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One third of British Muslim students think it is acceptable to kill in name of Islam

This is not, as the article seems to imply, a symptom of ‘radicalism’ or ‘extremism’. It is from the teachings of their Holy Book. It is not a random distortion of the ‘Religion of PeaceTM‘, it is the very essence of Islam, and therefore of Muslims.

Source: Daily Mail


Religion of Peace, as long you are a Muslim

Religion of Peace, so long as you're a Muslim

Almost one third of British Muslim students think it is acceptable to kill in the name of Islam, results of a poll show.

The findings shed light on the extent of campus radicalism and will raise concerns about extremism across British Universities.

The YouGov poll for the Centre for Social Cohesion also found that two in five Muslims at university support the idea of Islamic sharia codes being enshrined in British law, the Sunday Times has reported.

One of the report authors Han-nah Stuart said the study’s findings came as an embarrassing blow to those who play down the threat of extremism within Britain’s campuses.

She said: ‘Significant numbers appear to hold beliefs which contravene democratic values.

‘These results are deeply embarrassing for those who have said there is no extremism in British universities.’

Fosis, the country’s largest Muslim student body criticised the report.

But Anthony Glees, professor of security and intelligence studies at Buckingham University, said: ‘The finding that a large number of students think it is okay to kill in the name of religion is alarming.

‘There is a wide cultural divide between Muslim and non-Muslim students.

‘The solution is to stop talking about celebrating diversity and focus on integration and assimilation.’

The research found that 55 per cent of Muslim students thought Islam was incompatible with democracy and nearly one in 10 had ‘little respect’ for Muslims.

Queen Mary college, part of London University, was highlighted in the research as a campus where radical views were widely held.

Last December, a speaker named Abu Mujahid encouraged Muslim students to condemn gays because ‘Allah hates’ homosexuality. In November, Azzam Tamimi, a British-based supporter of Hamas, described Israel as the most ‘inhumane project in the modern history of humanity’.

A third of Muslim students interviewed supported the creation of a world-wide caliphate or Islamic state.

The Koran calls for this, and every Muslim has a duty to work towards it.

Some of the findings support previous research. A report by Policy Exchange last year found that 37 per cent of all Muslims aged 16-24 would prefer to live under a sharia system.

I find it difficult to understand why people believe British culture should capitulate to Islam, in the name of (Marxist) multiculturalism. The question should be ‘what can Islam offer Britain?’ The answer of course, is nothing. In regards to the image above, Islam with a Nazi symbol, watch the following video;

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If you want the truth about Islam, not the apologist, liberal spineless Marxist version, then please watch the following documentary, called ‘Islam – What the West Needs to Know‘.


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