

Westminster has now contacted other councils in areas with large Chinese populations to raise the issue.

A council spokesman said: ‘If the restaurants want to continue cooking ducks in the traditional manner they will need to get new ovens which will comply with EU standards by having CE marking.

‘We are absolutely not picking on the Chinese community. This is an issue with any kind of ethnic type of food where they may well be using catering equipment imported from outside the EU.

‘We are not aware of a single injury or accident involving these duck ovens but now we are aware of this issue we want to prevent any accidents happening.’

Right. Remember they usually use a dialectic to convince the public (falsely) of the need for a new regulation. This time they do not have one, so they simply say, ‘well no bad has come from it but we are stopping it anyway.’ This is a symptom of totalitarianism.3

The Government has to do what Brussels commands. This is another reason we MUST leave the EU if we wish to protect Britain.


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