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Far-right party claims Austria victory

Source: Telegraph


He has been linked to neo-Nazi groups, says that women in Islamic dress are “female ninjas” and wants to take Austria out of the EU. (Oh no!) But after his huge gains in yesterday’s general election, the far-right leader Heinz-Christian Strache was today bidding to become his country’s next Chancellor.

The extreme-right romped home with a record 29 per cent of the vote in Sunday’s Austrian poll, inflicting disaster on the country’s two main established parties, the Social Democrats and centre-right People’s Party, whose grand coalition government collapsed earlier this year due to infighting.

The xenophobic Freedom Party, presided over by 39-year-old Strache, won 18 percent of the far right vote with the remainder going to veteran right winger Jörg Haider’s Alliance for the Future of Austria. It was the Austrian far right’s best performance since the Second World War.

Note the aggressive language against this party from the Telegraph. Why are people voting for this party you may ask…

His bid for the equivalent of the Austrian prime minister’s job was not unrealistic. Should one of Austria’s two main parties find no other option than to form a government with the far right, Strache would be in a position to put his name forward for the post. Such an outcome would be reminiscent of 1999 when the Freedom Party, then led by Jorg Haider, joined the country’s ruling coalition. Fearing that democracy was under threat, the EU responded by invoking sanctions against Austria. Haider had praised Adolf Hitler and the Nazi SS.

Okay, not too keen on the last bit, but check out the double speak! Fearing democracy is under threat, the EU, a communist-inspired dictatorship, imposes sanctions on a sovereign country!

Strache’s record is equally controversial. He recently failed to win a court battle against a magazine which described him as having neo-Nazi contacts. There are also said to be photographs of Strache in his youth which allegedly show him attending a militant far right gathering at which uniform clad neo-Nazis brandished guns. Strache denies the allegations, but nevertheless wants to overturn laws which ban the display of the Nazi swastika.

Well, I guess Prince Harry can open up his ‘fancy dress‘ wardrobe then…

His Freedom Party is anti-EU and anti foreigner. During campaigning senior party members complained that immigration had brought an end to the good old days when Austrians ate Wiener Schnitzel and sausages instead of “kebabs, falafel and couscous or whatever that stuff is called.”

At rallies, Strache pledged to set up a government ministry with the sole task of deporting unwanted foreigners.

Note, not all, just unwanted. Britain has plenty of unwanted foreigners too. Those who do not agree with British law or have a vested interested in creating isolated communites and working against the best interests of Britain can go back to wherever they came from as far as I’m concerned. Seriously, what would you say if you had someone move into your house, and tell you they hate you and everything about you, and that you would not only support their ‘right’ to plot to usurp but, but that you should PAY for it too! Hmm, I think the words ‘get the fuck out of my house, traitor’ would suffice…

He has demanded a ban on mosque building and a ban on Islamic dress which he claims makes women look like “female ninjas”. He drew applause for speeches which complained that foreigners were being allowed to apply for places on public housing projects.

Makes perfect sense to me. Why should a foreigner be automatically entitled to the fruits of other’s labours? At least with nationals, there is a high chance their parents etc have paid into the system. Giving taxpayer funded assets to foreigners is insane. Unless of course, distribution of wealth is one of your tenets

Strache became Freedom Party leader in 2005 after Haider fell out with him over a series of election defeats and left to form his own Alliance party. The two men make no secret of their dislike for each other, but have signalled that they are ready to compromise if given a role in government.

Austrian political commentators yesterday blamed voter dissatisfaction with the dismal performance of the main parties for the meteoric rise of the far right.

However, the Social Democrat leader Werner Faymann, ruled out the idea of forming a coalition with them. The conservative People’s Party, has said it will consider all coalition partners, but insists it will not tolerate some of the anti-EU policies espoused by the far right. Austria is expected to endure weeks of fraught political negotiations before a new government is formed.

No, one cannot turn against the EU! How dare they! Everything else can be forgiven, but never believe you can choose to leave the Union of Freedom, Democracy and Choice!

You are free to do as we tell you… Should be the EU motto.


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