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ID Cards, just another EU Diktat?

While doing some research on EU Directives I came across this press release from the EU website, dated 2004. It is regarding the use of biometric indentifiers in passports, using EU Directive 95/46/EC.

And there I was thinking it was the governments idea (and the idea of all of the other governments in the free world simultaneously pushing for similar police state ID systems). Silly me. Especially considering that estimates put the number of new laws actually coming from Brussels (and not our ministers) at about 85%.

Commission proposes inclusion of biometric identifiers in EU citizens’ passports

While I’m at it, I thought I’d drag this up from 2006.

Source: Daily Mail

The memo indicates that by then EU biometric passports will be “the norm throughout Europe (though politically I think it would be difficult to have an explicit link with an EU directive – especially one from which we are technically excluded)”.

Under the Schengen Agreement of 1985, Margaret Thatcher won the right for Britain to retain control over borders and passports from the EU.

Shadow Home Secretary David Davis said last night: “The cat is out of the bag on ID cards. The Government has constantly changed its mind over why ID cards are being introduced and what they are for. Until now they have always said that they are being brought in for the good of the country.

“This memo reveals the truth: this whole exercise is subordinate to a European Union diktat. Furthermore it is one which we do not even have to obey.”

If you are curious as to what the big deal is with the National ID Card register (apart from the massive cost to the taxpayer) then read this: Police officers to be microchipped and the plan to chip YOU and this: No2ID Campaign


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