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Taxpayers to pay for gypsy sites

Source: Daily Mail

Towns and villages across England are bracing themselves for ‘bombshell’ news on the location of hundreds of new and upgraded gipsy and traveller camps.

Work on some of the proposed 7,500 extra pitches will get the go-ahead within weeks under a controversial £97million scheme.

Targets imposed by the Government mean local authorities must provide a specified number of permanent sites with rubbish collection, running water, electricity and other services.

In return travellers will have to pay rent and council tax.

The pressure on councils has forced at least one to warn landowners of compulsory purchase. Others may follow suit.

Abolition of private property, where have we seen that before… Also, this has the EU’s fascist fingers all over it. I have yet to find the specific EU Directive (I haven’t the time right now) but I found this in the Daily Hansard 2004;

The CRE, Travellers’ organisations and the communities or partnerships which act on behalf of many Gypsies and Travellers have criticised the existing provisions in Section 183 of the principal Act. The CRE expressed concern that the exemption from stop notices of any building used as a dwelling house, but not of a caravan on a site used by Travellers as a dwelling, could be in conflict with the Race Relations Act. It is seeking counsel’s opinion, particularly in light of Article 14 of the EU race directive, which requires member states to,

    “take necessary measures to ensure that any laws, regulations and administrative provisions, contrary to the principle of equal treatment, are abolished”.

I welcome what the Minister said when introducing his amendment; namely, that the regulations would exempt caravans in the same way as dwelling houses. However, it is profoundly unsatisfactory for us to have to rely on some undertaking as to what is going to be in future regulations when what is in the Bill is so clearly discriminatory. That article of the EU directive is reflected in our own law in the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 1976 Amendment Regulations 2003. I would be grateful if the Minister could explain

So this is a consequence of the ‘Race Directive’, from the EU. So putting stop notices on caravan sites violates the ‘rights’ of gypsies. I also guess that EU considers people not wanting gypsy and traveller sites in their backyard is ‘rascist’, this is the suggestion I find on this page, Towards the World Conference on Racism (2000).

As well as making specific recommendations in relation to the themes of the conference, the NGO Forum report, in it’s general remarks and conclusions refer to a number of issues also highlighted by the Irish NGOs present. These include the experiences of Roma, Gypsies and Travellers, women, refugees and asylum seekers and the importance of promoting the participation of relevant NGOs in developing appropriate responses to dealing with racism xenophobia and anti-Semitism.

Further propaganda information can be seen here, Providing Gypsy and Traveller sites: contentious spaces.

Over 60 individuals were interviewed, including Gypsies and Travellers, local authority officers from housing, education, planning and communications departments, along with representatives from police and health agencies, as well as local councillors and Gypsy/Traveller representative groups.

So nobody from England who is a natural born citizen was consulted? And 60 people, what is that, one for every million in the country? It seems this is a case of the state spending taxpayers money to provide travellers with land to live on in Britain, as is their ‘human rights’, and of the State forcing private British landowners to sell in order to provide for these immigrant populations?

Well, I think that says it all.


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Roma Buzz Aggregator can do us all a favour and fuck off with his politically correct bullshit.

Racism? Xenophobia?

The blame of racism/xenophobia is a crime.
The blame of racism/xenophobia hurts people.
The blame of racism/xenophobia gets innocents in jail.
The blame of racism/xenophobia has absolutely no moral or logical basis in the 21st century, not against whites at least.

Stop blaming the whites roma buzz aggregator. Look at what your people are doing first.

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