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‘Lost MI5 fax could have stopped 7/7’

I am truly fed up of these convenient mistakes the State keeps making in regards to so-called terrorist attacks. Anyone would think they were doing it on purpose to create a dialectic in which the State can implement totalitarianism. Our government is infested with communists afterall.

Source: Daily Mail

A chance to stop the 7/7 bombers may have been missed when a secret services fax to police went missing.

A damning report is expected to reveal that the MI5 document, sent to West Yorkshire police, raised suspicions about ringleader Mohammed Sidique Khan and accomplice Shehzad Tanweer.

But the information was either lost or not followed up and the opportunity to monitor the men was missed.

Well what was it? Did the fax arrive at the police?  Faxes leave a digital trail should it shouldn’t be hard to find out (unless of course finding out what happened was never the true goal). If it did arrive then it must have been picked up by someone.

Survivors of the attacks have been told the findings of the Intelligence and Security Committee are ‘devastating’ and suggest the men could have been stopped long before their bombs tore through three Tube trains and a bus.

News of the report, which has already been sent to Gordon Brown, emerged as the three-month trial of the only three people charged in connection with the 2005 attacks ended dramatically at Kingston Crown Court yesterday.

After 15 days of deliberation the jury of eight women and four men were unable to agree a verdict on a charge of conspiracy to cause an explosion. More than three years on from the atrocity, which left 52 dead and hundreds injured, and after a painstaking police investigation which has cost almost £100million, the victims are no closer to justice.

July 7 survivor Rachel North said last night: ‘A fax was sent from the security services to West Yorkshire police flagging up the bombers. They are at fault because they didn’t phone and follow the fax up, but West Yorkshire police are also at fault because what happened to that fax? Did it just fall on the floor or something?

Yeah right. How often does that happen when a Secret Services Fax arrives? £100 million investigation? And they didn’t arrest this man and ask him a few questions? This company was running terror drills on the same day that just so happened to mirror what actually happened. By the way, the probability of that being an innocent coincidence is practically zero.

He mentions that his scenarios where decided with help from his clients. Who where his clients then? Why was this ignored by the so-called investigation?

For more information regarding the lies and myths about July 7th, visit


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