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English is a second language for 1 in 8 pupils in England

Source: Daily Mail


One in eight pupils speaks English as a second language, a report has revealed.

The Government survey highlights the ‘disunited nations’ in classrooms as teachers battle to educate a massive influx of immigrants. In some areas more than 70 per cent of pupils arriving at the school gates do not speak English as their mother tongue.

MPs and unions immediately called on ministers to take urgent action to prevent primaries and secondaries being overwhelmed by the pressure. They warn that schools are being forced to juggle resources as migrant children take longer to understand lessons and divert the teacher’s energies from other pupils.

The figures give the sharpest snapshot yet of the scale of the challenge facing schools around the country.

The Department for Children, Schools and Families statistics showed that 815,450 schoolchildren  –  or 12.5 per cent  –  did not speak English as their mother tongue as of January this year.

For primary schools, the proportion was 14.3 per cent, or one in seven, compared with 10.5 per cent in 2004, the year before European Union expansion.

Meanwhile, in secondary schools 10.6 per cent of pupils, or about 450,000, have English as a second language. Two years ago, the proportion was 9.5 per cent.

Children with English as a second language are a minority in around 1,300 of the country’s 21,000 primaries and secondaries.

Teachers’ leaders said that if schools are not given more money to help them cope with foreign speakers, it could lead to severe problems in the classroom.

Towns and cities which had seen a sharp increase in recent years were likely to be hardest hit, and teachers in these areas needed special help to manage the influx.

Some schools have launched drives to recruit bilingual teaching assistants to help out. Philip Parkin, general secretary of Voice, formerly the Professional Association of Teachers, said: ‘We want childrens’ experience of school to be enjoyable and often non-English speakers are the most motivated and quickest to learn.

‘But when you have one child coming into the classroom who doesn’t speak English, it makes it very, very difficult for teachers. If you have more than one, that becomes a huge headache. There is also a concern that resources have to be spread too thinly in the classroom.’

Well take them out of the English speaking classroom and put them in an English language college. When they can speak the national language, they can return, and not disrupt the other pupils in the class.

Damian Green, the Tory immigration spokesman, said schools are being let down by the Government because ministers do not have a clue who is arriving in Britain. He added: ‘In the long run we have got to get proper control of our immigration system.’

Birthrates with non-British are much higher than those of the British. Especially amongst immigrants from the third world (who immediately receive council housing and British-paid for benefits) and proceed to have five or six children, all paid for by you. It reminds me of a quote from Braveheart;

If we can’t get them out, we’ll breed them out! – Longshanks.

It also reminds me of this article I read this week regarding white people becoming a minority in the United States, Census: Whites will become a minority sooner.


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Comment by billy9999

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Comment by George

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