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Sarkozy wants Irish to vote again, but lies about it in public

Source: EU Observer

I am all for democracy, as long as you do what we want.

"I am all for democracy, as long as you do what we want."

French President Nicholas Sarkozy has proposed to the Irish prime minister that a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty be held on the same day as elections to the European Parliament next June.

Mr Sarkozy made the suggestion during a private discussion with Prime Minister, or Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, according to reports in the Irish Times, during a six-hour whistle-stop trip to Dublin to meet with government leaders and campaigners from both sides of the treaty battle.

At the same time, publicly, the French president denied that he had said Ireland must vote again.

I never said that Ireland had to organise a new referendum. I said that at some stage or another the Irish had to be given the opportunity to give their opinion.”

Lying much Sarkozy you little sh*t? Just typical of the attitude of these Corrupto-crats. As far as they are concerned, you either vote as they tell you, or you vote as they tell you. A quote from Henry Ford is appropriate;

“Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.”

Last week, he told a private session with deputies from his UMP party in Paris that Ireland would have to hold a second referendum, according to an attendee of the meeting.

However, in Dublin the president said he accepted that there could be no resolution to the issue under his country’s six-month presidency of the European Union, due to end in December.

“We don’t want to push you into anything,” said Mr Sarkozy at a joint press conference with Mr Cowen.

The No campaigners, for their part, felt that the French president was not listening to their concerns.

“The most worrying thing about this meeting is the fact that clearly the message is not properly being heard, perhaps not even being heard at all. We have said no,” said Declan Ganley the millionaire backer of Libertas, whose arguments against the treaty focussed on taxation and regulation as well as democracy issues.

“That this process should continue, this wish to force through this agenda. There is just something fundamentally wrong and broken with that,” he added.

Not if you view the EU as a dictatorship there isn’t.

Do not forget, the Lisbon Treaty contains a self amendment clause (known as Article 48) which would empower the unelected EU rulers to change the consolidated Treaty without having to present it to the people of Europe as a referendum. Then of course there is the small issue of Declaration 17.

Why of Earth would any Government that actually serves the interest of its people, believe the country would be governed better by a bunch of faceless socialists in Brussels? What can the EU do for your country that you own government could not do for you?

Nothing. That’s what. Absolutely nothing. All it does do is give a smaller number of people an increasing amount of power over a larger number of people. The totalitarian dictatorship of the EU is already apparent in documents NOW, imagine how bad it could get down the line? Read this Euro-creep bulletin to see what the EU wants from Britain.

We are running out of time.


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