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Police face 13 hours of form-filling just to keep watch on a known burglar

Source: Daily Mail


Police officers have to spend up to 13 hours filling in forms if they want to follow a serial burglar.

The Tories revealed the astonishing figure as they announced plans to slash the red tape governing routine surveillance operations.

Other examples include a 17-page authorisation form to re-position a public CCTV camera to cover a row of shops where yobs have smashed windows.

Officers also face a maze of red tape for a task as simple as walking past the home of a suspected drug dealer to check for expensive cars.

Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve said: ‘It is not right that we charge our police with combating crime and disorder and then tie their hands behind their backs in the name of Whitehall bureaucracy. ‘

The red tape stems from the controversial Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, introduced by Labour in 2000.

It was supposed to protect citizens from excessive snooping by public bodies, which have to seek permission for surveillance operations from a commissioner.

But it has inadvertently dragged in routine police work aimed at preventing serial crimes.

Doesn’t seem stop the Gestapo Councils though. I guess anything that prevents the police from doing their job (and keep crime rates up) is good for the socialists in power (it enables them to fraudulently justify their communist engineering of British society).

The Metropolitan force has told the Tories about the difficulty its officers encountered tracking a particular burglar with three previous convictions.

The man was known to break into houses after collecting his benefits from the local Jobcentre Plus.

On one occasion, the police knew he was going to commit a crime and decided to follow him.

But to comply with the Act, as this was classed as ‘directed surveillance’, an officer had to fill in ten forms which took 13-and a half hours to complete.

The documents required included a Proactive Assessment and Tasking Form, which alone took ten hours of painstaking research. It asked for details of the number of burglaries in the area, the trend over the last three years and a list of all recent burglaries to which the suspect could be connected.

Hard to believe isn’t it? Not when your Government worships Marxism however. One of the chief ways of destabilising society is to ‘equalise’ criminals and the law abiding. Pampered prisoners supplied with £221,726 of PlayStations and Prisons union claims life in jail is too soft to name a few instances.

In 2007-08, there were 23,620 authorisations covered by the Act, equating to 550 per force.

The Tories said that, if the party was in power, authorisations would no longer be needed for surveillance using CCTV cameras or Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems.

What would the checks and balances of this be?

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘Authorisations are only required where covert surveillance is likely to infringe an individual’s right to privacy.

‘It is right safeguards are in place, including consideration of necessity and proportionality.’

I guess the privacy of criminals is more important than the privacy of the law abiding.


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