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Royal Mail stops village’s post deliveries because its roads are ‘too steep’

Rubbish, another Directive from the EU, the Health and Safety excuse and general warfare against rural Britain. The purpose of this is to drive everyone into the cities, where they can be easily tracked and traced, taxed and enslaved.

Source: Daily Mail

With its twisting country lanes and weathered stone cottages, it could be a scene from a real-life episode of Postman Pat.

But deliveries of mail have become a thing of the past in a tiny hamlet in the Yorkshire Dales because the road up to it is too steep for postal vans.

Residents of Booze – which despite its name has no pub, or indeed any other amenities – said the decision, taken in the name of health and safety, had cut off a vital lifeline.

Throughout living memory, postmen have scrambled or driven up the slopes of Arkengarthdale to deliver to the scattering of houses and farms that make up the historic former lead mining community in all weathers.

But now Royal Mail bosses have written to all 11 households telling them the only road that links Booze with the outside world is too narrow for its vans to negotiate safely.

Carrying the mail up on foot is also out of the question because the postman has a ‘bad back’, residents have been told.

Unless they can make alternative arrangements, they face having to collect their post from the sorting office in Richmond – a 45-minute drive away.

The threat of losing postal deliveries is just the latest blow facing Britain’s isolated rural communities, already suffering from soaring fuel prices and the closure of shops and post offices.

But North Yorkshire county councillor John Blackie, who represents the Upper Dales, has pledged to fight the plan.

‘This is the thin end of the wedge,’ he said. ‘It represents a dangerous threat to services in remote communities everywhere, and it must be stopped.’

He added that the road – which is marked with a 1:5 steepness – had four passing places and was gritted in winter.

‘It seems absolutely ludicrous that the Royal Mail are asking local residents, some of whom are elderly, to do the trip that they won’t do because they say it’s too dangerous.

‘If a particular staff member is not happy using country roads, I suggest he or she is not suitable for the post. There are thousands of similar roads across the Dales.

‘There has been no consultation with loyal customers of up to 60 years standing who have had their deliveries suspended with immediate effect.

‘This sort of ban could rip the heart out of communities such as Booze.’

And that is exactly what the traitors in Government and the Globalists in the EU want.


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