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Revealed: How immigration actually costs Britain money and could cause huge social problems

Source: Daily Mail


If there were to be a British Statue of Liberty, it should be erected at Victoria coach station in London.

For it is here that most of the tired, poor, huddled masses of Eastern Europeans have arrived seeking what Michael Howard once called the ‘British dream’.

The influx of the past ten years has been the largest in Britain’s history, changing the country for ever.

Immigrants now make up a ninth of our population, produce a fifth of our babies and fill (or create) most of our new jobs.

It’s a situation that causes concern across the board. Recently an all-party group of MPs and peers, including Frank Field, made a desperate plea for ‘balanced migration’ — meaning that immigration should be linked to the number of people leaving the country.

They also suggested an annual limit of up to 20,000 non-EU immigrants and published the results of a YouGov poll which suggests that limiting immigration would be a vote-winner for any party.

If all this immigration were the product of deliberate policy, one might indeed expect a British Statue of Liberty to be in the planning stages, as a way of commemorating how Britain, in just a few years, became almost as much of an immigrant country as the vast continent that is the United States (an eighth of its population is immigrant).

Yet the truth is that this social transformation pretty much happened by accident. Not so much a ‘British dream’, as what happened when ministers were asleep.

Nonsense. This was planned, from the Marxists in Parliament to those they illegally sold our soverignty to, the unelected EU. This was always about destroying Britain. Globalisation and pulling down everybody below the political and corporate elite.

The migration boom started long before those who govern us realised what was happening.

The benefits were gratefully reaped, the problems studiously avoided and the issue barely comprehended.

In recent months The Spectator magazine has been assembling pieces of the statistical jigsaw to reveal the picture not only of immigration in Britain, but of the problems that the newcomers, through their industry, have inadvertently helped to cover up. For the truth is that if you strip away the hard-working new class of migrant worker, the economic history of the last ten years would have been very different.

Many of the achievements which Gordon Brown boasts about can be attributed to the work of immigrants, which allowed him to avoid tackling the deeply ingrained culture of indigenous worklessness in this country that has spawned so many social afflictions.

When Labour came to power it faced a fundamental problem. A sixth of the working-age population was on out-of-work benefits: it stood to reason that unless they were found jobs the economy would not reach its full potential.

Yet forcing people off benefits is the toughest task in politics, as Tony Blair found out when his campaign to ‘end welfare as we know it’ collapsed within two years.

By then, the millennial wave of global population mobility had started — and a far quicker, easier and cheaper fix to Britain’s labour shortage had started climbing off the coaches at Victoria station and its equivalents.

The state could have, of course, done what it should have done. Reduce taxes, eliminate income tax and position the government around the protection of individual freedom, and let the productive British do what they do best. Create, invent and produce. This would have vastly reduced the control of the government over the people, so the scum in power opted for debasing the indigenous population with that of immigrants. Cheap votes and cheap labour. The only ones who benefit are the political class and the corporate class. As always. We need a revolution. We need to take into our own lives the responsibility for freedom and independence. We need to support the theory of Libertarianism and the UK party that has arranged its policies around individual freedom and the protection of British sovereignty.

Libertarian Party UK

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I hear you my friend. Fight it hard-it may be a losing battle but fight it. The results here in the United States have been devastating…

Comment by rjjrdq

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