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Richard Dawkins blames Muslims for ‘importing creationism’ into classrooms

Political correctness is a Marxist tool designed for speech (and as a consequence, thought) control. It is also known as collectivist protectionism. It simply stops people criticising or highlighting issues with a particular group or groups, giving them higher social status and power than other groups that are not protected. The State can then use this to play groups off of each other, and using every negative consequence to expand the power of the State.

Source: Daily Mail

Britain’s most famous atheist has blamed devout Muslims for importing creationist theories into the country’s science classes.

Professor Richard Dawkins, who wrote the bestselling book The God Delusion, believes that children should be taught the theory of evolution instead of the idea that God created the universe.

Dawkins, who holds the chair for the understanding of science at Oxford, thinks that political correctness has made it impossible for teachers to criticise Islam because they will be branded as being racist.

‘The government could do more but it doesn’t want to because it is fanatical about multiculturalism and the need to respect the different traditions from which these children come.

‘The government – particularly under Tony Blair – thinks it is wonderful to have children brought up with their traditional religions. I call it brainwashing.

‘It’s almost impossible to say anything against Islam in this country because if you do you are accused of being racist or Islamophobic.’

He added: ‘It is fine to teach children about scientific controversies.

‘What is not fine is to say: “There are these two theories. One is called evolution, the other is called Genesis.”

‘If you are going to say that, then you should talk about the Nigerian tribe who believe the world was created from the excrements of ants.

‘Because we are all brought up to respect faith, it leaves open a gap through which fanatics can charge.’


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This doesn’t happen only in England I’m afraid.
Everywhere you go now one is immed. branded ‘intolerant’ the minute they get outspoken about the very real issue- or problem?- of religious extremism slowly bt surely creeping into everyday life like cancer cells.
Like what they did to their religion these smarty-pants have twisted the very arm of liberal humanism values to pervert them for their own advantage. Ha!

Comment by Jac Lis

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