Free Britain

Britain is gone!

The Czech government has signed the Lisbon Treaty. It is ratified. It gives Brussels 100% control over any and all aspects of Britain’s operation. Parliament is no longer sovereign. That freedom to self-determine has been stolen from the people and given to faceless, unknown suits in Brussels.

They can technically take control of anything in Britain. The EU Court has supremacy of any and all laws ever made in Parliament, from the Magna Carta to the Bill of Rights.

Over 1000 years of Parliamentary democracy has been destroyed by a socialist dictatorship. The government have actually signed away your lives, liberty and property to the EU. Without your permission.

It’s what Hitler would have wanted.

Note the media already trumpeting EU power, demanding British banks be split up, planning direct taxation to Brussels and who knows what else. The Lisbon Treaty allows for amendments, without having to put it to a vote, so do not surprised if they even suspend the theater of democracy in the coming months/ years.

If the EU have its way, there will never be another vote.

But there is a problem with this.

You see, the Bill of Rights 1689 cannot be rescinded. Not by Parliament, not by the Fourth Reich, not by anyone.

Ever since 1972 when the European Communities Act was signed, Parliament has existed in a state of Treason. Every EU Directive enforced by Parliament constitutes another Treasonous act against the people of Britain, that group who lends Parliament its sovereignty.

That is another point. Parliament cannot sign its sovereignty to anyone, because it does not belong to them to sign.

It belongs to us. Parliaments power only comes from the people. Consent has never been given for the actions of Parliament in the last few decades and remember, consent cannot be assumed, it must always be given.

Let there be no misunderstanding, by our own ancient laws, the government has been working to usurp the British people and the nation state. This categories them as enemies of Britain.

We exist in a state of war with the British government.


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Vote BNP and get britain back now

Comment by seanbritannia

Yes, i agree the Government has (or is) turning this democratic Britain into a Britain which is run by Dictatorship. The Democratic vote on this(which as we are democratic) has never taken place. Each government prior to being elected stated that the people would have a vote on europe and every time they got in, they made excuses why it should not happen.Labour/Conc and Liberal are all been in this this undercover operation to give away our democracity. This has been performed Illegally as it was not agreed by giving the people a vote. We need a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE to be raised in the British courts to find the Governments that have contributed to this over the last 25 years to (Labour/Conservatives) and the court will have to find them guilty of allowing this to happen without permission of the people, we then need a new party(other than the big three) to be voted in and within 3months of getting in they must despatch correspondence to Brussels stating “Bye now, we are out” Brussels can not hold us to task for doing this as all laws/regulations and every else that has come out of europe has done so illigally. Who have we got that can help us do this. We need Legal People who have the balls and a Party to take over when the No Confidence Vote is agrred by the courts.

Comment by Jack

‘Britain’ entered the EU but the Bill of Rights was English. Those ‘ancient laws’ were English. Look again. Union abolished England. It wasn’t Brussels. Names convey ideas Mr Watkins. Use wrong names, E A Freeman observed, and you’re unlikely to have right ideas. It was union that compromised England’s hold on the imaginative landscape. Stealing what belongs to people isn’t hard once you have their identity. Now it comes to pass and STILL we get the same purblind, cowardly, resolutely misconceived analysis which construes English legitimacy as a function of its obligation to enemies dependant upon her for a livelihood. This didn’t start in 1972. It started in 1603. ‘British’ patriots stand out a mile from the rest. They’re English. I doubt there has ever been a people more willingly brainwashed.

Comment by Antony

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