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Taking pictures of anti-social youth is now ‘ASSAULT’

Hot on the heels of a man being charged for stopping criminals breaking into a store, we now have the State seemingly protecting the anti-social behaviour of feral youths.

Protect the criminals, keep social chaos up, take away our freedoms

Source: Daily Mail

A householder who took photographs of hooded teenagers as evidence of their anti-social behaviour says he was told he was breaking the law after they called the police.

David Green, 64, and his neighbours had been plagued by the youths from a nearby comprehensive school for months, and was advised by their headmaster to identify them so action could be taken.

But when Mr Green left his ?1million London flat to take photographs of the gang, who were aged around 17, he said one threatened to kill him while another called the police on his mobile.

And he claimed that a Police Community Support Officer sent to the scene promptly issued a warning that taking pictures of youths without permission was illegal, and could lead to a charge of assault.

He said: ‘We’ve had problems with this group shouting abuse and throwing stones for months, and were asked to identify them.

‘When I went to take photographs of eight of them throwing cans of Coke around, six of them ran away, one threatened to kill me, and another one started phoning the police.

‘A couple of hours later, a Police Community Support Officer told me I had been accused of assault, though no such thing occurred, and told me I was not allowed to take photographs of teenagers on the street.

‘I think it’s wrong that when teenagers are running riot and the police are called, it’s about me, and I’m treated like a criminal.

‘In South London we all know how many stabbings there have been, and I think the police should be busy catching the real bad people.’

Mr Green said he handed his pictures to a deputy headmaster at the nearby Nautical School, and was promised the matter would be investigated.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the force had no record of the incident.

This comment from the article sums it up well;

There is no other conclusion. The police are supporting young criminals in a successful attempt to destroy our freedoms and property rights going back to Magna Carta. This is being orchestrated by powerful dark forces that control the government of the UK and Europe. Do we really want to see a National Socialist Police State? Regrettably some do.

The State seems to protect the ‘rights’ of these little unsocialised animals, essentially encouraging any and all negative behaviour (and subsequent sensationalising by the media) with the specific intention of making British people feel threatened and unsafe. Not only does this keep society unstable, it gives the State the false reason to continue to build a totalitarian police state in the name of ‘fighting’ it. For example, here an article from 2004 about knife crime and metal detectors. Here, an article from 2008 about knife crime and metal detectors. In reality, this is about psychologically attacking the principle of being able to carry a tool to defend oneself, something the Bill of Rights states we should have. But all tyrannical regimes must first disarm the population before imposing full totalitarianism.


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