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Show me your papers – Now official British policy

Daily Mail

State officials are to be given powers previously reserved for times of war to demand a person’s proof of identity at any time.

Anybody who refuses the Big Brother demand could face arrest and a possible prison sentence.

The new rules come in legislation to be unveiled in today’s Queen’s Speech.

They are presented as a crackdown on illegal immigration, but lawyers say they could be applied to anybody who has ever been outside the UK, even on holiday.

It always starts somewhere, and now you know one of the reasons the state has allowed rampant immigration for so long. Another ‘problem’ that they can fix by implementing another part of their agenda. Note that anyone who has ever crossed British borders must abide by this.

Officials, who could be police or immigration officers, will be able to stop anyone to establish if they need permission to be here, if they have it, and whether it should be cancelled.

No reasonable cause or suspicion is required, and checks can be carried out ‘in country’ – not just at borders.

And how long before ‘official’s include the citizen stasi, the plastic police and other coat and badge brownshirts? Fabianism. Gradual changes, always towards your goal.

A second clause says that people who are stopped ‘must produce a valid identity document if required to do so by the Secretary of State’. Failure to do so would be a criminal offence with a maximum penalty of 51 weeks in jail or a £5,000 fine.

Currently, police are allowed to ask for identity documents only if there is a reasonable suspicion that a person has committed an offence.

During the Second World War, ID cards were seen as a way of protecting the nation from Nazi spies, but in 1952 Winston Churchill’s government decided they were not needed in peacetime.

They were thought to be hindering the police because so many people resented being asked to produce them.

Criminalise the law abiding, further destroy public trust in the police. Increase the power of the state, attack the sovereignty of people over their own bodies (coercion to present identification). This is tyranny, nothing less.

Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti said last night: ‘ Sneaking in compulsory identity cards via the back door of immigration law is a cynical escalation of this expensive and intrusive scheme.’

Tory spokesman Damian Green said: ‘This scheme will do nothing to improve our security, may make it worse, and will certainly land the taxpayer with a multi-million bill.

‘Labour should concentrate on things that will improve our security, like a dedicated border police force.’

The state views the British as the enemy. Realise this. They (the fabian socialists who are in power) are waging a war against you. This will keep getting worse until we start resisting.

LibDem spokesman Chris Huhne said: ‘Ministers seem to be breaking their promise that no one would ever have to carry an ID card. This is a sly and underhand way of extending the ID card scheme by stealth.’

Note, the ID card is an EU Directive. Just like those Home Information Packs. No matter what it costs you and how much the people do not want it, the EU demands it as part of their pan-European socialist plan.

There was also concern last night that the Government is seeking to revive controversial plans for secret inquests.

The measure  –  which would have let the authorities hold a hearing like the Jean Charles de Menezes inquest behind closed doors  –  was removed from counter-terrorism legislation earlier this year.

But it could be re-introduced as part of a Coroners and Death Certification Bill.

Other Bills set to be unveiled include plans to extend flexible working and new laws giving every employee the right to request time off to train.

These have been widely criticised by business leaders who warn that extending employees rights will damage small firms.

More regulation by the state. More control over society by the state. Constant change and disruption is one of the targets of ‘political correctness’, as formulated by the Frankfurt School.

Dole claimants who refuse to seek work could be made to dig gardens as punishment or they may be ordered to spend an entire nine-to-five day in an office looking through vacant jobs.

That’s what happens when you are dependent on the welfare state. It means the state owns you, which is the goal of any tyrannical government. Dependence is control.

Plans for a crackdown on cigarette sales are being reviewed, and a new statutory code of conduct to govern the banks has been added to the list of forthcoming Bills.

More and more and more state inference. Soon there will be nothing but the State.

Of the Bills dropped altogether, the most high-profile is the Communications Data Bill, which would have created a giant ‘Big Brother’ database of phone calls, emails and internet visits.

The Home Office said last night it had no intention of making people carry ID cards.

A spokesman said: ‘It is simply wrong to claim there are any plans whatsoever to make identity cards compulsory for British citizens or to require British citizens to have an ID card at all times and present it when asked.

‘Carry identification’ does not necessarily mean The ID Card. Note the language.

‘To maintain effective immigration control it is only right that we ask everyone attempting to enter the UK to produce a valid identity document.’

Oh really, so why haven’t they been doing that for the past 10 years? If it only applies to ‘immigration’ why does it apply to any British person who has ever left the country, on business or pleasure? If it only applies to the border, why have the police been given these powers, as opposed to just immigration officers?

This is digusting. An affront to individual liberty and individual rights. Please read up on Fabian socialism.

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. – Thomas Jefferson

The only political party I have studied that will actually change this (based on the logical extension of individual sovereignty) is below:

UK Libertarian Party


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[…] Show me your papers – Now official British policy […]

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[…] Show me your papers – Now official British policy […]

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