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Dictator Gordon Brown: Use This Crisis To Create New Financial World Order

Source: Infowars


Steve Watson
October 13, 2008

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called for a new Bretton Woods system, saying that the financial crisis should be used to make world leaders agree to fresh rules and regulations under a long planned new global financial order.

“Sometimes it takes a crisis for people to agree that what is obvious and should have been done years ago, can no longer be postponed,” Brown told an audience earlier today.

Speaking at Thomson Reuters’ editorial headquarters, Brown called for “a new financial architecture for the global age”, stating that the Bretton Woods system devised after the second world war was out of touch with the new world order.

Brown said: “This crisis demonstrates beyond doubt that a global capital market requires much stronger global cooperation and supervision. And we need to ensure that we have an effective global early warning system to alert us across continents to economic and financial risk.”

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They (Brown & co.) are blatantly using the words “new financial world order”. Worry making – as we’ve seen from Europe; financial co-operation can quickly lead on to other things…

Talking of Europe; who else felt a bit sick at seeing Mandelson taking his peerage? The title ‘Dark Lord’ now seems even more appropriate!

Comment by JB

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