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Teach 11 year old boys how to use condom, compulsory sex education

Source: Daily Mail

Children as young as 11 should be given compulsory sex education including lessons on how to put on a condom, says a Government report.

All secondary school pupils should be taught about sexually-transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and contraception, according to a panel of sexual health experts.

But family rights campaigners lambasted the plan, saying it was appalling that teachers could give explicit lessons on sex to children even if local parents were opposed.

At present schools decide how detailed their sexual education lessons should be in conjunction with parents.

The law says that pupils must only be taught the bare minimum biology of sex, and how the body changes during puberty.

They are encouraged to teach pupils about relationships, how sexually-transmitted diseases are spread, and how to use contraception such as condoms – but many do not do so if local parents say no.

The report from the Independent Advisory Group on Sexual Health said it should be made compulsory for all schools to provide extensive sex education.

Earlier this month, official figures showed that the number of STIs had risen by 6 per cent in the past year, with a half of all newly-diagnosed infections among 16 to 24 year olds.

Britain has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in Western Europe and abortion rates are climbing towards 200,000 a year.

Norman Wells, of Family and Youth Concern, said: ‘The answer does not lie in yet more sex education and contraceptive schemes, but in honestly telling young people that the only sure way to avoid being infected with an STI is to keep sexual intimacy within the context of a lifelong, mutually faithful relationship between a husband and wife.

‘Schools are currently required to develop a sex education policy in consultation with parents. Making sex and relationships education a statutory subject would limit the influence of parents over what is taught.

‘Since parents bear the legal responsibility for the care and nurture of their children, it is vital that their views should continue to be respected and that schools should remain sensitive to parental concerns on such a controversial issue.’

The sexual health report, released yesterday, also called for easier access to abortion and better availability of contraceptives.

But its main recommendation was on making sexual and relationship education (SRE) a statutory responsibility for secondary schools.

Your children belong to the State in a totalitarian regime. When they are not indoctrinating them in globalism, anti-patriotism and the forced acceptance of opposite cultures, they are telling them what to think, teaching them to put the state before family and parental authority. Marx spoke of destroying the family remember? Join the dots.


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