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Stalin’s Britain – citizens to spy on each other for the state

Typical behaviour in a socialist state, not in one that is supposed to be ‘free’. This is on top of the ‘green army’, the children spying on parents’ energy usage, the social workers using children to spy on their parents etc. Turn the people against each other, with a uniform and a badge.

Source: Daily Mail

Motorists will face amateur speed traps run by local volunteer groups in towns and villages across the country, it was revealed yesterday.

Under rules to be sent to police forces in the new year, bands of volunteers will be supplied with speed detection equipment and asked to use it to identify drivers exceeding limits in their area.

The guidelines, prepared by the Association of Chief Police Officers, will set a national pattern for schemes which have been trialled in some areas – often with controversy.

Drivers caught breaking limits by ‘community speed watch’ groups have their numberplates checked on the police national computer and are sent warning letters by police forces.

They can be targeted for prosecution if they get three letters for speeding through volunteer group traps. Motoring organisations warned yesterday that the proposals risk setting neighbour against neighbour and encouraging vigilantism. Some trial schemes had to be abandoned after they led to disputes between local people.

The decision to encourage speed trap volunteers follows the move by local councils to recruit members of the public to watch for breaches of rubbish collection and recycling rules.

They are also taught how to use the police computer to check vehicle details.

Ah, another huge number of incompetents having access to a national database.

Each scheme will cost around £2,000 to set up, a price that includes detection equipment, signs to warn drivers that they are being watched, and high-visibility jackets.

The groups will be expected to have at least six adult members, and organise their own finance. They are likely to be subsidised by local councils.

NO. They are subsidised by the taxpayer.

One of the first forces to try civilian volunteers was Cambridgeshire. But it was forced to scrap the idea within weeks after opposition from a group of villagers.

Company director Salli Roskilly decided to launch a petition against the initiative after it divided residents in her village of Fowlmere, near Royston.

She said: ‘The final straw was when I walked by one morning and saw that they had schoolchildren on the cameras. I am the last to condone speeding but there is a question of civil liberties.

‘None of us wants a society where we are spying on each other. There has never been a fatal accident here and I just could not see the justification for it.’

The dialectic. This isn’t about ‘fighting speeding’. This is about pushing the state agenda of centralisation of authority and putting the state in the centre of all aspects of society. Fighting speeding is the excuse. This is about total state control. This will not change with the Conservatives. I don’t know what’s worse, that the Fabian scum in government are pushing this agenda, or that there are people in this country who actually think it’s a good thing. Here is a comment from the article;

Article 59 of the Constitution of the former Soviet Union stated that citizens obey the laws and comply with the standards of socialist society as determined by the Party. This included the responsibility to report breaches of the laws by neighbours to the appropriate level of authority.


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[…] Stalin’s Britain – citizens to spy on each other for the state […]

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[…] Stalin’s Britain – citizens to spy on each other for the state […]

Pingback by Who has attacked our freedoms more? « End of Men

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