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Five year old pupils to dictate to teachers how to be taught

Lefty Marxo-lunacy. One of the rules for destroying a society is to try and turn everything upside down.

Source: Daily Mail

Children as young as five will win the legal right to tell teachers how they should be taught and disciplined for bad behaviour, it emerged today.

Pupils will be handed an unprecedented say in the running of their schools – from the uniforms they wear to the meals they eat.

But the proposed new duty on school governors to ‘invite and consider’ children’s views drew an angry backlash from teachers’ leaders who claimed it would be ‘open to abuse’.

Ministers have also been warned that schools will be vulnerable to lawsuits brought by parents who claim their children have not been properly consulted.

I see an increasing lawsuit society as a symptom of social breakdown along with the prevalence of bad regulations and process. Something that there is no end to with this bunch of tyrannical socialist pondscum.

The row erupted after the Government this week accepted an amendment to an education Bill currently progressing through Parliament.

The Liberal Democrats tabled the amendment after a Ofsted survey suggested a third of pupils do not believe they are properly listened to by their schools.

Regulations detailing what schools must ask pupils about have yet to be drawn up but ministers hinted in Parliament they would be wide-ranging.

In the House of Lords, Children’s Minister Baroness Morgan said: ‘As a minimum, schools should seek and take account of pupils’ views on policies on the delivery of the curriculum, behaviour, the uniform, school food, health and safety, equalities and sustainability, not simply on what colour to paint the walls.’

Equality and sustainability? Why does the state run the schooling system anyway? Shouldn’t it be run at a local level? Oh wait, that’s right, being a bunch of fucking slimey Marxists, they must control the thinking of the young. Next generation of slaves for the elite you see.

Ministers have already issued guidance to schools saying pupils can have a role in recruiting staff and observe lessons to give feedback on how well they believe they are being taught.

But critics complained the advice was akin to ‘the lunatics taking over the asylum’.

Yesterday Chris Keates, general secretary of the NASUWT teaching union, criticised the planned legal duty as ‘unnecessary’ and warned it would undermine teachers’ authority, driving them out of the classroom.

She said some schools were already allowing groups of pupils to stand at the back of classes observing lessons without the teacher’s agreement and to sit on interview panels for new staff.

Get the fuck out of here!

And she was aware of a recent case where a teacher had gone for a job only to find she was subjected to a ‘speed dating’-style interview, which involved spending five minutes talking to a series of pupils sitting at individual desks.

The teacher concerned had considered turning down any job offer because of the school’s ‘disrespectful’ attitude to staff.

‘The proper use of student voice can aid learning,’ said Mrs Keates. ‘We have no problem with student councils, and good teachers will always engage pupils.

‘But it’s a complete nonsense to make it a duty on schools; it will be open to abuse and is likely to lead to more bureaucracy.

‘The balance of relationships between teachers and pupils is extremely important and this shifts the balance in the wrong direction.

It’s the right direction for these socialists. Same thing is happening between the law abiding and criminals. Shifting victimhood onto criminals and criminalising the innocent. This is the main problem with centralisation. It gives a tiny group of wankers the ability to dictate to a disproportionately large group. If, for example, the state is corrupt (no shit) then it would be exceedingly easy to control the country if it is all centralised under the state. Which is the primary reason these arseholes want control of everything in the first place. This is not going to change whether you vote for the scum in blue or the scum in red, both groups are a bunch of self-serving pro-one world government puppets. There is a reason I have a ‘Libertarian Party’ badge on this blog you know…

Libertarian Party UK.


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