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Taxpayer fury at £7million Olympics ‘junket’ for 640 public servants

This is what happens when you give a State unchecked power, when you allow the Government to continually raise taxes and create endless rules and regulations, making money off of every transaction. When you allow a Government to balloon into this vast Socialist bureaucracy with ‘civil servants’ taking advantage of the lack of oversight.

That oversight is supposed to be the People. The People are too busy watching television and complaining about the increasing cost of living, when the solution to these issues rests only with us.

Source: Daily Mail

The Government is under fire today over the number of public servants travelling to the Beijing Olympics – at a reported total cost of £7 million – amid accusations that the event is being treated as a junket.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who is flying out to attend the closing ceremony, will be accompanied by 20 aides at a cost of £114,000, it is reported.

Many bodies involved in organising the 2012 London games are sending representatives, with the capital’s Tory mayor Boris Johnson taking 13 staff at a reported cost of £167,000, while the London Development Agency has spent £3 million to hire out a private members’ club in Beijing for the duration of the Games.

Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell, Culture Secretary Andy Burnham, Sport Minister Gerry Sutcliffe and 10 officials from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport will attend the Games at a £75,000 cost.

Another 11 Whitehall ministers and officials will be going to China, the newspaper said.

In total, 639 people at a cost of £6,846,700 will attend – most of them BBC staff involved in coverage of the games.

Liberal Democrat culture spokesman Don Foster said: ‘While appreciating the importance of the UK being represented in Beijing, questions have to be asked if this many people are necessary.

‘I’m staggered by the amount of money some departments are spending on sending their staff.

‘It almost looks as if some public officials have been dreaming up excuses to go on a junket.

‘The Olympics are an incredible spectacle, but taxpayers’ money shouldn’t be used merely to enable officials to be there unless they can justify the benefit to the British people of their going.’

A Downing Street spokesman said the Prime Minister’s staff had ‘worked hard to ensure that the appropriate number of staff accompany him’ on the visit.

Of course they did. This abuse of taxes has a strong resemblence to the abuse of monies by their masters, the European Union.


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