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ID card ‘propaganda’ backfires as students revolt

Source: Times Online


Trust Britain’s youth to be characteristically ungrateful. The Government goes to all the effort of making a website for 16 to 25- year-olds to express their views on identity cards, and all they get in return is a solid mixture of scorn, sneering and scepticism smattered across their fancy new forums.

In a bid to get the country’s youngsters on board the controversial scheme, the Home Office has launched, where 16 to 25 year olds “can have their say about identity issues in the UK.”

But anyone browsing the discussions on the site would be hard pushed to find a single positive comment, with contributors branding the controversial scheme as “creepy,” “dirty” and “illegal” and the website itself as an “online propaganda machine”.

One contributor writes: “I think it’s pretty disingenuous of the government to come out and say “hey, yo, cool dudes! If you sign up for our hip hoppin’ ID card scheme you’ll never have to carry a heavy s*** passport to prove your age to some wack bartender again” or however it is they think we talk.” Meanwhile, amcs1983 had this to say: “So far the stats look like 100% say no to ID cards. Time to lose these results in a train station…..”

Consequently, one intrepid YouTuber has re-uploaded the video to offer this facility. WillHowlett says: “Thought I’d reupload this piece of propaganda on behalf of Jacqui Smith but with the option to post comments and rate ON. You know, seeing as the video’s meant to be promoting discussion and everything.”

At the beginning of the year, when leaked documents revealed the Government’s proposals for the first stages of the rolling out of the contentious scheme, there was a ripple of discontent from a certain sector of the population. It was announced that the first ‘guinea-pigs’ for the project were to be students.

The National Union of Students (NUS) described the proposals as “extremely disappointing” and “morally reprehensible”. Ama Uzowuru, the NUS Vice President for welfare, said: “We would also be concerned for the safety of students’ personal information if they were forced to enter the ID card system.”

So No to National ID.


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