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Social services ‘set up CCTV camera in couple’s bedroom’

The fascism continues, any excuse to push the panopticon. In August 2007 it began with pushing the idea of camera’s in the homes of drug users to ‘protect the children’. Now the following article is all kinds of wrong.

Source: Telegraph

Council staff are said to have spied on the young parents at night as part of a plan to see if they were fit to look after their baby, who was sleeping in another room.

The mother and father were forced to cite the Human Rights Act, which protects the right to a private life, before the social services team backed down and agreed to switch off the surveillance camera while they were in bed together.

The case is highlighted in a new dossier of human rights abuses carried out against vulnerable and elderly adults in nursing homes and hospitals across Britain.

It comes just days after the Government admitted town halls have gone too far in using anti-terror laws to snoop on members of the public.

Recent figures show three-quarters of local authorities have used powers granted under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act to spy on residents suspected of putting their bins out on the wrong day, allowing pet dogs to foul the pavement or breaking school catchment area rules.

‘Anti-terrorism’ laws aren’t about fighting terrorism. They are about conditioning the people to accept ever greater control over their lives via the state. Fighting terror is the excuse, just like ‘think of the children’ and all of that SHIT.

Social services departments are allowed to place adults in units known as “residential family centres” if they fear their children could be at risk of abuse or neglect. Staff assess the families in a controlled environment to determine whether their children should be taken into care.

The centres can use CCTV cameras as well as listening devices but Government regulations state that staff must “respect parents’ and children’s privacy”.

Well that just about guarantees no abuse of the powers then! Right? I mean, these little unemployable jobsworths wouldn’t abuse this power would they?

“The couple were especially distressed by the use of the CCTV cameras in their bedroom during the night.

“They explained that they did not want their intimacy to be monitored and that, besides, the baby slept in a separate nursery.

“As a result, the social services team agreed to switch off the cameras during the night so that the couple could enjoy their evenings together in privacy.”

Unbelievable. People pleading with the state for ‘allowances’ of privacy. No longer do you have ‘rights’, you now have ‘priviledges’ granted to you by the state, so long as you behave like a good little slave. Anyone who complains must ‘have something to hide’ and therefore be guilty of something right? WRONG.

Fuck this government. These fascist pigs, these spineless lowlife Marxist pondscum. Fuck this bunch of little brownshirts, sliming about sticking their noses in people’s business. Fuck them ALL! The state has declared war on all who desire freedom and independence from their All Seeing Eye and their communist ‘utopia’.

The revolution is coming, let these little Fabian shitkickers keep pushing…


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This level of intrusion is ridiculous

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