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Sign the No to Sharia Law Petition

This is a response from the people of Britain against the barbaric religious laws of Islam. Sign the petition to let the Government know that We, The People do not want Sharia Law accepted or integrated into British law.

As John stated in a comment on the Time to kick Islam out of Britain article;

Spread this link around to EVERYONE in your contact list in your email account. Its been up 3 days and has already 1,900 signitures

Thanks for the link John.

Remember, society and everything in it, freedom lovers and tyrants, are all just different humans pursuing different ends, and it is only People that have shaped humanity. All of the tyrants and fascism scum and all of those who fought for their freedoms and the individual rights to be the masters of their own lives. All people.

Just like us.

This is Our Time in the history of the human race. There have been many Times before us and there shall be many Times for future people to shape. But this is ours.

I’m going to loosely paraphrase (and edit) the Rifleman’s Creed, mostly replacing ‘rifle’ with ‘time’ and such, mostly.

This is my Time. There are many like it but this one is mine. My Time is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I master my life. My Time, without me is useless. Without my Time, I am useless…

Lets make this Time of hours the kind of Time that future Fighters against Tyranny look back on and be inspired by!

WE must change this. Us, there are no others to do it. There can be no others because we are all that this Time has. It must be us…

Libertarian Party UK


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There is no place for an outdated communist racist homophobic anti women religion in this FREE country. So they need to start to think how they can intergrate with our society, and stop looking for social and moral hand outs.

Comment by G Clarke

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