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Sarkozy tries to set up a police state in France

Funny how all of these State rulers just happen to be pushing for police states in their respective countries at the same time… Under the control of the EU.

Source: Newropeans Magazine


Under this nice feminine firstname, Edwige, lies a brutal and ugly political reality : a police database of a scope and nature unseen since Petain’s regime.

Using the drowsiness of summer, without any public debate nor legislative discussion, the French government is adopting the use of a police database aiming at a retrieving information on all kinds of activists involved in politics, unions, NGOs, religious groups, … since the age of 13 (!) and without any limitations in the range of information collected, nor any time limit in keeping the datas.

This is what is happening next to the celebration of the French Revolution, in Sarkozy’s France. Even the infamous Patriot Act in the USA does not go that far!

Behind the bling-bling operations like the Union pour la Méditerranée, doomed to fail since its inception because of its lack of consistency, and the outrageous ‘défilé de dictateurs’ for the 14th of July on the Champs Elysées, the European citizens must be aware that the current chairman of the EU is a great son of Petain, rather than a heir of General De Gaulle.

Submission to the powerful, merciless for the weakest, fascination for money and pomp, obsession for police control and summary justice,…. here are the key features of the current president of the EU, Nicolas Sarkozy, as the French painfully discovered in the last 14 months, explaining why no more than 20% of them now find anything positive in his tenure of power.

Let’s think one minute of what can be the use of collecting and keeping data on citizens whose main characteristics is to be active in society, within NGOs, unions, political parties, since the age of 13. Preventing terrorist attacks? Preventing criminal acts? Very unlikely as anywhere in the democratic world, citizens who are very active in their communities tend to be the best defence for any antisocial behaviours.

So, let’s search in another direction, and the fact of starting the data collection from 13 years old gives us a terrible clue: Sarkozy’s government wants to file all potential social and political activists since their very first years. Not to protect them or to help them of course. But to be able to influence them when possible, to press them if needed and to threaten them when required.

Don’t forget that this is about our children and their future ability to act freely within tomorrow’s Europe. Time to act is therefore now! Let’s sign the anti-Edwige petition from all over the EU!


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