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Poor UK prisoners, no more PlayStation

Source: The Register


Blighty’s cons soon really will be doing hard time. Because the Prison Service has issued a directive banning 18 certificate videogames from prisons, and has also pledged to reform console use inside jails.

By 30 September this year, prisons in England and Wales must remove all videogames with an 18 certificate. This’ll be bad news for banged-up cons with a penchant for, say, Grand Theft Auto: IV.

The Prison Service has also decided that only prisoners that have reached the “enhanced” level on its Incentives and Earned Privileges (IEP) scheme should have access to games consoles.

Why do prisoners have access to any luxuries, least of all paid for by the taxpayer? Let me guess, the liberals were worried about the ‘rights’ of criminals and that they should not get too stressed out while doing their time.