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Regents Park mosque found still preaching hate against Britain

I guess it is another one of those endless ‘isolated incidents’ all done by the followers of the same religion/ fascist ideology.

From the Daily Mail;

The Saudi Arabian preachers were secretly filmed ordering women to murder gays and ex-Muslims.

Undercover reporters from Channel 4’s Dispatches recorded the lectures in the women’s section of Regent’s Park Mosque in London.

An unnamed Saudi woman is seen mocking other religions – labelling Christianity ‘vile’ and an ‘abomination’. Another, known as ‘Angelique’, claims Britain is a ‘land of evil’.

Christians are disbelievers for believing in the divinity of Christ. 5:17
Have no unbelieving friends. Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them. 4:89
‘Only Muslims are Innocent’ says Muslim on BBC
– Video

The investigators attended lectures for two months at the mosque, which had promised a clean-up after another Dispatches probe just 18 months ago exposed it for spreading extreme Islamic views.

What does ‘extreme’ views mean anyway? Why would a religion of peace(tm) have ‘extreme’ views? These commands are all written in the Koran and last time I checked, they were not under a specific chapter or Sura called ‘Extreme Views’. If it has such views then it obviously is not a religion of peace. Which it isn’t.

During one sermon, a woman called Um Amira says: ‘He is Muslim, and he gets out of Islam…what are we going to do? We kill him, kill, kill.’

INFIDEL the punishment for leaving Islam is Death – Video

In the programme, to be screened tomorrow, she adds that women adulterers should be stoned to death and people who have sex before marriage should get ‘100 lashes’.

Regent’s Park Mosque is one of the biggest and most prestigious Islamic institutions in the UK. Opened in 1944 by King George VI, it can hold up to 5,000 worshippers.

Worshippers of the Cult of Death and Fascist Imperialism.

After the 2007 Dispatches investigation, which also looked at mosques in Birmingham, West Midlands Police and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) claimed Channel 4 had distorted sermons and tried to press charges.

But watchdog Ofcom dismissed their findings and Channel 4 won six-figure libel damages from the police and CPS.

Was this plastered all over the mainstream media? It should have been, along with the headline ‘Proof that Islam is an ideology of hate and views Britain and everything about you disgusting and in need of cleansing by Islam’.

This time, Dispatches returned to Regent’s Park Mosque to find exactly the same extremist books on sale there and the female preachers spreading radical Wahhabi Islam.

One Saudi woman, who mocks other religions, says: ‘We feel nothing sometimes going past the church. What they say with their tongues is so vile and disgusting, it’s an abomination.’

Another female preacher, Um Saleem, says it ‘breaks her heart’ to see Muslims ‘working in banks, wearing short sleeves…and make-up’.

Well what should they do then? I guess working under this vile disgusting society is a sin. Better to just come to Britain and go straight onto the welfare system, receiving thousands of taxpayer pounds (along with housing, healthcare etc) for merely turning up here and using that time to plot against Britain. At least that way they can feel like they are doing their little Jihad bit to take something (money and resources) away from infidels.

The man in charge of the mosque, Dr Ahmed Al Dubayan, is Islamic Affairs attaché to the Saudi Embassy. Dispatches claims the mosque has links to the Saudi government, which it accuses of spending billions spreading the Wahhabi message. The Saudi Embassy denied this.

Dr Al Dubayan said he did not know the preachers in the documentary and claimed the mosque ‘does not support or condone extreme views’.

Bullsh*t. He is in charge so he is responsible, end of story. Like I stated before, this religion has no place in British society.


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I attended this “Sisters Group” at Regents Park Mosque before I knew it was Wahaabbi…Some of the things were good, but then things changed, I was allways feeling harrased by the way I dressed and that I mixed freely with men in British society….So I stopped going and found myself a moderate group to go to.

The mosque knew this was going on because many sisters complained about the way those sisters treated them when they came upstairs to pray… Telling them they were either innapropriately dressed or that they did not know how to pray properly.

As far as the first “Teacher” I did not regognise her voice. But just to Clarify Channel 4… The two sisters mentioned as “Um Saleem” and “Angelique” They are not Saudi.
“Um Saleem” is Algerian and “Angelique” is a french convert who has married Um Saleem’s wahabbi son.

The way that these women act has no place in british society, it has no peace, mercy or compassion like the tolerant and flexible Islam brought by The Prophet (pbuh)…. If they hate this non-muslim country so much and they feel it is Haram to mix so much with men and the “Kuffar” then they should go and live in a muslim country…. Oh but I get they will loose out on a council flat and state benefits!! Double standards.

These people are not muslim, but what we need to understand is that they are here and they are a real threat to non-muslims and moderate muslims like myself.

Comment by Moderate Sister

Moderate Muslims should stand up and condemn the actions of these Wahaabbi Muslims.

I also agree, In Britain, the Laws and rules of Britain are superior to all others. Otherwise it ceases to be Britain. That’s the whole point of sovereignty.

Comment by fmwatkins

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