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True Islam broadcast on British TV

The communications watchdog, Ofcom, has made a series of rulings against channels which allowed “inflammatory” material to be broadcast in breach of rules which forbid extreme opinions gaining a platform on British television.

The cases, disclosed today, include examples of an imam telling viewers that those who disrespect the prophet Mohammed should be killed, and another broadcaster saying homosexuals should be beaten and tortured.

Please note, these statements of ‘hate’ as the establishment try to paint it, are part of Islamic teachings. It is not a ‘misunderstanding of Islam’. Another command in Islam is that anyone who leaves the knuckle dragging death cult must be murdered.

You can’t leave you see. Because Islam is so peaceful you see.

Tala Rajab, the researcher who wrote the report for Quilliam, the anti-extremist think-tank, said the fresh findings by Ofcom raised serious questions over the regulation of broadcast material.

“Some of these recent incidents have been quite shocking,” he said.

“If this had happened in a mosque the police would be right in pursuing a criminal investigation. But because they are being broadcast on television channels for some reason there seems to be little appetite for looking into these extreme messages.

“If these kind of comments were made against black people, for example, you can imagine a channel being shut down overnight, particularly if they had incited violence against a minority.”

So Ofcom, the State, the Police turn a blind eye because they’re Muslims. (Although I thought inciting the murder of people is the cardinal violation of free speech). Just like they turned a blind eye to the gang raping / drugging of white girls by Pakistani Muslims, which is okay under Islam by the way.

Islam is the most despicable  ideology I’ve ever studied, and I’ve probably studied them all. But to blame Islam itself is wrong. Islam is just a collection of books and pages. MUSLIMS are the issue because they identify themselves with this creed. They are telling you ‘yes I agree with the paedophilia, the rape, murder, conquest, violence, global jihad, Jizya’ etc.

Maybe you don’t believe me. That’s okay. Here are the references.

Remember, it isn’t people like me (or you) labelling them with the same brush. They are.

Just because they’ll say other things to your face, doesn’t mean they are being honest. There is an Islamic tactic of deceit called al-Takia, which is where you lie to the worthless infidels ‘you and I’ until they get close enough to dominate, similar to lying to get into someone’s home so you can rape them.

This is Islam. There is no moderate version, extremist version, happy version, ‘misunderstanders of Islam’ version or any other apologist invention that seeks to separate the openly violent Muslims with the inwardly violent ones.

This will keep happening. I wonder how many instances of Muslims committing crimes ‘in the name of Islam’ will have to occur before these establishment morons admit there is a problem that doesn’t involve ‘stupid English racists, swivel eyed loons and so on…


Police face 13 hours of form-filling just to keep watch on a known burglar

Source: Daily Mail


Police officers have to spend up to 13 hours filling in forms if they want to follow a serial burglar.

The Tories revealed the astonishing figure as they announced plans to slash the red tape governing routine surveillance operations.

Other examples include a 17-page authorisation form to re-position a public CCTV camera to cover a row of shops where yobs have smashed windows.

Officers also face a maze of red tape for a task as simple as walking past the home of a suspected drug dealer to check for expensive cars.

Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve said: ‘It is not right that we charge our police with combating crime and disorder and then tie their hands behind their backs in the name of Whitehall bureaucracy. ‘

The red tape stems from the controversial Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, introduced by Labour in 2000.

It was supposed to protect citizens from excessive snooping by public bodies, which have to seek permission for surveillance operations from a commissioner.

But it has inadvertently dragged in routine police work aimed at preventing serial crimes.

Doesn’t seem stop the Gestapo Councils though. I guess anything that prevents the police from doing their job (and keep crime rates up) is good for the socialists in power (it enables them to fraudulently justify their communist engineering of British society).
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Innocents’ DNA ‘should be erased’

Source: BBC


DNA profiles of innocent people should be removed from the national database, a government-funded inquiry has said.

Control of the database should be taken from government and police and an independent body should be established to run it, the Citizens’ Inquiry urged.

Javed Aslam, one of the 30 members of the public on the panel, said keeping the records would be “the first step towards a totalitarian state”.

But the Home Office said the database helps to secure convictions.

The UK has the largest police DNA database in the world – with more than four million people on file.

Among the study’s conclusions was that guilty people who have served their time should eventually have their DNA records erased because retaining the profile “continues to criminalise them”.

This is despite the fact that DNA records have been used to solve a number of “cold case” inquires in recent years.

The inquiry was conducted by 30 members of the public in two linked panels in Birmingham and Glasgow. It was funded by £50,000 of taxpayers’ money.

Prof Albert Weale, chairman of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, responded to the report findings, saying: “We agree that the DNA of innocent people should not be kept by police. Continue reading

Poor UK prisoners, no more PlayStation

Source: The Register


Blighty’s cons soon really will be doing hard time. Because the Prison Service has issued a directive banning 18 certificate videogames from prisons, and has also pledged to reform console use inside jails.

By 30 September this year, prisons in England and Wales must remove all videogames with an 18 certificate. This’ll be bad news for banged-up cons with a penchant for, say, Grand Theft Auto: IV.

The Prison Service has also decided that only prisoners that have reached the “enhanced” level on its Incentives and Earned Privileges (IEP) scheme should have access to games consoles.

Why do prisoners have access to any luxuries, least of all paid for by the taxpayer? Let me guess, the liberals were worried about the ‘rights’ of criminals and that they should not get too stressed out while doing their time.

Man Stops Youth Robbing Store, Gets Arrested, Youth Let Off

You couldn’t make this up.

Source: Daily Mail

A businessman was stunned when he detained a yob for smashing a shop window only to be charged by police with assault.

Steve Kink apprehended a thug after catching him breaking into a mobile phone shop late at night.

Although the 47-year-old was punched in the face, he managed to pin the offender to the floor.

Passers-by called the police while he stood over him until officers arrested the 25-year-old man.

Mr Kink, who owns a tattoo parlour, was stunned when he found out the next day the suspect had been let off with a caution for criminal damage.

But his shock turned to fury when days later police officers turned up at his house to arrest him for assaulting the thug.

He was taken to his local police station and held in a cell for six hours before being interviewed.

He was then charged with assault and battery and is due to appear before magistrates next week.

The Government does not share power. It wants to centralise all responsibility and power under the umbrella of the State. No independent thoughts or actions of the People allowed. This is also a perfect example of the Socialist State working hard to undermine the authority of adults, something that inevitably leads to the tribalism and social breakdown we are seeing today. Maybe the Government is hoping that these brats will be able to scare the People into relinquishing even more power and Individual Rights to the State.

Gordon Brown’s DNA database claims branded ‘ridiculous’

Source: The Register

Chris Williams


Gordon Brown has been accused of deliberately misleading the public by claiming that not retaining genetic profiles of innocent people on the National DNA Database (NDNAD) would have led to 114 murderers getting away.

The charge was made on Friday by the genetics lobby group GeneWatch UK. It analysed a speech the Prime Minister made on June 17 where he argued for the retention of DNA profiles from thousands of charged suspects, including children, in criminal cases that were later found not guilty or never made it to trial.

A Downing Street spokeswoman said: “I think in this case we’ll have to let the Prime Minister’s words speak for themselves. The figures he quoted were publicly available from 2006.” The Home Office had referred The Register’s questions about the speech to Number 10.

The massive expansion of the NDNAD was mandated by the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001. GeneWatch’s Dr Helen Wallace accused Brown of knowingly manipulating statistical estimates to spin them as facts in support of storing innocent people’s genetic information. In a statement she said: “Gordon Brown has stooped to a new low.”

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The Truth About CCTV

FM Watkins

There is something of a continual debate here in the UK regarding CCTV. On one side are those who see the technology as a benefit, to catching criminals etc, they usually have had something happen to them, or know someone who has so it is a lot more personal. Otherwise they just use the ‘well if you have nothing to hide…’ argument.

From The Guardian:

Your private life on show to civil servants? More bureaucrats, local and national, having access to your personal information – through data-sharing and data-matching between government databases, through access to your telephone and email data, through the national database that will lie behind a “smart” identity card. Your health records on tap to researchers by ministerial order – your doctor can’t say no. Local authorities, even health trusts, able to put you under covert surveillance.

I am firmly in the ‘NO CCTV’ camp. The idea that the ever-growing parasitic corporate government and its equally corrupt subsidiaries have eyes (and now ears and mouths) watching almost every square metre of Britain does not encourage the concept of a free people. Most people who bleat on about CCTV have little or no idea about how prevalent it is, who has access to it and the potential for function creep.

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