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School CCTV concerns teachers

Source: BBC


Many teachers say they are concerned about “hidden” surveillance cameras located in their schools.

A snapshot survey of 249 primary and secondary school teachers suggested 84.6% had CCTV in their school.

The research, conducted by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), also suggested more than half – 52.9% – said it made them feel safer.

But 23.4% were concerned there may be hidden cameras whose existence was kept from both staff and pupils.

Although 97.6% of teachers said CCTV was primarily used for security purposes, 49.5% said it was used for monitoring pupil behaviour.

The majority of those questioned – 76.7% – said surveillance cameras were positioned at the entrance to their school, and almost 10% said they had cameras in their school’s toilets.

If school life is designed to ready children for adult working life, you can see where this is going. Constant surveillance, conformity to state rules, loyalty to globalism and not your country, and the use of biometrics for transactions. Who wants to bet none of these children know of the existence of Magna Carta or the Bill of Rights.


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