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Queen’s Speech: Firms free to favour female and black job applicants

The Fabian Socialist EU onslaught continues. And for those who think ‘the Queen’ is here to protect the Bill of Rights etc, think again. The European Union reigns supreme in Britain, as Declaration 17 of the Lisbon Treaty will verify.

You could also read the title of this post as Firms free to discriminate against white British men.

Make no mistake, the international Fabian cartel is waging war on freedom and individual liberty.

Daily Mail

Companies will be free to discriminate in favour of women and black job candidates under proposed ‘equality’ laws.

The move allows employers to give preferential treatment as long as applicants are equally qualified.

It is designed to boost the proportion of female and ethnic staff, as well as thrusting more of them into senior posts.

Ministers insist that businesses will not be compelled to favour the woman or the black candidate, but the law will be changed to ensure they cannot be sued for turning down a white man.

Equalities minister Harriet Harman says ‘positive action’ is vital so that the workforce more accurately represents the proportion of the population as a whole.

That slimey Marxist makes my skin crawl. What she means is discimination against the largest indigenous demographic of Britain, which just so happens to be the group mostly likely to be patriotic to what Britain is supposed be. You know, a small state, individual libertarianism, community, family, sovereignty, everything the Fabians want to destroy.This is nothing less than state sanctioned racism and sexism.

Positive discrimination, where a lesser qualified candidate is given the job just because he or she is from a minority, will remain illegal.

And public bodies will for the first time have to ensure that they do not discriminate on grounds of ‘sexual orientation, gender reassignment, age and religion or belief’.

How? By deliberately employing said people, possibly over more qualified candidates?

Public bodies will have to report on any pay inequalities and the Equality and Human Rights Commission will conduct a series of inquiries into pay.

Ministers will also press ahead with a consultation on whether firms should be forced to reveal the salary gap between their male and female staff to highlight how women have slipped behind.

I don’t believe this. Another huge increase in state beaucracy at the taxpayers expense, to push cultural Marxism on a formally free nation. And now a summary of the raft of social-engineering measures, designed to control you ignorant slaves of the state.

Ban on buy one get one free drink deals

Supermarket drink promotions enjoyed by millions of responsible customers are to be banned.

Wine and beer will be hardest hit by the end of bulk discount offers such as ‘buy one get one free’.

Lie detectors to root out benefit cheats

Lie detectors will be used to root out benefit cheats.

Council staff will use the machines to identify anyone lying about their circumstances to pocket taxpayers’ cash.

Guess MP’s won’t have to submit to this…

Battered women who kill could escape murder charges

Battered women who kill abusive partners in cold blood because they fear more violence will escape a murder conviction.

Instead their crime – even if premeditated – will be reduced to manslaughter, sparing them a mandatory life sentence.

Under the Coroners and Justice Bill, victims of domestic violence will be able to claim they were provoked into killing by their tormentors after enduring months or years of abuse.

And the ‘evidence’ for domestic violence will be what exactly? Now comes the women are more equal than men adjustment…

But the shake-up of the homicide laws would scrap the ‘partial defence’ of provocation where a husband claims he killed in a fit of sexual jealousy after discovering his wife was having an affair.

Suicide websites to be outlawed

Justice Minister Jack Straw is determined to outlaw websites which encourage suicide following their links to a string of young deaths.

But there are fears that the Coroners and Justice Bill could be used as a vehicle to scrap laws which prevent helping a terminally-ill person to die.

Lapdancing club curb

The clubs – currently in the same licensing category as pubs and cafes –are expected to be licensed in the same way as sex shops.

Under Labour’s Licensing Act 2003, lapdancing clubs outside London need only an alcohol licence.

The new Bill will make it illegal to use prostitutes who have been trafficked into the country or who work for pimps.

It will become an offence to buy sex from anyone ‘controlled for another person’s gain’.

With the proof of innocence on the part of the ‘buyer’ and not the ‘seller’. More feminist anti-male discrimination. Dealing with trafficking would involve sorting out border controls, but the state doesn’t want to do that, too many cheap immigrant votes and fuel for cultural marxism.

Flexible working law goes ahead

Ministers are to press ahead with controversial plans to allow millions of parents with older children the right to request flexible working.

Under the law, employers must seriously consider any application for flexible working and they can reject it only if there are good business reason.

Reasons determined by the state I’m sure, cue more lawsuits, quangos and other taxpayer funded shite.

The measure was not mentioned in the Queen’s Speech as it does not require a new Bill and can be implemented under existing flexible working regulations. It has dismayed business leaders, who have warned that the decision will damage firms during the recession.

John Wright, chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses, said: ‘Small businesses do not object to flexible working. But now is not the time to burden employers with the need to spend time on meetings and formally agreeing new contracts and conditions, when much of this takes place informally anyway.’

Yes but the state statists want facts and figures and more red tape to strangle the already suffocating British businesses. Businesses should be allowed to employ who they like, when they like, how they like. It should have nothing to do with the state.

New business tax

Millions of businesses will be hit with a new tax in the next 18 months.

Firms with a rateable value of more than £50,000 will be forced to pay business rate supplements.

The tax will be levied by all local authorities, excluding district councils, which will use the money to promote ‘economic development in the area’.

This is wealth redistribution. Wealth that the state has no right to confiscate from businesses, (or individuals for that matter), but this government believes it should control everyone and everything. Another symptom of tyranny.

Immigrants must ‘earn’ passports

Immigrants must ‘earn’ British passports by carrying out voluntary work, paying taxes and learning to speak English.

Those who make a greater effort to integrate by, for instance, helping out at youth clubs or taking OAPs shopping could be ‘fast-tracked’. But economic migrants who commit crimes or do not find work will be sent home.

As opposed to all the criminal and economic immigrants that have been flooding into the country over the last decade. This is just another excuse to keep the borders open, when the government doesn’t even know how many immigrants (illegal or otherwise) are even in the country.

U-turn on plans to give MPs final say on going to war

Flagship plans to give MPs the final say on international treaties and going to war were effectively dumped.

The Constitutional Renewal Bill, which also includes moves to enshrine in law civil service impartiality, will be introduced only ‘when time allows’ in the next Parliamentary session.

This country will not survive this kind of government. No country can. Socialism/ communism destroys. It is diametrically opposed to freedom. Read the manifesto at the Libertarian Party UK website.

Britain is the world center of freedom and individual liberty, it’s Light of Eärendil. Britain literally wrote the books on it, from the year 1100 onwards. Hence the onslaught and our obligation to protect it.

The reality is, whether we like it or not, that we all must try to do something, big or small, to promote a party who advocates individual liberty and a small, efficient state. We must do this because those in power are actively attacking us and everything Britain is supposed to stand for. It must be resisted. IT MUST. You are either free or you are a slave. We are in a state of war. A war of economics, culture, and law, of ideologies and propaganda. This is being waged with a compliant mainstream media, with Frankfurt School double speak and political correctness.

We can all see it everywhere we look. Society is being turned upside down, and it is no accident. The nanny state is designed to disempower the individual by claiming to ‘care for’ society. This renders society infantile, weak, apathetic, dependent on those in power and thus, easily controlled.

The easiest thing you can do to resist this tyranny is to support a political party who seeks to change this. An opening statement of the party is as follows:

Libertarian thought begins with the individual. It’s individuals that make up our society, not our society that makes individuals, so this is the only sensible place to start.

To each and every person in our society, we say:


Owning something means that you have the absolute right to decide what to do with it—whether to use it up, keep it, sell it or give it away. Libertarians believe that everyone has the right to ownership of their own bodies, thoughts and beliefs, and honestly acquired property, be those goods, land, or money. Owning these aspects of yourself means that you should be free to do with them what you choose.

Libertarians believe that coercive actions by individuals, or groups of individuals—for example, the State—against others can never be justified. Such actions can rightly be seen as acts of aggression, and are simply an inappropriate way of behaving towards other people. This does not mean that Libertarians are pacifists, as everyone has the right to defend the property that they own—including themselves; rather, it is the act of initiating aggression that is morally unacceptable. What this means in practice, and looking at recent international events, is that Libertarians would have supported military action in the Falklands Conflict, where UK citizens and territory were first attacked by an aggressor, but not the recent war against Iraq, where the UK (along with the US) actually initiated the aggression.

On a more personal level, the right to do with your own body as you see fit means that Libertarians have no moral problems with people using drugs in a responsible fashion. The important thing here is how your own actions impact upon the rights of others. For example, it would be wrong to drive under the influence of drink or drugs, as that would be putting the lives and property of others in danger. Yes, you have rights, but you also have the responsibility to respect the equally held rights of others.

Visit the Libertarian Party UK website. Read the whole thing and decide if our generation will be the one who fights back, or the one gives up the ‘light of Eärendil’ without a fight, and consigning our young to slavery and oppression. I just cannot allow it.

Galadriel: I give you the light of Eärendil, our most beloved star. May it be a light for you in dark places, when all other lights go out. – Lord of the Rings.

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Your country is totally F’d up. I thought Canada (BC province)where I live was bad. I use to like British women and the culture when I was younger, but both have taken a major turn for the worse unfortunately.

Comment by Norm

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