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UK binmen refuse to take away bags of grass cuttings because they’re too heavy!

Another example of the pathetic health and safety culture decimating British society. EU Directive, anyone?

Source: Daily Mail

She is 5ft 5in and only seven stone, but Mia Cousins had no problem carrying bags of grass cuttings 50 yards from her garden to the roadside ready for disposal.

The same did not apply, however, to the four burly binmen on the council’s ‘green’ collection run.

The three loaders and a driver left a note on the recycling sacks saying they had not been moved because they were too heavy.

The council at Fareham, Hampshire, has defended its binmen claiming they were acting within their rights under Health and Safety Executive rules on ‘ excessive manual handling risks’.

But Mrs Cousins, a 41-year-old widow and head of retail for the clothing chain Warehouse, said: ‘I’m incensed by this. If I can carry the bin bags then so should they.

‘Binmen are supposed to be quite strong. They’re supposed to pick things up. They wouldn’t be able to do their job if they were weedy.’

The note on the sacks complained that they weighed more than 45lb and contained soil including turf – a claim she denies.

Other victims of bin madness include Gareth Corkhill, from Whitehaven, Cumbria, who was fined and given a criminal record after leaving the lid of his full wheelie bin 4in ajar.

Widow June Kay, 79, was told to push her wheelie bin more than half a mile down a steep hill if she wanted it emptied by Ribble Valley Council in Lancashire.

And Lenny Woodward, 95, a nearblind former Desert Rat, was told that Norwich City Council would not collect his rubbish because he put a ketchup bottle in the wrong bin.

Just another bunch of diktats from your unelected communist rulers, the EU.


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Have no fear deary ole dill in a barrel…, I just signed out Ireland out of the EU buffet…, no Lisbon Treaty for those periling into the EU state crab of control? Over those canoeing at see level on a one leaf note – to a freedom from tarts! Placing a mix of sweats and dills on buffet of a rounded corned cradle of policing a leaf of peril? If no Lisbon Treaty! No EU committee! of crab policy of dill and tarts…, on a ocean liner of virtue between small fish and sharks and dill pickle barrels…, as on a one buffet for a UK. This has been broadcasted live on a peril to UK – from their commander of all chief of dill barrels – from an Eastern Time zone of NY…, what crab will be policing a state of freedom…, on leaves on an ocean liner in an engulfed never ending Columbus trip to freedom? Before they dill me into an engulfed barrel – will estrange a liner of leaves on a windy note to their crusty ocean waves…, see boarding crabs on the oceans backs…, on their ole little backwashed islands, with dreams of sour notes, and dreary rainy storms; may they have a lovely “stormy thunderous wave.” Between the virtue of sharks and small fish; but who am I? A tiny crab on your mighty pirate ship…, did you hear me in the UK? I am a windy note on all airliners…, on all lisping tree branches…, all waves and echoes on see level shells – back lashing a sound of see waves of notes, by a crabby sad note…, one crab had something to say…, a virtue between sharks and small fish on an ocean liner…, I got on the pirate ship…, arg! You can visit me on THE PLUCKED BALD EAGLE…, I had to! I need a bird’s of feather…, it was a cold and dreary rainy day…, arg!

Comment by likavalentino

Technically if the gad weighted more than 25kg due to health and safety then one man would not be able to lift it.But two men could so i would just put that down to the workers being lazy.

Comment by Wheelie Bins

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