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Time to kick Islam out of Britain

It is time to kick Islam and all of its followers out of Britain. They serve no purpose other than to push Islam. They have no allegiance to Britain or its Code of Laws.

It has become clear to my mind that the kingdom of heaven has predestined that kafirs should be reduced to a state of humiliation and treated with utter contempt. – Shah Wali-Allah (d. 1762), The Legacy of Jihad, Andrew G. Bostom, MD.

I am sick and tired of dhimmi liberal traitors lying to the media and the public about the true nature of Islam. It is not a religion of peace, it is an ideology of death and enslavement. Its followers view all non-Muslims as inferior, their cultures disgusting and their non-Islamic nations as cancers where Sharia Law is the only cure.

I despise Islam. It is a disgusting, vile, primitive, fascist totalitarian ideology. I hate proponents of this cult of death, as they walk through these free lands I was born into, preaching their hate and contempt for all others while claiming their ignorant religion means peace. Britain needs it like a hole in the head.

What does Islam actually bring to Britain, apart from division, ghettos, drains on taxes and resources? Why would Britain need Islam? What positive things does it bring that British people do not already have?

What is happening in Britain now is similar to what their raping, murdering, child molesting, lying, selfish, fascist ‘prophet’ did at the beginning of this disgusting religion of hate. To gain followers, Muhammad wrote Surahs preaching the tolerance and acceptance of other people and religions.

When he acquired riches and power (through violence and lies) he then changed his tune. No longer was it the case of infidels or kafirs being tolerated, it was now an ultimatum of three options. (These are the three options Islam gives you).

1. Convert to Islam.
2. Submit as an inferior citizen (dhimmi) and pay the non-Muslim tax, the Jizya.
3. Be killed.

As The Opinionator points out in THE EU ABETTED ISLAMIZATION OF EUROPE ACCELERATES, the EU is forcing everyone within its dictatorship to accept Islam. This is also an extension of the Barcelona Declaration.

Anyone who has actually researched Islam and the Quran will know that the goal of Islam is to bring the world into the house of Allah. That includes Britain, and, while living in taxpayer funded accomodation and spending your taxes on themselves, they scheme and plot against this nation.

Today, while walking through a street in London, I came across a poster on a bus stop, calling for the conversion of Britain to an Islamic state. I was going to tear them off, but I thought it would be a more effective message if I defaced them. One already had the word ‘bollocks’ written over it which brought a smile to my face. Here it is from the location;

You can view a large version of this here. It originally appears on their Islam4uk website. View both sides (front and back) here. It will however post a quote from it as it sums up Islam.

One day the Islamic flag will fly over Downing Street! – Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed

As far as the ‘Islam condemns violence’ line is concerned, that regards violence against innocent people. But Islam views all non-Muslims as guilty of not being Islamic, as this BBC interview will highlight;

‘Only Muslims are Innocent’ says Muslim on BBC

Regarding the religion of peace lie, that is only applicable to Muslims. It is peaceful if you are an Islamic state. All non-Islamic states must be conquered. Regarding acts of violence in the name of their religion, read this;

One third of British Muslim students think it is acceptable to kill in name of Islam

Still, our unelected rulers will believe Islam should be forced upon democratic nations, whether their people like it or not. Britain must be nicer to Muslims, says UN ‘human rights’ chiefs. Maybe they should read the Quran. As far as I’m concerned, Islam should be legally positioned as a subversive ideology, easily proven to be in violation of British law and the very essence of individual freedom.

Britain will never become an Islamic dictatorship. The treasonous government, being completely controlled by the Communist EU is actively pushing for the suppression of all dissent and questioning of Islam under the guise of ‘Islamophobia’. It is time the British stopped being afraid of speaking the truth. If you continue to blindly comply with the state it will definitely result in the downfall of Britain.

Note that it is the goal of all Muslim males to try and live their lives in the image of their prophet, so if you are curious as to how he did things, read this;

The Truth about Islam’s Prophet


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i would have thought the israelis served no purpose. unless you count worshiping, and taking of earth for the return of an alien squid as a god. moses did not run from ra out of egypt. he saved him/her/it. wake up.

Comment by walkndude

You little appologist faggot,id like to kick your fucking head in soons i meet youx

Comment by jim low

Fuck off you Islamic fuck wit…your trouble and your a virus…fuck off…your koran is SHIT..LIKE YOU

Comment by BBBBBBBBB

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Comment by citandui

Kill All WOGS

Comment by Keith Clarke-Gibson III

Your manure bags need emptied asap because you are talking shit!

Comment by Maboza Ritchie

walkndude, all U are is a fuckin’ Muslim asshole, bitch! The Muslims are the evil ones, not the Israelis. You and all other Muslims are the Devil’s cult!

Comment by yo mama

Ye they are the ANTI Christ. It comes to something when whites are being refused to be served by Rag heads.
In our country. We never needed them out more . If there was a war , you would not see the cock roaches . They would have their asses back to paki land.
I can not stand the corrupt basterds

Comment by bobby ashworth

Export every muslim shithead to syria,find he biggest hydrogen bomb currently available and drop it on these heathen creatures.

Comment by gerard

Israel is the trouble in the world, no doubt about it. USA and UK are ruled by the Zionist bankers elite. Israel is against Orthodox Judaism. It’s a radical and racist extremist government, as evil as the devil. You are totally ignorant. or maybe not. Jesus said: the devil knows he has only a short time (that’s why he’s hell bent on destruction, using the Zionist movement as pawns! For his evil NWO.

Comment by girlznguitarz

Walkndude… I know its now 2011 and your Jew Hatred comment were made in 2008….. but I would just like to say you are a vile piece of muslim shit.

Comment by filthy kafur

Why do us english just complain, Do something or are we gutless.. we fought two world wArs to be free and stop an invasion by nazi Germany. now the silent invasion by these filthy stinking muslims who are raping our country and our women for breeding scum. Maybe we should have let hitler in
not to kill jews but destroy islam. Now we must wage war on these bastards instead of killing each other here in the uk
If we do it now we can win, if we leave it we will suffer and be
slaves to these scum. Ron

Comment by ron yates

I think the turds are insulted being compared to shit muslims.

Comment by DislkesCockroaches

Does it not occur to you that if the germans were not defeated by the rest of the idiot world we would not now be having this vile muslim problem.

Comment by gerard

Rather than believing what media says you should read about Islam yourself first, do some research rather than showing what a true Britain is ( who only knows how to get laid and be drunk and insult other cultures and religions and live a life without any goal)

Comment by Fae

Islam stinks. Medieval and Barbaric.

Comment by Johnny

Who told you to fuck their country.Who give you the permission to enter in their country and dystroy every thing what they got. So my love,its time to pay back. and soon PATHANS will fuck you all with his same dicks. black muslims, still your white pussy girls always preffered black dicks in their mouth. love black muslim dicks. and you fuckers don,t have a guts to have a sex with your own white girls.

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The saying is it takes nine months for a black bitch to have a shit. I think you black bastards get the meaning

Comment by ron yates

Go read a Bible mate, that’s where Islam got their ideas from. Old Testament full of wars. People were stoned to death, women had to cover heads, lots of impossible rules and regulations. The Mosiac Lawcode, read the OT it’s all in there!!! The Bible says only Jesus followers will have life, the rest will burn in hell. And you say Islam is wicked! Stop hating. You sound like a bunch of thugs.

Comment by girlznguitarz

Same here

Comment by Geraldine

Yes but with education over 2K years we no longer do stuff like it whereas you cretins still do so education is the key you bunch of pricks

Comment by Gord

Fucking muslim bag of slime.The day is near when we kick your faggot,scumbag kind out of our country,you dirty sack of paki pigshit.

Comment by exfoliator

Im not a big fan of the jews but irealy do hope to fuck they bomb the muslim cunt to shreads.

Comment by Mike

I would concur but,would add that the fucking day has already arrived to kick this pig vomit out of our country and drop a large atomic bomb on their filthy disease infested countries.

Comment by gerard

Good man!

Comment by wiggy

Paki bullshit, so do you dickhead. britshit I am a black nigger muslim and still i am fucking your sister, girl friends, and even your own ones. understand. you can,t do any thing, we will stay and keep fucking your loveones.

Comment by khusro Daniel mirza


Comment by khusro Daniel mirza

I hate Muslims. Your quite right, they are bags of slime!

Comment by Jane Parker

You are scum. Fuck off out of our country back to the third world mooslime shithole you came from.

Comment by Stu

You get out of ‘our’ country. Where did your ancestors come from stupid? We are all immigrants to the UK, that’s how blinking thick you are. Racist and stupid. Go read some proper history, go see what Israel is doing to the people of Gaza.
You breed hatred. How many heads went under the Guillotine in England? thousands. Do you know. All because they would not become Protestant, garrotted, burnt, hung drawn quartered. Islam is violent???? They copied us you idiot.

Comment by girlznguitarz

I am certainly not deluded neither are other people who believe in God so I suggest you keep your deluded comments to yourself.

Comment by Aine O'Neill

People who believe in god,like the filthy catholic kiddy fiddlers,muslim murderers of women and children,jehovah twats who want their kids to die after ‘god’ gave us the brains to transfuse blood,yea your fakin deluded,religeon,the last hiding place of the simple minded,fakin retards,no wonder your lot are so easy for govts to control

Comment by david wyn-jones

The baboons in baltimore are reverting to type,arrest an ape and the whole troop go berserk,they fukd up detroit to bankruptcy,if the ape shit arent allowed to steal,pimp or sell drugs the think theyve got the right to riot,thats why the shit hole africa is fucked up,their apes that dont comprehend ‘civilisation’,and now the luvvy liberal white trash faggots and sluts want them coming to a town near you,as long as they arent living nxt door to the liberal appeasing white trash,put the shit in zoos,theyll get fed,contained and serve a purpose

Comment by david wyn-jones

Will anyone show me their left bumcheek?

Comment by Mohammed cuntlugs

Every Muslim death must be applauded, it is just vile pest eradication.
These pox ridden Muslim scum will never be anything other than evil, for as sure as Allah is Satan, Mohammed was a filthy pig and murdering child molester and the disgusting Quran is the anti-bible, a book for vampires,the disgusting Koran pages are not even useful as toilet wipes.
The only solution is the total destruction of Islam.
It will come to pass, these retarded backward filthy cockroaches will scream in agony for an eternity in Allahs shit filled house of hell.

Comment by Mohamed theislamicpig


Islam is promoted by Muslims, the deluded, the politically motivated and the uninformed as one of the great religions of the World – but scratch below the surface and a much darker side is revealed. Islam is NOT a religion, it is a heavily politicised cult founded in the medieval third World. It preys on and enslaves its victims using superstition, ignorance, intolerance, lack of education, greed, fear, jealousy and wealth envy. Islam is predominantly funded by theft, tax evasion and the wholesale distribution of heroin to the western World. The Modus Operandi of Islam has always been the same – infiltrate non Muslim areas and Countries, refuse to integrate or contribute, take everything possible from the naïve and unwitting host, produce as many children as possible and slowly and insidiously gain power and control. When control is absolute the non Muslims are given a simple choice – submit (convert) to Islam, give everything they have to Islam and any refusing to submit are raped, robbed, beaten, enslaved, sold like cattle at auction then when everything they have and are is gone they are murdered, humankind is a possession to Islam to exploit and abuse as Muslims see fit.

Islam does not tolerate, accept or understand democracy, human rights, civil rights, gender equality or the rule of law. In the UK seventy five per cent of Muslim Women are officially unemployed and over fifty per cent of Muslim Men are unemployed and all Muslims consider it their “god given” right to relentlessly claim every benefit they can and if they ever hear the word “no” they immediately claim racism and Islamophobia. Twenty five per cent of all UK Muslims are unable, and in many cases unwilling to read, write or speak English to an understandable standard but if an unemployed non Muslim is unable to read and write they are forced to learn or have their benefit payments sanctioned – why is this not applied to Muslims? Muslim Women produce twice as many children as non Muslim Women – do the maths and look one hundred Years into the future. Islam teaches, promotes, encourages and orders superstition, suspicion, intolerance, lack of education, enforced Sharia law, theft, misogyny, homophobia, violence towards Women, violence towards non Muslims, rape, paedophilia, kidnap, people trafficking, slavery and murder. There are Towns and now Cities in the UK where non Muslim Women are afraid to walk down the street in the middle of the day because of non stop abuse, threats of violence and threats of rape by Muslim “Men” – Luton being a classic example but it is pointless reporting these religiously motivated hate crimes as the Police have no remit to investigate and no will to investigate. The UK is being conquered by proxy and the spineless quisling cowards we have in charge seem to think appeasement is the answer – I do not recall this working against the Nazis and it will not work against the misanthropic and evil forces controlling Islam. Islam is the biggest threat to World peace humankind has ever endured or faced. A workable solution – require all UK Muslims to sign a legally binding declaration making Sharia “law” illegal in the UK and to agree to obey the law of the land. Further, to respect the cultures, traditions and way of life of the non Muslim British. Any non UK born Muslims refusing to sign will be deported to their Country of birth and barred from returning, any UK born Muslims refusing to sign will be treated as an enemy of the state and imprisoned until such a time as they agree to sign. Enough is enough – Islam regards kindness as weakness, we are being usurped and marginalised by stealth, there is quite simply no such thing as moderate Islam and we NEED to address this.

Comment by Vernon Fox

Far more eloquent than I could have put it Vernon. Do not forget though (as if I need to remind), national military service for our young men looks quite on the cards in the conceivable future.

Problems perhaps ????

Comment by pugwash

The “profit” muhammed a paedophile? A dreadful allegation he will rebut as soon as he has finished raping his nine Year old bride..

Comment by Vernon Fox

“By Jesus !” When are we stupid bastards in ‘The West’, going to react in a big fucking way to ISLAM ? 1)Burn a Mosque every f’in day !” 2) ID and kick the head of a f’kin MUSLIM Git EVERY Day ! 3) Spare all the time you can, to seek out where the s.o.b.’s live , and torch their homes …4) At every opportunity talk to them like :- “When the fuck are you going back to ARABIA ? You are NOT wanted here ….this is “our Patch…..not yours ! ”
Take yer Bombs and F U C K O F F ! B 4 it’s too late, and WE catch up with you , with our version of JI….fikken …HAD !.

Comment by Beedge

If there wasent any muslim shit in our country,there wouldnt be a problem,would there?,remember the white trash that let this cancer into our country,and when the time comes,hang the trash from the lamposts in westminster,set up a national socialist party,remove the cancer,completely

Comment by david wyn-jones

Take a look at the facts,what have blacks brought to our civilisation,drugs,crime and gangs of coons with knives,what have arab muslim scum brought,terrorism,drugs and exploitation of young women,wipe this scum out,just as nature intended,this is what you get when you ‘tolerate’ the inferior vermin of the human race,destroy the filth,before they destroy you and your families,and our civilisation

Comment by david wyn-jones

Can any of you actually believe the shit going on by these filthy fucking wogs in our country?,wipe the disgusting muslim vermin out,burn their shops and mosques,now

Comment by david wyn-jones

Have you noticed the ‘peaceful’ muslims,outraged,protesting on our streets?,no,me neither,they are all cells of the islamic cancer

Comment by david wyn-jones

Are you patrots?, what do you think of setting up a national socialionalist british party?,reply,or watch your country descend into mayhem,no,im not nick griffen,ive seen our country descend into chaos since the 1960s,there is a better way,no gassing,talk to me

Comment by david wyn-jones

I work with muslims – it is a difficult balancing act. Three of them used false names on their criminal records checks to cover up their records, one of which was for sex with a minor (sound familiar?). One was dismissed for theft, continual sexual harassment and threatening to rape a female manager. So far this year the muslims have demanded a larger prayer room, five extra breaks a day to pray, the removal of two flights of stairs because climbing them was “too tiring”, halal food only to be served in the staff restaurant and other ridiculous demands. Every day is a new aggressive demand and any refusal brings forward the time honoured response “that’s racist”. Why do people of Pakistani and Bangladeshi descent call themselves “Asians”? – they are NOT.
The apes I work with are the laziest b*stards I have ever met and had to be told not to wash their dirty stinking feet in the toilets and told to shower and use deodorant. I look forward to the day when these scum are removed to the medieval barbaric middle east third world where they came from – let’s see how far they get claiming to be “refugees” there.

Comment by Vernon Fox

join the knights Templars international,have a look online,its time the white race stopped feeling guilty for being white by liberal appeasing white left wing traitor filth and tolerating shit arabs and the rest of the inferior scum that should have been exterminated long ago just as nature intended.

Comment by david jones

Totally agree, their all pieces of fucking shit who need to fuck off with their muslim hats and bomb their own country fucking peasants asking for our money from the taxes we pay I’d rather be tortured than give them fuckheads my money

Comment by Ben

I completely concur with you. Islam is a scourge.

Comment by No Dhimmi


Comment by khusro Daniel mirza

Hello World

Comment by Vigilante

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Comment by Rudra pratap singh

Deary me,well ur seeing the start of the rise of national socialism in germany and austria and u will c the problems that importing religeous imbecile terrorists into our countries will bring

Comment by david wyn-jones

When will blacks realise that when a police officer says ‘stop’,u stop?,we rescued em from grubin in the sand,try to educate em,feed em an let em exist,even though they’re an inferior type of human and now the evolutionary inferior parasites expect ‘human rights’?,the scientists say they cant find the missing link between us and the apes,have a look whats going on in america,thats the missing link,oh and by the way,do blacks understand bus fare?,3 blacks tried to get a free ride on my bus then said to a black driver, , ‘is it cos eyes black’?dur nigger,and on to the just above a nigger,muslims,just look at the scum vermin in europe,hitler was right he just got the wrong people,he would have exterminated the blacks and backward muslim wog shit,and what a wonderful world this would be,amen,and zieg heil

Comment by david wyn-jones

Can u believe the crap going on in austria,filthy sand nigger muslim arab dogshit like kids in a candy shop,molesting decent white women?,and the white whore merkel and the lefty faggot perverts saying we need to do more for the wog cockroach vermin?,wtf,wipe the filth of the planet,exterminate the parasite scum like god and nature intended,the white trash bastards who appease and suck up to the sub human niggers and arab shit should be strung up with cheese wire round the bastards necks,fuckin wog shit molesting white women?wtf?

Comment by david wyn-jones

Start by skinning mo ansar the muslim parasite mouthpiece pathetically trying to indicate the migrating cockroach hordes are being unfairly regarded?,fuck the muslims mother and see if he thinks thats ok,mind u,being an arab rat he would probably approve,wtf are these white trash politicians playing at?,send the filth back to the shit holes they swarm out of,un fucking believable,and watch it get worse,until we,not our wank so called governments,deal with it

Comment by david wyn-jones

Are the muslim vermin arab crap coming to europe due to war,poverty,victimisation?,no they’re coming to assault our women,steal,deal drugs,breed like rats,leech of our civilisation,cost us money,kill us,spread disease,soil our race,set up ghettos where they conspire against us and send our civilisation back to the dark ages,the ‘wars’ are made by wog against wog muslim imbeciles,yes,of course we want them?,exterminated

Comment by david wyn-jones

I see a ‘black man’ has again been put down by usa police,according to the police,shock horror,how unusual,he had a gun,however his bitch says he was reading a ‘book’,whilst driving?,yea bitch,have another go,when blacks,who we allow and tolerate in our societies learn to obey,they wont get put down,mindblowing

Comment by david wyn-jones

Islam – a medieval cult of barbarity.
Muslim – brainwashed inbred murderous halfwit.
Radical Muslim – wants to behead you.
Moderate Muslim – wants a radical Muslim to behead you.
The Koran – an abusers handbook written by Men for the benefit of Men.
Paedophilia – morally acceptable for cult followers.
Human rights – non existent.
Womens rights – do you want a beating you fucking stupid spunk vessel, I will break your jaw then go pray.
Toilet paper – unnecessary.
Bathing – unnecessary.
Theft and fraud – morally acceptable to commit against non Muslims.
Racism – the catchword for every Muslim who does not get their own way.
I slept with a Muslim Woman recently, she commented how novel it was to have consensual sex with a Man possessing a penis larger than three inches who she was not directly related to, and promised to buy that novel thing called “deodorant” for all eleven of her Brothers/Fathers of her children!

Comment by Vernon Fox

you cant even string a sentence together you retarded wog shit head dumb cunt

Comment by david jones

Yes they are misunderstood. they are the model of peacefullness. the muslim is a peace loving person who will gladly carve your head off for saying that they’re not.

Comment by advance2go

HAHAHAHA lol lol lol lmao
That was funny

Comment by Cindy


Comment by makeup artist surabaya

Saw a Muslim f*cking a baby sheep recently, reported it to the Police, got told “It’s ‘is lamb Sir, we can’t get involved”..

Comment by Vernon Fox

ur an idiot

Comment by dfD

This is funny and sad but True

Comment by Leon


Comment by gorilla

Give em ebola curry,get rid o them an d apes

Comment by david wyn-jones

Acceptable immigration policy – require every visitor to eat a pork pie & drink a pint of stella – any refusing get sent back to the paedo infested third World unwashed slum they spewed from! How interesting would it be if someone started planting bombs in mosques? (It would cut down on the benefit bill and child rapes at the very least!)
Hey – muslim – UK not to your liking? Then fuck off somewhere else, see how you do claiming benefits there!

Comment by Vernon Fox

Steady on boys,the appeasers will be monitoring this site and the men in black will pay you a visit and make you sing the quaran

Comment by david wyn-jones

Andrew G. Bostom is a college drop out an idiot and has to to be captured and hanged by the balls

Comment by obaid karki

Think you just proved everyones point OBAID KARKI. you Islamic cunt.

Comment by Graeme

Islam does not give permission to be head someone just for nothing. don,t listen to him. Do what ever you like. i am a muslim, i drink, i fuck, and i do what any religion says. And who ever says that islam is this or that. its all bullshit, believe me. i am a broad minded muslim. like you.

Comment by khusro Daniel mirza

Islam is one of the best religion don’t swring at islam if you do you’ll get diye within a month or a year remind one thing before you say any word about Islam before you takes birth from your mother who created you inside your mum stomach who created your hand your head your eyes you boy or girl who created that it’s only is Allah so before you takes birth from your mother you your self was a Muslim if you believe in those thing then you have to believe Islam….. Islam is first and last religion there is no any other religion I my self believe in Islam and I’m proud to be a Muslim I love Muslims all around the world may Allah bless them ameen

Comment by Shumon ali

This mussy retard can’t even spell duuuuuuuuur,go and murder your sister,its an honour thing,Ali baba

Comment by david wyn-jones

fuck the sand niggers they are here to do what Alli babba did open the gates to steal and control anything possible and we sit there listening to the shit them jews who will not settle for less than destruction to get a land that does not belong to them they are the devil incarnate
jews {{{{{{{{{{ world war the jews caused evey world war and will never stop

dont talk to them wake up britain you have got jews using sand nigger telling you what is acepteptable as a landsman of the isles what you can do in your capital {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ am I paranoid or these cunts they
are so much full of shjt they will kill there own kids to get what they want fuck me i am angry 10 .5 stone and will kill for my kids future and freedom from the false wall the jews put up RIP ME MR PARA,

Comment by paul

Peaceful muslems what a joke they will kill you in a second if you do not convert to there way of thinking and how can we be called narrow minding when they are the ones telling other people in there religion to kill gays and even there own people that would turn away from there own beliefs.
It seems to be there way or no way, more and more rubbish is said and done by muslems the ones in the background then the people in power deny it till there face is white and yet it happens over and over and they deny it once again.
How much do English people have to take till other people see the muslems faith is one of death and of VERY narrow minding people

Comment by Richard

Shove a scaffold tube up allah’s ass

Comment by gerard


Comment by Mike

Hahahaha Flew in the first Gulf war RAF and loved sending the wogs to allah fuck allah the bloody poof.

Comment by Keith Clarke-Gibson III

If you don’t convert to Christianity God will kill you. A total lot of ignorant people on here, it’s a joke. You sound like mass murderers compared to most Myslims. Full of hate and plunder. Stirring hatred, which; btw is a Revelation in the Bible. You are all just pawns in the pitting the Christians against Muslims. You are fulfilling Biblical prophesy, but it will not help you, because the real evil doers are the New World Order masters. Look it up and see for yourself. instead of this ignorant Muslim bashing.

Comment by girlznguitarz

Christians got more civilised and have stopped such cruelty such as stoneings and crusifictions a thousand years ago and more. We now know it was cruel. Muslims are at that stage now. They think it’s civilised to inflict excruciating pain on Humans.

Comment by Mohamednot

The merkel whore has shut down,in a ‘democracy’,a fuking burger bar?,erdogan burger,or is that ‘berka’ bar,if dumb whores and halfwits were so fast to shut down wog muslim arab vomit preaching on our streets,taking over our schools and now it seems our hard won civilisation,you would have some respect 4 the stupid,none aryan ginger freak slut,dont ya think?,pity donald trump isnt british,he would b prime minister of this piss hole wog infested island,meanwile, ,cameron cals niggers in nigeriea,and sand niga heroin farmers, , ‘corrupt’,?,get the fuck away really?,what a fucking eton faggot cunt,i.e,pussy,4 my friends in the usa

Comment by david wyn-jones

Cunt. By the way, why are you hiding behind a false name? (Wanted by the police for kissy fiddling?)

Comment by Vernon fox

We will carry on taking your scorn as this will fuel our uprising. Men like you used to scorn the prophets and warners no one listened to them. The unbelievers tried to kill Jesus (pbuh) but failed, you tried to enslave Moses’s (pbuh) people but failed, You tried to erradicate Muhammed’s (pbuh) message but failed. You plot but God is the best of plotters, in the end you will meet your fate..

You Have your way of life we have ours how many times to we attack you for not complying to our laws? Just because we beleive in the Creator and adhere to the divine laws does not make us inferior to your man made ideas and desires. Some of you are good people but its a shame you follow the media and have pride into thinking your better than a particular group of people we are all equal. Why not learn about Islam properly instead of researching using biased hate filled sources? You all have twisted views about Islam but the truth is if it was so twisted 2 thirds of the world wouldn’t follow it and it wouldn’t be the fastest growing religion in the world. Truth prevails, falsehood perishes..

religions are perishing Islam is growing, atheists are growing. It is prophesied during the end times there will be left two groups of people: the believers and the unbelievers which side do you want to be on?

Don’t be disillusioned Islam enjoins good and forbids evil. The masses want you to live a life of materialism but remember when death comes you have nothing. So don’t try and gather resources in this world, rather search for the answers and increase your spirituality because there is a purpose to life..

(sorry if I offended anyone. May peace and blessings be with you. love.)

Comment by muslim

Allah is the name of an arabian moon god-non existent wanker just like his pig followers!FUCK islam!

Comment by steve

f*** u!

Comment by sDFAd

Bluddd watch your tongue init? you think u guys know it all if you actually had respect trust man u wud ave shut ya mouf n gotten on with your own thing but clearly not, n ive gta question for you dick, which muslim has actually hurt you? u dutty cunt, may your mums fanny explode, in the exact way your bastad mouth runz, AMEN DIKFACE

Comment by None of Your Business Mate

Wrong you are again.My dear. their are more then 10000 names of GOD in every holy book, specially in bible. believe me. and by the way,their is no moon God in our religion.

Comment by khusro Daniel mirza

Ha ha ha believers and non beleivers, what else could there be, don’t need to be a prophet to know that

Comment by Andy

i have one thing to say…. the reason it is the fastest growing religion in the world is because you move to our country and breed like rats sucking the life from our society

Comment by peanut

agreed,they are like locusts,the plague and the best we can hope for is that thier inbreeding terminates the lot of them ,fucking rejects,retards,malformed savages.

Comment by gb

Exactly. They are the devil’s cult invading England with their evil, wicked religion.

Comment by yo mama

Muslims suck each others cocks to gain Satans power!

Comment by jim low

no!! They dont suck each others cocks, thats yummy!! They suck off Camels and Goats!

Comment by filthy kafur

people like you love to shag people in the family, now thats what i call a cock suckin cunt! wachu fink baby?
Your dads a cock sucker not islam, keep religion out of this ayt, religion is religion, it ent hurting you guys so shut the fuck up n sit bk down on your fat ass, n carry on doing your own thing, fukin prik

Comment by None of Your Business Mate

You dish out more shit than a pigs

Comment by Mike

Went down to the local mosque and saw the tossers today ….. Dirty scum, if they don’t like it here why don’t they go home we don’t want this!

Comment by wiggy

U mean jews christians and athiest do,,, and dont forget ur mothers do😀😀😀😀😀

Comment by Gas

Just to correct your mistaken statistic. In fact Christianity is the worlds largest religion accounting for 32% of the worlds population. Islam accounts for 21%

Islam is a regressive philosophy, it rejects modernity and basic human rights. It’s no coincidence that of all the Muslim nations in the world only turkey is successful. Why because it advocates a strict secular agenda. All other Muslim nations are in various states of appalling injustice and poverty which further fuels religious fundamentalism. It is a religion of ignorance and falsity. Why does Britain have so many Muslims? The answer is clear – because the Muslim system in place in their countries of origin has rendered them backward, uneducated, poor and violent. As an ideology it longs for the past with nostalgia but fails to realise that the way of life they take for granted in the uk wouldn’t exist if there system was in place. It too would be dirty, squalid, corrupt.
As an ideology it is masogenistic. It places women below men and it is widely known domestic abuse is a massive problem in muslim society. Women are seen as sexual objects not people. They are unclean and must be covered to stop mend lust. Thankfully, their hateful views won’t ever be mainstream in britain and we can tolerate their medieval ways (with clear boundaries nonetheless) much the same as the Amish are tolerated. Unlike a muslim state, Britain is a forward thinking progressive place where all beliefs can be allowed. The vast vast majority will always be in place and thank heavens for that!

Comment by Anonymous free thinker

Very well said indeed. I think you mean Misogynistic – hating women. Thankfully muslims are usually too thick to organise themselves so not likely to be able to take over anything much and I believe Iran will kick out the Ayatollahs soon and Russia will have more oil than Saudi in the next few years. So no one will take any notice of any of them.

Comment by Sally

Wanted to say, why are you people so against the religion?

has any of us actually hurt you phisically?
has we said you guys r wrong?
maybe some muslims r dicks, not all are, so why jugde?
clearly this is stereotypin dont u fink?
im a muslim, bluddy look like im white maybe thats why i dont get harrasses, but why harrass for? has someone actually came to you n said if u dont belve ima kill you?
NO exactly thats what i thought, so stop acting smart, and mind your own business, islam is nothing like that, its just a religion, we belve what we do, u belve what u do, so why get all angry about it? Clwarly you dont have respect cause if you did, u wudnt ave been judgemental, let me tell you something, im muslim, but i know your religion properly, i studied in a catholic school, did i ever fuss about it? Nope, Why? Because i have respect, im not a judgemental people everyone has a right of their own opinion so therefore thats why i cannot say anythng here, but one thing i can ask you is, Who has actually phisically or mentally hurt you as an individual? Cause u people seem to run your mouth like a running tap, without knwing how much shit your spilling out, so unless nobody turns the tap off, your wastig water aint you, this way i think your wastin your breath, so if i were you, id just do my own thing, cause personally i think your chatting shit, cause you clearly dont know what the actual islam is like! In life they say watch out from the pricks, so why dont you follow that scheme? maybe if you meet the right people you wudnt judge this bad! well hope u a good day, just think about what i said! n if my reply you dint like, please do let me know! u see i dont mind u get me! psht!

Comment by None of Your Business Mate

Congratulations, I enjoyed your post; I found it to be balanced and factual.
The only point I would add is, all religions are self-defeating, they all claim to be peace loving and tolerant but history shows us ALL that blood and death goes hand in hand with all the world’s religions, with their gods and prophets that inspire fanaticism and extremism in the pursuit of their holy teachings.
All religions are fun stories with good and bad points in each, but do we really need them in this age?

Comment by anon

ALL religion is merely an okd form of controlling idiots,they use lies,deciept and money now,welcome to the 21st century,if you agree,better still,understand,talk to me,whatever religious mind trap your in,i promise,now theres a rare statement,talk to me,whatever you think an see

Comment by david wyn-jones

Welcome to the world of lies,distortion,manipulation and cow like acceptance,are you a cow?,the rich and greedy are farming them to exploit,easy principle isnt it

Comment by david wyn-jones

For the sake of intelligence,fuk religeon,fuk so called democracy,come on you human cattle,heads down into the phone,and let me feed you shit information,thats why its called ‘browsing’,and what animals ‘browse’ ?,yes,thats it,cattle,are you a cattle?

Comment by david wyn-jones

Mysogny? So you hate Muslims if they are men right?
But you like Muslim women?
Because if you HATE Muslim women YOU are a Mysogynist by selection. That makes you RACIST as well. Oh, and if you cannot work that out you are not very intelligent!

Comment by girlznguitarz

You are deceiving yourself mate. I have pictures of allah, and it is just a stone man with a moon on his chest sitting on a chair.You are worshipping an idol…you are in the most hated religion on earth because the anti christ is to be soon shown amongst you..he will deceive you are all going to hell..I AM NOT an nnunbeliever, I just do not worship idols..I am a christian and believe one the one true god.The end times are here, and ISLAM is the beast

Comment by filthy kafur

Dont you DARE use the names of Jesus in your insanity…you have reduced the Lord Jesus to less than that insane raper and child abuser Mohammed.

Jesus is no less than God manifest in the flesh…how much more can Islam insult >

You vile, insane neandrathal.

Comment by filthy kafur

and yet one has only to affect a smile when the profit is mentioned to earn a death sentence from Islam!

Comment by Edward Rountree

Thousands of Catholic priest Paedofiles, 30,000 Jehovahs Witness Paedofiles, Parliament full of Paedofiles, including, Ted Heath…..The Talmud says: Jews can have sexual intercourse with a non Jew so long as the child us under 2 years old.
Look at the UKs dirty record on sex crime, murder, rape, domestic violence, abortion, wars started by the UK. UK was complicite in the killing of millions of people around the world, to steal oil, gas, diamonds, precious metals, roping up rain forests, and murdering it’s people’s. Go put in ‘Crimes of the U.K.’ into your search engine, and then ask, who are more disgusting a people and war like!!!’n

Comment by girlznguitarz

Read the Sword of Islam and learn the historic truth. Move forward from your darkness. The pulse of God has no time for primitive practices. He loved what he made and DOES NOT LOVE DESTROYERS OF BEAUTY. You live in this country because some past white, Christian and Jewish traitors with good intent, allowed you to reside here. You are able to say what you like uninhibited because of our freedoms faught for on the battlefields of the world in two world wars. Joshua di Nazarit, taught justice and compassion but he suffered no one to enter the temples of the pagans, heathen and idol worshipers. He said love (give justice) to your enemy—not kill or hate them. Mohammed according to historical research took the ideas that suited him from his Christian slave and then proceeded to rob the caravans with atrocities out of Medina. Move on my human relative and go to the true light of God not the deceipt that you and your kind have, that, for so long been fooled. Your islamic faith is only a half truth and does NOT belong in the United Kingdom. Tolleration does not mean acceptance or the liking of–it means only putting up with it. To ALL moslems, if you want sharia go live in a moslem country, we dont want, nor will we ever accept your ways here–only stupid unemployable MP’s that have ruined our nation for the sake of votes, play to your gallery. Go, get out, we dont want you , we never will, ever, so get over it now or go back to the desert where your false tesimonials were hatched.Then be happy enslavers of women and life.

Comment by capt

Capt Time for the New Crusades . and this time lets kill them all. lets nuke mecca. dumb wogs.

Comment by Keith Clarke-Gibson III

Your wrong we don’t have our way of life anymore having to put with you bastards did away with that but our turn will come again when you immoral pricks are gone.

Comment by david furzer

You use the name of God, but you do not worship God, you worship the Devil. Islam is exactly the opposite of all thats good.It is barbaric, you lie (Taquiyya), you steal and cheat, you execute people, you maim, you throw acid if womens faces.
How can you say you worship God???? God is a peaceful entity that offers peaceful salvation…but you have to “earn” salvation through good works, so youre always afraid youll go to hell. Even your paradise is a sexually charged cess God a brothel keeper also?
No…allah is Satan…not God… no doubt about it.
We are even told that in the last days there will be a false prophet arise (by Jesus)..he also said that they will say “I am here or there”..but beware for they are ravenous wolves in sheeps clothing”…… no….allah isnt God, he is Satan (ive put a small “a” on allah deliberately because I regard him ( or rather it) with no esteem…he is the demon himself…. and all these mad muslims have evil in their blood.

Comment by filthy kafur

Who are you trying to kid you scum alha bastard he also is a wanker you lot will be destroyed evntally its in the stars
you are preying to a thing that does not exist what is his name allha a pagon a shit head a war monger a devil
Get a life muslim and fucking die, as soon britain will wage
war on you bastards english will only take so much
like a rat that is cornered. Go and fuck your god piss on him scorn him shit on him. he is only a name nothing else.up yours
sign ron yates.

Comment by ron yates

In Arab language Allah means GOD in bible. God Means Allah. So the Quran And the Bible is the same. To complete the Quran we get the help of Holy Bible. So what is your point.

Comment by khusro Daniel mirza


Comment by BBBBBBBBB

I started out DEFENDING the Muslims Right to Belief as he/ she will according to their Quran………….i began studying the quran….i no longer defend the right of muslims, but call themwhat they are…barbaric animals who have zero tolerence for any other faith except their own….which may i add is a mish mash of other religions, making no scientific or logical sence, with repeated contradictions where mohammad repeatedly changes his mind to what god says…as to fullfill his own greed and desires at the time. Islam is about conquering. Its a religion of hate and suppression. That is what i learned in reading your so called holy book. A stamoed, approved quran used in mosques….YOUR BOOK SPEAKS VOLUMNS…EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ IT…STUDY IT, THE SURAS AND THE HADITHS AND BECOME ENLIGHTENED.

Comment by kate walker


Comment by Tom bird

Islam is manure

Comment by Jo bananas

Islam is a cult, what religion preaches to changes others to there own cause for there own benift only cults and halal is a load of non sence to kill in the name of god, god is in all living things so to kill in gods name is false u should all just think about ur religion and then think again no good can come out of force of lust n greed u entice ur followers by giving them false beliefs of x amount of Virgins when they reach heaven n treat ur women like inferrer to ur self,… So that there is a big WTF who has any right to give them self power over others… U may say that the white people do the same but do they enforce there laws on us?? Im a sikh man living in the uk me as a sikh would die for those in need but u as Muslims would die for ur own cause not to help others u chose too kill in the name of jihad u caused this so called jihad so how can u call this a holly war when ur trying to eliminate all other people who aint Muslim or change them to Muslim it don’t comprehend i belive Islam is a poison to the world and the whole world would live better lifes if it did not exist hiter tryed to wash the world of Jews cuz they have these similar views of Islam im not racist i just love humanity n for the sake of humanity Islam should be washed away like the sin of the world if they can not live in peace with the rest of world

Comment by British sikh

With you all the way.

Comment by Vigilante

I’m sure God wants the ones left on his side to love raping woman and hate anyone not of Islam. Of course he would also love the way you have sex with children. Bless Allah! He loves men and woman are to breed with.

Comment by taluson

I always put Alah (pbuh) and mohammad (pbuh) but in my book its piss be upon him.

Comment by Mike

Go lick a pigs ass,you piece of swine vomit.Take your filth and disease back to your stinking,filthy hovels in pakistan and india and take that dirty pair of cunting traitor’s,Tony Blair and David Cameron with you.NOW FUCK OFF.

Comment by exfoliator

For 14 billion years there was no Islam, no USA, no prophets. Only six hundred years ago Manichaeism was the second largest religion in the world. The Aztecs never dreamed their grand civilisation would fall. Their faith didn’t save them. America will crumble, so will Britain. So will Islam. New Empires will rise and fall and bring good and evil, new religions too. No matter how many people are slaughtered as the imperialists, oligarchs and religious fascists of all creeds wage their pointless wars, you cannot change this fact – you too will be erased by death. Cling to your faith in your flags and holy books, in your racial purity and your national borders. But don’t look up at the stars or learn any basic thermodynamics, or you’ll realise how ridiculous your delusions really are.

Comment by Kuro

Didnt even read it wog,cut your own throat u piece of wog shit,when the time comes muslim,i wil personaly cut ur throat and any trash ur tainted nigger monkey spunk has proqogated thats a promise wog,sub human shit

Comment by david wyn-jones

Av a nice bacon sandwich,turd

Comment by david wyn-jones

What kind o names that niga,is the name ur white master gave u,die nigger

Comment by david wyn-jones

You stupid, brain washed, moon god worshoping , pedo praising, suster fucking, cum eating wanker. alah (PBUH) is just Jesus bitch.
Your lot are 600 years behind us, THE CRUSADES ARE BACK, PREPARE TO DIE CUNT. we will all enjoy taking turns on your wife{S} mother and daughters, providing they are over 16. and we can shave ther moustashes off.

Comment by Mike

I’m not interested in your religious waffling. I know all about Islam’s definition of good and evil. Good is Islam and evil is everything else.

So piss off. Britain will not fall and it doesn’t matter how many fairy tales you believe.

Comment by fmwatkins

Comment by muslim September 10, 2008 @ 11:31 pm

yeh rite o please no one says you are not equal I do not care if you are or not it is the fact you religion hates anything thats is not Muslim and if you dont think it is WELL there are a lot of Muslims that would disagree with you.

And please do NOT for one second think this is the ravings of a single person with a narrow mind o NO there and millions of people that think just the same and more people are opening there eyes to the light and seeing the mistake that was made for letting Muslims into Britian, the hate they bring and yes you may get the odd one or 2 that are nice but in NO way does that make up for the others.

Britain has been over run by Muslims and is slowly losing more and more of its identity as one of the greatest countries in the world.

Dont get me wrong I dont care who you worship I am not religious myself BUT islam does in no way belong in Britain.

So please respond to this with you silly comments trying to justify how people like me are narrow minded and you are SO nice but in the end more people will see the Muslim faith you what it is hate and power.

Comment by Richard

I completely agree with you regarding Islam.But heres a thought.Why not rally a peoples army.Many of us are of the same opinion as you and have a very deep understanding and experience of the bullshit that is islam. Hindus,Sikhs Blacks and Jews never threaten or plot against or Bomb,maim and condone on this hard won soil that is Britain.We can be prosecuted for words,but done correctly we could form an army that drives the filthy muslim away from our shores.They have declared war on us and yet all we answer with is rhetoric and angry words in pubs and homes. Yet we all have our aversions and problems with this religion on our shores.Time for action. I promise you i will be first in line.Thnk about it.

Comment by Adam

Blacks? many blacks are muslims you doughnut, islam is not a race it is a religion you pussy english faggot. go wank with your tiny dick you pathetic bastard. we dont want to take over your country, its a shithole i have already booked a flight back to Ghana where i will never come back to this piece of fungus land ur so happy about. Fuck you and your people.

Comment by Rakim


Comment by ben stonehill

have a pleasant trip.

Comment by Krishna

Hey Doughnut :0)…. why did you come here in the first place if thats your opinion?
I think you justify all that people seem to believe on here with your little rant – seems a bit ironic that you speak so harshly as you leave – I bet it was a different story as you gained entrance eh?
what changed? visa ran out did it?

Comment by lila

Fuck yuou right back you Ghanisian Pervert…what the fuck were you doing here in a civilised country anyhow…did they stop yer benefits?did the English girls tell you to fuck off one to many times or did they stop yer free NHS Aids medication..thats right Fuck off&leave yer benefits book at the Air Port.

Comment by jim low

Rakim, you dont want to take over uk? WOW!! every other muslim I know (hundreds) says you ARE taking over the world because Islam is not allowed to live alongside another religion if it has more than 50%…when muslims get to 50@ the Koran tells you it is your sick duty to rule that host country. Apparemtly you dont even read your evil bok?

Comment by filthy kafur

if it is a shithole, its only the shit like you made it that way, and once your all gone, well get the pan cleaner out and sping clean!! Well have enough money for bleach then cos we wont have to pau crap like you benefits!

Comment by filthy kafur

If you go back to Ghana the English bastards will invade your homeland and bomb you. If you stay then you gotta put up with their racist bullshit.we Muslims will go wherever we want if anyone steps in our way then we shall step on them n drive en out.

Comment by IH8ZionistJews

Have just been reading about 16 yr old girl buried alive, her offence?….talking to boys..this is Islam. Also 19 yr old girl nose and ears sliced off for similar diabolical offence. What kind of vile despicable monsters would do this to any living being? Animals are nice, Muslims are viscious, repulsive, hate-filled, moronic, barbaric, primitive, neanderthal creatures, I agree it is time for action. We must not hand over a land filled with such evil wretches to our children. Our fathers and grandfathers gave up their lives to overcome facism and here it is again!! As the saying goes, it takes hundreds of years to gain freedom and a short while to lose it and then hundreds of years to re-gain it again. We must not let this swamp life encroach on our precious way of life and our respect for other human (this does not include Muslim) beings.

Comment by co

Hopefully you are taking your family too asshole

Comment by david furzer


Comment by exfoliator

Thank you for your comments, I am preparing a reply ASAP. The reason why it is taking a little bit of time is because I am formulating my thoughts in a way that provides the necessary passion in the British Lion to drive all of these manipulative, deceitful fascists from our shores. Islam is only a small part.

Watch this space. I WANT REVOLUTION!

Comment by fmwatkins

We dont need revolution we just need these bastards gone if by force so be it.Amen to you and all good caring British people.

Comment by david furzer


Comment by khusro Daniel mirza

Hi Daniel. It’s odd that a good muzqito like yourself has a Jewish name… are you a weak minded white convert to the religion of piss? After you’ve kissed your meccan meteorite idol, worshipped your minor moon god and made a few pagan blood sacrifices, you can be sure you will get your virgins and ‘boys like pearls’ in hades. When the time comes, all lamp-posts in the UK will be occupied by heathen pedophile closet homosexuals like yourself. Soon, my friend.

Comment by Vigilante

The main reason that a lot isnt done to rid Britain of muslins is the government and there so called rules that at a lot of times seem weak and NOT in the interests of Britain and its people.

Some people like me feel let down by the government, why is it that some people should have to worry and feel scared walking out there front door I agree Britain itself has its own problems with crime yes BUT terrorist bombing and hate crimes them selves theses things and much more could be solved if the so called peaceful realign that is Islam was not in Britain.

Now again dont take me wrong I am sure there are some Muslims that are not all bad and do not want to hurt people BUT let us face it once more Muslims are in Britain filling up the streets and taking all the houses and once they out number British people.

Which Muslims will be in charge the nice ones or the ones with the guns and bombs calling for blood that Britain has not been turned into a Islamic state or that our wives are wondering around with out there husband.

In a couple of years just around the corner would you have you daughter stoned because she looked at another man know there was nothing you can do because ITS THE NEW LAW.

Now some people blind people or Muslims are quick to say this is stupid and would never happen but as I see it and millions others do it slow but surely is.

Myself I just want Britain to stay the great country it is where every person can not have to worry about being attacked because they are not the same realign as another person and especially not have to worry about another or so many terrorist bombing.

I want to see Britain STRONG again and FREE

Comment by Richard

BNP is the only party to rid us of this ugly problem. ive been a tory too long and looked on the BNP site, i was surprised at what i read and am now converted. to BNP not islam!!! lol

Comment by joe

Richard, may I respectfully suggest looking up the rapidly expanding Libertarian Party UK?

Comment by fmwatkins

i love reading these comments, well, i believe there is lacking of bieng open minded and opening your hearts to when truth is bieng spoken. Islam is a cure in every way, it liberates all your woman from bieng seen as sex symbols. Islam does not kill people for not converting, thats just nonsense, the crusades carried this out all over the world, these actions happened right in your back garden, for the cross, millions of people where killed. Shariah is the law of the world and is the law juses will return to live in. thank you very much, i advice each one to look into islam with a open heart and gain the right information. there are a lot of sites that are run by non – muslims to give false information.

Comment by Abdul

Abdul, obviously, you know NOTHING about Islam……. Islam is butchering all over the world. is bedheading, hanging and stoning. You really must wake up…your asshole.

Comment by kafur

Muslims are over a BILLION strong. Muslims in Afghanistan are putting the sick Americans at a stop in their illuminati agenda.imagine what we can do if we all combined powers against the kafirs.our weapon is faith something which the stupid Jews n their dogs the christians lack.

Comment by IH8ZionistJews

to IH8ZionistJews

Hey…you prick. Can you tell me why you hate Jews?

Comment by filthy kafur

Peaceful co-existense is something that (most) followers of islam do not seem to understand, nor care for. The rest of us (infidels) have to accommodate you in our countries and have to bend over backwards in doing so; and you will always want more. You want to live under ‘Sharia’, go live in a country where it is followed. You want to (mis) treat women a certain way(like in the stone-ages), go live elsewhere where that is the norm. Follow whatever religion you want to but keep it to yourself, within the confines of your home. Leave the rest of us out of it. Separation of religion/state is something everyone else seems to understand; except you people. And, please, before you say things like ‘the vast majortiy of muslims are peace-loving etc. etc.’, just forget the thought – don’t even say it. I don’t see them nor hear them. Maybe they’re invisible? , scared, don’t care or condone all this nonsense – where are they …?? And no, it is not ‘racist’ to point these things out. We are all equal and all religions(even though i don’t consider myself religious) should have an equal standing in society; meaning, the same rules apply to all. But (most) muslims seem to believe(and i’m becoming increasingly convinced of this) that you and your religion have/should have, a ‘special’ place in society. People will not remain quite/politically-correct and accommodating forever. Politicians will say/do anything for an extra vote. But, once a critical mass of disgust/hatred/intolerance to what is happening in european society is achieved, there will be a strong backlash. You will get a dose of your own medicine. And the sad thing is, everyone will lose. And i can’t help but think, that a majority of your ‘hate-spewing’ clerics/mullahs know this and it is probably what they want; no wonder they seem to be more interested in the afterlife and the virgins that come with it and less concerned about what happens here in the ‘real world’. Freedom of speech/expression, liberty, dialogue, civil society are things you enjoy in free society. You should appreciate it more; instead (most) of you seem to think that it is ok to take advantage of it & push the envelope as much as you can. We are human beings with a brain in our head and have the ability to think! We don’t need to be brain-washed by an idiot cleric who only knows how to incite; we don’t need to interpret a religious book literally, in order to live a good life; we don’t need to devolve into 10th century barbarians. Here’s a hint – this is the 21st century and human beings ‘evolve’ and make progress and not the other way around. And, please, quit playing the ‘victim’ card. Look around you and ask yourselves why a lot of people dislike you and your religion. I consider myself a generally peaceful, patient kinda person – and this is how i feel. So you do the math as to what society in general feels. Enough said!

Comment by commonsensefirst

one bomb one solution!

Comment by taluson

Who’s gonna liberate us from your weasel,supremacist,peadophile worshiping,moustachioed wimin&weeny cocksucking muslim men/inadiquate perverts?…someone v soon dear heart,someone v soon…

Comment by jim low

We dont see our women as sex symbols, this is what muslims do! They are owned by a male..always..Islam DOES murder apostates you dumb ass.The crusades were to rescue the Jews from you..Muslim hordes were murdering them and slowly moving over Europe to take lands off people.
The man you think is Jesus, is NOT the REAL Christian Jesus, we have been warned about the false prophets to come.
Sharia is not the Worlds Rule…Islam is not the worlds religion either, Christianity takes those places.
I tell you Sbdul you must Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. There is no other name under heaven by which we are saved other than the man Christ Jesus.
You need to get on your knees and pray that he comes into your heart and forgives you your sins.
You need to develope a relationship with him, he is God manifest in human form.
He died in agony one the cross for us all, including muslims.He loves you and is calling to you, when he died he was thinking of you, he knows your name, and every hair is numbered on your head.

Comment by Filthy Kafur

Thats right if they look sexy you have the right to fuck them without their consent. As these women are sluts and made you do it.

Comment by taluson

Jihadist cunt!!!!!!

Comment by Tom bird

Giveusafeelofyourbumchumgiveusafeelofyourbum, sing this to the tune of the 1960s hit by Rolf Harris “Tie me kangaroo down sport”

Comment by Maboza Ritchie

Abdul i have an open honest heart. I did read you r quran with an open mind.I was sickened by what i read.Rushdies book was spot on about your vile repugnant religion.You have been indoctrinated Abdul.If you want Islam go to Saudi.If you want sharia find the taliban.We do not want you here.Mohammed was a paedophile Fact.It is clearly written in your book.Perhaps you lack the intelligence to see through your faith and its filth. I do not as i do truly have an open heart. I welcome anyone who wants to share and enjoy our freedoms.People are people in every walk of life free to be whoever or whatever they want to be.Not so in Islam.Leave Britain Abdul for our day will come,and we shall overcome you ignorant fool.

Comment by Adam

Adam- well said- I will work on being more articulate and well versed in Quran facts next time. People like you are the reason that Britain and the British shall prevail, just as the rest of Europe and Israel and any other freedom loving nation! Islam does not have a place here in any way shape or form. Thank you for iterating it so nicely.

Comment by Krishna

it liberates all your woman from being seen as sex symbols
o please tell me you are kidding and that was ment to be a joke even if it was a very bad one we take pride in what are women look like we dont want them covered up and are women would no way in hell let us cover them up they have there own minds and dont fear what we mite do to them if they disobey us.
And who is rite to say a non Muslim because as I see it the bad ones are eager to say your not and you the same about them. It seems you are all just as bad as one another im afraid

Comment by richard

ok thanks for the link fmwatkins have taken a look it looks intresting

Comment by richard

I agree with all this, i hate them all!

Comment by Mr. Blue

get the shower of shit out of this country, they’re all cowardist bastards. islam. my arse.

Comment by besty

wow, wow, it seems like we are starting to sound like Hitler. Holocaust was a result of a long and persistent demonization of Jews. Media portrayed them as these long-bearded, weird black wearing people, who were also enemies of the European states where they lived.. It took the tragedy of the Holocaust to realize that Jews are humans too. Is there a need for another Holocaust to accept that Muslims are human too?
When Britain needs cheap labor –“let the Muslims in”. But hey, let us hate them, dehumanize them and get angry when they say that they have rights to believe in God in their way. As a person studying the history of Holocaust, I am really appaled by how much current talks resemble pre-Holocaust discourse in Germany. And these have not been just talks globally, look at Iraq. Stop this, people. Anybody with heart. This is going REALLY wrong.

Comment by Sabina

wow, wow, it seems like we are starting to sound like Hitler.

Sabina…look at …here you will see that Muslims joined forces with Hitler to wipe out the jews..the Mufti of Jerusalem actually formed an “air arm” with the gestapo!! YES…Muslims CAN be compared to Hitlers mob!

Muslims are not just worshipping God their way…. they are still fighting the 1600 year war that Islam has fought to take over the entire earth.

Why dont you FUCK OFF with them and go to Saudi to live?

Comment by kafur

we didnt let you in. our traitor politicians let you in. we were not asked. you would do well to remember that! if asked we would have said obsolutely no fkn way! sorry to piss on your fire.

Comment by joe

p.s. cheap labour??? none of you work. you all claim benefits.

Comment by joe

we did not let muslims in for cheap labour you retard, most came here for human rights reasons, because you lot are killing each other in your islamic countries so you came here seeking asylum, if we knew you lot were going to behave like pigs we would not of let you in, and you came here for the free housing and benefits, now i can see why you lot dont like pigs cause it reminds you of them

Comment by alex

Well said Alex, these ignorant paedos need to be taught a short sharp lesson, all they do is plot against us while living in expensive homes paid for by the government, no run of the mill council houses for them, living here with their multiple wives and disgusting little kids, all on benefits. They think we will give into them and submit to sharia law yeh! I don’t think so , we’ll kill them first and make no mistake about it, the scummy bastards will die.

Comment by Aine

Oh please. Sabina. This is nothing like the Holocaust. We are rallying against a fascist ideology. When people believe a country should be taken over and become a totalitarian theocracy, I view them as enemies. The Quran views all non-Muslims as enemies and all non-Islamic cultures as inferior, which should be destroyed.

Cheap labour? That’s Eastern Europeans for that. It seems Muslims are too busy suing British businesses for not catering to Muslims enough, that’s when they are not making the most of the liberal socialist redistribution of wealth going on in this country. People have a right to believe whatever fairy tale they like but they don’t have a right to impose it on others.

I mean seriously, you expect people to just bend over and accept statements like these:

Real British law is about individual freedoms and not violating the individual freedoms of others. Under Islam there is no freedom at all. The two structures are diametrically opposed, so don’t think you can bring Hitler into this and make out Muslims in the UK are victims. Of what? English people who refuse to bow down and worship a religion of death?


Comment by fmwatkins

Thumbs up for your reply!

Comment by taluson

O please Sabina that is such a ridiculous comment we do not care what god they believe but when it comes to hatred and murder which some Muslims are happy to carry out in there faith that is wrong.

Want them for cheap labour Sabina we dont want them PERIOD if they were not here there would be more jobs for English people true that isnt all there fault but a lot of it is. Sabina I feel sorry for you, you really need to open your eyes before taking action is to late.

You can tell us how it feels where in a couple of years you’ll be forced to cover your self with a veil and do as you man says you need to open your eyes ad take a good look of what is going on around you me and others from this site can see the problems that are being coursed and will probably happen if islam is not taken out of england

Comment by richard

By the way Sabina, speaking of Hitler, try looking up the connection between the Grand Mufti and Hitler, that is, Muslims being members of the SS and Hitler using Islam to indoctrinate troops with.

There is no defence from the truth….

Comment by fmwatkins

Just Google ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ to see what the agenda is in regards Islam. The qu’ran tells them to lie, so they cannot be trusted.
Avoid using taxi’s, takeaways, and ALL other muslim run businesses. If a Muslim mentions the crusades to you, remind him that it was a liberation of the bloodstained lands that the muslims invaded.

Fact: Down the cenuties, Islam in total has killed 230 MILLION people, thats more than any other ideology. Religion of peace my arse!

Never EVER befriend them, they cannot be trusted.

Islamophobia is a made up word: It IS rational to be afraid of islam. Islam is not a race, always point this out when dialoge -ing with a muslim.

EDUCATE yourself, specifically on the history of Islam and the methods of conversion that Mohammed used (i.e declaring peace with the original inhabitants of Mecca, and then invading 2 years later when the guard was down – same tactic used by Arafat in the 90’s), how Islam spread and murdered those that refused to convert.
Do a google search on the quality of life for women in saudi arabia – only last night, i read a story of an aid worker from australia (a woman) who HAD to veil up and be accopanied by a male in order to go out and her collegues, also from the west who commited suicide.

Write to yuour MP and make your feelings known on a regular basis, even if you get no reply it doesnt matter. Make them know of the growing concern of everyone you speak to.

If we all stick together, we can be rid of this foreign invasion, for that is what it is , an INVASION, we can get back to a normal way of life that doent include religious dogma.

Once again, EDUCATE yourself. The mainstream media wont touch this for fear of reprisals. Go to youtube or blogs on the internet and find out what people are saying.
Stop pandering to these 7th century BASTARDS grow some balls and SPEAK OUT. Political Correctness has been a useful tool to them for too long. Someone above mentioned speaking to other ethnic groups, that is a brilliant idea: Even the Eastern Europeans are against the islamification of Europe.

Sign this petition:
Spread this link around to EVERYONE in your contact list in your email account. Its been up 3 days and has already 1,900 signitures/

Finally, NEVER EVER tire of the fight. The Muslim Brotherhood thinks in terms of CENTURIES, i kid you not; they see the country of Spain as an islamic land because it was once in the ottoman empire in the f*cking 1500’s (again, study history.

Remember the petition, please sign:

Comment by John

Below is one of the emails i sent to my MP:

After 11 years of social engineering on a massive scale that has
reduced our society to a quivering mass of apologetic Dhimmis, I am
writing to you in regards to an incident that has happened on the

Outspoken Atheist, Pat Condell recently put up a video that was
critical of Islam, was well thought out and spoken, in a polite if
somewhat sarcastic style, about how the goverment of this country has
favoured policy of a foreign nation over indigenous english laws.
The video also contained a link for the petition against Sharia Law
courts operating on British soil (Currently carrying thousands of
signitures at the moment).[look up Pat Condell on Youtube, i promise you will laugh and cry at the same time]
Less than 24 hours later and with 40,000+ views, the video was pulled
because of ‘Hate speech’, yet Youtube and a vast amount of the internet
is littered with abominable religious teachings from ranting madmen,
and these never get censored.

This is but one example of how WRONG the policy of appeasement that the
Labour goverment has in force.
I fear that if the ideology of tolerance of intolerance continues, we
as a nation will lose its identity.

Lastly, I do realise that im probably wasting my time here because of
the subject matter (also the reason im withholding my address), is
extremely sensetive and this is going to take an MP of a calibre that
hasnt been seen since Churchill to address.

Im asking you, as a Labour Party member, to
give your party a chance of redeeming itself for the damage that has
been done to England, yes England in the last 11 years.

I at least would respectfully request an email confirmation of you
reading this, my email address is ******

I sent this 5 days ago, and so far havent received a reply.

If you want to email your MP there is a website here:

Please sign the petition and pass around to all your contacts:

Comment by John

Thanks for the info John. I wrote to my MP about the EU, I got a reply though, same old propaganda shit. The truth is they’re powerless and most of them are too busy on the taxpayer gravy train to give a fuck.

The entire state needs to be bled, from top to bottom.

Comment by fmwatkins

in the your perfect segregated world Muslims would leave but the fact is, you need us. Muslims are BORN HERE and some MUSLIMS are white. If you had your way Briton would be ruined, can you imagine how many tax payers would leave. My family pay around 15 thousand in tax a year, with this struggling economy mr brown ain’t asking us to leave, he needs our tax money, as most English people lay around and go the job center for there free money.

If you don’t like Muslims leave britan for a island where there is no culture, because Muslims are British as they were born here..
+ muslims contribute more to this country then you infidels do..we in general work harder and earn more money so pay more tax.

thats reality–we aint going no where-ha ha–keep dreaming. ALLAH HUACKBUR!!! there is only one god and the prophet Muhammad is the messenger of Allah

Comment by Muslims run the UK

Being born somewhere is an ‘accident of birth’. A British person is someone whose Fathers and Grandfathers fought to keep the land OUR ancestors built and where THEY are buried,free for THEIR descendants…not people of foreign origin who don’t even like us let alone want to integrate into our land and culture.
If the woman who lives next door happened to give birth in my house would that make her child part of my family? would I be responsible for that child forever simply because the mother happened to be in my home when she gave birth/ I think not. Time to take our land back and put our own people first…the people the two world wars were fought for by brave men ,many who died to keep us free from foreign invasions.

Comment by martha

Martha, great comments I left the UK for the US because of liberals and muslims but now the politicians here are assholes just like the ones we have the only one that had any balls was Enoch Powell and the others crucified him RULE BRITANNIA

Comment by david furzer

I pity you and your pathetic grasp of what islam is and what muslims are. Recently it was proven that muslims are a net loss to Britain due to the sponging, disgusting, workshy bastards. You only have to drive past any benefits centre and it will be overrun by burkha wearing mothers to 10 or 20 future terrorists.

Comment by Derek James

Yeah just like if a dogs born in a stable its a horse then eh! Get to fuck and understand this you dirty muzzas will NEVER be British and us good British people have had enough of your dirty muzza pig ways you will soon get the message and trust me WE are going nowhere we took on Hitler in WW2 and won and believe me we will beat you lot!

Comment by Proud Brit

you vile Muslim cunt…… The “Infidels” you talk of dont et “Free money”…we pay for these benefits all our lives and when we need them we can claim our money back…it is YOU BASTARDS that come here, having paid in nothing, and take take take. It is a known fact that Muslims are told NOT to work in uk, your Koran makes you think you have a right to take from others.
You vile muslim Twat…one day youll be gone from our shores.

Comment by kafur

Where in the Quran does it say that muslims have the right to take from others? I haven’t found it, please let me know.
I have only found the rule that all believing muslims must pay ‘zakaat’ which is a tax…a certain percentage out of their income that they must give to the poor. Ontop of this, they pay our normal Brittish taxes too.

Comment by Maria

I already been to other countries but you assholes have already fucked them up with your inbred ways.I even went to your shit country and took money from you bastards for a change it would be good if you would all fuck off back there

Comment by david furzer

We need you oh! please you’re a,comedian, your tax payment is a drop in the ocean,you work harder really what shit you speak, you’re basically lazy, filthy and workshy. A lot of Moslems were not born here but came here on some made up crap about being persecuted etc. and even if you’re born here you have no rights you’re not ethnically British and never will be, so get stuffed. Yes there is only one God and Mohammed was a perverted paedo and that’s a fact.

Comment by Aine

What you mean working in convenience stores?? Bomb making cunt

Comment by Tom bird

your like little boys given a toy. The Quran says your better. If you rape them it’s the womans fault. Bet most of you don’t even know much about God. Its kill the infidels we are better then you and fuck their woman. Allah fucking Huackbur….LOL.

We got a lot of ignorant fucks in the states would love that idea too.

Too bad your Godless savages. The truly religious Muslims abhor your what most Muslims do.

For the rest of us we don’t want any of you fucks here. Good or bad how can we tell?

All we know is the murders rapes and pedifiles you bring to our countries. Go back home! Or we will send you in body bags.

Comment by taluson

Firstly, read the title of the article. It doesn’t say kick out Muslims, it says kick out Islam. The tenets of Islam run contrary to the tenets of the Bill of Rights, Magna Carta and the Principle of Individual Libertarianism.

Get it? And talking about tax, considering the number of Muslims that don’t work (working for the infidel is a sin and taking taxpayers money in benefits is seen as a form of jihad against the economy), the total population of Muslims is tiny, and so is their tax contribution. People shouldn’t have to pay income tax anyway but that’s another story.

I hate this liberal fascist government as much as the next guy, but I recognise true Islam as the theocratic fascist ideology that it is.

I’ve got an exercise for readers of this blog. Find Muslim councils and groups in Britain via Google, so on their sites and download their policies and manifestos. You will see that they always put Islam before British law, in the event that they may conflict. The goal of all of these groups is not to promote individual liberty, but global Islam.

Anyone who has actually studied the actions of Muhammed and other Muslim groups throughout history already know their true attitudes to the Kaffir.

Fucking sheep creating havoc over fairy tale gods.

Comment by fmwatkins

Muslims wether you are born here or white makes no difference islam does not belong in are country and yeh you have to work more because you bring you entire dam family over ad cram them into one house.
And leave Britain HA you are the foreign invaders you have no rite to be here and eventually will be sent away as you should be.

“ALLAH HUACKBUR!!! there is only one god and the prophet Muhammad is the messenger of Allah “

oo please you moany little Muslim grow up no one wants you here in are country with your hate for other people and willingness and happiness to kill anyone that is not Muslim this country truly would be much better off without you here and become once again one of the greatest if not the greatest country in the world.

But dont you worry something will be done about the infestation of islam in Britain any the county till be great again and you can go terrorize another country

Comment by richard

Islam is NOT a religion! Islam is fake. It is a political doctrine that uses God as a pretext to dominate women and non-Muslims.

Comment by AllahuaWanker!

All muslims must open their eyes and realise that history confirms the truth about Islam, and know their actions are that of pure desperation created by a complete delusional ideation. All true followers of GOD, will be saved but im afraid followers of the Quran, are all doomed for eternity. Its no wonder they act the way they do.

Comment by The truth

Britain is founded on Christian principles. Muslims are not welcome in Britain. Leave or face future consequences.

Comment by Sean

we are very tolerent in what was once GREAT britain we have welcomed these filthy dogs for years but the tide is turning the great bulldog spirit is returning to rid britain of this plague of filth

Comment by neal

This talk is all very nice, but talk is cheap, as cheap as the lives of non muslims according to their ‘faith’. When do we act? When do we get together and boot these sons of whores out of our country? Take a look at the various videos available online of muslims beheading their victims if you need any inspiration. I’m so sick and tired of the ‘do-gooders’ in our society making the distinction between the ‘radical element’ of Islam, and the ‘peaceful element’ of Islam. What a load of shit. You let one form of Islam into the country, you let ALL forms of it in, including the radicals. Then, to finish the recipe for disaster, you allow those same radicals to preach their hatred at their mosques. Unbelievable!

In my opinion, it’ too late to do things like simply banning Al Jazeera, implanting MI6 operatives in their Mosques, working with ‘their’ youths at ground level, and calling for the ‘good muslims’ to denounce terror. It’s too late for all that. We must act, and we must act NOW.

The actions we take will not be liked by the liberal world community leadership bodies. They will be condemned by Europe, America, Australia (all in the grip of Islam), as well as all nations of Islam of course. But mark my words. When we do act, and the outcries from around the world subside, we will be followed. European nations will follow our lead, and eventually, so too will America, Australia, and other nations hitherto frightened of international sanctions if they acted in isolation. So what do we do?

Stay tuned.

Incidentally, I agree with the cried that Christendom is responsible for more deaths in the name of religion than all other religions combined, but we’re talking about ancient history. Modern Christianity is a totally peaceful religion, tolerant of all others. In fact, their organizations including the Papacy, will be amongst the first to cry out against what I am going to call for.

So what am I calling for? read the next message.

Comment by Matey

We need to end Islam in Britain, and petitions and talk-fests will not stop it’s spread. I don’t care if muslims were born here, feel a connection to Britain, or profess peace, the religion is subversive and all its followers must either denounce it, or be deported.

Top-down changes are required if we are to free Britain from Islam. The ‘ruling class’ is too liberal, too meek. They seek the sympathies of the world’s governing bodies to aid Britain’s interests abroad. In a global economy, this is not unpatriotic, but in the fight against Islam, it is suicide.

So I profess revolution. Revolution at a grass roots level. The government controls the armed forces, and set domestic and foreign policy. The only way to change direction is to change government in a fundamental way. We must elect someone who will take on the constitution and the structure of government. We need an internet based push to elect a political party that will constitutionally declare Islam as a subversive ideology that is illegal in the UK. It’s followers will be given six months to relocate themselves to another country, or be deported and have their assets seized.

All mosques will be torn down. The study and practice of Islam will be banned in the UK.

It’s the only way people. If you really want to live without their sickness slapping you in the face and making your cities and towns unsafe for you and your children, then short of anarchy and direct conflict (which would be quickly snuffed out by government forces) it’s the only way.

To return Britain to its original people, you have to change the way it is governed. You cannot change those who are currently governing it. You cannot do this noisily, else public opinion will be controlled by the liberal media, and the party you seek to elect will become a laughing stock and ineffective.

A grassroots movement must strike quickly and with such efficiency, that the media has no time to rally the sympathies of the sheep-like public. Instead, their opinion will already be formed by the time the media take the movement seriously.

Read on…

Comment by Matey

If that party already exists, then support it. Two-party politics such as we have in the UK and the USA is very difficult to break down. Infiltrating a current party that has even remotely similar ideologies and broad support is the most effective way of growing more rapidly. Starting a new party brings too much scrutiny and can jeopardize the ultimate goal by being branded as lunatics or fringe-dwellers such as the Get Britain Back Party or Legalize Cannabis Alliance. Votes and money count in politics, not necessarily in that order, and so if we can bring enough votes and money to a party, we get some air time and a say in policy formation. Provided we keep the goal as the forefront of our minds and do not get swept up in the glam world of politics, we continue to grow our power base until it is time to strike. We continue to build support for our ideology at a grassroots level.

The revolution will take some years to begin, but it is important that we are taken seriously.

Read on…

Comment by Matey

I don’t want to be viewed as another Hitler, whipping up anti-muslim sentiment for personal political gain. That’s what will be portrayed in the media, and by the many do-gooders in our society and in others. Hitler used the Jews and anti-Jewish sentiment to stir his followers. I am using anti-muslim sentiment to get rid of Islam from Britain – full stop. No other agenda, no drive for power, no violence proposed.

It’s not the same thing, so don’t bother with the Nazi garbage, I hate Fascism. I am very tolerant of others. Islam is not tolerant. Islam is not peaceful. Islam is Fascism.

In order to maintain credibility of the political movement, we must have a suite of domestic and foreign policies that are mainstream and viable. The ‘normal’ functioning of society must go on. Fiscal responsibility, business based on a capitalist free enterprise system must continue. Our party must not be viewed as radical, and other than getting rid of Islam, must not act radically, or be filled with radicals. Therefore, we need to be led by men and women of good intellect and moderate views and ideologies whose only ‘radical’ view is the termination of Islam.

This can be done. Talkfests like these internet messageboards are not the answer, although they are a terrific venting mechanism.

I invite your constructive input.

I do not invite input from muslims. Your time is up, and your input is no longer sought, your voice will count for naught.

Comment by Matey

YOu wjite and black bastards shag your mum

Comment by m.shahdab kyani

That sort of response just embraces yourself and shows your limited culture sophistication, education intellect and made up worthless religion.

Comment by g

[…] yes, there are efforts underway to try and turn Britain into an Islamic […]

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I Agree 100%.

Comment by Brutal

Totally agree.. If you don,t like this country and want your own beliefs… Piss off back from where you came and stop trying to change ours, because in your country we wouldn,t even get a voice, and neither would you.

Comment by ian

This was sent to me by an Australian friend. This is their policy for dealing with Muslims and immigrants. If only our government would adopt the same attitude, Britain may have a hope of a better future.

Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia , as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks.

Separately, the prime minister angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying he supported spy agencies monitoring the nation’s mosques. Quote: ‘IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT. Take It Or Leave It. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali , we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians.’

‘This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom’

‘We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society Learn the language!’

‘Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.’

‘We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us.’

‘This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom,


‘If you aren’t happy here then LEAVE. We didn’t force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted.’

Maybe if we circulate this amongst ourselves, British citizens will find the backbone to start speaking and voicing the same!

“A nation is not destroyed from without, but from within” – Winston Churchill.

Comment by Liz

Put the counts in concentration camps and let them fend for themselves

Comment by Michael Kennedy

Yes for now we talk we share what information and knowledge we have and how we all feel on the subject and for now talk is all we can do BUT let it be known people are opening there eyes to what is goin on around them in there every day lives and they can see the effects islam is having on Britian.
And when enough people become aware action will be taken these things will change people will mass and demand change happens before the cancer that is islam can spread and infect Britain all together, change is coming and we stand together side by side till Britain is free of islam, free of there hate for anything not islamic free of there effort to turn are once great county into an islamic state.

WHY should be bend over backward to make them feel welcome to the extent we have they will never feel welcome not till they have everything they want not till everything is islam. This is ARE county these are are homes are rules NOT theres they want to live with us they should except things the way they are here or LEAVE simple.

Comment by Richard

Winston Churchill would turn in his grave.We fought wars to stay British..This Labour government should stand trial for crimes against the British people.We are to frightened to speak out in fear of being branded”racist”,but true Brits are the real victims of racism.Things will get worse and worse and i fear for British children growing up in this country.

Comment by Ian Carvell

Muslims. Filthy masturbators of dogs. Penetrators of pigs’ anuses. I call upon Christian Europe for another Holy Crusade to destroy once and for all the abberation, the perversion, the insult to humanity tat is Islam.


Comment by Pope Benedict

i have never understood why us brits wanted a nuclear weapon, but its all making a lot of sence now, i can see cearly our nuclear weapons do indeed have a good use, mecca, the next time all them muslims have a get together
what a site, what a hole, what a crator.
till then i`ll be here in good old england,& when the time comes, i guess you 2.4 million muslims will be fighting us 60 million pissed off angry brits, there very well may be rivers of blood………..muslims blood.

Comment by human

Well said.

Comment by Aine

Good afternoon fellow patriots.
just want to drop few lines to let you know that i’m still around and to let you also know that you have hundreds of millions of allies and supporters the U.S. and threw out the freedom loving world and when the time comes we will deal with this problem and the political whores who protect them once and for all.

Comment by wes 59

I think that as well as Muslim activists, liberal english (who are actually far more damaging) should also be “held to count” for being so weak and pathetic. They believe they are so educated and yet learn nothing from history.

Comment by RT


Comment by khusro Daniel mirza

Hi Daniel. Judging by your name, you’re a half Jewish muzqito else a weak minded white convert to the religion of piss.

After you’ve kissed your pre-islamic meccan meteorite idol, worshipped your minor moon god, tried to read from your book of shadows (I’m SO sure you understand classical Arabic) and made a few pagan blood sacrifices at Eid, you can be sure you will get your virgins and ‘boys like pearls’ as you burn in Hades.

When the time comes, all lamp-posts in the UK will be occupied by heathen donkey rapists like yourself. Do come and visit for tea and scones.

Kabaa Kaboom, babycakes.

Comment by Vigilante

Mmm tea and scones,jam?,strawberry?

Comment by david wyn-jones

We should begin by making all agitators against our normally open culture feel as unwelcome as possible and totally disregard those that would sooner deny their own blood / heritage.

Comment by RT


Comment by RT

enough is enough time is running out

Comment by hooded crusader

We (Non muslims of all colours, faiths, beliefs) who are bound by one commonality – that of being blessed to be a British Citizen, MUST join forces to keep our country free. Look at Muslim countries and you see hypocracy, dictatorship, secrecy, non-tolerance and suffering. Of course, I would welcome any muslim who whole heartedly swears alegiance to Queen and Country into our little force for freedom (something which all Brit Cits are required to do – but I cant find one).

Comment by Naturalised Brit

I was reading about what christian comunity think about muslims I want to argue but what can

I say when Islam want to say “your heaven”greatness”Lye under the feet of your mother”but you donot want to respect her.
Islam say “woman is Responsibilty of Father, then brother then husban and then son, respectivly and a comon muslim woman enjoys more respect in Islam than British Princess in Britan”





Comment by tariq

muslim tosspot. What fucking planet ARE you on?????

Comment by kafur

“i have never understood why us brits wanted a nuclear weapon, but its all making a lot of sence now, i can see cearly our nuclear weapons do indeed have a good use, mecca, the next time all them muslims have a get together
what a site, what a hole, what a crator.
till then i`ll be here in good old england,& when the time comes, i guess you 2.4 million muslims will be fighting us 60 million pissed off angry brits, there very well may be rivers of blood………..muslims blood.”



Comment by tariq

the muslims come into our coutry and all the do is moan about how we live our lives etc such as binge drinking culture. if they dont like it then why not just go back to their own country where the laws are how they want it and then they would be happy and have nothing to moan about. they do nothing in britain ecept scrounge and moan they do not inergrate with british society and do not want to follow our laws. they should be sent back to their country. places such as aurstralia are not over crownded with them because their government does not allow them to get away with what they get away with in britain and as soon as anyone says anything they are branded a racist. i am not a racist just sick of the one sided views and actions taken by the muslims and government which always puts the english people 2nd! if a white lad fights with an asian lad its instantly a racist attack against the asian but if a group of asians attack a white lad then nothing happens or they say he was being racist and they get away with it its not fair. i could talk about this subject till my head exploded something needs to be done and said befre they get more power.

Comment by 100% brit!

What would the people who lost lives fighting for this country in two world wars think about the state the governments have left this country in,and continue to make worse by allwowing outsiders who will never follow our flag demonize the very people who live here and the boys who have given them their freedom.The muslims in Luton when our boys came home are scum who should thrown into prison or out of Great Britain all together.Praise to the Bacon throwing man who was one of two arrested for sticking up for our boys,we should have let them open fire on the scum.Its time our country woke up before there is civil war!

Comment by peter fenton

We dont need them they have ruined every country that they come across we dont want that for good old England.MAKE THE STAND NOW PEOPLE!!!Remember Churchill and the Bulldog Spirit.Keep the faith Victory is ours!!

Comment by peter fenton

People wonder why Muslims, seeking in the way of their Prophet (under Sharia Law) would intentionally move to a secular country governed by completely different laws, that is, by the Rule of Law (in theory) not a barbaric 7th century theocracy.

Why? Aren’t they betraying their religion you may wonder.

Actually, they are not. They are doing what all Muslims are commanded to do, ‘spread Islam to the whole world’.

In regards to Muslims coming into the West and immediately going onto welfare (a disproportionate number I might add). Isn’t taking money off of dirty, uncivilised infidels betraying Islam?

Again no. There is something called the Jizya in Islam. The ‘Infidel Tax’ which is required to be paid to the Islamic state (Muslims) by non-Muslims for the ‘protection’ (not being slaughtered for rejecting Islam).

They can justify it by claiming they are waging their own little finanical and cultural Jihad on the West. I don’t give a shit what any Muslim says, I know about Islam. You can’t be a Muslim and not (openly or secretly) be for the subjugation of the WORLD under Sharia. If they are not for it, they are are not ‘proper’ Muslims.

Islam is the only ‘religion’ which advocates a total, never ending war on the world, until we are all stoning women to death, shooting children and flogging women in public for being raped, oh and attacking Jews and Christians.

Fuck them. I prefer freedom thanks.

Comment by fmwatkins

If you leave islam and convert you are to be killed. yet it is a relgion of peace sarcastic humour. they are more barbaric and backward then the Nazis were and yes islam is a totalitarian ideology.

There is no law maker other than allah that is a big political statement, banks, goverment laws are all governed by Islam.

Muslims claim they are oppressed, well guess what their religion oppresses them.

Say anthing against there religion they will want to kill you, if you sopke out against the nazis in germany yous was either sent to jail or killed not quite as bad as islam but no better either.

If they dont like our culture or laws or our relgious symbols offend them, well our ports and airports are open they can leave the country go live in some islamic country.

keep drinking alchool guys cause it will offend them let them try and ban that and all hell will break out

Comment by Steve

English lad living over in Ireland at the moment and I tell you what people there is no way that the Irish would tolerate this shit that is getting preached to the British public.

I’m returning to the UK in October and I’m 100% determined to get involved in the politics of our once great country.

I’m not going to let these backwards bastards take what little freedom we have left (due to our weak and pathetic government).

I’ve travelled much of the world and have met some great people from all walks of life, so I’d like to think I’ve got some good experience with other cultures and religions.

I say we take Australia’s stance and tell them if you don’t adapt and respect our way of life (I’m not saying its perfect because we’ve got problems with our people – dole scroungers etc).
get out of the country.
Simple really…why come here in the first place?
Have these arseholes not read about how our culture is/has been??

Sick to my back teeth of certain people telling me I should live my life to a set of rules laid out by some script writer from centuries back.

A small quote that people should dwell on : –

I put no stock in religion. By the word religion I have seen the lunacy of fanatics of every denomination be called the will of god. I have seen too much religion in the eyes of too many murderers. Holiness is in right action, and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves, and goodness. What god desires is here
[points to head]

Comment by Freedom For All

You’re right (Freedom For All – April 17, 2009)

I would suggest looking into a new political party, the Libertarian Party UK. Based on logic and common law, the principles of libertarianism.

Have a read through the site.

Comment by FM Watkins

To hell with islam/mohscummed/quaran, you muslims will never rule UK!u brainwashed freaks from hell,,,ISLAM IS SATANS WORD and everyone is wise to you filthy murdering scumbags now.

Comment by Dicky

If there is one thing Brits are good at and that is fighting for what is rite and most of all there country we maybe a small counrty but we have taken on enemys fare larger than us and won.

More peolpe are becoming aware of islam and the bad things it bring in Britain the problems and threat islam brings no matter what size will be fored out of Britain in the end, and the end maybe coming sooner than expected.

When the people in power grow the balls to act or when the people act, people bein the true power then the change will come and action will be made on islam and it will fored out of Britain the hate and the ridiculous ideas that is islam.

Britan will be free and pure once more

Comment by Richard

Indeed, Islam is a cancer that should have been seared from the face of the earth the moment it came into existence.

It isnt as though if the military situations of Muslim and non-Muslim countries were revered the Muslims would show any mercy. Thankfully the adoption of Islam virtually guarantees that a nation will remain a backward medieval shitocracy.

Comment by Oliver

I highly recamend looking at this site to see what Islam is about (sorry for my spelling, english is my secong language).

Comment by Masamune Date

I highly recamend looking at this site to see what Islam seems to be about(sorry for my spelling, english is my secong language).

Comment by Masamune Date

This Left Wing Government Has Ruined Britian Over The Last Ten Years,I Am 73 And Went To Get My Very First Passport and facial Recognition only to see interpreters for muslims,who cant speak english.
Time Ladies And Gentlemen to remember who you vote for in the next election.
my vote!not labour,not conservative,not liberal…now you guess.

Comment by Thomas

the govorment is ruining this great great country im 20 and love this country so much my grandad fought in ww2 my ancestors were leaders andsoldiers in 1776 in the british army in the americanwar of independance thats how far my family goes back, and it angers me how much britain has changed, we dnt want muslims and there fuzzy faced friends, we dnt want them we dnt need them, kick them out their religion and culture is something britain dsnt want, were at war with these people why do we want them here so they can destroy britain from the inside out, lets return the crown to what it should be, vote BNP, god save the queen

Comment by ben stonehill

REMOVED as per request of original commenter – FM Watkins

Comment by gary dodge

Pi55 off cu9ts

Comment by Btiopygc

with the current attitude towards muslims,can they wonder why ???

Comment by j

i saw a video of that omar bakri ugly lookin prick converting people in the street one was a TWELVE YEAR OLD CHILD!!!!!!!, the time has come my brothers, it came along time ago, but we didnt react, the time has come to do something and not just words or protests, but to vote the BNP into imediate power, the BNP must take control of this beutifull, wonderfull, magnifisant country to rid these muslims of britain, god save the queen

Comment by ben stonehill

Thank God there are people out there that realize how false islam is. Thier prophet was a pedophile and the only reason these people immigrate to other countries is to start off with thier small enclaves were they garner pity and suddenly grow and become the local government which starts shunning the laofplaces the land for sharia law. As they grow they become more powerful and suddenly have more power and the true people of the country are can no longer go into certain places without feeling out of place. Make no mistake islam is not a religion of peace. Coexistence is only acceptable to muslims until they have the upper hand. Peace only comes to them when the whole world is under the thumb of islam. Most people who convert to islam don’t even follow the rules of islam thier just a bunch of wannbes. A true muslim can read and speak the koran in Arabic. That is the rule of islam. Also to muslims God is prone to mistakes, while to Jews and Christains God is infalliable.

Comment by Thomas Mroczka

thomas mroczka is 110% right the islam/ muslim culture is NOT e peacfull loving community they ARE ppl who infest a country and breed, inflicting there rules on “infadels” as i have already said my ancestors fought for the british crown in 1776 if they were still alive, god rest there souls, they wouldnt stand for this why should we?, have a look on youtube and type in “demographical problem” (the 1 with the green flag), it is very disturbing, we all need patriotic friends so add me, god save the queen

Comment by ben stonehill

Muslims are a filthy evil disease upon this planet and the longer islam exists whe worse the world will become.

The British Govt has let it`s people down, frankly i do not know whats going to become of UK now, think its too late, as shariah courts are embedded!

Comment by Yohah Schwass

its never too late my friend, aslong as there is a patriotic british person alive, FUCK ISLAM FUCK ALLAH FUCK SHARIA LAW, its poison eating at the core of our great country, fellow patriots vote BNP and lets rid these vile people from great britain, god save the queen

Comment by ben stonehill

The “prophet Muhammad” is nothing other than a pedophile and Islam is a joke. We all have our own beliefs but for christ sakes, these people practically have a wank over theirs!
These people will eventually turn Britain into Africa, how much more time shall we be told what to do and bossed around in our own country?

Comment by martin howard

BNP is the only party that will stand up and say what we all truely think. Nick Griffin was right about Islam, it’s a vile and wicked faith. What sort of men treat women as 2nd class citizens? Infact, thats not all they do… Muslim men smack the shit out of their wives if they so much as blink. We should not allow these people to stay in Britain, I am not racist but I believe anyone who wants to live here, who isn’t British should come here and adapt to our ways of life, not bring their own. Thats what they are doing, GET THEM OUT.

Comment by martin howard

Got any Gleenogs?

Comment by Btiopygc

ur right martin, 110%, my brothers dnt let the “mainstream” [arties influence u, make no mistake about it britain is changing.. for the worse, because of islam, to all the muslims who might be reading this.. FUCK OF HOME U FUCKING MOOMOO’S, god save the queen

Comment by ben stonehill

Time will tell Radovan Karadzic was doing the world a favour, if muslims have their way there will be a bloodbath “ours”

Comment by Gary B

Yes Radovan was a hero not a monster, he rid his country of scum.

Comment by Aine

i heard on the radio yesterday that the govorment wants to BAN the word christmas, instead they want it renamed “winter festival” incase it offends other religions, guess which one?, britain STOP being so polite and stop accepting this, do something make ur voice heard, why is no1 acting

Comment by ben stonehill

ever thought praps God/Allah might NOT exist? now theres a thought…and you lot are wasting the one chance you have at living becuase after deathe there is NOTHING..and that’s a fact.

Comment by martha

I so wish we could have our beautiful England back the way it used to be in the 60s and 70s. This is OUR land, OUR childrens inheritance.

Comment by martha

Martha, your beautiful England is well and truly sunk, and it was a great place in the 50s and 60s, but since we have all these politically correct politicians and dogooders,they have ruined any hope of a good future for our Brit children.

Eventually we will see filthy dirty shariah law being the dominant core of Britain and muslims ruling us,, we have become soft and cannot defend ourselves against these savage violent muslims who are also out-breeding us!.

Stop ALL vessels from Calias (shut the port down) that would be a start, and stop ALL muslim immigration, and all muslims already here should be forced to give up filthy islam or LEAVE!

Comment by Gorky Park

“i heard on the radio yesterday that the govorment wants to BAN the word christmas”

Not Ever Going To Happen!!, maybe it`ll happen in UK!, aint no way gonna ban the word “CHRISTMAS” in USA or all the other Christian Nations.

To Hell with muslims and islam, mohammed was a dirty little paedophile just like all the muzzies are.

Comment by Bikini Babe

i heard that aswell, iv already posted that here, u heard it on radio jackie?, yea they want to rename it “winter festival” fuck that shit man, we will never let this happen, RULE BRITTANIA!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by ben stonehill

You have a choice try english defence league, join and stand all colours all races. Or give in.

Comment by Andy

get them out asap we all need to rally together before our beautifull country is over run an ruined by these people. we need to make this happen for our future generations sake they can not be allowed to enter our land go on benefits breed like rabbits and take our country for there own. we must end this now

Comment by Dan

finaly the british are starting to realise whats hapening to great britain, my brothers and sisters of our beutiful country every vote for the BNP counts, please do not forget to vote, RULE BRITANNIA

Comment by ben stonehill

i totaly agree vote for them!! i see banners up around my area stating vote mr kahn as your loacl MP! not a chance in hell thats there first step to islam rule. why cum hear fuck off back home an leave our country. to all the british public rally together an kick the bastards out. for all the people reading this would you like to see your daughters in a burkha! i think not but this will happen if they are allowed to live here any longer please please please realize this and help us all to get rid of this plague bvote BNP RULE BRITANNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Dan

I agree.
Just check the YNC abd Quran to see what kind of people we are dealing with.

Comment by Markus

Mr Brown please sir if you are reading this jus drop a big huge nuke ryt over all islam an muslim countrys an wipe them off the face of the earth go on sir plaease we wont mind and well all satnd behind u! 🙂 to be honest if u did tha ud probably get a knight hood this is our country and i hate seeing it ruined by scroungers, scum an muslims they need to be erradicated from this place asap

Comment by Dan

dan, hopefully nick griffin will do that for us, the govorment in control atm has there loyalties to islam, fucking traitors, any1 read the paper 2day? the govorment is gving themselfes a pay rise, suprise suprise, they giving them selfs £200 extra a day JUST TO SHOW UP TO WORK!!!!, my brithers and sisters of britain, vote BNP and for god sake get EVERY SINGLE person u know to to the same, us brits have had enough and we want our country back!, there is nothing racist about the BNP, look into it if u dnt believe me, RULE BRITANNIA!!

Comment by ben stonehill

I really hope so mate! i hope everyone understands when people say the BNP are not racist they will fight to gewt this country back to its name not britain GREAT BRITAIN and that can not happen unless everyone votes for them. the goverment that are in now are a disgrace if anything they are welcoming these vermin in with open arms and allowing them to take over we need a goverment who will stand by what they belive in and take necasary actions to fullfil this countrys needs no longer can we stand by and watch people flood are borders any longer it needs to stop otherwise we will be over run!!!! Please do something about this VOTE BNP RULE BRITANNIA !!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Dan

Happy CHRISTMAS to all muslims. Yes this is ENGLAND! You came here we didn’t ask you to. You must itegrate with the English not us with you. If you don’t like our culture then FUCK OFF. There are 25 British airports from where you can leave GREAT BRITAIN!!!

Comment by Philip

Great posting , You’ve really hit the
nail on the head, I just don’t think that people quite get what you’re saying.
I’m not for sure how many individuals I’ve talked to concerning this very
thing in the past few days, and they just don’t understand.

Never the less, Excellent post!

Comment by BrandonSchlichter

phillip you are 11% right, to my british brothers and sisters i say: may the BNP rule a 1000 generations, the queen live forever and the british live free, RULE BRITANNIA and to islam, muslims and that fucking pedophile- allah i say, ur worthless ppl who have NOTHING to offer the world but war, fuck of to ur caves were u belong, britain will surive

Comment by ben stonehill

fuck the sand niggers they are here to do what Alli babba did open the gates to steal and control anything possible and we sit there listening to the shit them jews who will not settle for less than destruction to get a land that does not belong to them they are the devil incarnate
jews {{{{{{{{{{ world war the jews caused evey world war and will never stop

dont talk to them wake up britain you have got jews using sand nigger telling you what is acepteptable as a landsman of the isles what you can do in your capital {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ am I paranoid or these cunts they
are so much full of shjt they will kill there own kids to get what they want fuck me i am angry 10 .5 stone and will kill for my kids future and freedom from the false wall the jews put up RIP ME MR PARA,

bang on kid kill the sand niggers for the
jews )))))) wake up dickhead

Comment by paul

oh shit, i didnt meant 11%, i meant 110% lol

Comment by ben stonehill

Phillip an stonehill its people like u that this country needs more of!! thank god that ppl r finally standing up and realisin tha islam and muslims r a fuking dirty plague. it must be stopped. its times like now we need to realise that its guna b 2 late if we dnt act jnow! kick these fukers bak were they belong. stop there bennefits close the borders and if u cnt find any1 to fuk them off bak home ill do it for FREE!!!! RULE BRITANNIA!!!!!! oh an HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE

Comment by Dan

thankyou dan i appreciate it, the fights not over yet, its jst began, merry christmas dan, hopefully this time in a year britain will have a christmas that isnt restrained by pollitical correctnes

Comment by ben stonehill

I live close to the largest community of Muslims in Britain. Most of them can’t even speak proper English. Howe the hell can you live in country without speaking it’s language? Complete contempt for our culture and heritage. I am sick to the back teeth of hearing about this muslim scourge proliferating across the globe. This is now not just a problem or a few boot boys to help fuel their hate. This is a problem for highly educated, high tax paying citizens of this community (like me) to say enough is enough. Any future government we have will not support any move to reduce the proliferation of islam for fear of appearing ‘racist’. Something has to give, otherwise Britain will be over-run by the rat infested islamic ideology. Rise up, rise up now against islam. We have had over 60 years of teaching about how Facism would have ruined our freedom. What is the difference? Think about it………….

Comment by Deano


Comment by peter fenton


Comment by BROWN


you are so bloody right you wouldnt mind if they kept themselves to themselves and and not so many swams of them !!!!!!
But until we start stick up for ourselves prperly like most europians do we we not goin to get anywere !!!!!

Comment by BROWN

this is not a problem just for britain, its a problem for europe and the rest of the world too, we are rising up, thats why we have the BNP, i hope every1 had a good christmas, hopefully this time next year, we can have a christmas thats not restrained by political correctness, remember, when you go to vote, put your cross next to nick griffin, rule britannia!!

Comment by ben stonehill

I need to know more I believe in what your saying but I need to have more information please. everyone is so angry I just would like someone to explain things inmore depth please.

Comment by freedom

what would u like to know freedom, the fact that politicians want to rename christmas”wintervern” or “winter festival” incase it offends musslims, the fact that a group called “islam4uk” is going to be doing a march to promote britain being turned in2 an islamic republic, or things like muslims coming here, taking BRITISH money, BRITISH housing and most important BRITISH heritage, there infesting not just great britain, but the world, they try to impose there beliefs on other religions, those filthy people are trying to wipe us out, and take over our country, and you got stupid fucking pricks like the UAF that are standing up FOR THE MUSLIMS, HALF OF THEM ARE WHITE BRITISH!!!

Comment by ben stonehill

if you still want to know more, watch “demographic problem” on youtube, when u go to vote, put ur tick next to nick griffin, rule britannia

Comment by ben stonehill

thank you for your comments, I am just a nan nan who teaches her grandchildren christianity, treat others as you would like to be treated yourself and to say thank you for what you have. But they were told at school that certain prayers were not allowed because it could cause conflict with other religions. This really got me mad as I thought we were a nation of acceptance but obviously its only certain religions that have acceptance. this is not right. I need to know more about Nick Griffin. Thank you for listening. Peace to you all.

Comment by freedom

That Islam calls for violence against all non-Muslims across the world, forever, is not in doubt.

If you want to understand Islam, make a pot of tea, grab some biscuits and watch this:

Islam: What The West Needs To Now

Comment by fmwatkins

Get the bloody muslims out of my country and stop them for coming back here whatever it go. Anyway, whose country is this? This is England for English peoples and only. By the way, have you recieve my email?

Thank you

Comment by jennifer

if ppl sign up to this site jennifer, then we all get ur email :), any1 heard about this “islam4uk” group marching through wooton bassett? all gordon brown had to say was “im disgusted” hes suposed to be the leader of britain, BAN THE MARCH, iv been a supporter of the BNP for 3 years now, and a member for 9 months, i can tell the tention of the british people is getting higher an higher as we move into election year, more and more people are opening there eyes, VOTE BNP, RULE BRITANNIA

Comment by ben stonehill

i think that the vile scum wanting to march on wooton basset must be shot on sight how dare they! wha gives them the ryt to have any sort of say how r country is run! there not fukin from here!! an jus a quick one could any1 tell me if im ryt in thinkin tha now tha less established countrys like romania an bosnia r welcomed into the EU and there immigration laws r awful could the muslim scum live there and get in easy and get a passport from that country an enter britain freely. oif tha is so we need to stop it! god it sikens me that vermin like these bastards can get ere n do the things they do we r a breeding ground for twats like the terrorist who failled t blow up a plane over xmas because tha fat wanker in office now wont do sod all about letn them in! vote BNP RULE BRITTANIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Dan

dan, and the other supporters/ sympathisers/ members of the BNP and all the patriots, sign the petition to stop the march, we only have untill midnight tonight to get as many as we can, VOTE BNP, RULE BRITANNIA

Comment by ben stonehill


Comment by UK DEAN UK

sign the petition to stop the march through wooton bassett:

Comment by ben stonehill

hi friends i agree with all thats been said but feel that after seeing those muslims in Luton on the itv news and although found guilty the remarks shown on tv and the plaquards the carried they should have been either arressted or fucking shot and let me just say that if they are that worried about there people in thgere country then they should fucking go back there and leave Briton forever and that goes for them all

Comment by Ken


Comment by UK DEAN UK

Hi Dean Uk yes i agree with u its sickening to think that they are here and building temples and i think that everyone should either be closed down or betterstill burnt down as our christain schools ot churches would be if we built them in there country so i say lets make britian great again and deport all these extremist from our country and i say again that the muslims on the ITV news were by holding that plaque up were in my opion inciting racial violence against other law abiding muslims let me just say that if they think islam will rule the world let them try and then see the can of worms they open for themselves

Comment by Ken

I think Jo Cleary should be given the MBE or OBE for helping to stop the Muslim march in Wooton Bassett..Anjem Choudary states in todays Metro 13th Jan that young muslims will retaliate for the ban…Well just get on with and see what you will bring on! We have put up with to much from these idiots,dont they know our country survived 2 wars with proper soldiers..Gold Bless Britain..

Comment by EL CID

fuck it! lets give these muslim twats a little taster of what they want! get that twat Anjem Choudary and lets stone him to death! hes defying r laws so y not they would do it over ther and lets face it thats what they want so y not! i tell u y because we wont fukin stop stonin the wanker till hes nothin but dirt anfd then well move on to the next one who questrions r ways!!!!!i dare any rat(MUSLIM) to say they want islam law in this country cos they will suffer by there own ways! but hey lets face it this country will grow strong and muslim scum will di***** er……. MOVE before this happens! the dirty vile twats!!!!! let them all suffer and not succeed in this Blessed country RULE BRITANIA VOTE BNP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Dan

fuck it! lets give these muslim twats a little taster of what they want! get that twat Anjem Choudary and lets stone him to death! hes defying r laws so y not they would do it over ther and lets face it thats what they want so y not! i tell u y because we wont fukin stop stonin the wanker till hes nothin but dirt anfd then well move on to the next one who questrions r ways!!!!!i dare any rat(MUSLIM) to say they want islam law in this country cos they will suffer by there own ways! but hey lets face it this country will grow strong and muslim scum will di***** er……. MOVE before this happens! the dirty vile twats!!!!! let them all suffer and not succeed in this Blessed country RULE BRITANIA VOTE BNP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Dan

God save our gracious Queen
Long live our noble Queen
God save the Queen
Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign over us
God save the Queen
O Lord our God arise
Scatter her enemies
And make them fall
Confound their politics
Frustrate their knavish tricks
On Thee our hopes we fix
God save us all
Thy choicest gifts in store
On her be pleased to pour
Long may she reign
May she defend our laws
And ever give us cause
To sing with heart and voice
God save the Queen
Not in this land alone
But be God’s mercies known
From shore to shore
Lord make the nations see
That men should brothers be
And form one family
The wide world over
From every latent foe
From the assassins blow
God save the Queen
O’er her thine arm extend
For Britain’s sake defend
Our mother, prince, and friend
God save the Queen
Lord grant that Marshal Wade
May by thy mighty aid
Victory bring
May he sedition hush
And like a torrent rush
Rebellious Scots to crush
God save the King

Comment by Dan


Comment by khusro Daniel mirza

amen! how true ! we will defend this country till the bitter end!

Comment by Dan


Comment by khusro Daniel mirza

What rubbish! Look at the state of play. Paranoid white people on the run because of a few beardie weirdies.

The solution is easy. No air time and no page space for their [read muslim protestors] antics.

This blog is more proof that the corporate-run media has had its way in keeping people focused on muslims and fears of prayer time schedules in pubs, instead of focusing on bankers, greedy gangster crooks and other liars who run our affairs.

This is no more of a grass roots movement of white rage than a few dead summertime bugs is entymological genocide.

And God save the [ahem] Queen because time won’t.

Comment by Toby

To your post, I say this… “Just you wyyyte, Enry Iggens, just you wyyte!” What you have written will come back and bite you in the posterior region. You’ll see. I have been to the ‘promised land’ and believe me, it is not a pretty sight. They multiply like rabbits and will soon overrun the populace in Israel. When that happens, just watch as a competent and world respected government (i.e. Knesset) begins to crumble and the rule of law disappears. By that time though, I will already be buying a stock of Uzis and learning how to shoot them. Forget the Queen! What about cultural and national survival and your way of life as you know it? Kiss it goodbye if the Muslims have their say. Best of luck buddy.

Comment by Cindy

I support the removal of this cancer and it’s carriers from the UK. I have been fortunate to work abroad and study with people from many backgrounds and nationalities, and enjoy these people and their culture. Now I am looking to move away to get myself and my family away from this evil that spreads through my city of Birmingham.

I find myself slowly agreeing with the religious foundations of Islam, as no decent god would allow this trash to exist, let alone spread it’s nasty murdering, wife-beating, raping, thieving ideology on lands built on years of fighting evil, and those who threatened her peace.

An avoidance of another holocaust must happen soon, and they must go back before one happens.

Comment by Scott


-Theres no problem with other religions – only with ISLAM
-It`s the religion that killed more people. More than any other.
– It`s a violent religion – As we have seen so many times on TV these people act like freaks or lunatics in the name of religion. Seems like there were some kind of brainwash in to their heads and they need some kind of psichyatric treatment.
– If you want to build a Catholic Church in Saudi Arabia or other muslims countries is very dificult , or at least impossible.
– They don`t tolerate catholics so why to be tolerant with these intolerant people?
– They don`t respect other people`s rights, ideas and diferent religions.
– They don`t respect Human Rights because the women are obligated to wear the veil and if she doesn`t to she will sufer the consequences. Western women in muslim countries (ex. reporters, jornalists) have to wear the veil to because if they do not wear it they will be beaten or ofenses may ocur.
-Muslims women in Europe or other western countries should be obligated to not wear the veil.
-They don`t tolerate animals (pets) and the possibility of having a dog for example it`s totally out of question.

Muslims are stucked in the midle age while the World moves forward due to the fact that politics and all other important aspects of life are regulated by the Quoran.

Western countries and auto makers must realise that the dependence of petrol must come to an end and put a limit to muslim imigration.

Development and evolution are always taken led by industrialized and western countries.

I LOVE FREEDOM I LOVE PEACE , THE RESPECT FOR OTHER PEOPLE but if it`s necessary to go to war I`ll go, as I`m tired of this muslims.

Miguel Fernandes – Lisbon , Portugal

Comment by Miguel Fernades

kill all muslims…..that is the ONLY solution.

Just nuke Makkah the next time they make their goddamn pilgrimage..

Comment by Yo

i agree, the ONLY thing that muslims/ allah/ mekkah/ islam what ever u want to call it offers the world, is war, famine, poverty and slums, GET THEM OUT OF GREAT BRITAIN!!!, vote BNP for a more sucessfull british future

Comment by ben stonehill

The facts of immigration.

We are accepting immigrants when we are already overpopulated and still in the grip of a financial crisis.
We are giving immigrants rights that exceed the natural citizens of our country, this undermines British authority and makes us an international laughing stock.
We are allowing the integration of religious laws that are not only now influencing legal matters but also change local architecture making our country a less recognisable place for those who were born here.
Most immigrants, especially muslims do not obey our dress code and walk around in sheets that cover their faces and bodies. This makes citizens uncomfortable and only increases racial hatred and the social downfall being witnessed in the multiculturally rich areas of Britain.
Most immigrants do not speak English and some of them very little which serves to confuse matters and possibly risk misunderstandings which may give rise to illegal and unsavoury behaviour.
Most immigrants have no skills that would be employable in an westernised environment or any skills that would serve to help our economy out in the short term or the longrun.

Why is this happening?

It’s because Britain is afraid of representing the EU in a racist light, yet, this is not racism. IT IS a simple matter of protecting our national identity and our citizens.

We are losing our rights to be British!

Comment by Steven Bell

Very well put, we need to take back what is ours and eradicate this scourge from our midst.

Comment by Aine

Bravo British Comrade- Couldn’t’ve said it better meself…. And I’m just a lousy wanker Yank from Los Angeles California. Jewish to boot! (the Muslims hate us more than anyone and all we ever did to them was exist!) I hate them more than words can say to my last dying day. Amen

Comment by Cindy

Cindy they’ll never eradicate the Jews, the mighty Zahal will crush them and Hashem will keep them safe.

Comment by Aine


Comment by khusro Daniel mirza

Listen you piece of Afghani shit your fucking lot have never been near the IDf who would fucking kill your liitle Pathan arses. An IDF girl would fucking break your bones as soon as you approached her and if you doubt that go to Israel and try. You are shit fighters always have been always will be, you fucking bunch of mamzerim you are nothing but stupid shtik dreks.

Comment by Aine O'Neill


Comment by khusro Daniel mirza

hey Im gay and I must say that Ive shagged loadsa muslim guys who are married and they cant get enough of it 🙂 then I come here and read that their religion preaches that ppl like me should be killed:(
Wots that all about?
I saw one of em I slept wiv on telly shounting off the same thing in Lancs where I live – He never mentions this when were in bed !!!!!
PS; you know who you are – DONT BOTHER CUMING BACK (any of ya)

Comment by lila

Well Lila, their religion does not say that you have to be killed, but the married ‘muslim’ men who slept with you are in for a big nasty surprise by Allah after they leave this earth. Atleast that is what their religion says. Someone who cheats on his wife isn’t innocent just because they were branded ‘muslim’ when they were born.

Comment by Sally

You are a bag of shite

Comment by Maboza Ritchie

And you’re a retarded inbred piece of filth !

Comment by Remploy1


Comment by rhys hamblett


Comment by khusro Daniel mirza

No decent white girl would touch a dirty stinking nigger and /or Moslem so dream on you are talking about some slags that’s all and if you think you can fuck Scotland and Ireland come and try because you will be going to your 72 virgin boy paradise.

Comment by Aine O'Neill

Your all deluded,there is no god as u think just a univesal consiousness all religeon is shit invented to control the dumb fuk massess by fear,islam is just the latest control of the dumb blacks,the ape missing link and the retarded arab ‘sand niggers’ as the americans term em,as for the hordes of sub human uncivilised crap trying to parasitise the civilised west from africa,torpedo the fukas,theyll come to europe ful of gratitude then wen their comfortable geting free evrything the filth wil start tryin to impose the same islamic shit so the dumb crap can be abused again,keep the shit of humanity where they belong,africa,and let ebola do its work,to fuk off apes as nature intended,backward species,extinction is their destiny

Comment by david wyn-jones

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Comment by david wyn-jones

An guess who invented the phone this dumb fuk niggers using,wasent a fukin wog ape was it?,useles animals thats why ebolas tryin to fuk em off,baboon

Comment by david wyn-jones

If nobody’s yet to see this, I recommend it. It proves just how much our honourable hostility means to them:
A similar project was undertaken before Dispatches performed it; somewhere in the late 80s-early 90s, I’ve heard. From what I know, the government refued it, just as they have that video, and claim that it’s farce.
Personally, I want England back to its patriotic former self. Bring back England, Britain, the very country ours and many others’ ancestor’s blood was spilt for, before it’s too late.
I’m tired of seeing ‘Seasons Greetings’, not ‘Happy Christmas’. I’m tired of filling in forms as myself as British, not English. The very term ‘English’ has become ‘racist’ against the Muslim kind. Tell me, people, what right have they to come to this country and find fault in our pride of being English?
They follow a pedophelic excuse of a man and spit on every religion but their own. I’m not religious anymore (I used to be Christian, but prefer my own faith to any existing ones), but I find it appauling that a saying of theirs is ‘to kill 1 Jew is to kill 50 Christians’, like a game!
I say it’s about time they learn that the English public won’t stand for it for much longer…even if this messed up government will. We didn’t go through WWII just to see another race take us over! A revolt is what the English need at such a time. I sure hope one comes soon.

Comment by Stephen

But who changed it from Merry Christmas to Seasons Greetings? I didn’t know it was the muslims, I thought it was because none of us are Christian anymore, we are atheist or pagan.

Comment by Sally

love it… people going on about the war and trying to compare people wanting to stop the invasion of Britain back then to stop our rights and freedom being taken to stop people coming in and telling us what we can and can’t do, my grandparents fought against this fascism to stop our borders from being invaded! Women fought long and hard for many years to get there rights to vote to be independent to be seen as rightful equals in our great country. This however is being SLOWLY taken and eroded… Emphasis on the slowly part because it seems that if things happen slowly enough people seem to accept it!
Now our borders have been invaded not by force but the power of the pen! And by people preaching acceptance, how about preaching common sense! I couldn’t care who you prey to as long as it does not affect me or the people I care for and love, the home I live in and the country that many millions of people fought and died for! We have crime we have bad people like all countries but this is no argument for defending the millions of Muslims now in our country pushing to enforce their ideals or religion on to us!
I’m sorry but it should not be an excuse that you religion effects your job such as its Ramadan or like the ridiculous court appearance of the police officer who was told to remove his turban because he had to wear a riot helmet!
Lastly If I was to go to another country to live, work etc. I would abide by their rules, if I couldn’t or something offended me so much I wouldn’t go. So if something offends you, you disagree with women showing off the flesh or any other of the liberties we have in this country including the dwindling right to free speech then… “Jog on” don’t come here, you’re not welcome.
Oh and to the person who said in the above comments that we said to let them in to do jobs I don’t remember me or anyone I have ever spoken to saying this or wanting this in fact quite the opposite they want them gone so they can actually get a job and not have to take a massive pay cut because someone will come in and do their job for half the price! Anyone willing to challenge this is welcome I used to work for the DWP and seen things that would anger even the most laid back person!

Comment by micky

Australia has the right answer.

If you don,t like our country or our beliefs , dont come here with your own

Comment by ian

Try wearing a balaclava at an airport the wrong way round, and we would be arrested immediately.
I want to see people faces and their bodies and not be in fear every time we board planes

Comment by ian


Great video! Spread it & vote BNP!

Comment by YES

yep, kick all muslims (including white brithish converts) out of Uk and europe all together

Comment by jon

agreed jon, the white converts must also be evicted from britain, and all of europe, fucking traitors

Comment by ben stonehill

To all Muslims on here, one thing I will personally tell you. You don’t know a thing about what you are saying or thinking. FUCK YOU ALL AND GOD DAMN YOU TO HELL WHERE YOU BELONG! YOU BLOODY LEAVE OUR COUNTRY ALONE AND MANY THINGS. IF YOU DON’T FUCKING LIKE IT, GET FUCKING LOST.

Comment by jennifer

Another thing, if you want war, we will give you one and you wish you all never to be born or exist. Who the hell do you all, every single one of you, think you are! How dare you insult us and to this country. Yes, you are! Trying and willing take over this country.

Comment by jennifer

Also someone who thinking of insulting about being gays. You are the most weirdest person ever and don’t you dare insult me just because I personally hate gays because it isn’t natural and you shoud know better.

Comment by jennifer

Actually, there have been studies proving that all humans have a 95% of having homosexual traits. Homosexuality isn’t a choice; it is just 1 hormone ‘fault’ within the brain, technically meaning it’s as natural as being hetrosexual.
Instinctively, if you watch animals, they have homosexual traits because it’s an instinctive drive in order to pass on DNA under any circumstance, even if the chances are impossible; such as mating with a gender or species that you know aren’t compatible with breeding or cross-breeding.
Don’t go into homosexuality. This is a topic about removing muslims from England.

Comment by Stephen

To tell you something, male animals don’t mate each other, do they? Gays and others make natural-thinking peoples both man and woman a freaks. Look, I loved men, not women. What are you then?

Comment by jennifer

Amnother thing, what are you talking about cross-breeding. Well, that’s worst.

Comment by jennifer

Firstly, I’m hetrosexual. But I know homosexual people. Y’see…just because they don’t see the opposite gender as attractive, they do see the world the same way. I think you’ll find your naivety is quite astounding. You know nothing on a subject, and yet you dare challenge to question me on something I far excell you in understanding of? Pathetic.
And yes, when last comes to last, male animals will attempt to mate with one another if they are forced to through instinctive Nature of survival. Same would apply with females.
Here’s a hint for you; nobody cares about what you think when you visit a site purely against your views. If you want to make a speech about it all, go do it somewhere that you know would agree with you and stop wasting everyone’s time and patience on here.
And here’s another…see beyond your own eyes before you dare question the equality of another, of whom has no choice but to be who they are. Grow some maturity, and then return.

Comment by Stephen

Hey Jennifer darling go easy on the insults!!!! Im gay through and through honey and dont give a crap on your views of my sex life lol
Try learning to spell – it may help you calm down :0(

Comment by lila

You listen to me, Stephen. I don’t bloody care who or what you believe or what. I have my opinion and point of view, you have yours. So don’t tell me that, mate. I tell you something if I met by woman and try to make a move. I will hit her. So fucking what. And I have calm down and I don’t care if you or someone say about my craps. Because someone is crap! All right. So what I can’t spell right and don’t call me darling too. If you don’t like it, think over when you get somebody else’s point of views.

Comment by jennifer

Another thing, of course, nobody care, because they are thick and I do got sense and don’t you dare insult me.

Comment by jennifer

You don’t seem at all calm. And please don’t call me ‘mate’; you and myself are far from such a social position. Gays are equals and you are a mere blind person. Blinded by a book, how funny. Why hit her? Too pathetic to control your own emotions? Or too insecure that she has a mind more powerful than yours? Meh, either way. As I said: grow some maturity and then return. You clearly haven’t grown maturity before returning.
P.S. Please only post your views in one box. It clusters the site when we have numerous boxes with one person’s views. Invalid views all the same.

Comment by Stephen

To hell with you and it is wrong with you anyway. All that! Gays or what are freaks and that is that. That is my opinions and my views. You and everybody got theirs, so have I!

Thank you

Comment by jennifer

Oh, and btw, I’m talking to a homosexual about muslims and he defends them. It seems you’re clearly in the moral low ground.

Comment by Stephen

i dont know exactly what this argument is about, but if your both british then stop arguing and help us fight islam, vote BNP

Comment by ben stonehill

Stephen, whenever I call you a mate or not. Don’t you call me blind or pathetic about my emotions. You don’t seem to care about my emotions anyway. And I can whenever what I put on the box, everybody use it, I can use it. Another thing, I am happen to be both English and Welsh native person. Yes, I do vote for BNP, Ben and Stephen start that argument just because I don’t like gays, I do have the right to say what and so does he? I feel like that he is victimised me of my own point of views.

Comment by jennifer

You cannot be a victim of your own pattern of thoughts unless you already know they are invalid and/or prejudice. Do not get others to sympathise for you because of your prejudist views against something completely off-topic to the conversation at hand. Just because you hate homosexuals, you could have kept that to yourself in order to prevent such conflict, for it does not fit into the genre covered.

Comment by Stephen

What do you mean about maturity, I am happen to be a 24 years old young lady and have you grown into a full maturity, Stephen. If someome has a powerful mind, they are dangerous. You and me are different, that’s true. Maybe there is something we don’t understand but there are some that isn’t that much of the different. And if you feel about it, don’t talk to me then, you are the one went with a puff. Not me.

Comment by jennifer

yea i agree with jennnifer, she is compleatly entittled to her view, im not against gays totally, i am against the real feminine gays though, what u do behind ur door is ur buisiness, just aslong as you dnt bring it onto the streets

Comment by ben stonehill

And if you got any opinons, keep it and so what, does everyone listen to my views? Ben, the argument between me and Stephen is nothing and it best to drop before something would happen because I am thinking worst things next?

Comment by jennifer

Ben, I pleasure that, thank you. I feel that being gays or what it just isn’t natural and I do believe in man and woman. And what will happen to a child if same-sex couples has adopted children? Think about it, Ben.

Comment by jennifer

Jennifer, cease your prejudist views against homosexuals. We have stated our opinions on the topic, but I do not wish for you to come onto an anti-muslim post and mention that you dislike homosexuals. That is not why we are posting on this. End it.

Comment by Stephen

Also, Ben. I am normal and I go with men in life. Thank you

Comment by jennifer

you are welcome, and no its not natural, but at the same time, stephen is british, we have to fight islam and get britain back on its legs before we fight eachother

Comment by ben stonehill

I agree with you that we should not fight, as we are on here for the same reasons. And I care little for yours or Jennifer’s homosexuality views. That is not why I posted. I just hope you can appreciate that I do not wish to come onto a site that deals with the topic of anti-muslim Britain, and end up having to listen to people’s views on a completely different topic that could be offensive to not only myself, but others.

Comment by Stephen

sDFAd, did you or not tell me to “fuck u”

Comment by jennifer

dFD, did you or not call me a “idiot”

Comment by jennifer

Oh, blimy. I have thought you have drop it, Stephen. Please stop pessy me, will you? End it before I really start and yes, I hate Muslims. Happy now!

Comment by jennifer

Ben, I have told Stephen and I have drop it, but at first I didn’t recieve your messages. I began to feel threatened and I can be mean if everyone start something and I do suffer mental issues.

Comment by jennifer

All right, I drop it already. Now can we change the subject, but remembers this, I still don’t like it.

Comment by jennifer

good, now its droped, why dnt u2 strike up a nice convo lol

Comment by ben stonehill

LMFAOOOO is this Jennifer person for real??? How dare you spew your vile views against gay people!!! Im actually male honey and a drag artist who personally doesnt give a fiddlers fart about your small minded backward views!!! or anyone elses either -or is this anti islam thing just a smoke screen for anti -anything different- ideology. dont bother to respond !

Comment by lila

Iila, Are you going to leave me and my own views alone! Will you please stop bothering me just because what I personally don’t like and it not bloody got nothing to do with you and you can do well leave my fucking point of views alone. I have already got into a argument with someone and now I got you. I have calm down, then you start it. Will you please clear off!

Comment by jennifer

Another, Iila. I am real and you don’t do yourself a favour at all and you very well don’t respond too. So knock it off.

I am against Islam but someone drop that in, it not me, isn’t it.

Comment by jennifer

Hello people, although I’m all for free speech, please keep this on topic. The issue is the Islamisation of Britain. I don’t want to have to lock the comments.

Remember, the number one enemy of the British people are the government. Without individual liberty nothing else matters.

Comment by fmwatkins

I do apologises Fmwatkins and I am against Islam, truly I am. I am a proud Christain, Church of England.

Comment by jennifer

PS, Fmwatkins. Is the FreeBritain is a political party or what?

Comment by jennifer

Jennifer, this is just a blog by an individual. By the way, this is how Islam treats non-Muslims who refuse to convert in Pakistan.

Pakistani Christian dies after being burned alive by police for refusing to convert to Islam

Comment by fmwatkins

Just to correct a simple mistake. This is not how ISLAM treats non muslims, this is how the ignorant Pakistani police treats non muslims. Islam doesnt allow you to kill people just because they are not muslim, muslims are required by Islamic law to treat non muslims with respect. There is no religion out there that I know of that allows people to kill others of different faiths. So when people do it, it is because of their own ignorance, and they are violating their own laws.

Comment by Maria

I do agree with you and is this Pakistani Christian is English or Pakistani. To tell you the truth, I hate Pakistanis because they are just as bad as Muslims.

Comment by jennifer

you want to come to the UK and live in peace with whatever your religious belief is, not a problem, you want to come here and work hard and become a law abiding citizen, not a problem, you come over here and plant bombs and kill innocent people. now we have a problem, personally if it happens again and a muslim extremist group takes so called credit for it, u aint the only one who knows how to make explosives u archaic bastards. personally im gonna make mosques burn!!

Comment by Grendel

Yes, Islam & all muslims need to go! They come to the UK, and we nicely allow them too, but they think they can change it. We can’t let it happen. They are not British and actually they don’t even care about Britian. Most say they’re muslim first, British second. They don’t care about our culture or our language, they choose to follow their own. It angers me so much! GET THEM ALL!

Comment by Yes

LOL and when gay people stand up for Muslims. They believe it is a sin to be gay, so actually, they’re totally agaisnt you! ahaa

Comment by Yes

get rid of the dirty bastards i have had anough of these people lets put the great back into GREAT BRITAIN

Comment by george

Remember folks, WE (the british) have a vote on may the 6th. PLEASE use your vote, even if its just a protest vote. Protest against the cancer that is islam. Once we get our soveriegn rights back, then we can concentrate on other things. The NHS wont stop because labour get booted out. VOTE VOTE VOTE.

Comment by cornz

May 20 Everybody Draw muhammad Day

Enjoy. And remember, whomever you vote for, make sure it isn’t one of the Corporate Three.

Comment by fmwatkins

Fuck Islam and all muslims the barbaric bastards,they live in the dark ages.Come to our country,want all the freedom of living in a democratic society,yet want to impose their filth on all who don’t believe in it.We need to wake up and rid our lands of these peasents.

Comment by white knight

This is rather worrying, y’know.

I suggest it’s best the governments come together and act now, before they leave it up to the public to deport or even kill the muslims themselves.

Comment by Stephen

now is the time to act let the government do no more, kill all who mix on both sides, they are all deemed as threats. the reasons need no words in explanation, let us wait no longer and take power as we once did there, is only one winner and he is supreme. war is our stength and our solution, after it peace and less political problem

Comment by john

Islam is NOT peace, Islam is NOT tolerence for other faiths, Islam is NOT the victim of a minority of radicals. Islam is HATE,DOMINATION,EVIL.

Im sorry but i have no more time to even listen to anyone preaching the ways of islam at me. Why should i accept or respect Islamic ways when i do not and will never believe in Allah and mohammed. Islamic people should leave the UK and go practice their religion of war in an islamic country. I want the destruction of every mosque in the UK and the removal of islam by lethal force if neccessary. It is a cancer on all free people of the west and it needs to be erradicated or confined to its own lands NOW!

Comment by johny

Hi everyone, I am surprised at alot of the comments here. Us Brits are known to be cool headed people, yet when our freedom and lifestyle is under threat then a lot of us are getting boiling hot, passionate and angry. Some of us are forgetting our proud Brittish manners and are cursing horribly and saying that we should kick out and even kill all muslims in Britain.
In this case, we should totally understand the muslim terrorists. This is how terrorism started within the muslim communities. Do you remember how many innocent muslims were killed in Kosovo? Do you remember how many innocent muslims were killed in Bosnia? And then there is Palestine which was taken over by the Jews who were claiming their ‘holy land’. Palestinians are still being tortured and killed, children are being killed for no reason, women are being raped by Israeli soldiers. What have these innocent Palestinians done wrong to deserve this? Should they not fight back to defend their own people and land? But when they do fight back, then we all think they are the evil ones.
What about Iraq? Why was our lovely honest Britain even meddling in somebody else’s land? Yet, our Britain let themselves in to Iraq and killed many innocent muslims. And now Afghanistan. Afghanistan was a beautiful country before they were bombed by europeans, and then their beautiful country was taken over by the Taliban who claim to be muslim, but don’t seem to follow all the muslim laws. My point is, muslims have had their lives, freedoms and lands taken over by Europe and America, and as a result these countries have breeded a few angry individuals who have become terrorists…..because they see the West as enemies against them. Enemies who want to destroy their people and country, enemies who are taking over the world and want to have power over them and take away their freedom to live their lives. This is the same anger that alot of us Brits are feeling now that we think our country is under threat. It is funny how we become so patriotic and want to defend our culture. Yet, our country has taken over other countries. Throughout history Britain has been amongst the blood thirstiest nations of the World. We think we have the right to take over other countries and that they are all inferior. Remember how Britain took over India? We didn’t just move there and work in a corner shop or in a taxi…no, we moved over there and took over the whole country and treated the Indians like inferiors. So many Arab countries were taken over by the French.

So please, put yourselves in other peoples’ shoes first. If you hate terrorists, then don’t think like one yourself.

Thank you for reading.

Comment by Sally

I used to have primitive views of the Middle East and muslims thanks to the Brittish media bombarding us with images of bearded idiots with machine guns. I associated muslims with executions and stoning young women.
However, a thirst for adventure later on led me to accept a job in Saudi Arabia. I worked there for 8 years, and later worked in Bahrain and Turkey. I visited many other Arab countries while I was there. I have spent over half my life in the muslim world now, and I can clearly say that the Brittish view of the muslim world is wrong.
I was surprised to be treated by the muslims in a very warm manner. Their cultures are happy, caring, kind and generous. I was respected, fed until I was fat, and offered all sorts of help. They showed an interest in my culture and my beliefs and looked up to me.
Even in Saudi Arabia, I walked around without any veil or head covering, alone without a chaperone. However, I respect their culture and religion and never dressed undescend in public and wore a black abaya over my clothes in public, leaving my head and face open.
Saudi women spend all day shopping and dining with their friends (WITHOUT a chaperone, believe it or not). There is no pressure on them to go to work and leave their little kids and live a stressed life. They have freedom to do as they want, if they want to work then they can, and alot of them do, but they are not pressured into it. Yes, I was surprised that contrary to our primitive beliefs, Saudi women are NOT opressed just because they cover their bodies in public. At home they look like godesses and are beautiful!

I spent a lot of time studying Islam to understand them more, and made alot of muslim friends. I am still atheist but respect Islam so much. So whatever some uneducated muslims say is wrong, all muslims are not innocent.

Comment by Sally

Sally, I understand where you’re coming from, but England HAS been invaded before, remember. In fact, it’s been invaded 5 times before, so before you start, it knows the pain of what’s known as ‘defeat’. And even in medieval times, there are accounts of terrorist attacks through Persian muslim extremists. Muslims have committed genocide on the Jews before, so it wouldn’t surprise me that they fought back. Mohammad himself was known for killing thousands out of spite.
These aren’t just ‘a few angry individuals’. There have been 15,000 terrorist attacks since 9/11 worldwide. That’s 30,000+ terrorists still in existence, still breeding and teaching their kids that manner. That’s still 30,000+ still teaching their kids that the west are Kafir and should die.
We’re not talking about some minor group that’s come into our country, has swore a few times and then left it in peace. We’re talking about terrorist attacks within England, threats within England, disrespect towards the English’s hospitality, and even a very very VERY real threat of invasion. Even in their mosques (I posted a link ages back backing this up) in England, that we built for them in our graciousness, they teach the people attending that we are infidels that must be invaded, then humiliated, converted or killed. This isn’t a religion, it’s a cult. The KKK was a cult. Nazism was a cult. The only difference between Nazism and Islam is that Nazism didn’t blame it on some invisible god and have it set in stone that their ‘ideal man’ is a paedophelic, genicidal rapist with possible Scizophrenia. And that anyone who doesn’t kill in the name of Allah is a traitor and not a true muslim.
There are MANY accounts of Ex-muslims that have turned from Islam because they read the Qur’an in a common sense frame of mind and found it sickening. There are many that turned away from it and wrote books on the real Islam secrets.

All I’m saying is, yes, patriotism is truly a taboo subject; but when it comes down to not being able to raise our own flag in this country without being sneered upon, where we can’t even say we’re English in England because it’s known as ‘racist’, and when we can’t express free speech without death threats, then yeah….we’re dealing with something that doesn’t want us to have these things. We’re dealing with a cult that mearly wants to take over and then claim it for itself. They even have posters in London and heavily-muslim populated parts of England saying ‘England to be part of Islamic Empire’. Is that not enough for you to say it’s about time we fought, like our predecessors did and died for, so that we can restore free speech, free living and pride within this country? I hope you realise that by saying ‘no’, you’d be spitting on over millions of English warriors’ graves…
They fought to allow you to have the life you do now. To live without fear. Isn’t it about time you, and we all, did the same for the generations to come?

Comment by Stephen

Hi Stephen, yes, I’m aware that Britain has been invaded before. Our nation has suffered a lot, and has also caused a lot of suffering abroad and still is. And I do agree with you that I don’t want Shariah law to take over Britain, and I know what defeat is. But doesn’t that mean that we should understand and respect other nations who want to defend themselves in the same way???? So how can you say that the Israelis are fighting back by occupying and killing Palestine? Did Palestine not have the same right as we do? Atleast the Islam4UK organisation is not taking over Britain by force. But the Israelis took over Palestine by force and have reduced them to nothing. Why is that alright? Why do we deserve our land, but others don’t deserve theirs?

You may say that Palestine doesn’t deserve their country because muslims have caused genocides, as you said. But then again, so has Britain. And Britain has caused A LOT of genocides. So why do we deserve to fight back against foreign invasions, but the Palestinians don’t????

Also, I’m quite historically educated, but I never knew that muslims have committed genocide on the Jews before, and that this justifies what the Israelis are doing now. Please give me the time period and facts of when and where this happened, as I’m very interested.

The only genocide on the Jews that I know of was the holocaust, which was by the Nazis in Germany, NOT the Arabs.

You mentioned 15,000 terrorist attacks. Ok, but how did you get the sum of 30, 000 terrorists still in existence? HOw do you know that there are 30, 000 of them?

I also never read that Muhammad had raped anyone, or that he was a paedophile. Everything I have read shows he was a descent man who never cheated, and he never gained any riches from preaching.

Any freaks who preach that non muslims should be killed etc should be deported or put in prison. And they are not even following their religion properly because Islam doesn’t allow muslims to kill others just because they are non muslim. Islam also doesn’t say anywhere that anyone who doesn’t kill in the name of Allah is a traitor. Actually the opposite. It says that forgiving the one who hurt them is the best thing a muslim can possibly do.
So whatever these freaky extremists are doing is definitely a cult, and Islam in no way justifies their actions.
And yes, we CAN raise our flag and we CAN say we are English. We do it all the time and I see it around me all the time. The few people who criticises just need to be criticised back and reminded that they are in Britain after all.

And as for the posters you have seen, no worries, they won’t take over by force, we just have to say ‘no thank you, we won’t vote for you’.
After all, if this is a free country with free speech, people have the right to form any kind of a political party, and preach whatever they like…right? Otherwise we are not a free country at all.

Sweden has a lesbian political party. Does that mean that the Swedes get violent because the lesbians are taking over their traditional Christian Sweden which values families of the opposite sex? No, all they have to do is not vote for them and say no thanks.

Comment by Sally

I don’t believe anyone should be held back the right to defend their own country, and I don’t believe they should all be killed, imprisoned, etc. I myself am not a fanatic; I merely believe that they should be deported if they are not satisfied with the way England runs and the English beliefs. They should move to a country where they know their beliefs and ways of life will be accepted. Instead, many come over here, and America, and China, and Australia, etc… and protest against the way the country’s natives think. Even if it’s ‘peaceful’ protests (none of which I’ve seen – even the peaceful protests have the words ‘Kafir’ involved, which is a rather offensive word when used in this context), they should not protest at all. I’d certainly feel sickened by myself if I went to another country with a steady heritage of over 1,100 years, and then began protesting because they wouldn’t think MY way. That’s NOTHING above Natzism. And speaking of Nazis, there have been extracts in history of Nazis’ personal accounts saying that they and muslims secretly had hidden ideals in common, and some even go so far as to say it was possible there were organized co-operatives in some cases. Ever heard of Mohammad Amin Al-Husseini? He was a muslim with political power and high status, that worked closely with the Nazis and even made a muslim group of SS called the 13th Handscar Division consisting of 21,065 men. That’s not just one man, that’s 21,066 men, plus any other muslim followers that didn’t qualify for his SS. He and Hitler also held conversation about the externimation of the Jews, and any Kafir, and shortly after his arrival in Berlin once more, the holocaust on the Jews began. I like how you say muslims never performed genodice on Jews….genocide mearly means to erradicate a certain group or race in large numbers. Between the years 622 AD and 732 AD, there were many unprovoked invasions on Jewish communities from muslims. You could even check out Surah 33:25-27 for a little more detail on the subject of the Banu Qurayza externimation. All through the Qur’an there are hints or stories of war and suffering.
Now, here’s special little bit of evidence I found backing us all up who say England has changed because of this mass muslim immigration:
‘I was born in England, lived through the Blitz, was proud to tell people my parents and were all English from way back. Now I have an American passport, will not claim allegiance to UK. I am ashamed of what England has become – a cesspool of Islamic militancy, cowardly British police, craven politicians. All those who are left who fought the Nazis either in Europe or at home are distraught. The same can be seen in Europe behind the facade of main street: the growing numbers of Muslims who are the termites of civilizations moral and political structures. Send them back to their countries of origin. Put a ban on all mosques and minarets. Even the “peaceful” ones are as bad – they support the violent radical muslims’.
Ok, as for Mohammad….I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt with ‘marrying’ Aisha at 9, considering most people only lived to their 50s at most in those days. However, as for a rapist, that he was. After invading areas, he ‘married’ a woman once or twice. And ‘marriage’ in Islam translates to ‘rape’ everywhere else; I’m sure those women, of whom probs just had their husbands, sons’ and nephews’ slaughtered by the muslims, sure didn’t want to have sex with their murderer. You’ve clearly read little on the man, and if you have, you’ve done so on an absent mind.
Last time my sister went to fill in application forms, they said ‘say you’re British, because English is racist’. I myself have been told to do so on numerous occasions. As for the flags….just read about it.
‘Oh, I’m sorry, mr. muslim, I refuse your legal, political rule over England’. Yeah….like he’s gonna care. A possible leader of the second fastest growing religion in the world is gonna care about some Kafir saying ‘I do apologize, but we don’t want you to rule over us’. Please, get real if you think that’d work. We live in a small island, currently defenseless due to our army is abroad, with the UAF and current government backing them up, as well as much of the media, and the polive doing nothing about the Sharia law in England and the threats they say during protests. And yet we’re the ones ignored and held back when we say such things, branded as ‘racists’ (which is immensely invalid) and ‘Islamophobics’ (which, btw, doesn’t exist; it’s mearly a gathering of numerous realizations – like the opposite calling scizophrenic people prophets – we brand people with pathriotism and common sense as traitors and racists). We stand a GREAT chance in saying no when it goes too far, don’t we?
As for the maths….most terrorist attacks include more than just 1 person. They often include the realization of the whole family or an accomplace. 15,000 terrorists + 1 accomplace each = 30,000 terrorists. See where I’m coming from, or are you blinded from maths, too?

Comment by Stephen

I have read all of your messages and I am on or off with many things. But I do agree about many things. Yes, I do hate damned muslims and to tell you something me and my family have been deeply insulted by them into insulting our religion (we are christains) and my father have been badly treated at work where muslims and pakis worked. I couldn’t vote for BNP due to living in temporily and not been registered. Yes, I do vote for BNP and I really wanted many things must be done. Because one day, I am began to have my own party only for Britain. Britain is the oldest and the glorious powerful country, with royalty and a proud history. Do you all want it to disppear with these fucking muslims, pakis, blacks and so on to destory it. We don’t want it! What do you think of that? Look at them, they think they come here just because what we got and they want it.

Comment by jennifer

Another my grandparents have fought and protect Britain during the Second World War, same with others. And this how they are treated? The tragedy story of my grandmother’s brother, which he and others are held captive by the Japaneses and he was trated so bad and cruel (worse than the Germans) when he come home, my grandmother didn’t knew him, just a stranger, so badly close to the bones. My great uncle looked like a walking, living skeleton. A couple weeks or what, he died. Horrible and so scarred. Since then, we have hatred in our blood and deep anger when the Japaneses have forgotten when the war ended and we didn’t. How can we forget it! If everybody say “Forgive and forget” or what. They must be bloody fucking joking. My great uncle suffered and died by them (Japaneses)

Comment by jennifer

We are a peaceful religion, there are always extremists on both sides, you are an example.
We will hunt you down and see your balls on a pole while you still live infidel.
By 2020 we will be the major religion in the UK so live with it you have no choice

Comment by Abdul Ah Hussain

I’m afraid you have us wrong. Many of us are truly not extremists, improbus. You’d know of it by now if we were; we wouldn’t just be discussing it. Although much our comments may be that of harsh, they are only of response to past, present and future comments and actions dealt upon us with equal, if not more rash, composure. It is you of whom have struck the first strike with many of us. We are tired of it within our own country and although we cannot and will not kill you, torture or dismember you, simply because we have proven ourself to be a much more civilized culture, we will find a way to get you deported and show Islam for what it truly is. And I’m afraid your facts are wrong, it’s by 2024-’30, not ’20.
Many stand idol, blind of your faith due to your concielement of the truth, but we are those of whom see. And we are only a minor few who speak it; there are thousands who feel it, and will act upon it. By the St. George’s flag, even when our government betrays us, we shall over-rule it and deport your kind.
‘We are a peaceful religion’ – ‘We will hunt you down and see your balls on a pole while you still live infidel.’
I love how you improbus always must find a way to contradict many things you state.

Comment by Stephen

Do you both mind of what you are saying? Your sayings is sometimes bring out a dangerous thing and it can be your downfall. If you don’t like my views or what. You can personally well stop berating me. I don’t know what is you exactly saying and you both are bleeding dreaming. If you like Islam, go on ahead. I don’t like it and I don’t have to. You can bloody well keep it and don’t be so sure. Stephen, how dare you! I am English and I do wave the flag. And Abdul, you must be dreaming too, and I will put your balls up on the pole too, with your head up the sprout too. You leave me alone.

Comment by jennifer

Wait, what? ‘How dare I?’ What did I do to insult you? I never said anything related to you, and if anything, I was defending our views. I never once mentioned your grandparents or uncle O.O

Comment by Stephen

There is another things, don’t you dare insult my grandparents. They have fought well and hard so did my great uncle. So the others did. And you got a nerve to say this.

Everybody, these two have, in a way, insulted my grandparents and great uncle who fought long and hard in the WWII, my great uncle is badly tortured by the Japaneses, which they kill him after he came back home to Britain after he been rescued.

Comment by jennifer

All right, Stephen. If you didn’t, then who did? Somebody have, in a way, insulting me and my grandparents otherwise I wouldn’t send the message anyway. I thought you did and I got it all wrong. Someone did, you know. I do apologises.

Comment by jennifer

Well, if someone did, then I understand your outrage, but it was not I. I accept your apology.

Comment by Stephen

Thank you, Stephen.

Comment by jennifer

JIm Low. You bloody well fuck off, yourself. How fucking dare you! You, you dare to insult and with your liberates too. I will bloody fuck you in you right in your ugly face. Yeah, I do have benefits and what got to do with you? And don’t you bloody tell me to fuck off, who the earth you think you are? Yeah, of course, Muslims suck each other and gains something, straight to hell. And you are one big faggort as well, I will like to kick or smack your fucking, ugly head off too. If you come and give me this, well don’t and just piss off. Jim Low. I don’t know who you are or what you are. I don’t care and yeah, I am English and this is my country and what are you, anyway. Another thing, fuck you. Jim Low.

Comment by jennifer

JIm Low. You bloody well fuck off, yourself. How fucking dare you! You, don’t you dare to insult and with your liberates too. I will bloody fuck you in you right in your ugly face. Yeah, I do have benefits and what got to do with you? And don’t you bloody tell me to fuck off, who the earth you think you are? Yeah, of course, Muslims suck each other and gains something, straight to hell. And you are one big faggort as well, I will like to kick or smack your fucking, ugly head off too. If you come and give me this, well don’t and just piss off. Jim Low. I don’t know who you are or what you are. I don’t care and yeah, I am English and this is my country and what are you, anyway. Another thing, fuck you. Jim Low.

Comment by jennifer

British dont necessary hate people rather what they stand for the religion one bad apple in this case can spoil most the batch OR at least gives everyone else that image, problem being if they had it there way and there law here many people would prob be arrested or worse for things they say and do all in the name of there god.

Any god no matter what religian wouldnt want anyone hurt beaten or killed for anything and if he did then youve got the wrong god. It just comes across as a power stuggle.

British people are not happy with the way things are changing in the country and community starting with small groups moving in to thousands moving in even shops we dont mind more culture but to much can be bad as if ares was being pushed out to make way for theres. Also people NOT enjoyin having to make compromises just cus some things offend them like hanging england flags which really pisses me of comes down to you do things how they are here or get lost.

If things keeps getting worse there will be more problems and eventually sums goin to snap and take action.

Preserve the english way of life and what it means to be english are traditions and laws

Comment by Richard

Nicely said, Richard. Multi-culture is fine, as long as the English way of life is indeed preserved. But many muslims don’t understand such a concept, and they’re passing on their dislike for us and our laws to their offspring. Soon enough, the power struggle such as this will evolve into a full-out civil war. I, for one, do not want such a thing to occur.

Comment by Stephen

You all always have say this, don’t you. You may have your options about this and I am not bother at all. But what do you mean? About multi-culture and this and that. Multi-culture is indeed threatened other peoples/ way of life and that is us (the English peoples, the Scottish peoples, the Welsh and the Irish peoples) Are you going to tell them about this, I don’t think so and plus the fact here. Who country is this? Our or their. We, the peoples, have fought long and hard to protect this country, with our hands against invaders and foreign peoples too. We already have many things in the past like civil war and this and that. You must living in a dream world, I am not and so are the others. Thank you very much about this. And don’t have a go at me. I already have a enough for others.

Comment by jennifer

Another thing, who side are you on? I don’t like the way this country is changing and it is not right at all. You may think about the country is going, you bleeding well think twice about this.

Comment by jennifer

Jennifer, keep in mind that we’re here to express our thougts about Islam. We’re ‘Islamophobic’, not xenophobic.
Rememeber, it was also ‘foreigners’ that aided us in war, such as Sikhs and Russians, not just the English. I, like many of us here, already understand and are concerned about the issue with the mass immigration into this country, but multi-culturalism is not what we are here to discuss; the rise if Islam is.

Comment by Stephen

Come and join us as a christian in a moslem country and see what you will see about islam. Islam is a truly monster and a killer. Every body in here that saying islam is peace, good, bla..bla are no nothing about islam. Thanks God there is internet, save UK from islam “invasion” or it will be to late for you. I am indonesian christian. Gbu

Comment by Leondanny

this is the BNP take on this issue.
lets see if you have the balls to understand blunt truth.
there is no other god but hitler alla .
mien kemp =koran
sunny side up or down as you bow down to mecca= germania.
twin ideologes of eternal hate, for the non belevers.
the british goverment, three headed hydra, quisings that lick the shit from the islamist, nazis, arse.after all they have oil in their veins ,lockabee, while we have only blood of my blood in mine
O im a lumberjack and i work for the bnp all day?
on friday night i go to town and were womens clothing and put my jack boots away, BEWERE WENT THE BRITISH NATIONISTS MOCK YOU.

Comment by james

We used to have moderate muslims in this country until the labour party started letting in scumbags from pakistan, afghanistan, algeria, somilia et al.
Honour killings! since when has killing been an honour unless you come from one of these third well cess-pits. End immigration, student visas, from these countries until they prove themselves to be tolerant of others.

Comment by Mr Average UK resident

My ex boyfriend was a muslim and was caught out by an english woman convert to Islam at the mosque who marries muslim men new to the country which the mosque finds for her, then she immediately has a baby and dumps the man before doing this again – 4 times now and moving on to her 5th, she is given a council house and benefits and has all the time to pray and live the life she enjoys whilst condemning everyone who is not Islamic. no one is allowed to criticise this woman as she acts as though holier than thou whilst all the poor kids have to dress in stupid clothes and get brainwashed. It is a complete disgrace that this country allows this carry on.

Comment by Sally

The only way to eradicate islam is to practice it’s basic philosophy in return: offer muslims a choice: to convert to secular democracy and peace, or, to become our slaves, or, to die.

Comment by Anonymous

yes …well said…..its like an eye for an eye….kinda thing..those scumbags should be kicked out of our GREAT BRITON

Comment by john

Mohamid was a pig shagging asshole

Comment by Mike

I laughed with joy as I read your poorly researched articles because your anger consolidated that we muslims are really getting to you,its funny that you are sitting at home with no one to talk to and therefore are venting your frustrations out hoping other saddos like u will give you some encouragement. Well reality check pal were here to stay and we aint goin nowhere, infact other muslim teachers like me are educating your children, muslim doctors like my friends treat u and ure scummy friends every Friday night when ure hospitilised for knockin each other out when out on the piss, we are every where and i know that must hurt ure pride but lovey u need to get over it cause there isnt anyone thatsplanning on throwing us out and please if you really must do respond I wont be checking cause i imagine the response will be the same as always so i’ll do it for you….FUCK OFF lol (p.s. you are really original)

Comment by proudtobemuslim

I’m sorry, but have you got a mental issue?
‘I read your poorly researched articles’
– Well, first of all, if you read into some of the articles above, you’ll find that some of us have done our research to a level that gives optimum truth. Others have not, obviously, but perhaps you could have attempted to correct them, in order to inform them of the actual truth, instead of saying something so mindnumbingly pointless? You also have extremely little chance of knowing anything about anyone on this discussion board, so forming such an statement as ‘its funny that you are sitting at home with no one to talk to and therefore are venting your frustrations out hoping other saddos like u will give you some encouragement’ provides us with the information that you yourself are little above trolling; you have no concievable evidence of our social positions, our level of frustration and/or our reasoning for posting here. Each person here is individual, so your opinions may be such short of the truth that they could be laughable themselves.
You also stated that ‘I laughed with joy’ when referring to this topic. Per chance, are you sadistic? Is it personal gratification as to the lack of validity to your existence, or perhaps you get sexual pleasure from enjoying the misfortune of many? Perhaps you should look into this, as you yourself show signs of extended frustration of sorts.
‘your anger consolidated that we muslims are really getting to you,its funny that you are sitting at home with no one to talk to and therefore are venting your frustrations out hoping other saddos like u will give you some encouragement’
– So, in a simple sentence, only 2-3 lines down, you’ve proven yourself to be a mock of a human: you take your personal beliefs so lightly and jokingly that you use it as mere ammo to infuriate other humans of whom you have no connection with; you post a comment of such insufficiency that it makes ‘f**k you’ appear to be the work of a genius, mocking those who post comments on exactly the same site you’ve just posted on; you take pride in damaging a cultural system (Western society) that, without its benefits in science and its hospitality, there is a high chance you’d be much more unhealthy, if not dead by now, as well as being educated to a much lesser degree than you already are (though, referring to your use of grammar, spelling and debating skills, it is questionable).
‘Well reality check pal were here to stay and we aint goin nowhere, infact other muslim teachers like me are educating your children, muslim doctors like my friends treat u and ure scummy friends every Friday night when ure hospitilised for knockin each other out when out on the piss’
– Who do you think taught you and your ‘friends’? A Western society, perhaps? And even if not, even if it were an Eastern society, is not much of their scientific knowledge derived from Western discoverings? Or even that of Jews! Jews have won 802 Nobel Prizes to date, a quater of which were science-based! Muslims have 2 science-based: Ahmed Zewail in 1999 for chemistry and Abdus Salam in 1979 for physics. For a population that covers over 1 billion, your ‘faith’ has nothing to be proud of when it can’t even glance in the direction of a religion with less individuals without looking prehistoric in intelligence.
The Assyrian International News Agency: ‘The entire Muslim world constituting one-fifth of humanity, contributes barely 1,000 research articles out of 100,000 science books and 2,000,000 research articles published annually. While the West has an average of 3,000 science PhDs per million of its inhabitants, the number of IDB (Islamic Development Bank) member countries is so dismally small that not even the statistics are available….The 57 predominately Muslim countries have about 23 percent of the world’s population, but less than 1 percent of its scientists who generate less than 5 percent of its science and make barely 1 percent of the world’s original research discoveries each year.’
Also, when it comes down to jobs, don’t be such an insufferable fool. Millions of English natives and immigrants cannot find work or even claim certain needed benefits because of your kind immigrating, breeding in your masses and then leeching off of our country’s graciousness. And why are you even teaching if you have a dislike towards our country and/or its people? Isn’t that a contradiction within itself; you’re teaching our future how to become more intelligent…thus more aware and able for our society’s survival. You clearly are not mentally qualified for the position if you dislike the country and/or its people. Do not deny it – it’s fairly clear you dislike it’s people in the way you describe our lifestyles and our protection towards our country’s heritage.
‘i know that must hurt ure pride but lovey u need to get over it cause there isnt anyone thatsplanning on throwing us out’
– Have you never heard of the EDL? Amongst other smaller associations. Even some neo-Nazis have reportedly fought against your kind, and that’s saying something!
‘please if you really must do respond I wont be checking cause i imagine the response will be the same as always so i’ll do it for you….FUCK OFF lol (p.s. you are really original)’
– I’m sorry, but that’s possibly the most cowardly part of the post. ‘I won’t be checking’; no, because you’re afraid of being outsmarted by ‘kuffar’, right, improbus? Or perhaps you didn’t expect something beyond ‘FUCK OFF’ – well, if not, you’re not only massively undergraduated to be a teacher of any form, but you’re also not very aware to your fellow humans’ intellect, thus you’re naive.
Well done for proving yourself to be a failure of the human race in all aspects.

Comment by Stephen

fuck yer islam ya bunch of fucks bring it on ya bunch of nappy wearing fuckers !!

Comment by jamie m

we will see if you laugh when we nuke mecca merdina, and distroy the dome on the rock.

Comment by james

You filthy kafur and someone else, I don’t know you and I don’t want to know you. Why should I? I have see your crap talks and what are you talking about, you don’t know a bloody thing about everything it. You are all damned invaders and I can see it right on your face! Once you all gone from our country where you are bloody from, we get the pan and brush also breach to spring clean everywhere and how dare you libearte onto our benefits. You better keep your goddamned mouth shut. Piss off what you come from and another thing. What do you really know about Britain. You can bleedin’ well fuck off and shut your mouth too.

Comment by jennifer

Couldnt agree with you more. Im a homo! i would REALLY like to see ALL the muslims gone. Even if you straight guys want to kill me for being gay, kill the muslims first because they breed and i dont 🙂

Comment by CM

We will get you bit by bit, remember the crusades. your such a bunch of brainwashed pussys. Go fuck your mum before we do your sister.

Comment by Mike

Get rid of Islam, b4 i start up a extermination squad. I hate Islam and i want it out of my country NOW!!!!!!!

Comment by Dylan Klebold

Islam OUT !!!!!

Comment by Dylan Klebold

I have Muslim friends but after the riot against forces defending everyone’s individuality and rights I’d like to see the back of that group of scum off the face of the earth and all they’ve done for British Muslims is to fuel the hatred and grant people sitting on the fence an excuse to blame them all.

Comment by DFEAR

time to kick islam out of France,out of Britain,out of Europe.It’s the same problem in France,Belgium,Netherland,Germania etc.Union of European brothers versus islam.

Comment by chapon

You crusaders have lost many battles against us surely indeed you shall fail this u see the signs in Afghanistan?we are the hope against you sick invaders. We shall destroy your illuminati plan n your sick tainted judeo Christian religions tainted by evil.

Comment by IH8ZionistJews

learning english is quite easy, there arem any tutorials on the internet and some audiobooks too ..,

Comment by Hemorrhoid Treatment

ISLAM,nothing but an evil satan filled cult founded on a false profit who loved being a peadofile..i smile though you know why becuase in the bible it says in the end the wicked will perish-so dont fear this weak powerless teaching & book of lies of the koran,dont fear there threats of blowing up or killing christians & others-stay strong!! is islam GOD-NO so why fear a bunch of losers who are are just human-does not GOD say he will never leave you nor forsake you,,if u ever feel low just remember their false teacher muhumed is in hell for eternity as a demon in pig form eating bacon forever…such a waste of life,God could of used him to actually help others instead he chose to listen to satan.. trust me read the bible-love god jesus christ love life show kindness & generosity to others,feed the poor, the end love wins forever

Comment by DANNY

Sorry for off topic, but 2012 is close, is this really matter?

Comment by Nostradamus

If 32 % of Muslims would kill you then 100 % of Jews n Christians are already killing us Muslims.they invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Pakistan. Now they want Yemen and Iran? Indeed we shall make our population great in numbers so we can take over the lands you sick Christan Jews destroyed.

Comment by IH8ZionistJews

Yet its the kafirs who are doing all the killing in the world n gays are sick fools it’s not Muslims killing gays it’s your own sick Christian Jews who do the is the Jews n christs people who become gay n sick. We Muslims want to fix you sick fucks.

Comment by IH8ZionistJews

Ill soon fix you if youll just place your head on his block….now..where did I put that axe ??? You Islamic scum bag.

Comment by filthy kafur

as your speaking of sick fucks honey I know loads of your kind who love cock sucking (Slurp) I know cos you suck mine quite often.
Its a muslim thing cos you cant fuck good you need practice on guys! but hey I dont mind babes xxx
Love from aunty

Comment by lila

Hitler made a great career mistake. He should have exterminated Muslims, not Jews.

The Muslim is sub-human, with little other than mass rape and murder for what passes for his culture, and I don’t see why one should bother one’s conscience killing them.

Comment by Keith Johnstone

Or done a two for one deal 🙂

Comment by Edward Rountree

I am gay, and have had sex with loads of muslims!! hehe and you all have very small willies.

Comment by filthy kafur

Me and the wife are swingers, she had one muslim and never again, small no energy and boaring too.

Comment by Mike

I found this page by accident and it most interesting. Jack Straw is in the news today about Pakis. The way I see the problem in the UK is simple.

Simply close the borders and kick out all the niggers, Pakis, Indians, Muslims the lot. Wht dont we do this?

Bring back Hitler he had the right idea, get rid of the dirty fucking coons and make England a green and pleasant land again!

Oh something factual: Out of every 100 in mates in UK prisons only 22% are white. What does that tell you? correct, nignogs, Pakis etc are common theiving, raping scum bags.

Lets start a civil action and take over the UK government and kick out all these filthy coons!

Be interesting wouldn’t it if somebody white decided to blow himself up outside a mosque lol, be like an explosion in a marmite factory!

Nignogs out!

Comment by Nignoghater

couldnt agree with u more nignoghater im sick and tired of these paki fuckers coming into our country and scrounging of our benefits system its rediculous they get away with everything and think the rules only apply to them, yet when when we go over to dubai we get jailed for showing the slightest bit of emotion (like kissing) yet they think its okay and legal to wear those stupid fuckin burkas bring back hitler hitler indeed!!!

Comment by scotland the brave

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Comment by Rain Jacket

How would you like to get your nose cut off ears sliced off or head removed. Would you perhaps prefer to be whipped or stoned to death. Ladies … we have some special deals on having your fingertips removed with a knife if you dare to wear nailvarnish. Young girls how do you fancy the idea of being buried alive at the sweet age of 16 for simply conversing with boys of a similar age?. If none of this appealswe do great deals on sexual perversion and animal cruelty. How lovely this all sounds. you can do any of this tomorrow by making one simple move. Join us and we will look after your welfare. No we are not nazis, we can do much better than them. We have specialised for centuries in barbaric, evil, repulsive torture and murder and we take great joy and pleasure in seeing others suffer. We are a bunch of moronic, male perverts who crave power. So come on, how about it. JOIN US IT WON’T COST YOU MUCH AND YOU KNOW YOU CAN TRUST US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Convert to Islam (Grislam) and live a worthwhile life caring for others! Excuse me I’m off to the privy to be horribly sick

Comment by co

If only there was a ‘Like’ button for that comment.

Comment by Stephen

if allah loves you so much,why did he make you the colour of shit,smell like shit,put you in a desert with women so ugly they have to wear a bag over their head…by law.then he sends,eartquakes,disease,starvation,floods typhoons,tribal wars..etc.then he bans you from drinking alcohol to drown your sorrows…and to top it off he gives you a big ugly nose….oh yes he really loves you…it’s actually jesus punishing you,for worshiping a false idol…

Comment by shaun the brummie

regardless to what anyone thinks, there are no gods no life after death or any of that shit…….. Muslims need to realise this and stop living a fake life . Britain will never comply with Muslim rules and will eventually rebel. this is a matter of time because we will not be brainwashed to there barbaric way of life. Britain will prevail and kick this scum out forever. rule britania

Comment by snarligraph


Comment by Anonymous

Not been changed???? another long standing muslim lie honey! go do some research and you will find that this is so not the case. and as for the so called beautiful way of life you speak of – open your eyes! watch the news! I suppose that 9/11 and 7/7 didn’t happen along with all the other muslim atrocities throughout the world. You ppl make me sick you all disgust me and I know that time is running out as the civilised world starts to wake up to the evil of your ideology!!!

Comment by lila


Comment by Anonymous

Well, if you really believe that all muslims are like that then well your just living in a dream world and need to wake up and see what people are really like. If someone is a true murderer or is life threatning to the society then they should be the ones chucked out of the country. An entire religion does not derserve to be treated as terrorists. You could look at me for example and think ‘Shes just an ordinary girl just like all the other girls, the only differance is that she is a muslim’

Also, being born here makes me BRITISH.
You want to free brtian?
Then think of getting rid of people that have committed terrible crimes, such as murder, theft, rape etc. They are the ones that need to go. Think about it, thats how Britian can be free from SHIT.

Comment by Nazuu

I personally don’t believe ALL Muslims are the same. I used to, but then I became a little more mature, and discovered something. It’s not Muslims I dislike, really. It’s Islam, and the Qu’ran. I just wrote a WHOLE massive argument, full of facts and statistics and a good, solid argument. But I’ll let you off, and instead ask you these questions. You’ll soon realise, hopefully, if you have a heart, as to why ex-Muslims risk their safety and lives of their families, friends and themselves to send the message across stating Islam is evil.
– Do you know ancient Arabic, the language of the original Qu’ran?
– Have you read the original Qu’ran (not the abridged, altered Western version that covers English)?
– Have you read my reply to proudtobemuslim on 15th Oct 2010, stating as to why the West has issues with Islam? It’s very basic, but it covers some issues.
– Finally, do you understand that the Qu’ran is not followed as the Bible is? You do realise that between any later verses that contradict earlier verses, the later, more violent verses are the valid ones, right? Especially read ‘Ishaq:463/Tabari VIII’ – it gives a good insight into your prophet’s ways as a role-model.
As for ‘An entire religion does not derserve to be treated as terrorists’, that’s true. But when you have 23+ worldwide terrorism attacks between 1983 – 2010 (minus the hundreds, if not thousands prevented by the CIA, FBI, anti-terrorism groups, etc.), killing literally thousands in their wake, it does strike caution against Islam into many Western people’s minds.

Comment by Stephen

get the fuck out of our country you muslim, degenerate, god-less scumbags! if you don’t like our country, go the fuck back to yours and get stoned like the shit-covered dogs you are! We don’t give a fuck about your little protests and we won’t change our country for a band of cunts like you! IF YOU DONT LIKE IT HERE, GET THE FUCK OUT! YOU ARE NOT WELCOME OR WANTED HERE! Go back to your shit hole country and get shot for voicing your opinions! Mongrel motherfuckers!

Comment by onetruereligionisNOTislamshitslam

just one question… when you so called ‘people’ have diarrhea, do you think you’re melting?! hahaha!!!

Comment by lmfao at shitslam! haha

after all the years of having political correctness shoved down my throat i moved to the USA,now 25 years later i am going through the same shit over here ,i have no use for these people and wish they would get the hell out of Britain so i can go home.

Comment by david furzer

Everything that this person says is true, Islam wants to take over the world. I do not understand why our governments do nothing about this. The hate speech law also are there to prevent any dissent. I mean how is it logical that the muslims can preach about jihad and killing everyone not like them but if a non muslim speaks out against them then that is hate speech. I sense a deep conspiracy amongst the European elites. They want to dilute our national identities to accumulate more power. The left also knows that more immigrants mean more votes which is why they use hate speech laws to silence dissent. I really do not understand why all European governments do not just deploy the Army and just throw out the whole bloody lot of them. Why more people in the UK do not vote for the BNP. If someone calls me racist then I could care less and ask them to make a logical case against me. They never can, they just get angry and do not want to further discuss the issue. Here is a question to pose to any of these do gooders, How has muslim immigration been beneficial to Europe? I can assure all of you that no one will want to answer this question if they think that it has been. How can anyone with half a brain think that public stoning for rape victims, female genital mutilation, forced marriage, persecution of minorities, and lack of free speech would be something that a country would want to import when that is the foundation of western civilization. If all cultures and religions are equal then why is there no immigration to muslim countries and mass immigration of muslims to non muslim countries?

Comment by winston smith

Funny how meddling Britain who’s responsible for the current Arab dictators being in power and suppressing the Arab people cannot deal with the so called Islamic colonisation of its’ own land… Karma is a Bitch!!!! stay away from the oil you thieves..jealous much??? you wish you had this much oil wealth hahaha!

Comment by Khan

Actually, because of some of the great minds of the modern first-world countries, oil will soon prove to be of little use; electricity can be produced through many ways, as can the running of machines, including compressed air, solar power and hydro-power. So in short, at the moment the naive politicians want the oil, but in the long run, it’ll become yet another source used up and forgotten, as will the countries that rely on the oil-purchasing as their main source of income.
It’s also the fault of those residents within the Arab world for not rebelling against their ever-more-powerful leaders and instead letting them lay down their pathetic dictating laws for a number of years. Don’t tell me that it’s all our fault; we can’t get involved with other countries’ political and social affairs unless given permission to do so, of which we’ve still not had. The western world is also attempting to undo as much potential damage to innocent people as they can via sending out our best aircrafts to protect the people of the Arab world, despite our own country being in severe debts and danger. Learn to think before you type.

Comment by Stephen

What can be done to get these people out of the west? I want them out. These people are like the Borg in STar Trek. They assimlate and destroy other people. Lying is a good thing in their religion.

Comment by andi

Where can I sign up? O.K Libertarian is a start, albeit a slow one. I want action now, I want this pestilent filthy plague out of once Great Britain. I tire of the arguments of “good muslims” good and muslim can not co-exist, anyone that follows the quran doesn’t share the moral values of the civilised western society. Any peoples that can stone children to death in the name of god ARE a less than human entity, and as such do not deserve the freedoms we fought for. In my day, not that long ago! I recall jehovahs witnesses being exempt from religious education in school, yet my daughter is now forced in the current curriculum to study muslim practises. We are not allowed a santas grotto in OUR Christian school, lest it offends these filthy raghead fuckers, if it offends you, be my guest and fuck off elsewhere. I can not and will not stand by and watch this country pander to the whims of the mentally impaired ( read islamists )
I want action now, I will do what little I can, I will never employ a raghead, nor even engage one in conversation, nor will I afford them any respect or even common decency, but this is too little. I am ready to fight for this country against the biggest threat it has ever seen. Someone out there must know of underground groups, legal groups, any means I can employ to eradicate these barbaric savages, I will.
Help me by informing me.
Islam must go or die, I’m easy!

Comment by FuckIslam

Islam is not a religion, it is a cult which does not have tolerance to others. We have been duped with Muslim’s lies and these liberals are busy to find all the excuses to forgive Muslim and helping them harbor terrorists. Any smart person buy a Koran and read oneself why there are Islamic terrorists everywhere. It is time to revolt against Islam or else our kids and grand kids does not have a choice to believe what they want. By the way, I am atheist and I am becoming anti Islamic, because I love my freedom!

Comment by ActFast

The muslim is not human. Therefore it is not a criminal act to kill him. The sooner muslim blood flows in the streets of Britain, the better.


Comment by David

i hate islam and muslims!!

we should unite together and fight against islam!!

Comment by Terex


Comment by David



Comment by David

Two jokes from a BNP member
Their a christain and jew walking though the desert they come Mecca they see two people fu–king two lambs, the first is hitler the second is mohamide, the jew says to the christain, this ist right and the christain agrees, this is against the 10 commandments, this is against the law of life, do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.With that the islamists proclaim there rights,with one voice these two holy men, have the right two f—k lambs, AFTER ALL it is —IS LAMB?

Comment by james

Another joke based on christ, freeing a man from devils.
Christ a jewish rabbi, comes upon a man ,in which devils exist with in, now he resites the holy, commandments, I call upon you unclean beings, to come out of this man in the name of the god of light, holy to JEWS AND CHISTAINS. with that the devils come out and desend into a HERD OFF PIGS.
Afterwards one of Christs ,followers with the name PETERS asks , why did you order the devils in to the pigs,CHRIST REPLYS, Because there are no islamist, yet on earth.

Comment by james

What ever you think, or dont think , about the BNP we know our enemys thoughts.

Comment by james

I caught my wife shagging my neighbour on the couch this morning. Right I thought I will show here. I am converting to islam this week and then hopefully we will be stoning the slag at the weekend lol 🙂

Kick all these dirty filthy Islamic cunts out of the UK simple! they bring nothing but flies! Whilst at it, kick out the coons, the Pakis and all the darkies. There are more than enough Welsh to drive the buses etc.

Why didn’t the CIA and US Military simply get the UK “CSA” to find Bin “Hiden” would have had him in a day!

Lastly: Clinton tried but failed, Bush tried but failed, Blair tried but failed, Just goes to show, if you want somebody dead hire a nigger (Obongo)

Comment by Bigyin

Currently, indians are spreading around the world like a cancer — they are everywhere. They think they are so good, but any white man can do any job an indian does 10 x better.

What the gent in the first comment was saying is that the behaviour of one man is indicative a much wider mentality, so F U ASHOLE – you are the ass hole! And today, it is not like the 70’s , the country will not collapse if you kick them out, it will be YOUR country again! Imagine a country full of your type, not burdened by indian fuckers.

to an indian you are a GURIA – a foreigner – scum. dont support them. Kick them out! Back to their slums in india where they can die. They send most of their cash back to india anyway so they do not pump it back into the local economy – just spend it in their own shops etc
Out of sight – out of mind. Indians Out Forever!

Also ISLAM IS A CANCER ON THIS WORLD AND MUST BE REMOVED – it comes directly from the devil, a pedo murderer called Mohamed (the faggot, shit be upon in his mouth)it goes against everything any moral person stands for, temporary, multiple fully covered wives with no human rights? Kill non believers? Cut off thieves hands for theft? Blaming Jews for all their problems when their religion is a rip off of Judaism, they even stole the names -Joseph changed to Yoosef, Abraham – Ibrahim, its a bullshit copy, tell me..

Why are there no muslims on star trek?
Cos its set in the future!

Comment by Simon Leigh

you are a very stupid person

Comment by jp

Whatever he is, Im with him. The muslim cult has to be stopped.

Comment by Normal Person

Jews do contribute and benefit everyone – google, fb, theory of relativity, they dont do crime and they dont convert people either, they are awesome, and dont have dirty brown skin, that is why muslims hate them and point the finger at them, they even blamed them for 911! they even think jesus, a jew, born 1500 years before islam was invented by a pedo murderer, was muslim! Its time for muslims to go back hell, imbred cunts!

Comment by Simon Leigh

Don’t look now, pal, but relativity just took a hit, make that two hits, this past week: particles going faster than light, and an infinitely expanding universe leave old Albert gasping in the void. Still, when it comes to relativizing our money, our Hebrew betters still have a thing or two to show us…

Comment by orthotox

Condemning Islamic Terrorism is almost like Holocaust Denial among some misled people. ‘Oh that’s a terrible attitude to have!’ No, my attitude is not bad, blowing up innocent people is bad attitude. Let them go point their arses in the air elsewhere!

Comment by Bill Lieper

All big words on here but what are you prepared to do about it…we need to wipe them out and fast…Finsbury park mosque is a haven for anti british terror yet you do nothing…blow it or reap the wind .

Comment by david grafter

“It is time to kick Islam and all of its followers out of Britain. They serve no purpose other than to push Islam”

I beg to differ on this point. I regularly visit a restaurant run by Muslims. The food is excellent, the service is second to none and I always leave feeling very happy. OK, so they dont have alcohol there, but if I wanted to get pissed Id go to a pub. None of them have ever ‘pushed Islam’ on me (or even mentioned it, come to think of it).

Peace 🙂

Comment by Pete

It’s their business – your a customer and they have to raise funds for the taliban! Get smart! Their motto – “Slowly, slowly catch a monkey – but breed fast, the dhimmis will pay for it”. Buy fish and chips if you can find a good old chipper.

There is still time, brother, but not much!

Comment by Stan

All this waffle no one ever does fuck all about it. To be honest i’m sick of the letterbox faced bastards. So i propose an open season for the fuckers. Lets make it 1st Jan to 31 December, both dates inclusive. Or failing that lets all vote BNP, like iv’e done.

Comment by Ted

oh dear. theres so much hate on this site, theres really no need. no one can make you feel inferior without your permission. stop letting the anger and hate from both sides get to you, after all, everyones a human. please, let he who is without sin, cast the first stone, this just makes sense. religious affiliation means little. let all the haters die out and lets strive for a peaceful world where race, gender, religion, age or sexuality just doesnt matter. i like this world and i believe we have the potential to be a truly great one. peace.

Comment by jp

its time to start burning them out of there shops and bussiness,time to get a machine gun,wipe them all out.
speak the day,fucking scum

Comment by Kill Em All

I agree

Comment by Normal Person

“Why would Britain need Islam?” Better ask, Why would Britain need cleaners and dishwashers and chambermaids etc. You’ll never kick Islam OUT until you first kick the yob OFF the dole.

Comment by orthotox

true tha are evil tha prophet was a sicko that had sex with a 9yo

Comment by reddragon

Oh! so it’s Moslems who do these jobs is it that you describe, what bollocks these jobs are done by Poles, Latinos etc. all Christians. Most Muslims don’t work they breed like rabbits and call for jihad whilst claiming benefits and are wanted in other countries for terrorism etc. Think of Bakri, Hamza etc.

Comment by Aine O'Neill (@AineONeill4)

we need to stand up to the filth that that sicko muhammad spreed even tha devil book tells them to lie.. Qur’an (66:2)- “Allah has already ordained for you,(O men), the dissolution of your oaths”

Bukhari (84:64-65)- Speaking from a position of power at the time, Ali confirms that lying is permissible in order to deceive an “enemy.” ….7:182-4. This [the Quran] is naught but fables of the men of old…….. ye who believe! Ask not questions about things which if made plain to you, may cause you trouble. Some people before you did ask such questions, and on that account lost their faith.” (Surah 5:101-102) and tha still think it is from good . soo thare are evil and brain washt

Comment by reddragon

what muslim stands for mentally unstable sexists limeted in mind

Comment by reddragon

I used to be suggested this web site via my cousin. I am now not certain whether this put up is written by him as no one else understand such distinctive approximately my problem. You are incredible! Thanks!

Comment by Fashion click here

Fuckin Muslim filth have ruined Great Britain. The cunts come over here to abuse the benefits system, shag our white women, and then try to get their stupid fucking sharia law introduced! CUNTS! Walk about in most parts of London now, and it’s a different fuckin country! Uncontrolled immigration had made our once beautiful country a shit hole! There will be rivers of blood, as old Enoch said!

Comment by Dougie

When will the Uk politicians wake up to the situation? When will they stop forcing us to live with the enemy?
Britain is no longer ours and the working class people of this land suffer in every way: housing,education,health care (especially midwifery), not least loss of identity and national pride! I dont recognise my own city! I dont understand how people who werent born here cant speak english and never have done a days work end up driving mercs and owning several properties ….actually i do lies lies and more lies fraud upon fraud and ripping of the state!!!!

Comment by r.chuwen

The native British people have never been asked for their permission to allow these millions of Muslims, Blacks, Latin Americans or Chinese and other Asians to overrun their country, nor have they ever given theri consent to it. The socialist politicians have let them in to swell the numbers who vote for them and the conservatives have let them in so as to have cheap factory and domestic labour – both parties are totally unrepresentative of the vast majority of us, the indigenous people. Most of our direct and distant ancestors arrived here at the end of the last ice age – about 15,000 years ago – (read S. Oppenheimer’s “The Origins of the British”). Slowly, over millenia, we have developéd our culture, traditions, culture, language and religion. The political class is now actively promoting the death of a civilisation 15,000 years in the making. Yet no one votes for any party that would do anything about this. In 1609 King Philip the Third of Spain decreed that all Muslims should be expelled from Spain – after over one hundred years of trying to get them to become assimilated into Spanish culture, religion and way of life. We could do the same quite peacefully and legally by passing a new retrospective nationality law, exactly like the present Swiss nationality law whereby the child of two foreign parents , or one foreign and one Swiss parent takes the nationality of the parent/s, never Swiss nationality. Furthermore such people are only allowed into Switzerland if they have a limited time work permit. In other words the Swiss can legally kick any foreigner out whenever they feel like it. Unless we join together and get a strong voice we will be overcome by these invaders – according to government statistics the average No. of children per Muslim family is 5, the No. per indigenous British families is 1. What do you think our country will look like in 20 years time if nothing is done NOW? We’ve really had enough of multicultural claptrap and MUST do something radical NOW!

Comment by John Streather.

As I said, all foreigners could be expelled simply through passing a new Swiss type of nationality law in parliament. As for the argument that we need foreigners to do jobs that our own people won’t do, this also could be easily answered by re-introducing two years’ national service whereby all school-leavers would be obliged to spend two years doing just this kind of work. If China, South Korea, Japan, Bhutan and Switzerland, (for example), all refuse to give any foreigners their nationality without anyone criticizing them, how is it that we can’t? Surely it is our right to be able to choose whom we wish to allow to live among us? Only the ridiculous softness and permissiveness of the English speaking nations – Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the States, and of the European nations, has opened the door to these hordes of undesirable foreigners. The actual citizens of these countries have never, for the most part, wanted to hand over their lands to people with whom they have no blood ties, no common religion, culture, laws, customs or traditions. We have all been mightily betrayed by totally unrepresentative governments.

Comment by John.

Sorry guys it’s too late – were fucked…… proper fucked !… the only hope now is mass uprising, and we all know that aint gonna happen….

Comment by Steve

Steve: While there’s life there’s hope. If the Spaniards managed to rid the whole of Spain of Muslims, surely we can do the same. Probably, as in Spain, the reconquest will start in the north and gradually go southwards – Scotland has so far remained relatively free of Muslims, Blacks, Latin Americans and Asians, who all use our ultra liberal laws to abuse, corrupt and dominate us, the native British. A tiny focus of resistance in the Picos de Europa in Cantabria, Asturias eventually resulted in the total expulsion of all Muslims from Christian Spain. The stupid Spaniards have now let them back in again and will soon have to fight the same battle once more. Hegel said that: “What we learn from history is that no one learns from history”, and Spain is a prime example of this. However, what we can learn from history is that aggressive and antagonistic invaders can be repelled and expelled. Who wants Black thieves armed with guns and knives here? Who wants Black prostitution rackets here? Who wants Muslims who, in accordance with the Koran, that they ALL have to accept, actively or passively support Muslim terrorism and conquest in our country? Who wants South or East Asians multiplying here and depriving the native British of jobs and leeching onto our welfare system? Some of us, indoctrinated at school and university by socialist teachers may want all this, but the indigenous British capable of independent thought, by and large, do not want these things and know that they have been mightily betrayed by politicians of all parties since the end of World War Two. From little acorns mighty oak trees grow: don’t forget it!

Comment by John.

It is a understatement but unfortunately as immoral as it sounds if Hitler and his Nazi army were around, non of these shit stains will be destroying the towns and cities of Great Brittain that our ancestors have fort so hard to keep. Thinking that an Islamic flag will be flying over downing street, ha. I’d like to see any filthy paki attempt it. It’s a shame that there are no non-islamics pushing a case for them! Just proves how the world laughs at that dirty rag head Mohammed and his paki cunt taxi driver deciples.
I on one hand will be out to the nearest mosque when war breaks out and slapping every jihad looking mother fucker with bacon. Hoo haa

Comment by Freethestreets

My wife has failed to produce dinner at 8pm for the last 4 nights. We will be stoning her at 1pm tomorrow lol

Comment by Muslim Whacker

I agree, send them back to where they belong, they do not belong in any Western Country, Britan, Usa, Ect. Stop the muslim cult, there sick demented assholes. Its just not right, LEAVE NOW.

Freedom will always win, especially against those fanatical demented sick people, I use the word people lightly.

Comment by Normal Person

I’ve been reading some of the remarks on this site and I have something to say. Ok, I’ll agree that extremists and literal-believers of the Muslim religion are disgusting in their ways. I don’t, and never will, condone any action of immorality that they perform. If you look at my earlier posts, you’ll see that I’ve done my research on the worst sides of Islam, and I hate all of it, still.
But please be civilized, people. Please understand that not all Muslims are bad people – just like any religion, there are believers and then there are extremists. However, it seems, in Islam, extremists almost outweigh the peaceful believers (on a worldwide scale). This isn’t the fault of the peaceful believers.
The problem is not the person themself; it’s the beliefs they grow up to accept and obey. In short: Islam is the problem. Not Muslims, per se.
Their founder believed that anyone who didn’t believe in Islam were sinners and disgusting. However, it was him that was disgusting, and anyone who follows in his twisted vision of the world. The West are, unfortunately, seen as ‘kufars’ to the extremists. ‘inferior’, we are deemed, even though their beliefs are the reasons they still dwell within the early centuries of this side of the year 0. In human rights and technology, we have proven in silence and peace that we are, in fact, superior, when compared to the extremists. There was no need for violence, no need for hate. Just the need to want to better ourselves.
And this is where my message comes in; I don’t believe we should kill or mass-deport Muslims. I personally don’t you all think we should, either. This is a knee-jerk reaction – the VERY thing that Islam was founded upon, the VERY beliefs that Mohammed had; if you cannot control it or brainwash it, then destroy it. We are better than this, people. Providing we do not allow for Islamic laws to be approved as legitimate laws (eg. rid of Shaia courts in the UK), and we keep the extremists under OUR laws (i.e. no bhurkas, no racism towards the British and arrest whoever are racist or racially harmful), then we have the control over any extremist. We will not become a country ruled over by them, and we will have our rights back as the natives of the country. Be peaceful, be calm and be ruthful in any and every anti-extremist law you uphold, and you will soon understand that not all Muslims are bad, and we will not stoop to the extremist Muslims’ ways of getting our way.
We are the West – the advanced, peaceful people of the world. Behave that way, and we will be respected, obeyed and we will ultimately grow a higher notch on the ladder to understanding the world.

Comment by Stephen

Stephen: Your letter is good natured and tolerant and you are to be commended for that. Unfortunately tolerating the intolerant means and end to tolerance! As you say the fault lies with the religion of Islam itself. But there is not a single Muslim on Earth who doesn’t accept every word of the Koran and the Hadith. Among other things this means that they are urged to dissemble and feign friendship with the “infidels”, to steal from them. to lie to them, to betray them, to defraud them and to kill them if these actions further the spread of Islam. They ALL have the duty to convert the “infidels” and do everything they can to establish world-wide rule of Islam. They are also told to murder apostates, adultresses and homosexuals – amongst others! They must not form friendships with “infidels” nor live in an “infidel”land unless it is for the purpose of overthrowing the government and imposing Islam on the population – which is why there are so many here in Britain and Europe. Lastly, having failed to conquer Europe by military force over the centuries, they are now taking the continent by stealth, by overwhelming us with numbers. The imams tell them to have as many children as possible. Why do you think that is?! The average Muslim family has five chldren and the average native British family has one child. The commonest name given to a boy in Britain now is Mohammed! What do you think the country will look like in 20 years’ time, when all these Muslim children have grown up? This is our country after all and we have the right to maintain it as ours – do you think any Muslim country would countenance for one minute the rapid proliferation of Christian caucasians in their country, or Christian agitation for special laws in accordance with their religion? Why, they don’t even allow Christian churches to exist in most Muslim countries! What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander!

Comment by John.

I admire the effort to research your reasonings to forward your understanding and thoughts, John; it makes a refreshing sight when compared to some of the remarks made by people expressing less intellectual thought on this post. I am glad that there are still people such as yourself taking notice to this blog.
I appreciate your effort to remind me of the situation at hand, of which I already understand – I do not underestimate the alarming rate in which this country is being populated by Muslims and their immoral religion. Or the inhumane acts that they perform, nor do I wish for anymore of this spread or events to occur. My problem is not that I have come to accept or tolerate Islam, it is more that I am becoming intolerant of the messages of this post. I am sorry if I gave any alternate impression over – I don’t mean to be misunderstood. This post is the very foundation of something that could change Britain back into something it once was; it is the food for free thought, free speech and the base for ideologies that could change the world for the better. However, what I find is that the people that are filling this post are merely insulting Muslims or making statements that, by all means, are unacceptable for the standards that we uphold as a once-honorable nation.
This blog could be used for upholding solutions to cap the stem of Islam within this country, or to rebel against our own government, if needs be. Whatever the solution, this blog can and should be used for intellectual debate, research and solution-making. Not for pitiful hatred, that ultimately only makes us appear racist and not-at-all learned, therefore forcing more naive people into liking Muslims and Islam more. We need to spread the truth, not spread mindless hatred.

Comment by Stephen

Stephen: Thank you for your positive comments. As I said on the 30th of December this whole question could be peacefully and legally solved by our adopting Swiss nationality and work permit law and making it retrospective back to say 1945. No British nationality for any children whose parents, or one of whose parents, are/is a foreigner and no entry to our country by foreigners unless with a time limited work permit to those who have jobs wating for them. In China, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Bhutan etc., no foreigners are ever given citzenship, nor are they allowed residence without time limited work permits for work that already awaits them. Not one nation in the world has complained about this way of safeguarding their culture, customs, laws, civilisation, traditions, history and, in some cases, religion. Yet there is an uproar if we try to do the same for our very ancient culture etc. Why are some nations allowed to do this and not others? Is this fair or just? The native British have never been asked by any political party whether they wanted to hand their land over to hordes of unwished for immigrants nor have they ever given their consent to this. We have been totally betrayed by all parties. We need a new, decent, fair equitable political party that really does represent the wishes of the majority of the indigenous British people. Some hope! We should leave the hopelessly compromised and corrupt UN immediately, leave the EU which is also corrupt and run by thos who favour the very people who threaten our country, and rescind unilaterally the Human Rights Act. Then perhaps we can start running our own affairs in the way we’d like to run them.

Comment by John.

To get a grasp of what an immediate and collosal threat Islam is to our country, I am listing some books that expose the aims and strategy of Muslims to conquer our country in the name of Islam- It is absurd to make a difference between “islamist” and “islamic” – all Muslim terrorism and Muslim agitation to introduce sharia law and prayer rooms in schools, universities and work places etc., is based directly upon what their so-called prophet said and what their Koran and Hadith say. It is intrinsic to the religion and every Muslim on this earth must accept it all. That is why the Muslims scarcely ever condemn bloody outrages committed by their co-religionists.

Robert Spencer: “A Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam”, “The Truth About Muhammad” and “The Koran”.

Pamela Geller: “Stop the Islamization of America”.

Bruce Bawer: “While Europe Slept”, and “Surrender – Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing Freedom”.

Ibn Warraq: “Why I Am Not A Muslim”.

Bat Ye’or: “The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam”.

Melanie Phillips: “The World Upside Down”.

Orianna Fallaci: The Muslim Trilogy.

Mark Steyn.”America Alone” and “After America”

If you still sympathize with ANY Muslim after reading these extremely informative books then you must be a Muslim yourself! It’s every bit as fascist as were the Nazis and every bit as bent upon world conquest. Make no mistake about it!

Comment by John.

John, I fully agree with you that we new, fresh political party that resets the very reason we have one in the first place: to listen to and adhere to the wishes of the country it serves. And I completely agree with the Swiss laws that uphold their very culture; it’s not only fair, but reduces, even prevents the chances of being culturally and/or economically taken over. I would very much wish for that to occur within this country, and I only wish someone would make a nationwide poll to send to government over it.
I’m glad I was able to talk with you, John, as you have quite the intellect and reason behind you, and, unlike some people on here, you do your research before seeing the need for disgust. However, this is my last post on the matter, as I have other things I personally need to get on with.
But thanks for your time and information, John. I only hope others on this particular blog can take a leaf from your book, and do their research to find a way to prevent the Islamic spread, not just bitch about it and make racial remarks.

Comment by Stephen

Ron: There can hardly be a single native British person who doesn’t agree with you,( except for those on the far left for whom the Muslims can do no wrong). But there is also not one single person among all the millions of indigenous British who is actually prepared to do anything whatsoever to rid our land of these unlovely and unwanted wretches. Until someone actually stands up and gets counted nothing at all will be done. We are hamstrung by the race and religious abuse laws.

Comment by John.

Totally agree!!!! Kick out all these fucking Muslims out of this country!! They do nothing for us apart from taking beds in hospitals, taking places in schools etc etc. They turn our communities into shitholes that stink of islamic tosh! KICK THEM OUT!! US BRITS SHOULD STAND UP TO THEM AND BOOT THEM INTO THE SEA!!

Comment by David

The United Kingdom used to be a great and proud country, now we stand back and watch them muslim animals shout abuse at our war heros and there familys and say all sort of shit about us right to our faces in our own towns and citys, and do nothing?, people of the UK wakeup. DEMAND! the goverment deport these descusting allah loving trash home.. or the british people should stand up against them. like the riots in england, beat every muslim we see in the street back to there own country. lets take back what is ours./// long live the queen…

Comment by Muslims.GTFO!

Islam Stinks. Allah lives with Santa and the Good Fairy.

Comment by Johnny

My oppinion as if anyone cares about us ants, is that islam is fundementally incompatible with christianity, even on there pilgrimage the hajj they throw stones at three upright pillers and as a none orthodox but semi fundementalist christian i’d like to point out that in the book of isiah yahwey (jehova) takes isiah up to mount moriah (the temple mount) and shows him 7 sons of israel bowing to the east, east of his alter and says to isiah, “THIS IS OFFENSIVE IN MY SIGHT”, recent archeological study taken out in secret as the islamic authority of the dome of the rock would not allow it points to the temple of herod being west of the dome of the rock, and from a religeouse point of view seven sons means, seven twelths of the worlds population, also i am offended at muslim extremists being granted free speech while our soldiers are commited in a war, under active legislation to provide aid or succor to an enemy at time of war is a treasonable offense with a maximum death penalty as treason retains this punishment. as a british male descended from mainly anglo irish stock i feel the very ground under my feet is not soil but the sweat, blood and tears of my ancestors, when our lads in wars of the past laid down there lives for there nation it was that there children would keep the inheritance bestowed upon them by there sacrifice, not so that the children of there enemys could desecrate there churches and take over there cities and homes and aht are these politicians if not traitors for allowing this, one caveat, the BNP are descended from the BROWN SHIRTS whome were a fifth columne behind our lines during the second world war and responsible for passing intel that cost british lives, take the title british back from those evil men and give us back our honor, we can still win this without that kind of scum.

another point the average muslim misses the first crusades were called because christian pilgrims on the way to the holy land were being murdered by celjic turks,. They would cut the pilgrims stomaches open and nail there intestines to a tree then wip them so they ran around it until they died. Also they obviously havent read the book of revelation and how is a man a prophet who marries a child (rose of damascus).


In time a war will happen here, there has been a long concealed plot to break up social unity and shatter the fundemental basis upon which british progressive socialism was rooted by dividing our society, mass imigration was used as a part of this plan, it finally progressed to devolution and the final partitioning of our great nation, it serves those responsible well to keep us fighting these palty divisions, by keeping us divided and our media under there control, our minds in there hands, they will maintain there positon without anthying other than the odd internal feud amongst themselves, the last good politician we had who tried to save our nation was enoch powel, he would turn in his grave before he would allow the bnp but nevertheless as we are backed into a corner they will become more powerfull,. i’d rather go the edf route, we are a nation of families but remember it was said of british sailor a girl in every port, so remember you may have spanish, portugese or dutch relatives you don’t even know of.


Do the public know there so called prophet married a five or six year old child and according to there uncut koran knew her at the age of nine. he was in his fifty’s,. also remember in the book of revelation written in ad 89 nearly 600 years prior to him the second coming of christ says he will come with clouds and a great army of those BEHEADED for his name sake and those who beheaded them will know great terror. when iran attacks israel the israelis will retaliate with ther nuclear arsenal of two hundred and fifty nuclear bombs ranging from 5 to 50 killitons wiping the persian and arabian nations off the earth with themselves.


I’d like to distance myself from racism, and social intollerance it is because of islamic fundementalist views I think the basic structure of the religeon is evil, My sister married an Iranian called Javod and though he will go the pub for a few pint’s he was actually one of the revolutionary guard, in his possession he has a photograph of himself holding an Iraqi officers head with the knife in his still bloody hand and two of his Iranian army chums either side of him smiling like a family photo, when My mother found out what had been done as it was actually a councilor by the name of Mr whitaker whome introduced them and arranged there marriage, she whent berserk and whent to run him over with her car stopping only 6 inches short of him, My nephew from my sisters previouse relationship is blonde and blue eyed, at the age of 26 after having Javod as his step father for 25 years finally snapped with the abuse we had suspected but not proven and knocked javods teeth out after bashing around the house but his half brothers and sisters, my nephews and nieces are good kids and i care about them, I also have no animosity for seiks, hindus, jew, or even mormons (though one woman is enough, were the hell do they go once a month to escape),. it is only Islam and its corruption of religeon into a brainwashing cult I utterly detest. It is’nt so much immigration thats the problem it’s the sheer numbers and the fact our people are suffering, employers should be fined twice the national average wage for each illegal or none british employee, as for the governments policys on welfare, only british and you should have to work at least ten years full time to qualify and twenty years for full benefit, look after our own first, much of the problem with the benefit system goes back to thatcher whome abolished the index link on wages while leaving it in place on benefits meaning the relative value of your wage has dropped consecutively each year while the upper profit margins have increased, but weve now the red line, wages drive the aconomy, the average tory has always been the wealth man in the trehouse cutting the trunk from under him for firewood, historicaly weve had some great foreigners like benjamin disrealy who said the future of this nation rests upon the education of its children and introduced state education for the public, he loved us so much he converted from judaism to anglicanism. Tony blair betrayed us on education, imigration, privatisation ( without the gat world trade agreement cameron would never have been able to ruin the nhs ) and he allowed that plonker brown to run the exchequer like putting a fat kid in charge of the sweet shop.


Please remember true socialism is not communism it is enlightened self interest and very stable economically in fact though hitler was an evil man nazism was actually a form of twisted distorted national socialism, it was the likes of the rothschild (bauer being there true family name of baverian origin) and the organisation that they outwardly represent (red shield) that are a part of the extreme right upper echelon group of corrupt manipulating organisations responsible for the social trauma caused to british and western european societies in order to destabilise us and generate wealth and power for themselves they for a very long time were based in the USA and are trying to impose that system of corporate control on us by generating the same social divisions here under the original guise that they were preventing communism from spreading into europe, as divided we will fall, united we will stand, they are behind our weak governments and own our political partys outright which is why our good politicians are relegated to the back benches and only yes men get to the front, they run our class systems and promote immigration to prevent homogenouse social order.


Paul: You’re quite right. It should be added that Palestine had been Christian until the Muslims took it by force from the Byzantine Empire and that the Muslims had been busy since the 7th century raiding villages and towns all round the Christain Mediterranean burning and pillaging the houses desecrating the churches and carrying off the inhabitants to sell them in the Muslim slave markets. These are two facts that the Muslims somehow forget to mention when they carry on about the (perfectly justifiable) crusades.
Moreover Muslims are responsible for the end of free speech and a free press in the whole of Europe, our country included, as anyone who dares to voice even the mildest criticism of either their religion or their so-called prophet is instantly threatened with death – and quite often actually killed, like van Gogh and Fortyn in Holland – for instance – there are others. While they are allowed to level the most vile and slanderous insults at the Jews and the Christians no one is ever allowed to utter the slightest word against them. How level is that playing field?!

Comment by John.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Royal Navy was still actively combating slavery in the arabian sea as recently as the late 1960’s and it still goes on in the islamic world, in the 1970’s and 1980’s they would offer mainly phillipino though also other nationalitys domestic jobs but when they got there (arabia) they would take there passports off them and beat them but never pay them, now it is eastern predominantly eastern eauropean girls via turkey, the open borders are a real boon for them. They use the Koran as Justification as slavery is acceptable under sharia law also look at the young girl baught and held in a celler in Manchester on the news recently, even there own people.


My Last Comment for now, The Pakistani community are largely educated in Maddrassa religeouse schools, these were originaly founded after we toppled the muslims of there perch over the hindus of india and taught hatred of the british, during the indian mutiny they murdered predominantly indians but in one notable siege offered safe passage for the english woman and children from a garrison, as they sailed down the river thay slaughtered the woman and children, those they did not rape to death, why the hell are they allowed here, also the somali community hate everything about us as we toppled the mahdi empire which was cutting a bllody swaith through east africa, but they murdered general gordon whome was un armed and parraded around with his head on a spear, so kitchener was sent to avenge british honour, but were is our honour now, firstly we need a genuine charismatic leader, a base of operations, and funding,… if My mothers inheritance left by Elizabeth tattershall (aintree propertys) was ever retrieved i’d genuinely back it financially but we were defrauded by police solicitors and the government despite her trust being under a court of protection court order and being made so it could never be stolen by elizabeth tattershall, they even took tattershall bloodstocks over to ireland to cover up the fraud after the cheetah fraud in liverpool covered up and tied up loose ends.
My Sisters husband Javod was able to obtain two and a half million pounds of this money by using the Iranian charge de affair in manchester whome was his friend to lean on manchester police and he invested this stolen british money in Iran, thoughit was only hush money and a drop in the ocean compared to the billions of pounds (assets in field estate kensington london, 8 stanley road whitefield manchester, aintree racecourse, cambdon market london(the old cambden racecourse) derby square liverpool, the building used as two museums in liverpool on victoria street, 81 belmont road liverpool, all of under the trust number h1528) stolen from my mother. I would put this at the disposal of freeing Britain from our enemy.


A lot of time has passed and though we have no statute of limitations in the uk the above addresses Probably are sold and sold again so don’t link them but the trust fund is correct.


Another thing if My mother was not white British and physically disabled, she would undoubtedly have had no end of people there to offer her assistance in fighting for justice but unfortunately she is white british so even when we whent into the T.S.B in ORMSKIRK with the account number provided by the tax office the bank denied that the account existed and upon me pointing out to the manager that the letter we had was an official document he said and I quote “Wll that may be a portfolio type account there vertually untracable sorry I can’t help”, how is it the taxman traced it then, and when we showed the police they made the tax officer who helped retire early,. they also said to me its civil despite the fraud having been perpetrated by none relatives,. upon my mother meeting mirrabelle toppham in 1982, mirrabelle said it was’nt me i only gave Bill Davies your documents in 1970 for a million pound in a gladstone bag, im sorry. This being despite the fact the topphams had baught thost deeds for aintree race racecourse from lord sefton in 1947 whome did NOT own it. Even the former MP for west lancs Mr Ken Hind told my mother “it was aintree propertys you inherited and its just been taken, it’s that much money were this much money is concerned there is no gentleman above board, i’m afraid i can’t help you any longer and if you try and get anywere there is someone in every department whome will put a stop to it”, this was ten days before collin pickthall took over who has since been replaced by rosie cooper, both labour while ken hind was if you wonder why our country is in this state what type of MP’s for sale do we have. I mean even the jockey club simply responded to my mother by saying you’ll have to come to new market and prove who you are, not it’s not your’s.

if your interested my mothers maiden name is Alice hallworth fegan, Fegan being deedpoll and taken by her father whome was an instructor on the intelligence staff of the northern ireland territorial police after he saved an important personages life and the papers blew his cover.
she was born on the 28.1.1933 and all the books on the tattershalls in liverpool library were removed after my mother tried to get justice as part of the councills cover up.


how the fuck should Muslims women hide there face with that shitty mask they were that is just like me walking in to a shop with a balaclava on if i wanted to rob them they wouldn’t see my face so why should they were there shitty mask

Comment by anonymous

Hi there, I discovered your blog by the use of Google while looking for a comparable subject, your site got here up, it looks great. I’ve bookmarked to favourites|added to my bookmarks.

Comment by spanish school miami

Multi cultural society equals cultural divisions and eventually civil war, the government prepares with big brother approach but betrays its own indiginouse population, laws are created to make it a legal requirement to hire the ethic minority over the white british individual and are called Pro Discrimination, both tony blair and david cameron, amass assets outside the uk with the obviouse intention of retireing abroad having betrayed there own people, further obviouse indications of criminality within the government are overlooked or brushed under the mat, all indications of a country in terminal decline, what was it thatcher said I wish to restore the class system, we thaught that she meant victorian moral values but actually she meant edwardian master servant status and Eton has long been a nest of vipors but now we don’t even have a politician to represent the vested interest of the majority of the british public, let us make a pact, one day however long it takes we will find those responsible for the destruction of our nation, weather by corrupting the lodges of our fraternitys as the long have or by external financial means, werever they are we will find them and retake our honour , UNO DEI SANCTUS TRINTUS, UNO FRATERNITAS, BRITANIA FRATERNITAS.


Marcus aurelius roman emperor from 121 anno dominei to 180 anno dominei (he was actually a very tollerant pagan), once said “how much more grievouse are the consequences of anger than the causes of it”, i dread reading about some innocent lad or lass, whome has been killed becuase of intollerance, but it is the islamic community in our country whome has shown increasing intollerance and a refusal to accept our way of life, we accepted you with open arms, you came into our tent as a guest then proceeded to steal it from us,
I know that some of you see yourselves as british having been born her but unless you ancestors paid for our land as did ours with there very lives and blood you will never be truly british, we are an island and as such have many ethnic origins including north african, but until your vile false and blasphemouse religeon entered our shores we were tied by a shared culture and divided only by protestant, anglican and catholic divisions,. even the differences between the welsh english and scots were of nearly no concern to most people, on your hajj you touche the black stone on the caba, i encourage you to read the book of revolation and pay heed to the mark of the beast, even your hand of fatima is referance to an idol worshiping past, we don’t actually worship idols, our ICONS are a form of blessed heiroglyph not actually god or holy but representative and we once faught a war with our own over that matter called the iconoclasm and god decided who won that, as for allah it is a derivative of El whome was the high god of the pantheon of the cannanites and had Baal as a leutenant he was actually regarded as an enemy of YAHWEY and all the prophecys of his son YASHUA the MESHIACH or jesus christ in his westernised form, were fullfilled, he’s not going to appear in your mosque in syria he’ss come with clouds and all shall see him living and dead and his martyrs whome died for his name sake beheade for his name sake come with him, he is your judge so fear him.


NO sharia law in Britain NO surrender

Comment by Isabelle Maybe

In AD 59 the population of JUDEA which is the area around Jerusalem and had Jerusalem as it’s capital were murdered and enslaved by the roman empire for a temporary but successfull revolt they had against the Romans in AD 57, this led to what has been called the Expelling of the Jews were they lost there homeland, for the following 1900 years they suffered persecution, murder, rape, slavery and endless discrimination and were often used as the scape goat for the sorrows of the time, those whome headed east were almost all lost to history and either islamised or destroyed but elsewere despite losing they held onto there traditions and survived, many became christian,. In Britain and Ireland those called Taylor are often descended from Jewish ancestry though mostly they are Christians with no knowledge of there jewish heritage, In the Arabian penninsular those called suliman are also Descended from Jews as there name is Actually Soloman Aribisised, unlike the muslims they don’t push there religeon down peoples throats and though they tend to keep to there own community they have been beneficial financially to any country in which they are free, (except the odd corrupt solicitor AKA mr Makin Liverpool) the vast majority of them are not in israel but around the globe, why am I talking about Jewish history, because the Muslims claim the Same lies as hitler that it’s all a Zionist plot which is bullshit, HAve a look how many british war graves are jewish, far more than muslim despite there smaller community, and unless we stop the seemingly inexorable tide of muslims there history will be our future. do you want to see your children suffering as the jews have,… no, then stop islam dead.

Comment by PAUL

Well said Paul.

Comment by Aine O'Neill (@AineONeill4)

Once again I wish to distance myselfe from racism, though I am a nationalist ( A PATRIOT ) I am most certainly never going to vote BNP as I already said they are the political wing of the national front whome in turn are merely moselys brown shirts the british nazi party whome during the second world war fed information back to hitlers germany such as troop information, industrial targets and moral as they intended to overthrow the british government and be placed in power as puppets of hitler, I also hold no animosity for muslims merely there so called prophet and there evil religeon, but this is my country, my soil, my sweat and blood, the sacrifice of my ancestor’s and all british troops for our inheritance shall not be in vein, if islam trys to take my home I will fight and woe betide any whome betray us such as the shadow home office minister whome made it illegal to employ british national over an islamic if the qualifications are the same she called it Pro Discrimination but I’m pretty certain if it were challenged in the european court of human right’s it would be shown for the anti british racism that it is , she’s is of the same ilk as those whome are trying to empose secular laws allowing gay marriage in church ( I’m not opposed to gay marriage but not in church )meaning they think we can be walked over, it is time, it is our country, it is our right to be heard, NO MORE SUPPRESSION OF THE BRITISH PEOPLE OR OUR RIGHT’S.

Comment by PAUL

Just one more thing, in the 1970’s my mothers friend a woman by the name of Karine whome was born in germany and whose father was a german soldier killed in the war she had been adopted by an english soldier and raised here in liverpool, seeing herself as simply a scouser she took a ferry to germany to see her brother whome she had not seen since the war, though speaking german was a bit rusty as she’d not spoken it since the age of 5 she understood it perfectly a group of german men were sitting on deck and she overheard them saying how they hated the stupid english, how they’s take over our country by using buiseness and poison our water so we’d be thick and sterile, needless to say karine was not going to have any of that she knocked the loudessed mouthed of them out (she was a big woman) and spent the rest of the journey in the persers office, the germans refused to allow her to disembark and sent her back to england were she was passed to the police whome merely said we understand now take yourself home.

since margaret thatcher sold the water when was the last realy clean cup of water you drank from a tap.

Comment by PAUL

Muslims are bombers
they’re all a potential threat to the world
they’re all smelly,
Allah does not exist
Allah is a made up piece of crap
Mohammed raped 9 year olds, child abuse much
free britain, US and israel, australia, france germany, india, china, japan and kick islam out of every civilised country on planet earth

fucking pigs/dogs

Comment by Mohammed LOlAlStupidArabMuslim-rubbish

Obviously the only solution is to strip them all of British citizenship and then to deport the lot of them – the so-called “moderate” ones silently support the violent ones. They have to as the terrorists are only following the dictates of their religion and the moderate ones admire them as being better Muslims than they are. If they threaten to kill us for criticising them we should promise to kill ten of them for every one of us they kill. But this can be done peacefully – if they don’t threaten us.

Comment by John.

To grasp how far the press and the BBC are aiding and abetting our worst enemies I would beg anyone reading this to get Bruce Bawer’s “Surrender” from Amazon immediately and read it as soon as you have it in your hands, then lend it to as many people as you can. MPs, journalists and television reporters are all scared out of their wits by the Muslims and will do anything they possibly can to appease and placate them. We are being betrayed by these craven cowards and downright liars, daily.

Comment by John.

Am totally and. Implement with you. We should unite to rid our country and our European brothers from this horrendous disease. Can’t the Vatican help us out? I mean, it organized the crusades. We should have them reorganized to rid Europe of Muslims. I think we can be as successful as Spain was in ridding itself from those Muslims.

Comment by Paul

Yes, no one seems to realize that as oposed to other immigrants, who have just come here to take advantage of our welfare benefits and traffick drugs, commit knife and gun crimes, thieve and run prostitution rackets, the Muslims are here as an occupying army. This is a long pre-meditated invasion. No Muslim is allowed to live in an “infidel” country unless it is with the aim of conquering that country. This is their stated aim: they make no secret of it. We now have around 20 million passive or active soldiers of Islam spread throughout Europe. They are told to have as many children as possible so as to be able to overwhelm us as soon as possible and the average Muslim family in Britain has 5 children compared with the indigenous British family having an average of 1 child per family. All governments have maintained an open door policy for Muslim immigrants – completely against the wishes of the people they pretend to represent. When are we, the indigenous British and other Europeans going to do something about expelling ALL these unwanted and extremely dangerous foreigners?

Comment by John.

Look up the story of Um Kirfa a wise and good leader whome muhamed had murdered for being a woman and because she was testimony to his bigotry and evil, He did marry a 6 year old child Aiesha the rose of damascus and had sex with that child at 9 years of age if there account is correct, also Satan was cast from heaven, he was lucifer and the prince of heaven also using the name of Gabriel for his own end’s, the old testament prophets heard god’s voice not gabriels, but muhamed is supposed to have recieved his directions from gabriel on behalf of his god whome he called Allah, he even whiset converting mekha to his cause told them to ask there idols to intercede with allah, and we are allowing theses savage childe molesting beast worshiping devil spawned filth to overrun our country, they want a war and have secretly stockpiled ak47 and other weapons in our country, you know this is true. I invite any muslim to read the book of revelation and compare it to your religeon, the black stone on the Khaba = the mark of the beast, the false prophet whome satan works miracles for and give’s his power to = muhamed, the blind leading the blind = hadj, those with the mark of the beast will enter the lake of fire and burn in agony for ever this is decreed by jehova and that is you islamic who do not repent and convert, also jesus was asked about who a certain woman would be married to in the resurrection and unlike you r false prophet he said in the resurrection there is no difference between a woman and a man for you will ahve a new celestial body like the angels and neither be given or taken in marriage, your version of paradise is to spend eternity as sex crazed monkeys in a garden with 40 virgins = one a month absolute hell.

Comment by I am

If the Muslims have stockpiled AK47s in our country – and presumably throughout Europe – this is a very serious matter indeed and needs to be exposed by the press. What real evidence is there for this? As they are backed by Saudi Arabia and other immensely rich oil countries they obviously have no need to worry about the cost of buying as many weapons as they like. But, have they really done so? They are forbidden to live in “infidel” countries unless they aim to conquer them and as there are about 25 to 30 million of them now in Europe we ought to be far more worried about their presence here than our governments seem to be. Each of those Muslims is either a passive or an active soldier for Islam, make no mistake about it.

Comment by John.

I am not a British,but rather an Indian Hindu Bengali.All these fucked up retarded sons of Muhammad screwed us Hindus from 9th-0th century and now these parasites of earth are destroying Jewish and people from west.I think it’s high time for everyone to kick the arse of all these morons-the whole world will be a lot better place without these 2 billion barbaric hypocrites

Comment by Sambit

Sambit; The Buddhists didn’t do too well in India either. When the Muslims reached the Buddhist university of Nalanda, in Bengal, with 10.000 students and teachers, they beheaded or burned alive the defenceless and harmless teachers and as many of the unfortunate students as didn’t manage to escape. They then proceeded to burn all the books. It took them three months of burning them, night and day, to burn them all. Students used to come to Nalanda from as far away as Greece and China. It was the end of Buddhism in India. What are we doing welcoming these primitive savages, who hate us, into our countries in Europe and giving them every known welfare benfit?

Comment by John.

First,I must congratulate you for your decent knowledge about the classical age of India.Yes Buddhists were not always perfect during their regime in India but I don’t find much of dissimilarities between Hinduism ,Buddhism,Jainism etc.Nalanda university reached it’s pinnacle under the supervisory of Bengali Buddhist named Sil vadra.The golden age of India came under the Gupta Empire when it was basically a society run by Buddhist.Buddhism encouraged scientific research in India even before the golden age in Arab or Renaissance in Europe.There were many fruitful result came in Mathematics,Astronomy,Economics etc during that period.

But the obvious question here that what was the reason for downfall?

Well,the answer is foreign invasion and demise of Buddhism in India.Muslim arrived and started treachery,barbarism and basically destroyed the culture which India cherished for thousands of years.While Europe was going through new awakening of modern thoughts,India was going backward day by day under Muslim rulers.

This age continued till the mids of 18th century…i.e till 1757.Matter of fact when clive attacked Muslim nawab of Bengal many Hindu king actually supported Clive as they were oppressed by Muslim nawab.

Then came the 19th century Bengal renaissance-basically it was a upper caste Hindu renaissance started by Ram Mohan Roy.He was truly a visionary who first realized the only way the system can be revived is by making a cognitive inter connection of old ancient thoughts of Vedas and Upanisad and the modern rational thoughts of west.

Once modern education system was established it did not take much longer time to bring fruitful results.First it was started by young Bengal(one of it’s key member Radhanath Sikdar calculated the height of peak xv which was later named under George Everest) and later it transformed into broader societies.

Then one after one luminaries started to come in different fields including the likes of Sir JC Bose and Physicist like Satyendra Bose,world’s most sophisticated test tube baby designer Physician Subhas Mukhopadhya etc.By the way the first Nobel prize of the entire British empire came from Calcutta when Sir Ronald Ross won it for discovering the cause of malaria in 1902.What gives me satisfaction more that we did not have to go in abroad or outside Bengal to do all these work…But things are changing…recently a 16 year old Bengali boy Sourya Ray has solved two unique puzzles of Sir Issac Newton which gave a hard time to many Physicist for last 350 years…But he has done it in Dresden,Germany,4 years after migrating from kolkata.

So why only Bengal or more appropriately it’s capital Kolkata produce all intellectuals from India?

It’s because the system and ideology of people living here who had a strong head-set for modern education during the earlier half of 20th century…Why Muslim Bengali are lagging?It’s because no enlightenment had ever touched them who always worship that shit hole written by their great prophet…and it will continue.

Comment by Sambit

But Sambit, the question is what can we do in Europe to get rid of these monsters? Our own politicians, our so-called parliamentary representatives, do all in their power to appease them and even anticipate their next outrageous demands and we are forbidden even to criticise the muslims in any way whatsoever.

Comment by John.

Well,the situation is even worse India.Our worthless politicians are now arranging reservation for Muslims in jobs and education.And we can not do anything living in a democratic country like India.But you guys have Economic advantage using which you can demolish these monsters.

America finally got rid of Taliban after a bloody decade in Afghanistan.Similarly if you can get rid of the core Muslim areas ,i.e the rich middle East which provide all sorts of money to south Asian Muslim terrorist organizations,then we can get rid of Islam.

For shake of one good thing if people of all religion stand together against Islam ,then no monster like Laden can do anything.

You,I and anybody else certainly do not want to see a 3rd world war but to destroy the evil we have do destroy those seeds which are cause of all worry for us.

Comment by Sambit

Sambit: The West depends for its energy on its worst enemies, the oil rich countries of the Middle East of whom the richest are Saudi Arabia and Iran. Saudi Arabia has paid for the building of mosques and Muslim Centres all over Britain, the rest of Europe and the States. The type of Islam it propagates is the most intolerant and puritanical of all the Muslim sects: Wahabi. The mullahs and teachers in the mosques and centres are preparing their flocks to impose sharia law on all western countries and to take them over. This is how it spends the incalculable amounts of money that pours daily into its bank accounts from its customers, namely us. Iran will very soon have nuclear missiles, with which it first proposes to wipe Israel off the map. No country has done anything at all to prevent this. They use their oil revenue to pay for and foment terrorism throughout the Middle East, (especially in Afghanistan Iraq, and Lebanon), and the rest of the world – they are behind Hezbollah and Fatah. As we depend on these oil rich countries there’s not a chance of them being dealt with unless we move to alternative or home produced sources of energy. There is an immense oil field on the Arctic shore of Alaska and immense quantities of untapped natural gas beneath an area around Liverpool in England. The Green Party, which has been taken over by marxists, who are more concerned about stopping anyone making any noney than they are about the birds and the bees, has mad esuch a fuss about exploiting either of these life-saving sources of energy that no government dares to begin to use this untapped energy. So how do you propose that we rid ourselves of such countries? The trouble is that none of our so-called parliamentary representatives is prepared to stand up and stop all this. They know that they are instantly converted into candidates for murder if they do so. If only like-minded people could get together and state that for every one of them killed by a Muslim they promise to kill ten Muslims indiscriminately, men, women or children, then perhaps the Muslims would pause for thought before threatening or murdering any more people. Not one of us in this enormously long blog column has done a thing personally to stop the rapid advance of Islam in their country. Alone we cannot. There is no political party that will do anything either. If we could all get together then perhaps we could begin to take radical action. But on a blog site no one knows how to get in touch with anyone else. I give up!

Comment by John.

Basically the whole world depends on middle east for their rich oil source.But then why George W Bush attacked Iran during his regime?He certainly knew that America depends on middle East for oil.Europe and America together run more than 2/3 economy of the world and the middle east economy is just a foot note compared to this.But I know since 2008 global meltdown the condition is not so good in USA and Europe.In fact many people blamed Bush for his war strategy against Iraq but at the end of the day he was a winner-He fulfilled his goals as he fulfilled his goals in Afghanistan also.If Europe and America together attack middle East then it will not even take one year to conquer those land in one year.But that will certainly effect the whole world economy and other countries will be affected by misery of war.

Then what is the possible solution?

Simple answer-Follow the same strategy what France did few years ago.Even there were protest in Muslim world for banning the ‘burkha’ in France but strict rules and anti Muslim activities can be done in those Countries which will restrict themselves into their small domain-ban any public rally conducted by fundamentalist Muslim organizations,If the govt. does not take much initiatives then the youth of the country will have to take the responsibility.

Stop people from converting to Islam or stop people marrying a Muslim guy etc or take some stance which Hitlar did against Jewish(but this time it will be for shake of good) and control the numbers of Mosques…in India we can not do anything like this but it’s very much possible in Europe and America because the culture there tells to keep an eye on eye and fight till the end.

Comment by Sambit

Sambit: Saudi Arabia and the other Middle Eastern oil producing countries are very much more than a footnote to the economy of Western nations: they are central to such economies. The moment oil supplies dry up, the economies crash. A war against them is out of the question because the oil producing infrastructure would be destroyed, Iran would immediately put its nuclear missiles into the air and in any case we live in such exaggeratedly politically correct times that about 70 or 80% of the populations of the Western nations would protest violently, en masse, to prevent any war being declared. All the West has been subject to Palestinian and other Muslim propaganda and lies for at least 40 years. Children at schools and students in universities are drenched in these lies, propagated by p.c. left wing teachers and believe them. (See “BDS Campaign against Israel” under for example). So this option is clearly out of the question. People bend over backwards to placate the Muslims in all Western nations, so the bans you suggest would also be very widely opposed by the peoples of Western nations. Broadcasting the truth behind the strategies of Islam to overpower the West and impose their intolerant and fascist ideology-cum-religion and sharia law on all of us, and what this would mean in practical terms, would be a beginning. But immense amounts of money would be necessary to print and distribute leaflets and, of course, those responsible would become immediate murder candidates as well.

There is another way of looking at all this. Just to look at your own tradition for a start – Shankara, the conversation between Krishna and Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, Rabindranath Tagore, Adyashanti, Ramesh Balsekar, (up till around the year 2000), Gangaji, Nisargatta Maharaj, H.W.L. Poonja, and Ram Dass, (not to mention the Sufis Hafiz, Rumi and Kabir, or the Zen Patriarchs, (especially the 3rd), Lao Tse, Wei Wu Wei, Tony Parsons, Francis Lucille, David Carse, (especially David Carse in “Perfect Brilliant Stillness”) and the Christian mystics, Meister Eckhart, Saint Teresa of Ávila and Saint John of the Cross – all proclaim that in liberation, enlightenment, awakening, understanding, illumination or whatever you like to call it, it becomes apparent that there are no such things as human beings at all! It is a mistaken identity. These apparent objects are simply expressions of the One, the only subject, the “I Am”, through whom It flows impersonally. But not even that because the whole apparent world and universe is being dreamt, or danced if you will. It is a film, a play, an illusion, so not to be taken seriously. In fact nothing matters, nor does anyhting have any meaning beyond being what it is. Further more they declare that nothing could be any different from what it actually is and that from the ultimate point of view, all is perfect! Only apparent objects that believe themselves to be autonomous persons wish to change the world for the better. In reality there are no rules, neither good nor bad, nothing matters, there is no meaning, no judgement is possible, no one is there – all those things matter only to “people” but not in reality! Moreover most sages never interfere with what the situation is – a few do, (e.g. Ghandi), but then they are just also being part of the inevitable unfolding of the Divine. The norm is for enlightened beings to do nothing at all to intervene. But you and I are still victims of samsara and the mistaken belief that we are egos with an agenda, a programme, which is why we get upset! Perhaps we should be more concerned in letting the illusion of the self fall away to reveal the real truth than in changing the world for the better. The world has never been better or worse – there is always an equlibrium, which is why action to change things is perhaps pointless!

Comment by John.

I have already told you that I am not in favor of any war or any such extreme activity.But just because of 30% people why rest of us will suffer?Historically it’s the Christians,Jewish,Hindu,Sikh had always been the victim of Islamic terrorism.I was just reading in today’s newspaper that 3 terrorist have already reached London who will target during games time in next 1 month.

You were talking about economy-well,by 2050 china and India together will run more than 40 percent of world Economy according to many economist.But India will certainly not take any action against them and China or rest of east Asia don’t have much problem with Muslim nations-So who can stop them?Gandhi tried to make peace with them but it has not produced any fruitful result but rather Pakistan has become the biggest enemy of India since independence.So words of peace is not gonna work with them but rather some intellectual strategic measures might work which France has already taken
during recent times.If you go in South America,there you will not find any strong Islamic presence and those countries I think right now are best place in the world who are enjoying their lives at best possible way-They are neither rich nor they are in fear of losing their economic prowess in future,but rather they have embraced the most feasible way of life-same goes for Countries like Japan or South Korea.So if presence of Islam is the cause of all worry then why should we tolerate them day after day!!!You know one Mughal emperor Aurangzeb once said “The world I see thousand years from today is one nation ,one culture,one religion…Islam,Islam and only Islam.”

Comment by Sambit

The very first acces into Britain for those mother fuckers,are those fucking british politicians whoneedarab capital tunning the british economy. So hard to rid off those camel smelling pranks. First taking out thpse interested money trackers then the rest will be soeasy…..

Comment by Trejo

There are members of the 1922 ‘club’ and members within all parties that say ‘ multiculturalism has contributed so much to Britain——when asked what contributions they are slightly stumped then they say—I like it very much. What I then said back to one in question was. No the only thing you like traitor is the vote they give you when you utter treason.
Blair is back-he got rid of the treason act—now you know why !!! The end to multiculturalism send it back to Stalin and we ALL know where that thing is eh !!!

Comment by Capt

Sambit: There is only one solution and that is expulsion of ALL Muslims from ALL Western countries. Ghandi’s tactics of non-violent passive resistance worked because there were very few British in India – the ICS, the armed services and the box wallahs – and also the Attlee government was even keener than the Indians to get the British out of India, (and withdrew far too early thus bringing about Partition and the massacre of collosal numbers of people). In Britain, and the other Western countries we are dealing with tens of millions of unwanted occupiers of our countries and our governments are strongly against expelling them – the exact opposite situation of Ghandi’s India. The Dalai Lama embraces the philosophy of Ghandi, peaceful passive resistance, but obviously he will never get anywhere against an overwhelmingly large occupying presence – there are more Chinese now in Tibet than there are Tibetans – and there are thousands of well-armed and well-trained Chinese soldiers in huge barracks outside every town and city in Tibet. So expulsion is the only answer. To bring this about, indigenous Western people will have to be informed about the threat that the Muslims present to the continued existence of their culture, civilization, religion, established law and polities. Information presenting the actual truth ought to concentrate people’s minds in such a way as to force politicians to wake up and take notice. I can think of no other way of getting rid of these murderous fanatics. Change from withinIslamis never likely to happen. You mention Aurangzeb – his father Akbar invented a composite religion to try to end religious conflict and was ousted by his own son the fanatical Aurangzeb. Muslims would never allow any kind of beneficial reform to their fascist ideology-cum-religion.

Comment by John.

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Comment by riot graves


I am replying little late because I was slightly busy with Olympic games and first congratulation to Britain for giving us a controversy free Olympic games after a long time although many people are in favor that China hosted a better games last time.

Since this discussion is about Islam then I should start talk with your double gold medal winner Mohammad Farah who is a Muslim.Do you wanna see him in Britain or not?What about Mohammad Ali or even Michael Jackson as the later showed some interest in that religion late in his life?Ever heard of any criminal from Muslim nations such as Egypt,Malaysia or Indonesia which are all predominantly Muslim nations?

It’s not the African or oriental Muslims who are creating problems but rather the middle east and south Asian Muslims are all source of problem(that does not mean that Hindus or Sikhs are perfect but many of them does not have minimum basic sense how to assimilate with different cultures when they migrate abroad.We Bengali’s are not good at that and that’s why Indian Bengali are very less in abroad except those who migrate for higher studies.But there are huge community from region of Punjab and Gujrat who contribute more than 60 percent from Indian community in UK and USA and most of them are associated with either business or industry or taxi driving who may be burden for those countries).

So you have to choose people according to their performance.I don’t think any African or white who has become Muslim can be burden for any country.But it’s the middle east group and few converted Hindus who are all source of problem.

I hope you will understand my many people may call me racist for doing such discrimination but sometimes intellectual racism is required for betterment of our society.

Good bye.

Comment by Sambit

Sambit, Thank you for the reply. Well the Black Muslims in Britain are up to all kinds of mischief – the Nigerians are up to their eyebrows in bank fraud, the Somalis and other Blacks are just as involved in female genital mutilation, “honour” killings, forced marriages, persecution of apostates and homosexuals and all the rest of it, as any other Muslims are. As all this ghastliness is prescribed by the Koran and the Hadith there is really no Muslim community uninvolved in it. The Muslim terrorist murders and attempted murders in the UK have all been committed by Pakistani descended Muslims. The Indonesians killed 202 Australians in Bali and badly wounded another 100. Muslims are killing Buddhists in southern Thailand and Christians in the southern parts of the Philippines and the northern islands of Indonesia. I believe Indonesian Muslims killed Theo van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn in Holland. In Britain most of the Muslims are either Blacks or Pakistanis or their progeny so naturally most Muslim crime is committed by those communities, but in France, where they are mostly from North Africa or from fromer French sub Saharan Africa, they are the ones who commit the crime and so on – each country has Muslims from different parts of the world – from Albania and Africa in Italy, from Turkey in Germany, from Indonesia in Holland, but they are equally prone to perform the most heinous crimes to further the cause of their wretched religion and indeed their prophet and their religious texts encourage them to do so. The root cause lies in the texts, not in the races – Islam is nothing to do with a race: it is a narrow, life-hating, intolerant, fascist ideology-cum-religion ideally suited to wild 7th century desert tribesmen.
Secondly, one doesn’t buy a herd of cattle for the sake of one or two good specimens in it. especially if the cow byres and pastures are already full! This is my reply to your citing of one or two good examples of Muslims in GB out of about 10 million far from good ones. Do you think they didn’t ALL dance with joy in the Muslim ghettos in GB, (and throughout Europe), when all those unfortunate people were burnt to death or jumped from immense heights to their deaths when the Twin Towers were destroyed by Muslim terrorists? They were delighted! So much for “moderate” Muslims”! There’s a good article if you can find it on the net on: – go to “news” then find “immigration” below one of the articles there, then go to an article by Mark Monmot called “immigration” for a good analysis of what Islam is really about. John.

Comment by John.

A Muslim, was not invented until Saton fucked a pig. It’s why a Muslim won’t eat pork. I live and work in a Muslim controlled country. We have just had Ramadan, every one ‘non muslims included’ must follow the rules of Ramadan here. Fuck Islam. Islam take my basic human rights away without any questions being asked. I have to follow the basic islamic rules here. Then muslims who live in the UK should follow the basic rules of Britian.

Comment by PFI

just make sure , those filthy mother fucker ain’t tracing your post.

Comment by John2find


Comment by BBBBBBBBB

i dont want my kids to grow up with this peaces of shit. let breivik come out and sort it

Comment by Mateusz

all muslims are a lower life form and should be treated the same as dog shit on the bottom of your shoe (with disgust) their religion is a farce. They are filthy, smellly cowardice bastards that will never acheive anything that is good.(evil cannot achieve good) they will never win in this world because they are a brainless, soul less minority and non acheivers,if by any accident that they could ever take over Britain,it would never last because they couldn,t organise a piss up in a brewery,never mind run a country .

Comment by Edward Raymond Marshal

Muslims should simply be wiped off the face of the Earth. “Rivers of Blood” we should have listened to Enoch!

Comment by Kick them & the Coons out

fI agree they are like just plague we have to get rid of them with some sort of anti muslim vaccine

Comment by ksmain

I’ll tell you what would be interesting. Start the development of a poll among all Brits on the lines of “are you in favour or not of serious measures to severely restrict the dissemination of islam-ic(ist?) propoganda”. Something stronger would be nice but unrealistic. If as many would suspect, the pros outnumbered the antis by say 80:20, this would at least give our leaders a serious headache. The poll would have to last quite a while to achieve the necessary numbers.

Comment by Cosmo Webster

I think uk young people can do it, but they have no much courage to kick islam out of britain.

Comment by salama

Kick Islam, not Muslims.

Comment by John2find

if you do not want this country to be an islamic state which i do not.
its the only way things will change.

Comment by s will

I have contacted my local MP – and the PM, and several journalists and other influential people. All I have received in reply is a resounding silence. From every single one of them! So where do we go from here?

Comment by John.

I have done this and got no response – My MP, John Stevenson is too busy glad handing and opening events to be aware of the coming storm. Rose of England thou shalt not fade nor die!

Comment by perchancetodream

In a hundred years’ time people will be astounded that, with all the most urgent warning signs on the wall, not one native British person in authority did a single thing to avert the catastrophe.

Comment by John.

It is time to send these muslims back to theiir country of origin. In any muslim or islamic country non muslims have no rights. Take Saudi Arabia they want mosques everywhere yet in their own country churches, temples, gurdwaras and other places of worship are not allowed. So why should be mosques be allowed in U.K and other western countries. In muslim states there is no such thing as human rights but these idiots are here they want all rights like Abu Hamza and the likes of him. It is time to act and get rid of these bastards marrying their sisters and so on.

Comment by ksmain

Our Father who art in heaven,
your kingdom come, your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven,
give us this day, our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, including Mulisms, for yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory FOREVER AND EVER, amen

Trust in God to banish evil from this earth forever.

Comment by wendy kay stevens

I was suggested this website by way of my cousin. I’m now not certain whether or not this publish is written by him as nobody else recognize such distinct approximately my trouble. You’re amazing! Thanks!

Comment by fiestas barcelona gratis

Islam is destroying britain.It must be eliminated by whatever means necessary.It will probably take a violent and bloody civil war,but britons will have to muster the courage to defeat these savage muslim freaks.Britain will not survive if it is not restored to a peaceful orderly white country again.

Comment by Neeva

White country what a racist comment about white supremecy ur as bad as a muslim wanting just ur race to take over sorry canrt happen us black people are here to stay just look at the tottenham riots u kill a black man from now and were fuck up ur shops and ur livelyhood

Comment by anthony


Check this link out. It is to GOLDEN DAWN in Greece which is trying to get a World movement going against Islam. They are not fascist but only concerned with preserving their national identity against Islam. It is starting to take off in Germany. Australia is in on it and the UK is moving in. We need USA ! Come and join the party!
Long Live America The Land Of The Free!
Rose Of England Thou Shalt Not Fade Nor Die!

Comment by stan dobson

How can u have a white country when u white women from england love the black dick u don’t see white men with black women that’s a rarity its u. White women that l get the blame. Ur breeding mixed raced kids for fun

Comment by anthony

Neeva; Everyone says this but no one does anything – including me! The fact is that we all know what happens to anyone who openly opposes this mad fascist ideology. Perhaps promising to eliminate ten of them for every one of us they bump off would do the trick. We have everything against us – all the newspapers and the BBC back the Muslims to the hilt – look at the way they portray Israel. After 6 years of being attacked by Irani rockets from Gaza – round about 6000 of them – when Israel finally begins to defend itself, the media talk about Israeli aggression and indiscriminate killing! The Israelis take every possible precaution against killing civilians but as Hamas deliberately puts its terrorists and its arms in civilian areas, some civilian deaths are inevitable. Not one reporter mentions the fact that Israel has been under rocket fire for all these years and has a perfect right to defend itself – it is always the Muslims who are innocent and the wicked Israelis who are to blame. When every Muslim act of intimidation or aggression is excused and even praised by the media how can we even begin to tell the truth and build up some resistance?

Comment by John

Well said John.

Comment by Aine O'Neill (@AineONeill4)

your all fucked you stupid weak english arseholes , islam now rules the uk

Comment by mussi allal

pmsl thats what you think donkey lol….. or did u not notice? the West now sees you for what you are – thick, dumb and finished. Be wary we’re coming for you…………

Comment by lila

Wishful thinking I fear Mussi. Unfortunately for you and your ilk the native British are, at last, beginning to wake up. We are lazy, tolerant and slow to anger but, when we do begin to get angry, look out!

Comment by John.

Black man rule the uk u dumbass just look at the tottenham riots kill a black bruddah and all ur mosques and shops will go few muslims died in it already need I say more. We go in

Comment by anthony

I’m white and I have no fear of you Bi-pets, as your collective IQ will be your own downfall – You proof your own stupidity by destroying instead of creating . . . But then again you cannot help that as its inbred in the gene-pool you crawled out.
Africa is too rich for the blacks to maintain, so they just sit and starve on top of all those minerals, too dumb to utilise the riches and wait for the White handouts
What a waste of life.
And the islamic sand-Niggers are none better.
I have a warning for you lot . . . The White man is waking up – for the rest go figure, history will give you a clue [that’s if you can read]

Comment by Buck

Go to Scotland or the north of Ireland and tell them that you rule the Uk, you don’t dare you’ll get your shit heads kicked in, you fucking paedo cowards.

Comment by Aine O'Neill (@AineONeill4)

Howdy! This post could not be written much better!

Going through this article reminds me of my previous roommate!
He constantly kept talking about this. I most certainly will send this post to him.
Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

Comment by

I will right away seize your rss feed as I can not to find your email subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Please allow me understand so that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

Comment by Big Brother Albania

Couldn’t agree more Britain needs to ship them all back there trying to rule us, we should take a leap out of Australia and only let people come here if they will serve a purpose and bid not send them straight back bye bye it’s our country they can go back to theirs and pratice their religion

Comment by Hayley sherwood

I m half black and half white mixed raced and sometimes get racially abused from white men thinking I’m muslim this happen 1 week ago some guy said go bk to my country yet I’m born here from a white woman so I told him blame ur own people for bringing me into this world and then I knocked him clean out don’t even like muslims but who’s says the white man any better I’ve never had racial treatment from black people my point is muslims and white are so racist and no one gives a fuck on ur views white supremacy was more of a worry than muslim supremacy can’t everybody just get along and live ur short life

Comment by jerome

I agree jerome britain is 1 racist country I also mixed race and get abuse from people thinking I muslim now cause I like to grow my beard. 1 thing I do no is muslims don’t like white people they recruit loads of black people and will never ask a white person to join a white person would hv to ask to join or marry into it yet I believe this same muslim hate is from the same sort of. White people that don’t like any colour that aint they own the debate was once let’s kick out blacks and now its kick out muslims but ill tell u 1 thing white people will need the black man if a muslims riot over britain 1 day because we don’t take no shit just look at my areas riot in tottenham we go hard and ready to go harder at any time. Pharoah is my god

Comment by anthony

Is your point that only ‘whites’ are racist?

Comment by Edward Rountree

well fuck you anthony you dont like us for being raist go home or do you come here to get tax pairs money because this countrys easy on you we will get you and you will be hundg by the neck

Comment by thomas

A bit late on commenting, but for what it’s worth . . .
The only problem is, as Islamic countries become more backward and even less productive, they will demand more aid – jizya, in fact – from Western nations, and our deluded “leaders” will pay it

We should really rename the Middle East ‘The Twilight Zone’
Its like stepping into a worm-hole in the fabric of the space time continuum.
Like a parallel universe where left is right, right is wrong, black is white, and up is down.

Clearly Islam is the religion of the insane . . . nothing about Islam is either sane or normal — or decent.

Comment by Buck

Couldn’t have put it better myself, Buck.

Comment by fmwatkins

When will Britain wake the fuk up and stop the disgusting smelly horrible racist piggy muslim scum out of this country..We dont want them here and HATE the scum

Comment by Edward

Edward, I fully agree – but how are we going to do this? Not one British M.P. will do anything to achieve these ends and how can it be done without parliamentary action?

Comment by John.

We have no one to blame but ourselves, If we were not a bunch of spineless citizens then we would not have let any of the cunts in in the first place…

Multiculturalism has indeed divided and conquered us because we no longer understand the mindset or values/morals of our fellow citizens, especially when most of them just come here for our benefits, healthcare and homes that our hard-working parents/grandparents fought hard to establish and protect.

Other less polluted countries are of course facing there own problems, but they are still a majority and often take to the streets when they disagree with their state/government…. what do we do? we just bend over and say With Vaseline Please…!!

Of course I would like to see change happen, but I do feel it is too late…..Ana Kennington SE11.

Comment by Ana

Muslims flood into Wester cities with the purpose of bringing down western or non-islamic culture. This is a FACT. What is up with all of you soft cock ideologists that you want to deny this. Some of us, our families and forebears for generations have worked hard to build a society in which we can live relatively safe and liberal lives, where we are able to express ideas and work toward ideals that encompass the greater good and yet there are so many of you who think it progressive or christian or whatever to allow such a corrosive and regressive order like Islam in and then bury your heads in denial at the truth of what happens as a result!
Islam is Christianity almost five hundred years ago. We moved past the inquisition and personally I do not want it back!

Comment by Edward Rountree

Ana: We didn’t let them in. Our unrepresentative M.P.’s let them in so as to gain votes and have cheap domestic and industrial labour. None of us ever asked them here, needed them here or wanted them here and many of us have been beseeching our M.P.’s to stop them coming in for anything up to 68 years or so, all to no avail. Do you think the Chinese, the Japanese, the Koreans, the Swiss, the Austrians, the African countries, India or Pakistan would ever allow millions of people of different race, religion, laws, customs and traditions into their countries? Of course not. Yet what is fine for them is somehoiw wrong for us. And we are forbidden to complain about it by law. That is why no one does anything about it.

Comment by John.

the people
the black,the muslims come to the glorious land of britian and thay fuck it thay complane about there youth clubs shutting down so muslims cant meet there friends and blacks complain about are weather jobs are going becouse are them and every one of them blame us thay litter are streets and bring crime to are nation we were once called the work shop of the world look at us now i feel are country has been raped so stand with me and make every one of those bitches feel like hell for them stand for your children your family and your country

god save the Queen

Comment by ryan

they come the blacks build there churches build there fucking shops are great land we have to get them for what thay did we have to send them back home.

Comment by thomas

Actually I visited this blog long time ago and i have mentioned this blog in several others internet forum.

Now watch these you tube videos-fuck Muhammad and Islam

Bare naked Islam

Good job,Britain must kick all Muslim cow fucking sand nigger out of their land.

Comment by child molester Muhammad

fuck islam fuck the taliban and all their fucking followers. anyone who supports this shit are lower than dog vomit !these wank stains have not seen the true horrors this evil portrays. we are a free nation and these maggots are crawling in everywhere. we need someone to lead us in the fight befor it is to late. for god and country . god save the queen let us save England. Denwar.

Comment by Denis Waring

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Comment by Doris

you are a big liar. Muhammad is not as described.Muslims do not hate the Christ. Muslims like the Christ as much as Muhammed. The prophet Muhammed a child women rapist. It is actually part of your character and daily behaviour. We as Muslims don’t hate Jesus.

Comment by Osamah Ali

you are a big liar. Muhammad is not as described.Muslims do not hate the Christ. Muslims like the Christ as much as Muhammed. The prophet Muhammed is not a child women rapist, you are. It is actually part of your character and daily behaviour. We as Muslims don’t hate Jesus.

Comment by Osamah Ali

I agree most moslem’s I have met have an overt or disquised contempt of the west. They do not intergrate . They segregrate Go to hydrogen fuel and kick their ass’es back to Saharan desert Draw the psychic sword economic was political war strip the veil of their religious hypocrisy Mohammed ate camel shit for his unholy revelation. His fat pig of fat of a wife pussy whipped and dominated his sick ass as well Walk free westerners purge our homelands from the pestinence that is Islam Frank.Barlo

Comment by frank barlow

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Comment by salute products steel targets

fucking sick scum,life draining,evil parasites openly bragging on camera covered in blood after killing one of our heroes in his own country,
the time for talk has ended!
stop ya bullshit and come together to get these fucking parasites killing our country, our men, out of OUR FUCKING COUNTRY.



the time for change is now.

Comment by jaymee

A big majority of muslim people living in the uk are true law abiding citizens, some are pillars of their community and true to their religeon. Its the fanatical muslims that are trying to dismantle OUR way of life, overthrow OUR government, destroy OUR monarchy. They are hoping to justify their actions by claiming our service men/women are killing muslims in iraq and afghanistan. But its fine for the extremists to kidnap and murder their own.?
After 9/11, our forces were given a job to do. We beat saddam, gaddaffi and the main man osama. Then the mission was to HELP those countries build a new infrastructure, education and bring peace to uncivilised societies. We were there to HELP.
They dont want our help.!
If truth be told, the real threat to britain comes from pakistan.
Now the tide seems to be turning. Our boys are being attacked and beheaded by muslim men in britain TODAY.
Makes me wonder what next before our government act. It was them that let these borders be breached to an uncontrollable and dangerous extent. So its upto them to get us the fuck out of it. But they haven’t a clue how. So it seems if nothing is done NOW, then its going to be left to our children and grandchildren, if they haven’t been beheaded by then, to fight on their streets side by side. Lets not wait for government to help us, they cant and wont.
So i agree, the time for change is NOW. Its time to rise up people of britain, before its too late.
Jihad will hit every shore in every nation, thats certain, and i’ll be waiting.

Comment by fed up

Get them all away back over the sea’s. Stupid letting them in here in the first place, send them all back to kill each other not us ! Say Goodbye to Muslims.

Comment by Dan Watt

Rag heads out!! Burn them devil cunts!

Comment by EDL

They come into the country, get on the benefit system within a week, get a lovely council house for them and their 15 kids. The government gives them a lovely pat on the bum and a load of cash. Welcome to England! Now go bomb something! 😀 -_-

They get a lot of things for nothing, and all they do in return is:
1. Murder innocent people because they don’t believe in their shitty cult.
2. Kidnap women and sell them to their disgusting Arab community.
3. Bomb places.
4. Boo our soldiers and burn our poppies. Without those brave people who fought in WW2, you stinking Islamic pricks wouldn’t have a fucking place to live!!!!!

I have got to where my Mrs works because an Arab wouldn’t leave her alone, everyday he kept coming in and asking her to cheat on me with him. She told me about all of that the first day it happened, after a couple of days of him going into her work and asking her, I went up there as well, and waited for him. Did he shit himself when my Mrs said that her husband was there? Oh yes. Before he even finished saying ‘Sorry’, I smacked him one so hard on the temple that his eye actually dislodged. And I didn’t stop there. He hasn’t been back since, and this was a year ago. I bet you any money, as 25 year olds, he would of tried to kidnap my Mrs and sell her.

They’re hypocrites and arrogant pricks. You want to make a church in their country, oh no no no can’t ever happen. They make a place of ‘worship’ in England, and the answer is yes. PLUS they get given speakers and a microphone so they can blast their fucking annoying chanting through the rest of the neighborhood for everybody else to hear. GRRRR it’s annoying. Makes me sick.

Just go back to your own country, leave us alone. Because if when war does break out, you wouldn’t have the economy or firepower to win.

They piss me off so much. -_-

Comment by Just An Angry Guy.

Muslims want control of other countries, but they don’t understand that the reason white western countries are great is because white people made them great. ruled by them western countries we be shit like the east.

Comment by rio

hydrogen bombs would do the trick !

Comment by stan

Somehow I never felt threatened by a Hindu or a Chinese bloke.

But when I see that bearded man and the woman draped in death black I kinda feel alarmed.

Not really sure why but there it is.

Comment by Barry

Barry you must have read this blog_Indian/Chinese IQ puzzle where one Bengali from West Bengal mentioned about this blog.

Comment by child molester Muhammad

I’ve had enough of these scum bags something needs to be done. If the gouverment won’t do any thing then the people will have to. I am born born and bred in this country just like my father and father before him and so on. I want my children to live in a country were they are safe. I will not take my kids any where near London incase some idiot decides to blow something up or knife me because I’m white with a short hair cut. I worked I Northern Ireland and I felt safer there

Comment by Nigel

As a former muslim, I support your cause. Islam is completely parasitic in Europe , and has no place in the western world. If anybody, I think Europeans should import non Muslims from Islamic countries like myself, who could actually be contributing members of society.

Comment by J

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Comment by natural nail fungus cures

I think most of the comments are coming from People who have read the blog _Indian/Chinese IQ puzzle where one Hindu from Kolkata,India mentioned about it and thankfully people around the world are waking up against these retarded son/daughter of Prostitute Allah.

Comment by child molester Muhammad

The sad thing is, you’re pretty much right. It seems to be that the only political systems that provide for any personal freedoms are plural secular democracies. So surely they provide for the freedom to follow Islam?
The only freedoms they cannot sustain are those of people fundamentally opposed to the freedoms themselves, and Islam falls squarely into this category, as indeed do fundamentalist Christians. It is a cancer, and we are fools not to excise it. These people consistently make their own countries ( where they shoot little girls for reading books) little better than hell on earth. Send them home and let them enjoy the fruits of following their paedophile prophet.

Comment by Mark Hancock

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Comment by Kami

I am 100% British and I think that instead of come here, why don’t they go and sort out their own countries, but no, we have to do all of the dirty work for them.

Comment by Tyler Kidby

People like Indian’s in my opinion should be allowed into Britain as they did help us in our times of war. Like World War One.

Comment by Tyler

The civilized west is based on how people treat each other that is based on a certain theology or philosophy. Specifically christianity, which believes in respect for life, freedom to pursue the right things without hurting the other. Dignity, respect for life and Christianity also believes that life is intrinsically good and people as dignified adopted sons/daughters of a heavenly and holy father. Islam is evil. Dark, twisted and out of touch with creation and nature and humanity. It is a sickness. But it has the aim of not co existing, rather transforming and spreading and destruction. It does not matter that it is a shit religion. It is also a religion that wants to change others.. Unfortunately, UK and Europe needs a spiritual resurgence in Christianity before Islam comes and pushed itself in. Therefore allowing islam unrestrained will destroy any civilization because it promotes oppression, violence, forcefulness, falseness and always has underlying political motives and wants to spread in any place like a virus. And Islam is not open to any other kind of thinking, person or way of life. They destroy the country they are from and then run to a happier place only to turn the happy place into like their country…go figure.

Comment by anonymous

Hello there, I believe your site could possibly be having
web browser compatibility problems. Whenever I look at your web site
in Safari, it looks fine however when opening in I.E., it has some overlapping
issues. I merely wanted to give you a quick heads up! Apart from that, fantastic website!

Comment by site

I came across this website upon my growing fatigue of Islam. I’m sick of having to eat Halal meat in nearly every restaurant I go. I’m sick of seeing their mosques littered around my entire area, did you know that in the Redbridge and Dagenham Borough’s (which don’t cover too much space) there are 19 mosques? But there are only 7 churches. Why is this? This country is bending over and allowing muslims to fuck us with a smile on their faces. Make a stand people, don’t eat Halal meat but don’t just passively not eat it, if a restaurant doesn’t serve anything but Halal (if it isn’t a muslim one) make a fuss, kick off about it and make a scene. They should be accomodating us, we shouldn’t be making all our food Halal for them! What country is this? England, our great nation which won two world cups and two world wars? The nation of Lion’s? The home of the Holy Templars cleansing the world from Muslim filth? Or is this one of their third world slums? Right now I can’t say I live in England because this isn’t England. England isn’t afraid to roar so it’s voice is heard, England isn’t afraid to fight against what it hates! ENGLAND ISN’T A NATION WHICH ACCOMODATES SCUM WHICH HATE US! If you want our country back then you have to fight for it I’m afraid and that means fighting back and showing our pride, our determination and our hope for a better country! We should all start in our homelands and work to help each other to drive them back to their own slums and then and ONLY THEN can we sit proudly and say that we are truly English. While these invaders are bleeding our country dry, NONE OF US can say that we are English because as it stands we are disgusting cowards afraid to speak out against this vile plague which is destroying our beautiful land. Don’t you dare tell me that you are proud to be English because you aren’t, not while these ugly, opressive and basically Neo-Nazi fucks run our country. They are preparing England and other nations like they prepare their meat, hanging it upside down and slitting it’s throat, allowing the blood to run dry while we all dangle twitching violently. FIGHT BACK AND TAKE OUR FUCKING NATION FROM THE HANDS OF THESE FILTHY, DIRTY AND SCUMMY MUSLIMS.

Comment by The Crusader

I agree with you completely I hate them with a passion they’re nothing but paedophiles and are truly scum and should all be kicked out without exception, however l take exception to your remark that England won two world wars not on your own you didn’t, Learn history about Scotland’s contribution in the two world wars especially in France where the sacrifice of the Scots soldiers was exceptional and as Rommel said ” it’s not the allies I fear but the men from hell in skirts”. The SAS was founded by a Scot and the Scots are known worldwide for being great soldiers.

Comment by Aine O'Neill

Thereis an e petition going around with over 10’000 positives as a cover the uk in pork scratchings dust. Its on March 15th, sugest all involved leave the empty packet / packets with a polite note (and in a tidy place) dont litter, thats foolish and dirty and dirty and foolish things are found in mosques.
Recon this is going to work, more direct than burning a quran! Hope you will sign the petition and promote this great plan. Im no 1274 on the list and will be out in southampton doing my bit.

Comment by Mike
Follow this link – Once more unto the breach, Dear Friends!
Hiroshima saved millions of lives, nuking Mecca will do the same!

Comment by lookintothefuture

Well said, let’s nuke these Moslem bastards asap men, women and children there are no exceptions, the only good Mossie is a dead Mossie.

Comment by Aine O'Neill

Muslims are parasites they reproduce like a fungus where ever they go!.they kill everyone else in the name of their imaginary god and the prophet with pig phobia!they plot to kill all other races and religions in their ugly mosques and brainwash their kids in madras, they kill In the name of the dog or god and believe in the shot book of history ‘s greatest paedophile. they do all the horrid things but they still say that their Allah is good. and they all act innocent.

for all those who believe in Allah I say may he strike me with lightening now…………… oh nothing happened, let’s wait a little longer (maybe he or it is old)………………. wait wait waiting……..nothing. your bastard god is useless he is a loser and he doesn’t exist you dum fools. if you have a brain Muslims try for your selves and see the results….-

say Allah is a loser and Mohammed is a pervert

Comment by rise against pigslam

Well said very well written.

Comment by Aine O'Neill

i would wipe my ass with the koran if i never thought that the pedo mohammad might try rape me, islam will die im MY country thats right my country not yours, let us rise up and show these muslim pig fuckers whos the boss of the uk

Comment by i named my pig mohammad

Well said.

Comment by Aine O'Neill

i’m a true brit kick all the arseholes out especially the islamic BASTARDS

Comment by BORIS

Again well said, in fact let us exterminate them, kill them wherever we find them and don’t stop until we have annihilated them all.

Comment by Aine O'Neill

please save British culture and entire Europe please save freedom…please kick this very dangerous cult out of Europe and if possible out of this planet.

Comment by John

I started out DEFENDING the Muslims Right to Belief as he/ she will according to their Quran………….i began studying the quran….i no longer defend the right of muslims, but call themwhat they are…barbaric animals who have zero tolerence for any other faith except their own….which may i add is a mish mash of other religions, making no scientific or logical sence, with repeated contradictions where mohammad repeatedly changes his mind to what god says…as to fullfill his own greed and desires at the time. Islam is about conquering. Its a religion of hate and suppression. That is what i learned in reading your so called holy book. A stamoed, approved quran used in mosques….YOUR BOOK SPEAKS VOLUMNS…EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ IT…STUDY IT, THE SURAS AND THE HADITHS AND BECOME ENLIGHTENED.

Comment by kate walker

You cannot defend the indefensible Islam is a hateful paedophile religion and must be exterminated and eradicated like the cancer it is.

Comment by Aine O Neill

islam,allah,mohamass,you can suck the sweat off my balls……islam a religion thats sweeping the ocean floor just like moes gay boyfriend osama big douchebag… they are both together covered in whale shit drinking each others urine… go fuck yourself… muzzie pig dick suckers


we need to get a petition to sprinkle the whole of england with ground up pork scratchings from light aircraft

Comment by Mike

Let’s not stop there I don’t want them in Scotland or Ireland ( and that includes all of the 32 counties) nor I am sure the Welsh want them either. As my bro has a house in Greece we don’t want them there either. Filthy paedo loving shits Mohammed the paedo and his whore child bride Aisha how the f””” can you subscribe to such a sick shit so called religion.

Comment by Aine O'Neill

For sure, but dont know how to get a petition up and running, I fly a C42 microlite and am doing my bit around Hampshire and wiltshire. Done Portsmouth, Salisbury, part of Southampton and all (i think) of ringwood and Basingstoke and Reading.

Comment by Mike

fuck islam and fuck muslim countrys, after seeing them for first hand as a soilder and a tourist they should never be aloud to force their pathetic religon upon us. we were once a great powerfull country but now i only see a weak goverment that is now giving our british colonys away that our for fathers fought and died for before us. we are no longer a great nation and i hang my head in shame as i walk the streets of the united kingdom i am a proud british welshman a true celt through and through. we should rise against immogration and bring back the fear to the countrys that try to raise against us and show people why we are called GREAT BRITAN
S/SGT Morris

Comment by S/Sgt Morris

well said morris, they are the pests… the world from them save the freedom….Religions is very very harmful

Comment by John

Very proud of you and the rest of HM forces. Rest asured this summer we will start getting our country back.
Watch this space.

Comment by Mike



Blame eh? Islam’s definition means peace. It isn’t since Islam that people hate to think about God, that lead their own life without discipline. God purely tries to prevent all these social issues portrayed. A belief of peace is a belief that is good. Can’t lose on that, so learn the truth before making racial comments.

Comment by Chaz.

They done it with Iran. My beautiful country stolen by godforsaken Arabs.

Comment by Daniel Mosaddeghi

Reblogged this on Web Design NOW Group and commented:
Sickening, just sickening. No surrender!

Comment by Web Designers NOW Group

David Cameron said this is a Christian country yet he pushes and allows through Muslim fuckers. They are on a massive salary and it just makes their jobs and lives easier to allow it. When will these twats learn?? Next thing there will be an Islamic pm.

Comment by Tom bird

Vote UKIP and then we can push to get the Muslim pig fuckers out of our white christian country , no place for dirty, heathen cunts.

Comment by Mike

They shoot girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan now the scum are kidnapping girls in Nigeria don’t want them educated they want them yo be as thick and stupid as they are sooner we get rid the better and their trying to take over schools here

Comment by Albert

i hope the UK government can kick this fucking rubbish Muslims from the great country in the word god save the queen

Comment by Mike

Kick them all out, they will take over England and has already started by changing subway meat to halal meat!!! ect…

Comment by Ethan

What are you thoughts about non Muslims who are not white (I.e Black’s and south Asians who are Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and atheists)? Do you hate them as much and are they as bad as the Muslims ?

Comment by atheist

What will happen when there are more muslim than true Brits living here, they will then be able to vote their own kind in and then rule the country .we are already living by their rules.why can’t we all be honest and say we don’t want them here but we can’t even though we are suppose to have freedom of speech it only them who can say what they want as we are being racist. We can’t even have are nativity plays because it may upset them no one cared about the johovas but if we let the muslim off for the day when we had our nativity play then there wouldn’t be anyone at school. Look how they run there own country always civil wars is that what it will be like here when we are the minority . Get rid now and stop letting anymore in . The ones here will breed enough. Stop them having there own moss , would we be allowed to have a Church of England or Catholic Church in there country.we abide by there rules in there country so they should try to fit in or leave now

Comment by Pamela peterkin


Comment by Mike

This is our island not their’s and I for one will say what I please, my grandfather did not go through the horrors of WW1, my dad and three uncles went through WW2 and one of these uncle’s whilst on active service in Italy trod on a German mine and lost his arm and leg, he died three weeks later from his injuries he was 21 years old, he’s buried in a war grave there. These paedo, shit scum will never rule me, we need to start fighting fire with fire, if they kill one of us we should kill five of them and I’ m not joking.

Comment by Aine O'Neill

Alhamdulillah… by reading this article…
I know,,, many people of britain convert to Islam

Comment by Alhamdulillah

rot in hell you evil pedo pig following , moon god worsiping piece of stinking shit.

Comment by Mike

FUCK ISLAM ! Rot in hell with Satan (allah)

Comment by

The crusades will be back in 2015, together with the EDL and Bnp and all you stinking , sister fucking pieces of dog shit colourd muslim pussy pig heads will be running back to your shit hole of a country. We spit and piss on your faulse pedo profit moo ham mad and shit in the book of allah the arab cunt.

Comment by Mike

Unfortunately, we are led by educated idiots, who cant see no further than end of there noses what is happening to there own indigenous people. Enoch Powell was right, but some
politicians and people don’t want to admit he was. Sometimes
clever people are not so clever as they think they are.! Politicians and all educated people need to wake up and seriously take note of what is happening ,instead of leaving it to the next generation to sought out.

Comment by Les Beaumont

Indeed…but by stander apathy is rife in the about being dummbed down fkn hell its crazy fkn zionists

Comment by jillh10

Reblogged this on Im awake and commented:

Comment by jillh10


Comment by jillh10

Prepare for the Crusades of the 21 centry.

Comment by Mike

lets hope so Mike im sick to death of those scum bags rag heads hanging dogs and cats and raping and killing ffs what the hell will it take to get them out? its like having a plague of ants

Comment by jillh10

Send all muslims back home & out of england

Comment by andy timsn

Dont want them in Scotland either fucking trash

Comment by jillh10

Muslims all over the world are trying to follow the Quran word by word. They are trying to follow whatever was his lifestyle then. In fact, Osama Bin Laden once said girls must not go out to school because the Quran mentions no school for women, Osama also forbid radio and TV for Muslims because these were not mentioned in the Quran. So it must surely follow that all Muslims who faithfully wear their Arabic Muslim costumes in respect of the Quranic verses get out of Britain and other non-Arabic countries and go back to their homeland? Dear Indian, Chinese and European Muslims, please follow Quran! Do not use cars or planes. Ride on camels and eat dates, for that was the way Prophet Muhammad lived. Please go back to the deserts and ride camels as soon as possible. Muslim guys, be prepared to work as slaves, as that was the way it was during Prophet Muhammad’s time. Allah allows slavery as stated in the Quran. If you have mothers, sisters, wives or daughters, ask them to be submissive and work as slaves to the kings and queens of Islamic country. For that is how prophet Muhammad’s group lived. Please follow Quran. Otherwise you cannot be good Muslims. Ya Allah!!

Comment by Muhammad Rafi

UK created Porkistan (the most dangerous terrorist nuclear) state in the world to spread regional terror. UK works hand and glove with Porkistan.

UK gives unending financial aid to PAKIstan.

Punjab PAKIstanis blow up tubes and busses but UK media make connection with Afghanistan and Arabs Lol.

UK is responsible for creating that Porkistan terrorist state (which muslims in central asia and middle east openly hate) .

UK loves Porkistan you both facially look similar. When a truck nuke goes off in every major UK city (Porkistan has 500 Nukes) UK government will blame another muslim country that needs plundering or blame antartica. lol.

You whites, hindus, chinese and blacks need to target PAKIstanis. They groom your girls, they fiddle the system they impose their sh*t culture and they can”t live in peace. They’re hated regionally but you blame muslims when 90% of terror, grooming and system fiddling is done by Porkistan.

But carry on killing Afghans and Arabs.

I really hope the day when every UK city has Porkistanis at 70% ratio forcing you to accept their Porkistan culture by force.

UK created an evil brown state responsible for incalculable deaths of Russians, Afghans, Chinese etc..etc… now reap what you sow.P

Comment by seekeroftruths

wtf? you one of those annoying ragheads are you? Its not all whites, its not all jews and its not the little people, its these fucking extreme bastards and they will leave in a bag…I dont want Afghans or Indians killed just as I dont want other good people killed but when someone makes me feel unsafe in my own country…thats when its time to kick the fucks out by force if it comes to it..but first the fucktards in power have to go and that includes the phony queen of england and whoever else runs this shit hole

Comment by jillh10

WELL SAID, We do not them here at all.

Comment by zebity2013

I told u al,now that isis scum are losiing in syria,the scum wil start in europe,burn al ther shops an mosques,giv them terror as soon as they step outside,i havent seen any ‘good’ muslims marchin against their terror,have u?,burn em al and ther terrorist trainin schools our tax is payin for,ther here for only one reason,to hate an kill us,get busy burnin em

Comment by david wyn-jones

WTF old man can you not see my picture and my name is Jill NO I am not a raghead how fucking dare you!!!! I dont want these bastards here either but it is not all Muslims and the ones I do know here are okay, they accept me for what I am and they are disgusted by what is going on and due to the awkwardness of this site I cannot find what I said to make you have a rant at me…I am willing to do whatever it takes to get these fuckers out of the UK….
zebity2013 your name sounds jewish or are you off the magic round a bout boing time for bed….I know its not every Muslim, every jew and the common person always gets it in the head so why are you having a go at me..I am Welsh you tosser

Comment by jillh10

allah (with a small a as its not a real thing
) sucks pigs cocks.
Let the games begin, forget the EDL and BNP the crusaders are coming for you.

Comment by Mike

we need to all meet spray back packs fill up with pork fat and spray the twats…however, a better idea would be to march on government because they work for us..they sold us out to islam…it is our own government that needs changing so we can get these fucked up twats out of UK

Comment by jillh10

get these dirty stinking fuckers out!! its gone on long enough!! Islamic terrorists, protesters and any kind of extremist who oppose the UK laws should be publicly tortured or hanged.

– IF they want to live like animals then they can be treated like animals.

– – – ANTI ISLAM – – –

Comment by

Amen, stinking cunts.

Comment by Mike

NOOO animals get priority over stinking muslim cunts animals are nice, gentle and peaceful Muslims are stinky fucktards that are taking up air that good people can breathe

Comment by jillh10

I don’t think you will be able to kick Muslims out of the country. There are a hell of a lot here .Most are law abiding. Its the
extremist ones that need to be dealt with. I think politicians
and the police and judicial system need to do more than what they are doing at present .They seem to be scared to impose any tough justice on any one let alone Muslim Exstremist

Comment by Les Beaumont

Cant we have a official muslim bashing day just to show them what they are in for. oerhaps the ones we knock out we can cover in bacon and VERY hot bacon fat or feed it to them.
They say Islan is a religeon I say your a bunch of brainwashed cunts. The gays, Jews and women are far far far supirior to any Muslim “man”.
Comments from English, Welsh, Irish or Scotish are welcolm. comments from Muslims will not be read unless you supply your name and address.

Comment by Mike

That is a great idea ooo bacon lmao yummmy freshly fried muslim in batter sounds great to me fucking cunts lets start off with a huge rally and then go muzzie bashing

Comment by jillh10

Well said Mike as I’m Scots Irish let them try their shit in Glasgow my home town these fuckwits will get what is coming to them. How in God’s name can you subscribe to a so called religion which advocates paedophilia, rape, having sex with animals as recently witnessed in Turkey, honour killings, the subjugation of women and homosexuality which they deny but we all know it has always been practised in Islam. They must be stopped in England with this absurd notion of their’s that certain parts of England which have a high Muslim percentage is a Moslem area particularly outside their toilets (mosques ). You can’t walk especially passed their toilets smoking or carrying alcohol, these retards don’t own the pavements they want sharia law let them go back to Pakistan and their Arab countries. In fact they should all be deported back with their bastard scummy kids and prostitute wives.

Comment by Aine O'Neill

MUSLIM = Maniac Under Some Lunatic Ideology Management

Comment by jillh10

Also this is to those ill educated people who have no other words but swears thats due to frustration but u don’t know how to get ur point across i understand where ur coming from but the reason nothing happens about this problem we all share is because of this we are then shown to look like the thugs or aggravators stay untied and embrace all we are people not animals but yet they try n hunt us like wolfs

Comment by British sikh

Either make them go home or change their beliefs. If not kill them. This is not a religion it is an ideology of world conquest by ignorant savages that is taken as literal truth by these ignorant people.

Comment by taluson

group them together give them the last meal, and nuke them once and for all.

Comment by Nadarajan

The only problehen will be who would push the button , Im on the list.

Comment by Mike

People who give the jews a free pass and save all their anger for the muslims are totally mislead. It was the jews in the western countries that lobbied for liberalized immigration laws that allowed the muslims in the first place. The muslims are the symptom, jews are the disease.

Comment by Horace Grimaldi

Your an ignorant wack job.. time to go take your meds.

Comment by taluson

Cant we be united and sort out an official “we hate Muslims day” free speach in England is ok for them cunts to spread the evil word of alah then we have more right.

Comment by Mike

I am with you Mike well said

Comment by jillh10

Horace Grimaldi: I think you’ll find that the (totally unrepresentative) political parties are to blame. The Labour party has been pandering to, and appeasing, the muslims for many years and let them come here with no difficulty because they wished to impose a “multicultural” society upon the native British – who most definitely did NOT want any such thing – and they also wanted to import millions of Labour voters into the country. The Conservatives wanted cheap domestic and industrial labour and so made immigration easy as well. The Jews had little or nothing to do with it.

Comment by John.

What a load of horse shit , the Jews are the only nation who stand up to these murdering ,treacherous , insidious ,neanderthals , long live the state of Israel for should it fall the west will fall with it.

Comment by DC MORTIMER

I hate ISLAM with a vengeance.
I hate every single Muslim on this planet.
How on earth can they even say their religion is peacefull.
They are all brainwashed infidels.
WellYou got to be pretty thick to be worshipping a murdering pedo.
The government of United Kingdom are to blame.
For letting these pigs into the country.
When they start killing more people for allah it will be to late to say WE GOT IT WRONG.
Stop letting these infidels in.
The more you let in,the more radicals you are letting in.
I work for hillingdon council.
Muslim refugees are coming in by the boat load.
They have no paper work.
And are housed by British taxpayers.

Last year a Muslim who lived here got arrested.
I found out he was apart of a terrorist network.

And the more you let in will destroy the great out of Great Britain.

Stop letting these infidel pigs into the uk before it’s to late.

Uk government is blind & stupid.
And don’t really care about British people at all.
And all these halal incest in breeds just keep flooding the uk.

Comment by Sikh soldier

Well said Sikh soldier these filthy, paedo loving sewer rats are pure vermin and must be exterminated, they are like a cancer that’s spreading and spreading. the bastard Blair opened the floodgates to allow the filth in, I hate them also with a passion I would rather see Hindus and Sikhs being allowed in as they fought bravely especially the Sikhs in the Second World war against the German bastards.

Comment by Aine O'Neill

There was a case recently in Ireland where an Algerian smashed open his polish wife’s head with a kettle bell and left her for dead on the kitchen floor then he fled to Germany , she survived by a miracle , he was captured and sent back for trial , he tried to kill her because he was a devout Muslim and she had been living an “unislamic” life , what would that constitute ? , this looser lost his job she had to work to support his sorry ass and when she went to night school to better her education that was the final straw so he bashed her head in and took their child away , that’s what a devout Muslim does .

Comment by DC MORTIMER

I feed my pet Muslim Bacon and alcohol on a regular baces

Comment by rosey cheeks


Comment by mathew

time to forcefully sterilize muslim men in non muslim countries as soon as they produce 2 kids …they are a burden to the n ation and for the muslim women…

Comment by mathew

Mathew – or BEFORE they produce two kids!

Comment by John

British citizens should protest ( with the same rage muslim assholes do ) to limit hijab and scarf to their filthy homes…anti a FMN rules should be passed.No taxes should be given for them..( the last ones to give free money is muslims..the fisrt thing they would do is to plot an attack with that money) Act fast…those bearded ones are no better than a mad dog..u can see that in their eyes..those back stabbers should be wiped off. Dont be too tolerant…thats a bad example to the rest of the world

Comment by mathew

Allah still loves you. Join him, do not hate him.

Comment by Avery

Oh, yes, and if Muslims truly did decapitate people who were not of the religion, shouldn’t there have been a lot more dead people in the world? Me, for example, my father was a Christian. Did my mother carve his head off? No, because he’s still alive today. Another example, take Mehdi Hasan, an Oxford professor. He had to debate people who hated him and his religion. Did he murder everyone in the room? No. Plus you have no qualifications in the Sciences of Hadith, or Islam, you haven’t read the full Quran, you’ve only cherrypicked quotes from it without any meaning or interpretation. You don’t even know Arabic! Oh, yes, and if you live in a country full of followers of “this ideology of death and enslavement”, shouldn’t you be dead? No! You know why? Because they didn’t chop your head off, and they never will! Why? BECAUSE ISLAM IS A PEACEFUL RELIGION.

Comment by Avery

Fuck you, and fuck your pedo “murdering profit” PBUH (piss be upon him)

Comment by Mike

The problem isn’t the people.. Most who are not truly Muslim except in religion. Most are persians or where christians before their families were forced to convert after persia and the Byzantine empire had a huge war then the black plague killed 2 out of 3 people. Muhammad marched in and killed or forced people to convert unless they could pay a tax. So its not the people. Its whats written in the Qur’an and muhammad’s disciples other books that tell Islam to kill people. Problem is how do we know your children might not join up with some jihadist group. Things need to change or Islam needs to be kicked back out of the western world. We have enough problems without yours.

Comment by taluson

We have tv’s and we can read. fix your religion to be peaceful and tolerant or we will do it for you. Every convict and gang member that likes to think they are better then woman would love your religion. Its the womans fault if we rape them.. Well hell I would be for that.. I can kill people that aren’t of my religion? where do I sign up… Of course you have idiots doing all of this.. you nice muslims signed the papers that said they could.

Comment by taluson

very intelligent people… this won’t let me edit. I also have nothing against the good people that belong to this religion. The problems are not fixable though at this time and we want everyone out to save our loved ones.

Comment by taluson

only the fairy intelligent are peaceful, yet they still hold to an ideology and ethical code that lessons woman and. Look at all the countries in the west. If all the criminal element believed in Islam they would destroy all countries. You cannot fix this. We know about your religion and more are learning every day. words have no meaning when we see the actions of your fellow muslims. Stop lying to us.

Comment by taluson

Avery – a few indvidual instances prove nothing. Read a bit of history if you’re really interested in the horrific truth about the enslavement of millions of Europeans over the centuries by the Muslims and the murder of countless people – not only Europeans by these monsters.

Comment by John

The Crusades are going to fuck you up AGAIN. Long live England, God bless the Queen and fuck alah the pig shit colourd one and moohammad the one who brain washed you bunch of pussys. Take your fucking shit religion back to the shithole country where you came from before we sort you out and fuck your wifes ( after we shave there moustashes off ).

Comment by Mike

The Truth about Islam
The existing threat in the UK and a warning of the conflcit to come
Muslim leaders and preachers proclaim the evil and fanatical ideology of Islam which forms the central tenet and core belief of muslim identity. They revile and preach hatred of Christians and non believers who are called ‘Kaffirs’. Islam is an extremely dangerous, violent, mysogynist ideology. Muslims reject and disdain western values of freedom and democracy, but cunningly use all the powers of democratic legitimacy and the benefits conferred on them in western secular society to demand the construction of more mosques, the subjugation and veiling of women (Life for most muslim women is a dystopian nightmare from which they cannot escape), the widespread cruel, abhorrent, horrific, bestial practice of female genital mutilation, (punishable by up to 14 years in prison under English Law, but few cases are brought before the courts), polygamy, forced marriages and forced marriages of children and minors, the prohibition of alcohol, the cruel and barbaric halal slaughter of farm animals. Muslims hold beliefs advocating criminal justice that sanctions cruel and horrific punishments perpetrating medieval savagery, including public beheading, hanging, amputation,stoning to death, flogging, muslims who convert to Christianity are sentenced to death. The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned that Christians are being deliberately attacked because of their faith in parts of the muslim world and even martyred for their faith in large numbers.
Millions of muslims live in Britain and many of them are being radicalised to prepare and carry out acts of terrorism on mainland Britain. While most of them do not carry out acts of terrorism, many of them neither condone nor condemn bloody terrorist mass murder and atrocities committed by their activists who call themselves ‘soldiers of allah’. Let nobody be under any illusion spread by their preachers and propagandists that islam is a peaceful religion, because anyone who dares to speak out against muslims risks being killed and butchered by their activists. British Soldiers are frequently subjected to death threats. Wednesday 22 May 2013, a day that will be remembered in infamy, the full force of islamic malice and savagery found its target and willing perpetrators, two ‘soldiers of allah’ committed the brutal bloody murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby.
There are currently 12,000 islamic fanatics in UK prisons at an annual cost of over £500 million, most if not all of them will eventually be released, 100 of them are classified extremely dangerous. Due to the lax and lenient Criminal Justice System driven by the need to reduce costs, many of them could be released early, free to carry out terrorist attacks to murder and maim potentially thousands of people. The British Government will have failed in its primary duty to maintain and protect the security of its citizens.
Islamic idealogy is fundamentally opposed to the collective conscience of the majority of British people and sets muslims in direct conflict with the values of Western Civilization. Higher muslim birth rates will produce a majority muslim population in large parts of Britain by the year 2035. England is on course to become a muslim country before the end of the century. The supreme symbol of muslim dominance will be the conversion of Canterbury Cathedral into a mosque destroying over one thousand four hundred years of Christian Civilization and History. Muslim leaders will be exultant to repeat the precedent of 1453, when the leader of the Ottoman Turks, Sultan Memhed II ordered the Hagia Sophia, the main church of Orthodox Christianity to be converted into a mosque, symbolizing his conquest of Constantinople. Christian worshippers inside the church were slaughtered without mercy and the building was desecrated and looted.
In future years internecine warfare will break out as increasing acts of muslim terrorism spread throughout the land. Their avowed objective of imposing a muslim caliphate in Britain by terrorising the non muslim population into submission to this vicious evil creed will cause civil strife on an unprecedented scale. The battle for the defence of Christian Civilization against muslim barbarism and savagery will continue a conflict which has lasted for centuries, except the battles to come will be fought on mainland Britain.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”
Edmund Burke, 18th century statesman, author and philosopher.

Comment by Christian Land

Well written piece.

Comment by Aine O'Neill

i am doing my bit to drive the cunts out

Comment by Mike

So am I Mike but I think we need to take to the streets and kill the fuckers every last stinking one of them.

Comment by Aine O'Neill

Muslim extremists give a bad name to genuine Muslims. I have a friend who is Muslim and though her family are not particularly accepting of any other religion, she is. She sees Islam as a belief like other religions, not as how it MUST be like the other Muslims. However, I completely agree that it is time to kick the fuckers out; they serve no real purpose here; they take our jobs, our homes, our food, our streets and have the cheek to state that everyone else is wrong. It’s completely revolting and it makes my blood boil. No matter how nice some of them are, the majority of them are disgusting. Islam to me, and probably to most Brits, is not a religion; it’s a fucking filthy disease and needs eradicating from this country. For good.

Comment by Theo

Kick all the pakies & muslims out of england & tell them to go back home,& there is not a britsh muslm is a muslum bomb maker living in england

Comment by andy timson

A few years ago one or two books appeared, (“The Origins of the British” for instance), that proved, as a result of genetic analysis throughout the British Isles, that all of the native British and the Southern Irish, have 70% of the same genes and that these genes were brought here by our far distant ancestors between around 15,000 and 10,000 years ago, from the Basque country, when our islands were still part of the continent. Since then there has been very little change. It is true that we went to the four corners of the Earth to build an empire – mainly so as to have secure bases for trade. However when the inhabitants of the countries comprising the old empire screamed for us to leave, we left and we left them with established infrastructures of road and rail networks, ports, hospitals, schools, universities, irrigated land and so on – for which we have received little thanks. What I would like to say is that if the few British who administered the empire left it when asked to do so, why can we not get our millions of, not only Muslims, but all Black, Asian, Latin American and Southern and Eastern European colonists to leave our country? We didn’t ask them to come here, we didn’t need them here and we certainly don’t want them here. Our treacherous and unrepresentative governments have done this to us. What benefits have these colonists brought? A new strain of Incurable tuberculosis and other diseases unknown here before their arrival, a tremendous drain on the welfare system – the National Health system is breaking under the strain of having to treat so many of these colonists and their progeny free, the schools are packed with children receiving free education, who know no English and who bully our own children, they take our jobs from us, they are bleeding the welfare system dry with housing, unemployment, maternity and other benefits – which they are encouraged to claim by forms ,available everywhere, written in dozens of outlandish languages and scripts. What we want is our own country back. What is so wrong with that? Isn’t it exactly the same as these colonists asked of us when we were administering their countries? The Muslims are of course the greatest threat to pur continued existence as a nation of native British people with the same Christian culture, and the same traditions, history and blood. On the average they have five children per family to our one child per family and their mullahs encourage them to breed as fast as possible so as to be able to take our country over, which they are doing very successfully. If they do, it will be our own fault for not having expelled them when we had the chance. There seems to be no political party that is willing to bite the bullet, state all this and do something radical and immediate about it. If correspondents of this column agreed to meet together in some place acceptable to all and wore some token by which they could recognize each other then perhaps we could begin a movement to free our unfortunate country of all these unwanted, greedy and insolent parasites. I leave it to readers to arrange this themselves. We don’t wish to harm these people – we are not Nazis – we just don’t want them here any more.

Comment by John.

Lets look at the appeasing chamberlain liberal lefty shit weve got as politicians,no muslim peasant human detritus living next door to the cretins,lets look at so called “integration”,try small heath in birmingham,and play spot the white man,or spot the white kid at their poison pagan proven breeding grounds for indoctrinating their offspring in so called schools.if this cancer in civilised western society isnt ruthlessly removed its just a matter of time until its spread.hitler was right,he just picked on the wrong people,i hope the isrealis wipe that crap off the planet in for so described “british muslims”,i echo bernard manning,”if a dog is born in a stable,it isnt a horse’ pity the germans didnt win the war,these disgusting scum of humanity would have been exterminated and it would be a better planet.

Comment by David jones

fuck off mugs

Comment by terence

With a name like terence u gota b a faggot or a pussy,probably a hybrid of both,pity u werent shot on the beaches of normandy,what a wanker,or do u prefer fakir,twat

Comment by David jones

National socialism is a political doctrine that would have the balls to fuck off the wanky E.U and fuck all parasites from islamic shit holes and africa back to the disease infested backward crap holes they eminate from,to many liberal wankers like clegg and gutless appeasing,own agenda lip service cretins like millifart,the muslims are ghettoed in preperation,breeding extremests slyly building up to attack this society,like any disease it must be fully and ruthlesly eradicated,the civilised world,given to us by the deaths of good men is being held to ransom by muslim retard human excreta,annhialate the crap off the planet,that muslim scum coward shit that murdered the journalist should have its family of rats rounded up and their heads hacked off,the scum wouldnt be so brave then,national socialism is the answer with a leader who can deal with the shit parasites,african retards taking the jobs driving wages down while tory parasites rub their hands in glee,and labour nasal twat arent going to do fuck all for the people of this once proud nation,get them all out and keep them in the shit hole countries the crap come from

Comment by David jones

I would welcome a caliphate,very good idea,when all the muslim shit gathers there like turds in a toilet pan,nuke the filth off the planet,nature dictates survival of the fittest,i.e us,wipe em out,and god assist isreal in wiping the backward scum out of palestine

Comment by david wyn-jones

I wipe my ass with the Koran everyday. Mohammad he fucking loser. All Muslims will die!!!!!

Comment by Jack Allen

Government keep ranting on about multi culture Britain!
Fucking corrupt pricks…
Why the hell did those poor people GIVE up there lives during world WARS! To fight for Britain… You can’t blame the Muslims etc..

We need to stand up for what we believe is right, and what British soldier’s died for..
We need to pull together and run these filthy pigs out of our country..
The people running our country are far worse then the Muslims etc..
Remember these pricks are killing our country,
And are kids futures, to line there pockets..

Vote to remove the vermon filth

Comment by True brit

If we wish to rid ourselves of all these Muslims – an ideological group – and all the Blacks, Asians, (Pakistanis, Indians, Indonasians, Philipinos, Chinese and South-East Asians, Latin Americans, Eastern and Southern Europeans – and their descendants, then we’re going to have to do it ourselves, because no British political party is even going to dream about doing it. (Most Muslims in our country are Blacks and Asians). We need to leave the European Union and the United Nations, both of which are heavily on the side of uncontrolled immigration, from 3rd world coutries, into all European countries. But, first of all, we need to join together and form a new radical action party devoted to the expulsion of all these parasitic colonists who are wrecking the National Health Service, the schools and the universities and bleeding the Welfare System dry, not to mention taking jobs from us all. Between 15% and 25% of all Muslims are actively supporting or taking part in terrorism world-wide – hundreds of millions of them – the rest are passive fellow travellers. As we have seen from the murders of the fuselier in Woolwich and the journalist in Iraq, they are ruthless, merciless, cruel beyond imagination and absolutely intolerant. Are these the kind of people we want to hand our coutry over to? We would be mad to hand it over to anyone, let alone these cowardly murderers. As they breed an average of five children per family and we have only one child per family, on the average, we’d better expel these wretched people pretty quickly or we’re done for. All readers and writers of and to this column need to meet together by arranging a meeting place and agreeing on some kind of sign – a button-hole for instance – so as to be able to recognise each other. Then we can join together to form an action group and decide on what we’re going to do to save our country. Writing these messages changes nothing. We must take action NOW!

Comment by John.

John you are so right its scary but what is even scarier is the fact that the police seem to come down like a ton of bricks upon us and leave them bastards go free, no one sticks together here its fkn crazy I for one will do what it takes but I cant do it on my own

Comment by jillh10

The EU is a huge pile of SHITE run by total CU9TS!!

Comment by Octavius Flapsucker

Allah sucks dicks

Comment by Muslim's are Evil Pigs

It’s all well and good that we cry about them on the internet, but the English lions need to be awoken. For too long our elected leaders have betrayed us and allowed the floods of immigrants to pour in and attempt to colonise our lands. What do we all do? We sit on the internet and cry about it to each other, claiming that we are so oppressed. What have our great countrymen done in the past? We have slaughtered them like the dogs they are. Wake up now for tomorrow is too late. If you allow this to continue it will be too late to do anything. If fear grips your heart, remember that if you die in battle on the same night you will awaken on the road to valhalla, chosen to feast in the hall of heroes with the other great white heroes. We need a leader, a warrior who will combat this scourge from our lands in its entirety. I am sick of seeing seas of Brown people claiming parts of our great nation are ‘muslim areas’ your ancestors were maimed and tortured protecting this land and this is what you do? You just let them shit on your ancestors names? Deface your own names because you don’t bring pride to our race and nation by sitting at your computer complaining, you will only make the gods smile by pushing them from our lands and defeating this menace. This is WAR, it’s espionage for fucks sake! Why can’t anybody see this? They are infiltrating our country and our ranks of power (pakistani and other muslim variants are now in highly regarded positions) they are claiming tax payer money which they SHOULD NOT BE ENTITLED TO but our SPINELESS LEADER says it’s FINE when it FUCKING ISN’T. First the Muslims must be destroyed enough so they wish to recoil from our great nation, then our ‘leaders’ must be destroyed for treason. For too long now they claim to have the British natives best interests at heart but once they get into power they fall back on their words and allow the immigrant scum to get better foot holding than the natives and I am sick of it! We don’t need huge groups like the EDL who cry and do nothing but march around in streets and look like thugs, no. We need freedom fighters, we need people who aren’t afraid to fight back. Remember this, if there was an army of us, it will take an army to stop us and I know for sure that the police won’t be able to arrest 10,000 people and by the time they have finished arresting us, our mission should be completed. Don’t think I will just preach to you and do nothing myself, for I will be attacking the mosque they plan to build in my area and hopefully there will be some muslims inside for me to burn to death in the name of England, the once great nation which is now under the boot of Islam begging for it’s life. Do you want to live at the mercy of the Islamic state? David Cameron does, that’s why he isn’t doing anything to stop them when we could simply rush through our streets and theirs, killing all that we see! Let’s begin the slaughter brothers and sisters and remember, once it’s started, they can’t stop us! Hail victory and Hail Britain!

Comment by Time-to-fight-back-ENGLAND

national socialism is the answer,the fops weve got as politicians are so up the arse of forigners they stand by while muslim scum rape white girls wholesale,revolution and public disobedience as a start.

Comment by david jones

I will do whatever it takes but I cannot do this alone and even though I have tried to rally support no one takes a blind bit of notice…

Comment by jillh10

Yes kick these bastards out ASAP,

Comment by Octavius Flapsucker

Muslim extremis