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Ireland now EVEN MORE strongly opposed to Lisbon revote

Oh man I love the Irish, if not for the gorgeous girls, great artists, beautiful people and country, and great booze, then for not taking any crap from that socialist twit, Sarkozy and his Soviet dictatorship of an EU. They definitely smell a rat.

Source: EU Observer

Almost three quarters of Irish voters are opposed to the idea of a second vote on the EU’s Lisbon treaty, according to a fresh poll.

The survey, revealed on Sunday (27 July), was commissioned by the London-based eurosceptic think-tank Open Europe, and carried out among 1,000 respondents between 21 and 23 July, shortly after a visit by French president Nicolas Sarkozy in Dublin.

The leader of France, which currently hold the EU’s six-month rotating presidency, last week proposed to the Irish prime minister, Brian Cowen, that a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty be held on the same day as elections to the European Parliament next June.

But the new poll signals that there is currently not much appetite among Irish voters to be asked about the same document again: 71 percent of respondents said they were against the move, compared to 24 percent who were in favour.

The survey also suggested that in the case of a repeated referendum, even more people would vote No than the first time around: 62 percent of those polled now said they would reject the treaty while just 38 percent would vote Yes.

On 12 June, 53.4 percent of the Irish voted against the Treaty and 46.6 percent in favour, on a 53.1 percent turnout.

Of those who had given their blessings to the EU’s reform treaty back then, 17 percent now said they would vote against it, while six percent of former opponents would now vote in favour of the document.

The negative sentiment has also significantly grown among the citizens who did not take part in the first referendum: 57 percent would vote No, while 26 percent would vote Yes.

They must have known that trying to push Ireland around would not help their communist cause, but they did it anyway. Such is their ego and contempt for sovereign nations and their pesky people. If you agree to the Lisbon Treaty, they would no longer need to go through all of this hassle. They could just change the laws in their ivory tower, and the people would be compelled to obey them. Remember two things about the Lisbon Treaty;

1. Declaration 17 – Primacy of Law, and;
2. Self Amendment Clause (article 48).

Think the EU will give you opt outs? Only for now to get you to vote yes. Once you are in, they can change all of the rules. But what else would you except from a unelected, unaccountable dictatorship?


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