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Just when you thought the Blairite monster was dead…

Source: Daily Mail


It is like the end of The War Of The Worlds, when the terrifying, invincible Martian monsters suddenly perish.

The New Labour Monster lies powerless and broken on the ground.

Tiny, unconvincing creatures, like the Euro-fanatic David Miliband, scurry squeaking about the twisted wreckage but they cannot get it to work.

From beyond the political grave, the sugary voice of Anthony Blair is to be heard claiming that if only he were still in charge, this would never have happened – an idea that could be accepted only by someone suffering from total memory loss about this fraudulent warmonger.

And now, when almost anyone in a suit, and with normal facial features, could lead the Opposition to a smashing triumph, what have we got?

We have the Useless Tory Party, dedicated to the proposition that its only hope of getting into office is to copy the last 11 years of idiocy.

All the logic of the Blair years shows us that what is called ‘the Centre Left’ is bankrupt.

The European Union has been an expensive disaster for this country, ruining swathes of our economy, destroying our independence – and then having the nerve to charge us for it.

Slavish following of American foreign policy has embroiled us in permanent wars from which we gain nothing.

Every promise of 1997 is shown up for the fake it was. The oceans of money have washed through the hospitals and left them crusted in filth and menaced by debt.

The children of the poor cannot spell or count, and leave school clutching wads of certificates they cannot read, destined for lives of dole and drugs.

We are more under the thumb of foreign powers than at any time for 300 years. We are less free, poorer and worse governed. Disorder and crime are uncontrolled.

Nonsensical pledges of permanent economic stability have turned out to be bunk, as they always were.

Yet the Useless Tory Party’s answer is still to continue more or less as they are with a few fashionable tweaks and gimmicks.

Once, this stupid and wrong policy could at least be excused by fear that the New Labour Monster might gird itself and slay the Conservatives once again with its dreaded Blairite death rays and the help of the shameless BBC.

With that fear gone, it is obvious that the Cameroon rabble support the Blairite programme not because they are timid or feeble (though they may well be) but because they are in fact Blairites.


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What’s the Torys got to offer, dude?

Comment by McCunt

They’re almost as useless as Labour. They have much to offer the EU and the globalists, but they are just as much a danger to Britain. No other way to put it, the political system in Britain is corrupt and controlled. If people want their freedom back they are going to have to be prepared to get active.

We no longer have any other option.

Comment by fmwatkins

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