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Babies to be assessed on their ‘crying, babbling and squealing’ by fascist government

As per the course with socialist statist tyrants. What next, children facing criminal checks from the cradle?

Source: Daily Mail

A curriculum for nursery education which will see babies assessed on their ‘crying, babbling and squealing’ was condemned by parents’ groups.

The Early Years Foundation Stage – dubbed the ‘nappy curriculum’ – is compulsory for all nurseries, childminders and playgroups in England from this week.

Ministers say the guidelines for children from birth to five years old will improve standards in nursery education.

But campaigners oppose the rules that will measure toddlers’ progress against 69 ‘early learning goals.’

Opposition to Marxists is irrelevant to them. These traitors already believe they have superiority over the People and view your opposition as a sign of ignorance of their ‘illuminated’ view of how society should be. A communist utopia where you are a slave and the State is your Master.

It will also see carers monitor the way babies up to 11 months old communicate.

Margaret Morrissey from the National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations said: ‘It is absolutely unbelievable that they can bring in this curriculum for such tiny children.

‘Under fives develop at an incredibly different pace. All this is going to do is put extreme pressure on the people who look after children.

‘It is going to put a whole category of children into failing before they even enter a school.’

Children’s Secretary Ed Balls said the rules will reduce inequality by ensuring the education of toddlers from disadvantaged families.

I f*cking hate this government. They need to be replaced, with force if necessary before they reduce Britain to a third world police state ghetto


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