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Now public faces paying millions to provide Baby P’s mother with a new identity

This is what happens when you give bad people ‘equality’ to good people. Another example of the real intentions for the Human Rights Act.

Source: Daily Mail


The taxpayer faces a multimillion-pound bill to give the evil mother of Baby P a new identity when she leaves prison.

Amid the widespread public revulsion at the case, lawyers will use human rights legislation to claim that the 27-year-old’s life is at risk.

They are believed to be already drawing up a list of demands to ensure that she receives permanent ‘protection’ from the public.

It would involve a new home, name and round-the-clock police protection for the woman.

In addition, it is likely that her legal team will request a lifelong court order  –  banning anyone from identifying her or her whereabouts.

Similar orders have been granted for other notorious convicts  –  including the Soham murderer’s girlfriend Maxine Carr, child killer Mary Bell and the boys who murdered toddler James Bulger.

The latest move is being planned because of the public outcry over the ordeal of 17-month-old Baby P at the hands of his mother, her boyfriend and lodger.

Legal rules mean that the 16 months Baby P’s mother has spent on remand will reduce the time she has to spend in jail by 32 months, and she will receive a reduced sentence for pleading guilty to allowing her son’s death.

A reduced sentence for admitting it. I never did understand that. Neither do I understand the mere possibility that the state could protect criminals at the expense of the law abiding. These digusting people guilty of this crime violated the child’s freedom and rights. Therefore their own rights, freedoms and property should be forfeit. They did not respect his rights, so why should others respect theirs?

The self-regulation of people’s behaviour stems from the consequences of actions. Put hand in fire, get burnt, don’t do it again. Behaving badly in the past would result in the community driving you out into the wilderness. Now, it would seem that the state along with the EUSSR has a vested interest in absolving bad people from the consequences of their actions. Good people are not rewarded with respect and protection, and bad people are rewarded with protection, money and respect from the state, at the expense of good people, against their wishes.

One comment on the article spoke of people withholding taxes in protest at the government, the use of tax receipts and the EU. That is why the state made tax payments automatic, so you no longer have that ability to protest.

If the human rights act isn’t a recipe for social breakdown, I don’t know what is. But that is the entire point of it. All of these things will continue to get worse until we are out of the EU and its never ending stream of socialist regulations and constitutions, and when we have a government who respects individual liberty and the ancient British laws of freedom.


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Dude! The punishment was jailtime, she wasn’t condemned to die. After her punishment she’s paid her debt to society, and is entitled to the same ammmount of protection that everyone else is. This has nothing to do with EU. Or socialism.

Comment by verydarkmaster

The human rights act is from the EU. I was talking about the ever increasing use of ‘human rights’ to protect criminals at the expense of the law abiding.

So torture and murder of a child gets ‘a maximum of 14 years’, which she won’t serve all of. Not even close. In a ‘prison’ which is more like a comfy hostel.

Please, the justice system, like almost every other system in this country, is a farce and is creating more chaos then it is solving, which is in the design.

At the very least, the Yuman Rights Act is an example of textbook socialism/ communism that doesn’t actually work in the real world.

Comment by fmwatkins

Too bad Baby P’s mother isn’t in the states, she would not be getting a light slap on the wrist. Her co-conspirator would have gotten a life sentence or worse.
These people are MONSTERS!

Comment by Peskime

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