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Muslim prisoners get hand delivered curries

It’s their human rights you see.

Source: Daily Mail

Muslim prisoners at a maximum security jail were treated to £3,500 of takeaway curries to mark a religious festival.

Some 200 inmates at Whitemoor prison near March in Cambridgeshire had meals worth around £18 each after complaining about the quality of jail food.

Staff, who also tucked into the meals, drove 40 miles to pick them up from a takeaway in Peterborough.

Ah. Everyone get stuck in, it’s on the taxpayer, like everything else.

The meals were bought at the end of October this year to celebrate Eid, a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.

Main dishes included lamb rogan josh and beef madras.

A former non-Muslim inmate said: ‘They tried to do the curries in-house but the prison chefs couldn’t meet the budget of £1.80 per prisoner – and the Muslim inmates complained that it tasted rubbish.

‘The smell of it wafting was torture for the rest of us.’

There I was thinking that criminals forfeit their rights and freedoms until their sentence is spent, as a consequence of breaking the law. You know, consequences, being punished for doing wrong.

A Prison Service investigation is to now look at the ‘unacceptably’ high costs of the meals.

It is also likely to look into reports that standard security checks to ensure weapons or contraband were not being smuggled in with the dishes were not carried out in case the meals got cold.

Inmates having to eat cold food! Politically protected people (Muslims) having to eat cold food! No way, this is Britain! Only taxpayers, pensioners and the like should have to do that, not criminals. Human rights, you see.

In recent years its Muslim population has swelled as security services have begun investigating terrorist plots. It now has the highest proportion of Muslim inmates of any jail in the country.

In August, documents revealed emergency plans had been drawn up amid fears a prison officer could be taken hostage and beheaded by Muslim fanatics following mounting racial tension.

But, but but, religion of peace, human rights (keep repeating it).

Whitemoor governor Steve Rodford was unavailable to comment.

Hard to talk when your mouth is full of gravy.

A Prison Service spokeswoman said: ‘Such high costs for food are not acceptable and an investigation is under way.

‘While the Prison Service respects and is required to facilitate religious and cultural festivals, and Whitemoor is making efforts in this regard, food costs must be reasonable.’

It shouldn’t respect and be required to facilitate jack shit for any prisoner. It is supposed to be a place of punishment, one that people do not want to return to. Except to play PS3 and XBox 360. Or to have cellphones and private showers. Least of all cater to people’s personal beliefs. Even political ideologies that call for worldwide fascism.


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