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Libertas founder plans Europe-wide Lisbon Treaty referendums

We are already in a position wherein the EU creates over 80% of our laws now. The Lisbon Treaty would merely give the remaining powers of sovereign nations to the globalists in Brussels, add self amending clauses and consolidate all power in the hands of the unelected suits. Saying no to the Treaty is only the first step. We must leave the EU. We must purge our State of these money grabbing, lying cheating little Marxist vermin and make the British realise that sovereign power is with the People, not the Government. Legally they have no right to transfer the People’s power to Brussels.

Source: Telegraph

The man who delivered an historic “No” vote in Ireland against the EU’s Lisbon Treaty has revealed far-reaching plans to give voters throughout Europe a peoples’ referendum on the handover of power to Brussels.

Declan Ganley is planning to field more than 400 candidates in next June’s European Parliament elections, in the 26 countries – including Britain – where voters have had no direct say on the treaty.

The energy and rhetoric of Mr Ganley, a multimillionaire businessman, was widely credited with persuading the Irish to reject the treaty, even though every leading Irish political party apart from Sinn Fein was urging voters to say “Yes”.

Now he wants to give British voters a chance to deliver a bloody nose to both the Brussels establishment and to Gordon Brown, whose party first promised and then refused a referendum in Britain.

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Ganley disclosed that he was starting to raise £75 million from online donations to run candidates in all 12 of Britain’s European Parliament constituencies, and in seats throughout the EU.

He will turn his pressure group, Libertas, into a party with just one policy: to fight the Lisbon Treaty, which many see as the rejected European Constitution by the back door.

“We will tell people that Libertas is the box you put your X in if you want to vote ‘No’ to the Lisbon Treaty. It’s clear, it’s simple,” he said.

“The message will be: we are now giving you a referendum and it’s going to take place in June of next year at the European elections.

He accused Mr Brown of ratifying the document without the referendum Labour once indicated it would offer: “It’s not just undemocratic, it’s anti-democratic,” he said.

“It’s an absolute disgrace that the British Government offered a referendum and then took it away. Power belongs to all the citizens of the UK and you loan that power on the condition that it is used wisely. You don’t lend it to politicians to give away to someone who never has to ask you for a vote. That is what Gordon Brown has just done in just ratifying this treaty.”

His plans will unsettle the Brussels establishment, which was at first dismissive of his efforts and then humiliated by his success in Ireland.


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