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Economic warfare on Britain

Never forget that the EU was designed to destroy Britain and merge its assets with the rest of Europe, while giving total power to Brussels, thus ensuring the permanent eradication of Britain as a sovereign nation.

Euro MPs scrap Britain’s opt-out of the 48-hour work week

The European Parliament today voted to scrap Britain’s opt-out from the maximum 48-hour working week in a move that is estimated to cost the UK economy up to £66.45billion.

The vote was a blow to Gordon Brown, who had wanted the opt-out kept, especially during the current economic downturn.

Then fucking keep it. What do our nations rules have to do with the EU? Who are these fucking dictators anyway, I don’t remember anyone asking my opinion. But then Brussels isn’t very hot on dissent.

Last night campaigners argued for the right of British families to work longer hours to see themselves through the recession.

What about a person’s self-ownership. You work as much as you like, as it’s your body doing the working. Think about the reality of a bunch of unelected socialists dictating what you can or cannot do with your own body and your own time in your own life.

ONE MILLION on the dole for first time in eight years

The number of people on the dole has soared above one million for the first time in eight years, official figures revealed today.

Unemployment benefit claims rose by 75,700 in November, the biggest monthly increase since the spring of 1991, taking the total to 1.07 million.

The overall number of unemployed, including those not eligible for benefits, increased by 137,000 in the quarter to October to 1.86 million, the highest figure for more than a decade.

Bank of England labour market expert David Blanchflower warned that the jobless total will climb yet further ‘through 2009 and 2010, probably to over three million’.

More and more Britons broke and disenfranchised, dependent on the state and economically disempowered. A perfect time to push the EU agenda of wiping Britain off of the map.

Labour MP quits government as Royal Mail privatisation row overshadows Brown poll boost

Continuing the EU agenda of breaking apart Britain. This comes from an EU Directive, whose agenda is highlighted by EU Referendum:

As we pointed out in our May piece, the real objective – as always – is entirely political. The plan is to destroy national services, those with a unique national identity, replacing them with cross-border entities which owe nothing to any particular country. Then, in the fullness of time, when the “service” is partly or mainly “trans-national”, the EU steps in with a proposal to regulate on a cross-border basis and creates an EU authority with full powers to dictate the rules.

One in four British children living in poverty due to breakdown of traditional families

A consequence of feminism, another socialist branch. The resulting army of state sponsored single-mothers who’s children now account for three quarters of criminals in prison. This also serves to undermine the next generation of males, as their fathers are frequently forced away from the children by vindictive women and the feminist ‘social’ services. Strong males are the biggest threat to a one world government, hence the constant attacks.

Sterling slips to new Euro low

This week UNICEF warned of the dangers to British children in driving mothers back to work. BRENDA ALMOND asks: Who’ll  defend the family?

Nobody will. The state will control everybody however, and will encourage individuals to put their ruling classes first and stab each other in the back for brownie points. Of course, the more the children are exposed to the state systems the easier it is to brainwash them.

Fresh calls for cap on migrant workers after figures reveal foreigners have taken most of the 1.3m jobs created since 2001

I’m sure the many people speaking out about this in the previous years were branded racist and ignorant, by the racist, ignorant left. Another example of globalisation. With the privatisation of national institutions such as energy and the postal service, the redesign of the coinage to something resembling monopoly money, the Maastrict Treaty forces Britains borders open to EU immigrants. This helps to redistribute wealth away from Britain into other countries. This doesn’t benefit Britain or the British in the slightest, it does benefit the State though.


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All we do is talk it’s time for action and end to the talking game!

Comment by Dan

[…] 25, 2008 · No Comments Economic warfare on Britain December 17, 2008, 2:19 pm Filed under: Civil Liberties, Crime, Economy, European Union, Family, […]

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[…] 25, 2008 by centurean2 Economic warfare on Britain December 17, 2008, 2:19 pm Filed under: Civil Liberties, Crime, Economy, European Union, Family, […]

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Just what the doctor orrdede, thankity you!

Comment by Jayce

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